Hoseki looked around and grabbed Kagome's bag. "It's almost dawn. We should
sleep a little while and get a fresh start in the morning." Everyone
nodded, but everyone also knew there would be no sleep.

In the morning with heavy hearts they headed off. No one was speaking to
one another. Their trek was not that far, for they had just left hours
before they had come upon the gang and then the battle. It would not be
long before they hit their destination.

Hoseki felt that in her heart she would die. She had always wanted a sister
and with Kagome around she felt like she had earned one. She never thought
that she would be torn away just as she found her. She knew that even
thought Sesshomaru didn't show that he cared he did and deeply.
"Hoseki!" The girl in question turned just in time to see a clawed hand
come down at her. In a quick movement she turned and slashed her sword down
on the offending hand. The handless arm drew back, but instead of anything
any of them would have, it grew back. "Oh no..." Hoseki's breath caught in
her throat. "This is getting old real fast..." Inu-yasha said in a husky like
voice. "Wind Scar!" He brought the tetsusaiga down on the mud like
Miroku sighed. "It's just not the same without Kagome..." Everyone nodded
at that. They spent the rest of the time in there own thoughts, which meant
it was very quiet.
When they reached Sesshomaru's palace a few hours later they were greeted
by the lord himself. "What the heck are we doing here?!?" Hoseki sighed,
"Kagome was with him for awhile and I should tell him about her unfortunate
demise..." Standing straight Hoseki forcefully made her way to face
Sesshomaru. The sweat gently ran down the back of Hoseki's neck. His face
looks so stern... Will he kill me for not protecting her? I hope not. Well
here goes! "Sesshomaru I have terrible news." He raised a delicate
eyebrow. He looks amused!! Putting on a stern face too Hoseki raised her
eyes to finally meet his after looking everywhere but there. "Kagome
is...dead." She finally bowed her head as did everyone else, even Inu-yasha.
"No she is not." Hoseki's face shot up and just as she was about to yell at
him a woman ran out the castle gates followed close by a little girl. All
faces turned to a deadly shocked expression when the woman stopped short of
Sesshomaru's side. "Oh hey you guys! "Kagome's face turned back into a
bright smile.
Everyone knew this had to be the same Kagome for even Sesshomaru would
know if it were a demon spirit, Spells & trickery, or something else.
"But... How... When... What...!" Kagome smiled, "Oh hush. I'll tell you over
dinner tonight." She quickly turned to Sesshomaru. "May they stay the night
Sessy?" The man in question nodded.
"SESSY?!? WHY THE HECK DID YOU CALL HIM SESSY?!? Inu-yasha bellowed.
"Because Inu-yasha I want to." She simply stated. She felt a little tug on
her Kimono (Yes she has changed into a different Kimono). Rin was just
behind her, tugging on her Kimono like a little girl would her mom. "Can we
play some more, Mama?"
Inu-yasha's head was reeling. Did she just call her Mama?!?
Kagome nodded, "Here in a little bit. In the mean time..." Just at that
moment Kagome felt a fuzz ball clamping onto her. "Well hello to you to
Shippou." Shippou was crying in Kagome's hands. Sesshomaru silently started
to walk inside the gates, Kagome following holding Shippou, Rin right on
her heels. Hoseki soon followed after a moment of confusion and everyone
followed her in.
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