-The Next Day-

Just like your last arrangement, Hikaru had come through.

The next morning, after waking up and getting your tea house open, you couldn't help but wait anxiously as the hours ticked by.

And when it hit 4:00 in the afternoon, and Genma walked through those Cafe doors like he did every day. You watched intently as he made his way to his table and sat down, ordering his usual and silently waiting at the table. Once Aimi came around, they chatted like they did for as long as you've known them.

You wilted "I. . I thought you said you'd grant my wish?" you muttered.

Sauntering up to the sad girl, Hikaru propped herself on the ledge and shrugged her shoulders "I said i'd grant it, not when i'd grant it." she popped a lollipop in her mouth "So wait a little yeah, the heart is a bit of a tricky thing."

-The Next Day-

"I love you."

In all of your life, you had never heard those words come out of the mouth of a person other than your family.

"I. . .I love you t-too!."

In all of your years, you'd never thought that you'd get to hear those words come out of the mouth of your crush and true love.

You flushed and leaned up, capturing Genma's lips in your own as he leaned down to wrap you in a loosely warm hug. Growing up, you had never been in a relationship before, you once knew a guy that had a crush on you. . but. . . he moved away, cliche, you know, but you were devastated. From then on you had never met anyone else who'd shown the same interest in you.

This moment was pure bliss, and if it was a dream, you never wanted to wake up. Wrapped up in Genma's arms, you felt a warmth enter your body, you were in love, more than you were when you first met Genma.

The newly made couple didn't even notice their two spectators lurking in the shadows.

Up on the roof of a nearby house, Hikaru and Alexis sat watching.

"You know, you never told me how you seem to always get these humans together, what's your secret?" Alexis asked, perched precariously on the edge of the roof with her head in her hands, and elbows positioned on her knees. Eyes fixated adoringly on the newly kissing couple.

Hikaru hummed and leaned back, eyes boring into the two as well with blank calculation "Easy, humans are simple creatures; fixated and built around their emotions and heart." she stated with a shrug, digging a hand into her pocket she pulled out a small vial with a heart shaped cork on it, a purple substance bubbling and glowing as she swirled it around "A drop of my special love concoction in his drink and Genma was head over heels for [Y/N], honestly, humans, so weak and easy to fix."

Alexis giggled "Yeah! but that's what makes them adorable." she squealed "I just love this too! Genma x [Reader] romances are always the best~" she cooed condescendingly, almost seeming to writhe in her place.

Hikaru rolled her eyes in exasperation and snapped her fingers, the love potion popping out of existence. Unlike Alexis, Hikaru was never into the. . romance thing, pairings and stuff, while she got humans (and other beings) together with a simple drop here and a snap of her fingers there. She was never one to fall at the mercy of love, the emotion was just a chemical in the brain after all, easily manipulated and easily broken. The stuff in the movies just make it overly dramatic with the whole 'Love could conquer all' and all that shit to get more romance viewers, in all honesty, that's not how love works, if happiness could easily be manipulated, and depression/anguish could be created with the snap of the fingers, than love wasn't any different; "I could never understand why your so into this stuff. . . ".

Alexis snorted "Course not, unlike you; i understand the delicate heart of humans and beings, love is just a bonus, you don't know how much i love getting people together; their ships are always so cute" She giggled perversely.

Hikaru raised a brow "Yeah, and i hope i never understand with the way you ended up." all she got in return was a playful nudge.

The two sat in silence, watching as the couple parted and began to make their way no doubt towards your home to do what any other newly made couple will do, and in your case, you'd probably be milking the opportunity you got with having the love of your life all to yourself.

Tapping her fingers against the shingles of the house, Hikaru hummed and spoke without taking her eyes off them "You know what to do, right."

There was a brief moment, before the air around Alexis smoldered and changed. A giggle erupted from the shorter girl before she looked up with glowing purple eyes "Of course! I just love a lovers quarrel! Leave it to me boss~" she psychotically chirped before disappearing into thin air.

Hikaru didn't bat an eye at her leave, opting to proceed and watch as you nervously glanced around the area before disappearing inside your apartment and locking the door behind you. Honestly, if there was one thing that Hikaru and Alexis enjoyed, it was love quarrels.

Hikaru chuckled and fondly watched as you once again glanced around the area through your apartment window before discretely closing your curtains, as if trying to hide what you now had, "Yup, you won't regret it [Y/N], you. won't. regret. it."

-2 Months Later-

It had been exactly two months since you and Genma officially started dating, everyone in the cafe knew, along with Konoha. It wasn't hard to catch sight of the two lovebirds strolling around the village, hand in hand, and giggling at what the other said. From their point of view, it really looked like they were in love, but you knew better, that Hikaru had come through with her deal. Genma actually seemed like he loved you, or what you hopefully thought anyway, he acted like he would when he was with Aimi, yeah at times it would get a bit creepy, especially when he'd be obsessed with seeing you every couple hours, or wanting to buy everything that caught your eye. But Hikaru merely said that they where just side effects, after all, 'it wasn't easy getting someone to fall in love with someone else.' and you didn't ask anymore.

Though what alarmed you was how chirpy Hikaru seemed to be, after their little deal the entity seemed to be bouncier, more jovial and excited, like something big was about to happen, and that set off alarm bells in your mind. What worried you even more, was the fact that Alexis disappeared the day after you and Genma officially announced their love. The girl didn't turn in a registry to get fired, nor did she leave any contacts to let her know where she was. She just. . disappeared off the face of the earth and it made you weary.

Aimi Hashimoto hadn't came into work either, around the same time Alexis disappeared. But you hadn't been worried about that, the fact that you were with Genma, and hadn't heard anything of Aimi, just gave you reassurance that the girl must have moved off; been heartbroken into sulking in her room and crying.

But even that thought didn't deter you, your mind fully focused on the love of your life Genma, who came in during his usual time- per your request, it was kind of grating how he came in almost every 2 hours, your were getting worried that he might get fired from his job. Sitting at the table, he didn't order anything, opting to stare at you as you made your way around customers till you were at his table, "Want anything love?" you asked, your once tired and nervous demeanor sprouting into one of affection.

Genma gave you his own sweet smile- ones that had been reserved for Aimi only, now for you to dine on whenever he set his eyes on you, it made you shutter in glee. "Pumpkin broth and Tea would be fine." the next few minutes were spent talking before you set off to get his order, only getting a move on when other customers began to complain that they wanted something to eat too.

As you walked into the kitchen and pulled out a specially made Pumpkin broth that you spent all night making with all of your heart, you almost had a heart attack when Hikaru stood face to face with you. The entity quick to catch your broth without looking away from you "Woah there! would have been a shame if this went to waste." she mockingly scolded, reaching a finger down to stick into the broth to see how it tasted.

You didn't give her a chance, swiftly snatching the broth out of her hands you sent the entity an agitated look, both for almost dropping the specially made food you made for your love, and just the sight of the girl before you sent you into bouts of disgust. The entity might have granted your wish- twice, but that didn't mean she wasn't still evil, you were still expecting something to happen, even after all those years you hadn't cashed in your side of the deal, nor had Hikaru ever asked for it. A second deal had to have made a dent in their contract somewhere.

"What do you want." you huffed, side stepping the girl to make the tea.

Hikaru pouted and stuck her tongue out childishly, following after the 'older' girl to watch you work "Nothing, just wanted to ask how your little dates with Genma had been going." the question was simple enough.

You blinked, but promptly answered, excited to speak of your life long relationship to someone, no matter the person "It's going amazingly! Genma is just so!. . . amazing and I'm just so excited and happy and in love. And it's. . a dream come true." you finished blissfully.

Hikaru smirked "yeah, i could see that by the way your parading him around Konoha, trying to see if anybody would make a fuss huh?" she probed.

You sighed loudly and slammed the glass cup on the counter, your happy mood no longer present "What is it that you want exactly Hikaru, talking about my love life isn't going to get you anything."

Hikaru chuckled at your defensive comeback 'looks like i hit a nerve' she inwardly cooed. Shrugging her shoulders Hikaru hooked her hands behind her head and eyed the kitchen door, like she expected someone to come any time now "Nothing, really, i actually just wanted to ask if you've seem Aimi these past two months."

You paused and shook your head "no, she hadn't come back to work, and Genma hasn't said anything." which was another bonus to you, the fact that Genma said nothing about Aimi after he confessed his love to her. It's like the sweeter girl hadn't existed in his life in the first place, something that you joyfully thought over whenever you kissed Genma, or held his hand. Your envy held no bounds. And your jealously no longer pestered you.

Hikaru smirked "Not at all? no call? no note? no ones mentioned her?"

You put the tea pot down and eyed Hikaru with narrowed eyes of suspicion "There has been talk that she's moved, no ones seen her in two months."

Hikaru raised a brow "Really, and your not worried."

You scoffed "of course i'm worried." all lies, it dripped off your tongue easily, you knew that Hikaru knew that you despised Aimi, the thought of her gone had actually made you happy. At least she wouldn't interfere with your new life with Genma.

You were startled when Hikaru chortled, not an amused chortle nor the ones after you said something particularly stupid. The chortle gave off a sinister vibe, like she knew something you didn't and found it highly amusing to the point that it was painful "Really. . . . Are you sure about that."

You eyed Hikaru with a look of deep anxiety and nervousness, sweat beginning to drip off the side of your face. You were scared, fearful, you looked at Hikaru with agitation "What did you do?" you hissed.

Hikaru giggled and innocently shrugged, her once sinister smile being replaced with a casual smirk "I granted your wish, your with Genma now. That was your greatest desire right? enjoy it won't you." then she was gone, stalking out of the kitchen laxly.

You watched after her with an unreadable expression before gathering up Genma's order and heading for the dining hall. You paused just before the double doors when your eyes landed on the landline, hesitating for just a moment, you dropped the platter on the counter and rung the phone.

Aimi didn't pick up.