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Chapter 1: Bulma's idea!

Chi-Chi was preparing breakfast and a picnic lunch as she looked out the window. The sun was shining and the sky was clear as she developed a huge grin on her face. Today was the day she set to spend some time with her husband Goku and her son Goten.

"We are going to have breakfast then we are going to go to a nice quiet place and just relax" said Chi-Chi as she continued to fix the food.

Goku and Goten finally came down the stairs in a mad dash towards the front door.

"Bye Chi!" Goku yelled as he grabbed the door knob.

"Bye mom!" Goten yelled as he stood behind his father.

Chi-Chi came out of the kitchen and stared at her husband and her son.

"Where do you two think you're going?" Chi-Chi said in a mellow tone.

"We're going to go spar with Vegeta and Trunks" said Goku with his signature smile on his face.

"And we're going to beat them!" said Goten as he had a smile on his face that looked exactly like Goku's.

"Have you two forgotten that today is our day to spend some time together?" Chi-Chi asked.

Goku and Goten looked at one another then back to Chi-Chi.

"Sorry honey! I guess we both forgot!" said Goku as he placed his hand behind his head.

"Yeah sorry mom!" said Goten as he looked down at the floor.

Chi-Chi sighed as she looked at her two boys. They looked so sorry for not remembering the special day but she could still tell that they wanted to spar instead of go on a picnic. I guess it was just her intuition.

"Go ahead!" she said as she looked at them. "Really? Thanks Chi! Let's go Goten!" said Goku as he opened the door and ran out.

"Bye mom!" Goten yelled as he followed after his father.

Chi-Chi walked to the front door and just watched as her son and husband flew off to spend the day with Vegeta and Trunks instead of with her.

"So much for a perfect day together" she said as she went back into the house and closed the door behind her.

Over at Capsule Corps. Bulma was going through the same thing with both Vegeta and Trunks.

"Vegeta, I wanted to spend some time with you and Trunks today" Bulma yelled as she watched Vegeta get dressed.

"Woman I told you, I'm not into all of that spending time together stuff. I'm taking the boy and we're going to spar" said Vegeta.


"I don't know! Go invent something! Boy let's go!" said Vegeta as he walked by Bulma and left the house.

"Bye mom!" Trunks yelled as he flew after his father.

"VEGETA! TRUNKS! GET BACK HERE!" Bulma yelled as she watched them take off.

Crossing her arms across her chest, Bulma stormed back into the house and slammed the door. "The nerve of that man!" Bulma said as she walked into the living room and plopped down onto the couch.

Deciding she had nothing better to do, Bulma picked up the phone and dialed up Chi-Chi.

Ring! Ring!

C: Hello!

B: Hey Chi-Chi! I thought you were going to be spending time with Goku and Goten today. I thought you would have left by now

C: They left but I'm still here!

B: You too huh? Vegeta and Trunks flew out here a few minutes ago as well. Why do they always have to fight each other?

C: I don't know but I do know that I am sick of being here by myself all the time.

B: Same here! I want to go out and have some fun!

C: Me too!

B: Then how about we go and have some fun

C: What are you talking about?

B: The guys will be back tonight right?

C: Right! But what does that have to do with us going out?

B: Let's just say they won't leave us alone again!

Chi-Chi could tell Bulma had an ear to ear grin on her face with caused her to laugh.

C: Ok girl! So what's the plan?

B: Wait until you hear this! There's no way you'll say no!

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