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Me: (Whimpers and shuffles away.)

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Twenty years later…

The spring of the seventh Destiny Stone had remained relatively unchanged over the last two decades, save for the statue that had been put up in memory of BlackWarGreymon. It was an admirable statue, depicting BlackWarGreymon GM with his sword in both hands, its tip resting between his feet. Whoever had carved his eyes did an extraordinary job, making them look both depressed and happy.

At that moment, Elecmon was telling BlackWarGreymon's story to a large group of In-Training and Baby Digimon at the base of the statue. Let's listen as he finishes. "…And so ended the life of BlackWarGreymon. But in dying, he saved our entire world from destruction. The Crest of Destiny made the Digidestined strong enough to defeat MaloMyotismon, Cherubimon, Armageddemon, and even the almighty Daemon. Even now, it continues to protect our world by maintaining the unseen defenses between the real world and our own. None of this would have been possible without BlackWarGreymon's sacrifice." Elecmon stopped to catch his breath. "It is believed that even though BlackWarGreymon was a Control Spire construct, in the end he died as a true Digimon. He demonstrated many times that he had a heart after all, which, in the end, is all that is necessary to be real. So he could have been reborn at any point in the last few years and we wouldn't know it. Why, he could even be one of you youngsters and you wouldn't know it!" He chuckled. "And that's it for our field trip. Before we head back to Primary Village, would anyone object to stopping at Digitamamon's diner? I'm sure you kids could use some lunch!" The little Digimon cheered happily and happily followed Elecmon as he started for Chinatown. All but one.

A single Digimon remained at the statue, staring in awe at the mighty Dinosaur with his green eyes. For some reason, he felt inexorably drawn to the memorial; as if it held some great secret or mystery that only he could solve. He stared at the statue for several minutes, trying to figure out its riddle. Eventually, the rumble of his stomach broke him from his silent speculations. Reluctantly, BlackKoromon turned from the memorial and bounced after his friends, putting the mystery of the statue at the back of his mind. But even after he and his fellows had returned to Primary Village, and were sound asleep in their cribs, BlackKoromon's dreams were constantly filled with a solemn figure, holding a sword, his eyes full of sadness and, at the same time, joy…



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