Hi all! I'm Ri2, and this is my first Digimon fic. I hope you like it, though it may be sort of slow to start. I apologize for any inaccuracies, but it's been a LONG time since season 2, so I can't be expected to remember everything correctly. But it's AU anyway, so does it really matter?

Disclaimer: Pretty much all the Digimon in this fic belong to Toei. The only ones I own are the special Greymon and Cthulumon. (D'oh! Shouldn't have told you about them!)

The Digital World was often a peculiar place. Just ask the inhabitants, or the humans that visit every chance they get. But many would consider the sight of a small orange T-Rex offering its hand to a massive, black, heavily armored reptilian warrior to be especially strange.

The hulking black entity looked warily at the offered limb. "I do not understand. Why are you extending your hand?"

The T-Rex frowned. "Well…you said you wanted to try out this friendship thing, right?"


"Well, all you have to do is shake my hand. That symbolizes our friendship."

The black warrior blinked. "So…to be friends, we must shake hands?"

"That's the first step, yes."

The warrior started extending his hand, then paused. "You do realize that I will destroy you if I find this…'friendship' to be unsatisfactory?"

"Er, yes…" said the T-Rex uneasily.

"Very well then." The warrior extended his arm, underneath a large clawed shield, and shook the T-Rex's hand. "So…now we are friends?"

"Uh huh!" said the small dinosaur energetically.

"What do we do now?"

The T-Rex shrugged. "I dunno. Wanna hang out?"

"Hang out? What does that mea-" The warrior stopped suddenly. He screamed and clutched his head in pain. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! It…it hurts!"

Agumon (The T-Rex) frowned. "Oh come on, I'm not that bad to hang out with me!"

BlackWarGreymon (The warrior) shuddered. "It feels…as if someone is…chopping into my skin! I must…stop this!" He spun away from Agumon and leaped into the air, flying into the distance.

Agumon blinked. "Well, that was weird."

"ExVeemon, I know you're stronger than that! Come on, break free!" Davis begged.

ExVeemon, the large blue Mythical Dragon in question, struggled at the strands tying him up. "Urf! I'm trying, Davish! But Arukenimon'sh jusht too shtrong!"

Arukenimon (The large, hideous red spider whose strands were keeping ExVeemon in place) snickered. "Try all you might, you can't break free from my web before Knightmon breaks that Destiny Stone!"

Knightmon, a big Warrior Digimon that looked like, well, a knight, grunted and continued his slow, tedious task of cutting his Berserk Sword into the side of the enigmatic Destiny Stone before him.

Davis and the other Digidestined had found Arukenimon, her lackey Mummymon and the artificial Knightmon attacking the Stone and knew they had to do something about it. Unfortunately, the group's five Champion and one Armour Digimon were unable to stand up to the assault from the three Ultimates. Mummymon and Arukenimon were using their threads and bandages to keep the children's Digimon from disturbing Knightmon's task. "There's got to be something we can do!" cried the purple-haired Yolei.

"I'm open to suggestions." Said T.K.

"Ankylomon, please get up! We have to stop Knightmon!" said young Cody.

The large yellow dinosaur groaned. "Cody, I'd love to, but I'm a little tied up at the moment." he said, struggling against Mummymon's bandages.

The angelic Angemon (Boy, that sounded redundant) gritted his teeth and tried to reach his staff, which was lying on the ground. "If I could just reach my rod…well, I don't know what I'd do, but it would probably be helpful!"

The sphinx-like Nefertimon sulked, having already given up on breaking free. "Grr…if that stupid Unimon hadn't made me lose my tail ring, I wouldn't be in this mess right now!"

The one-eyed Mummymon giggled. "In a few minutes, Knightmon will have broken the Destiny Stone! Then we'll go out and destroy all of the other six Destiny Stones so the defenses between the real and digital world will be so weakened that the boss can come right in!"

"Mummymon you dolt, you've just revealed the entire plan to those brats!" Arukenimon hissed.

"Hey yeah, thanks for telling us!" said Ken, scribbling what Mummymon had said on a notepad.

"D'oh!" said the Ghost Digimon.

As Knightmon continued to repeatedly strike the stone, it began to crack. Arukenimon sighed. "Oh well, it doesn't matter anyway. When Knightmon's done, we'll finish you pests off once and for all!"

Kari looked behind the two evil Digimon. "Hey, isn't that BlackWarGreymon?"

Everyone looked and saw that the figure flying towards them was indeed BlackWarGreymon. "Uh oh." Said the large insectoid Stingmon.

"Knightmon, quick, stop BlackWarGreymon!" the frightened Arukenimon commanded. The Warrior Digimon turned to face the approaching Dinosaur, raising his sword.

He never got a chance to use it. BlackWarGreymon struck the knight in the chest with his Dramon Killers, instantly deleting the Control Spire Digimon. The Dinosaur touched down, glaring at the Digidestined and the two Digimon that had created him. After a tense moment, he turned to face the Destiny Stone.

The viral Mega looked at the large, inert rock. Why do I feel a kinship with this stone? He thought. I could feel it being damaged…as if I was the one on the end of Knightmon's sword. I feel it even now…what does it want from me, a false Digimon with no heart or purpose? Why should I feel the stone's pain?

The stone seemed to say, Touch me. BlackWarGreymon obeyed.

"Why is he just standing there? Is he going to break the Stone?" asked Kari, worried.

"If he is, there's not much we can do about it, considering our Digimon aren't strong enough to break free from Arukenimon and Mummymon." Said Cody sadly.

"Hey, we don't see you guys doing anything to help us!" complained the feathery Aquilamon.

"Look, he's turning around!" said Ken.

BlackWarGreymon took his hand off the Destiny Stone, turned around, and pointed at the Insectoid and Ghost Digimon. "You two! Leave this place!"

"Why should we listen to a disobedient Control Spire Digimon like yourself?" hissed Arukenimon.

BlackWarGreymon responded by starting to form a Terra Destroyer in his hands. "Aaaahhh! We're going, we're going!" Mummymon reverted to his human form, grabbed the protesting Arukenimon, and ran for their nearby jeep. A few seconds later, they were driving away. With the two evil ones gone, the good Digimon were free to break free of their bonds. Unfortunately, they had run out of power at that point and all de-digivolved back to their base forms.

BlackWarGreymon fixed his baleful gaze on the worried Digidestined. He pointed at Davis. "You! Boy with the big hair, tacky goggles, and out of date jacket! Is your name Davis Motomiya?"

"Uh, yeah, that's me." Said Davis.

"Please come over here."

"Why should I?" BlackWarGreymon sighed and started forming another Terra Destroyer. "Aaaahhh! All right, I'm coming!" The second generation goggle-head ran over to the Dinosaur, ignoring his friends' (and Veemon's) protests. He gulped as he stood at the towering BlackWarGreymon's feet.

The Mega Digimon sighed. "Look, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Y-you're not?"

"I won't if you'll do as I say. " The Dinosaur looked at the Destiny Stone. "Point your D-3 at the Stone please."

Davis blinked. "How did you know it's called-"

"That is not important. Please do as I asked." To himself, BlackWarGreymon wondered, How did I know that's what it's called?

Davis took out his D-3 and pointed it at the big rock. Both the Digivice and the Stone glowed. To everyone's surprise Veemon spontaneously Digivolved to ExVeemon. They were even more surprised when two objects materialized in front of the young goggle-head. One was a small yellowish charm hanging from a necklace, with a glass space in the center. The other was a rectangular plastic slide, gold in color with a symbol on it. The symbol looked like an angular M, with a diamond shape coming from the top of the letter, and three other diamonds near the bottom. To Davis' shock, it was the same symbol he had seen on the golden Digi-egg! "That's the same symbol that was on the golden Dig-egg!" Davis cried. (Hey, I just said that!)

"That's a tag!" yelled T.K.

"And a crest, Davis, that must be yours!" said Kari.

The tag and crest floated into the astonished Davis' hands. "That is the Crest of Miracles," said BlackWarGreymon (secretly wondering how he had known its name.) "Insert the crest into the tag to release its power."

Eager to see what would happen, Davis did just that. Once in place, the crest glowed, as did ExVeemon. "Huh? What'sh happening to me? I feel like I'm digivolving!"

(Insert CGI sequence.)

Davis' D3 shook and fired a beam of light at the crest above it. The symbol of Miracles launched from the object, spinning up in the air as weird energy rain fell around it. The crest stopped in midair, spun faster, and exploded in light, firing a stream of data down at ExVeemon, who was standing on a rotating platform of light while energy rings flew past him. "ExVeemon Digivolve to…" The Mythical Dragon swelled to twice his size. Some black armor materialized over his upper legs and knees, accompanied by a pair of large green blasters. Armor that looked like Stingmon's covered his torso and groin area. His white dragon wings shifted to his lower back, and a pair of odd-looking blue wings grew higher up. A pair of big black gloves slipped onto his arms, going up to the elbow. Each had long clawed fingers and a spike coming out of the top. His head changed shape as a red and black spiked helmet encompassed it. As the background changed to a desert, he grabbed the blasters on his hips and fired several shots. "Paildramon!"

(End CGI sequence.)

"Whoa, he Digivolved to Ultimate all by himself!" said Yolei.

"Yeah, and I didn't help him! I feel so discarded." Muttered Wormmon.

Paildramon patted himself, not believing he had Digivolved. "Davish! Davish! Look at me, I don't have to DNA Digivolve anymore and share my body with a big green bug! Woohoo!"

"Wow, cool!" said Davis, impressed.

"All of your other Digimon are capable of Digivolving to Ultimate as well." Said BlackWarGreymon, breaking everyone from their awe of Paildramon. "The other six Destiny Stones each have your requisite Crests and Tags. With them, you will no longer have to fear Arukenimon and Mummymon again."

"Hey, that means I can finally become Angewomon again!" said Gatomon eagerly.

The black Dinosaur continued. "Arukenimon and Mummymon will try to destroy those other Stones. The balance of the Digital World is so delicate at the moment that the destruction of even one Destiny Stone could wreak total havoc. We must not let them do this." He turned away. "I can feel the Stones calling, even now. I know what must be done." He started to fly into the air. "If you believe what I say, then find the next Destiny Stone. I'll be waiting." In moments, he was gone.

"Do you think we can trust him?" asked Cody.

"I don't see why not. After all, we gave Ken a chance, didn't we?" said Yolei.

"Yeah, and Ken's done a lot more bad things than BlackWarGreymon." Added T.K.

"Yeah that's right-Hey, wait a minute!" protested Ken.

BlackWarGreymon landed some kilometers away from the Destiny Stone, near a lone flower growing from the desert sands. I do not understand…why did I do that? He thought. He looked down at the flower. When I touched the Stone, I felt…like I knew exactly what to do. I felt as if…as if I had a purpose. But what is it? Am I supposed to aid the Digidestined? Is that my destiny? After a moment of thought, he shook his head. It cannot be! I was created only to destroy…my ability to think and feel are simply mistakes, the result of a fusion of the leftover programs in the one hundred Control Spires making up my body. But if I was meant to destroy, why does it make me feel so empty? Why did I not simply kill the Digidestined right there? And why did I not blast the Destiny Stone to pieces? What was stopping me? He sighed and looked at the lone flower again. Perhaps if I find the other Stones, I will be able to understand. Maybe they will be able to reveal my own destiny. Maybe… He started to walk away. Maybe they can finally give me the answers I seek.

Announcer: Will BlackWarGreymon find the answers he seeks? What is his connection to these mysterious Destiny Stones? And why did such a lame guy like Davis get the Crest of Miracles? Find out on the next episode of Digimon, Digital Monsters!

So, how was this for the start of my first Digimon fic? It'll probably get better later on, but the first few chapters are going to be a little slow, I'm afraid. I hope you enjoyed this.

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