-2 Hours Later-

It had been exactly 2 hours since your brief conversation with Hikaru and you were on edge, sitting with Genma now, his bowl gone of Pumpkin broth and his tea long forgotten, you had barely paid attention to what Genma was saying. Every now and then your eyes would flit around, as if you expected Aimi to just appear out of nowhere and happily provide for the customers like she did when she worked here.

But she never came into sight, you didn't know what to expect, Hikaru's odd comments played over and over in your head, and the more you fretted over the words the more sinister they sounded. Why was the entity so worried about Aimi, moreover, why was she asking for her after 2 months of acting like Aimi hadn't worked here in the first place.

You couldn't help but think of Aimi, despite the fact that you despised the girl ever since you found out that the sweet young woman had been dating Genma. Where was she anyway? she hadn't picked up her phone- even though everyone in the restaurant had called her repeatedly, and no one has seen her around the village, not even you who purposefully walked by Aimi's abode to see if the young woman was sulking or even there at some point. She hadn't, what was once a relief of the girl just locking herself in her home with a broken heart, now became rather sinister with the thought that the girl could be dead, or planning to take Genma back. What if she did though! what if she tried to take Genma back! she had him first after all, he fell for her in the first place what if he did again! no no nonononononononono- Genma can't be falling for Aimi, Hikaru granted your wish after all, if your business hadn't failed- not even once-, then Genma's love for you won't fail either! it just can't! you wouldn't let that happen! Genma was yours now! not Aimi's, not anymore!-

"[Y/N]? what's wrong?"

You snapped out of your panicking thoughts at the voice of Genma, snapping your head to him- you didn't know when you stopped staring at him, you gave the love of your life a beaming smile, the look of strain and panic vanishing at the sight of his adoring eyes aimed solely at you and not at Aimi, not anymore; "E-Everything's fine! just t-thinking about my business you know, so much money, so little time!" you spat out. Hoping that Genma wouldn't notice.

The man simply blinked at you and gave you a lax smile "Business huh, you shouldn't worry about that, come on and relax, that's the reason i came in the first place, you need to relax for once sweetheart." reaching out, he pinched your cheek in an endearing way, earning a grunt of disapproval from the girl. After confessing his love, Genma seemed to be physically more affectionate, something you liked to simmer in since he never did any of these things with Aimi, not by that much really; he held your hand, pinched your cheeks, gave you kisses and warm hugs, you had never seen him do the same with Aimi. You liked to think it was because he was never comfortable with doing that with a person like Aimi, never too much into her to kiss her cheek or show his affection in public. But another part of you knew that it was Hikaru that did that to him, mentally changed him to fit your description of an adoring boyfriend, someone you had always dreamed of, sure he didn't act the same nor didn't seem to focus his attention on the Hokage anymore, but that was fine, you had him caught in your web of love and joy.

You pouted and swatted his hand with puffed cheeks, sending him a playful glare you childishly stuck your tongue out; you remembered when you never got the chance to do this with anyone else but Genma "Stop that you big meanie! you know how much i hate it when you pinch my cheek." you lied, you adored it, relished in the fact that the love of your life was so physically endearing with you, like you were the cutest thing in his life.

Genma chuckled and playfully rolled his eyes "You might not, but i think your cute when your all angry like that."

Your face flushed and you huffed in embarrassment, you liked when he called you cute and pretty, it gave you butterflies "S-Shut up! i do not."

Genma smirked "You so do. Just the cutest thing in my life." peeking open an eye, you gazed into his inhumanely purple gaze filled with love and adoration only for you.

You flushed again and looked away from him, away from the eyes that didn't belong to him, that where hazed and mentally pleading to set him free from the love he was forced to spout out like a fountain "Y-your embarrassing me." you muttered.

Genma chuckled and shook his head, they were silent, with you staring anxiously at the table top, tapping your chewed fingernails on the surface, while Genma stared blankly into thin air with a straight face. After a moment, he finally spoke, "Look, I actually came for something different."

Your were startled out of your musings when a familiar small box was pushed in front of your face, blinking you couldn't help but gasp in disbelief and hope as you flipped open the box and a ring stared back at you. Blinking in a daze of mixed happiness and anxiety you peered at Genma who had gotten out of the booth to stand before you on one knee.

You had only seen this with your cousins and friends, your mother had told you about it when she met your father. A wave of joy and happiness crashed into you leaving you in a drugged daze of excitement as you stumbled out of the booth to stand before Genma, before everyone who stared at them, you enjoyed the looks you got from the others, the adoring stares you received when all of your life you reciprocated them rather than received them. Your dopamine drugged brain was on full blast and you couldn't help but shake in glee as you fumbled with the ring on your finger, staring at it with an adoring gaze, you fingered it lovingly and snapped your head up with a beaming expression on your face, arms open wide to engulf him in a hug, body practically shimmery with your ever lasting euphoria, was it just you or was the room suddenly too warm "Yes! oh yes oh YES OH YES! I'll MARRY YOU GE-"






Genma's chest exploded outwardly as a series of kunai shredded his body into ribbons. Blood and shards of bone flew in all directions, drenching the pink and white tiled floor in splatters of blood and bits of lung and organ. Genma fell with a wet splat onto the floor, un-moving and still, eyes wide in horror. With his attention fully focused on you he hadn't seen the un-coming attack from ripping his chest cavity apart, he was dead in seconds.

Everyone seemed to freeze in shock and horror at Genma's prone body, you frozen in place with a horror filled smile on your face, your brain still processing what had just happened.

With slow turns, the customers faced the murderer standing in the middle of the establishment. In her shaking grip with wide eyes of grief and pure fury, Aimi glared viciously at you, her once pretty smile pulled into a snarl like a wild animal "YOU!" her screech was inhumane, filled with so much anger that you finally turned to gaze at her with horror and slowly processing fear. "HOW DARE YOU!" Aimi snarled, spit flying out of her mouth without notice "HOW COULD YOU! HOW COULD YOU STEAL HIM FROM ME!" she screeched "YOU BITCH! YOU POISONED HIM INTO LOVING YOU DIDN'T YOU! YOU BEWITCHED HIM! FORCED HIM INTO YOUR WEB OF LIES AND TOXIC LOVE!" slowly raising up her arm she branded the kunai that adorned her like a finely made gown, each as sharp as the next and perfectly crafted to sear into medal itself. Aimi chuckled in shattered insanity and anger, eyes still focused solely on you "Will i won't let that happen again! i won't let you bewitch another man into loving you! into living your sick fantasies." with a flick of her wrest the kunai sailed out of her hand and cut through the air like a finely sheared sheet of paper before piercing you perfectly through your forehead. The sound of metal cutting through bone echoed in the air, and in a matter of seconds you hit the ground with an audible crack.

Chaos erupted as villagers leap out of their seats, either dashing to the downed couple or to find an exit, but with a snap of Hikaru's fingers all doors slammed with an audible click and Aimi readied her Kunai once more, wide wild eyes boring into every villager that screamed and screeched as they banged on the glass doors and windows, others escaping into your apartment or into the kitchen. With a fleck of her wrest kunais went flying and villagers went down like flies.

The sound of agonizing screams, howls of laughter, and psychotic giggles filled the restaurant. None of the pedestrians outside noticed, didn't seem to see the carnage that was splattering onto walls and painting the floors in red, no one seemed to hear.

Hikaru laughed with Alexis at her side, the former's face split with a large grin as she psychotically laughed in tune with Aimi's giggles and the thumping of bodies against floor. The two where situated on the counter, enjoying the show of Aimi slaughtering every last villager that got trapped in the building.

It took minutes before the building was encased in silence, the sound of dripping and Aimi's heavy breathing the only sound in her winded ears, she didn't seem to notice the two entities quiet down into snickers.

"I'm done. . finally. . done, oh Genma, i'll see you soon." with quick work, Aimi slashed her throat in two and slumped to the ground with a loud thump. Silence proceeded again.

"Wasn't that just lovely! oh how beautiful! BRAVO BRAVO!" Alexis cheered, squirming in bliss at the scene that had unfolded before her.

Hikaru hummed in agreement and slipped off the counter, ignoring the puddles of blood she stepped into, and the mutilated bodies that she easily hopped over. Hikaru stopped at your body which had slowly lifted your hand to cup Genma's long dead cheek.

Surprisingly still alive you turned your attention to Hikaru with blurred eyes, the entity cheerfully squatted down in your peripheral vision and smiled down at the dying girl with a cheshire grin "Hmmm, i never said that your wish would end happily~ now did i." caressing your head she leaned down and whispered in your ear "I might be a god sweetheart, but that doesn't mean i have to be merciful. Have fun in hell." she slammed her palm into the kunai stuck in your skull and fully plunged the sharpened blade into your brain, effectively killing you. Tears had streamed down the dead girls face as you stared longingly at the man that you forced to love you. And now, won't even see in the afterlife due to your selfishness and envy.

Standing up, Hikaru briefly appreciated the scenery around her, the splattered walls of blood, brain and organ, and mutilated bodies of dead villagers in the dozens. Snapping her fingers, the doors unlocked and the veils were lifted. The sounds of screams pierced the air outside, no doubt from the pedestrians who hadn't been able to see the inside of the building in the first place.

Smirking Hikaru laxly made her way to Alexis and gestured to the kitchen, the demon girl giggled and happily traipsed after the entity with a happy hum, smearing blood with every step she took.

"We should do this again! with a bigger love circle! and with more people." Alexis giggled, perversely thinking of all the chaos that could happen with more couples added into the picture. Hikaru never understood why Alexis was so obsessed with love, and 'ships' as she called them. But pushing the thoughts away she nodded in agreement.

"Doesn't seem like a bad idea, i'll take you up on that offer, however, i have other things to do before our little 'date'" Hikaru muttered.

Alexis pouted and huffed childishly "Fine! guess i'll see you later." Hikaru smiled and nodded.

By the time the platoons of ninjas and Hokage reached the restaurant, both Hikaru and Alexis were gone, along with every trace of them.