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Title: The Unwanted School Reunion

Chapter 4: The Final Battle

      Berg ran through the long corridors. He had to do this quickly he snapped a thick, hard, and heavy plank of wood off the coffin. Then he got another plank of wood, and made it into a cross. After that he practised playing the vampire tune.

"Pete, go get me two pieces of bread, some peanut butter and some jelly! Quick!" Berg said.

"Yeah ok." Pete ran off and then about 10 seconds later came back. "Why?"

"Because I'm hungry!" shouted Berg.

"BERG!!!!" Pete then shouted.

"What, what!" Berg looked around in horror looking for vampire.

SMACK! Pete hit Berg on the back off the head "Your stupid"

"Mwoah ha ha I told you we would meet again young Berg, ah I see you found Pete as well, good, more blood for me. Well I'll see you soon ta ta." With that prof. Vamp went to leave but also immediately.

      DUM… DUM DUM DUN DUN DUM… DUM DUN DUN!!!! Berg had got to the piano and was playing the vampire tune.

" You have no right playing my tune until you are a vampire!" shouted Prof. Vamp. By this time it was starting to get lighter but vamp wasn't noticing it because Berg and Pete kept talking to him.

"Why don't you come down here and make me a vampire then!" shouted Pete.

"Yeah, bring it on vamp!" Added Berg.

So Prof. Vamp did, he came down and just as he was going to bite him Berg shouted

"Part1, Plan A, Pete!"

"Huh!" said Prof. Vamp.

Pete and Berg both pulled out wooden crosses and held them up at vamp but it didn't do anything at all. So Berg picked up the plank of wood and threw it through the window smashing it completely letting in so much light, but still nothing. So Pete picked up his cross and threw it through another window. Nothing happened but then all of a sudden he just started to fall to the floor and stopped moving.

"Yes, we did it!" They both said together. They then put his body in a body bag, put him in his coffin and then chucked him down the river and went home together.

         When they got home Sharon was in their apartment stealing their food for Johnny.  

"What have you been doing then you to?" Asked Sharon.

"Nothing!" They both said. Then they went over to the corner to talk then they went back to Sharon and went "Well actually we killed someone!" Said Pete.

"Really! Oh my God what happened."

"No, No, No we killed a vampire!"

"Oh OK see ya!"

"Do you think he'll come back?" Asked Pete.

"Dunno!" Said Berg.

"NAH!!!" They then said together