Item: SCP-4034-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Current Foundation containment efforts are focused on isolating the Archipelago and its inhabitants. The archipelago is under the guise of a large wildlife preserve set up by a Foundation front company. Outpost-4034-A, B, C, and D are established on nearby islands that surround the Archipelago. Security personnel are to turn away any civilian vessels approaching the area within a 5km radius from the outermost islands of the archipelago. At least one combat team armed with heavy weaponry and non-lethal weaponry must be stationed in each Outpost at all times in case of an SCP-4034-C and SCP-4034-A-2 attack. Seabed vibration sensors have been installed around the island to measure oceanic volcano eruptions. Any personnel wishing to enter one of the islands must require written permission from the project manager.

Description: SCP-4034-JP is an archipelago consisting of eight islands in a tight circular cluster formation formerly known as [DATA EXPUNGED]. The area covered by the islands measured by satellite imaging is measured to be 30,000 square kilometres. Each region has been given a corresponding name: Kyōshū, An'in, Sankai, Nakabe, Hokkai, Hōtoku, Gokoku, and Riukiu. The largest island, Kyōshū, is considered to be the mainland in the archipelago. The Kyōshū region displays unusual geography that would be deemed impossible. Each section of the island consists of different environments, climates, and topography respectively. An abandoned amusement park in a state of disrepair was found on the island during visual aerial surveillance of the islands.

Each island, except for the Kyōshū island, has a unique environment made by the presence of Substance 4034-STR. Investigation teams are to be accompanied by at least one platoon of Foundation personnel armed with light and non-lethal weapons in case of an ambush from instances of SCP-4034-C and SCP-4034-A-2.

The An'in island is a heavily forested area. It was advised to travel and explore on land with ground vehicles as aircraft have difficulty in surveying the landscape.

The Sankai island is a desert dotted with oases.

The Nakabe island is a waterfront region that is accessible by marine vessels.

The Hokkai island is a tundra covered in fields of snow where SCP-4034-A entities that favour cold weather resides in. An area of hot springs was found during an exploration of the island.

The Hōtoku island is an island with high altitude mountains. It has been referred to as a "Sea of Clouds" by its inhabitants and "Bird Land" due to the high population of airborne SCP-4034-A entities.

The Gokoku island is a temperate island featuring both mountains and beaches with various SCP-4034-A inhabiting the island.

The Riukiu island is a tropical island with white sandy beaches and its inhabitants adapt the Okinawan culture from Japan from their lifestyle and Language.

Each island has at least one volcano spewing out substances referred to as Substance 4034-STR and 4034-CRLN.

Substance 4034-STR, also known as "Sandstar", are glowing rainbow cubes with varying sizes that were spewed out by both land and oceanic volcanoes surrounding the isles. Its anomalous effects were observed to be changing the climate in different sections of the island through unknown means. A secondary effect happens when it comes into contact with an animal. Once the animal touches the substance, it begins to transform into an instance of SCP-4034-A. On rare occasions, the transformed animal would become an instance of SCP-4034-A-2, a more violent and feral variation of SCP-4034-A. Researchers are instructed to collect as many samples of "Sandstar" and conduct experiments to further understand its anomalous effects on the environment and its inhabitants.

Substance 4034-CRLN, also known as "Ceruleum", is a black sludge-like liquid spewed out by the volcanoes alongside substance 4034-STR. The substance itself has been observed to be completely sentient. It possesses a singular eye and a completely amorphous body similar to clay. It seeks out inanimate objects and covering it with its body before eventually taking the shape of the object, becoming an instance of SCP-4034-C. Researchers are advised to keep the substance sealed inside a glass container and keep it away from inanimate objects such as vehicles, weapons, and many common household items.

The archipelago is inhabited by numerous anomalous entities that range from humanoid to amorphous beings.

SCP-4034-A are sapient humanoid entities resembling human girls, ages ranging from preteen to the late twenties, with animal features such as secondary ears and tails, and are approximately 2 meters in height. Documents recovered during the initial discovery of the amusement park refer to these entities as "Friends".

They are born through the transformation of an animal coming into contact with Substance 4034-STR, sometimes only requiring a minuscule strand of hair to create. After the transformation, they retain most of their distinguishable features and capabilities of their original form. All recorded entities of SCP-4034-A are female, regardless of the original gender of the transformed animal. Various entities embodied mythological creatures and extinct species.

The clothes of SCP-4034-A are reminiscent of their original form and their animal parts can phase through it, most are not aware that they are wearing clothes. Some were seen carrying weapons resembling horns and bear paws. They are native to the archipelago and are capable of speech and possess a high capacity for learning comparable to humans. Upon birth, they are not literate and were not aware of the name of their species. Their abilities differ from species to species and most often easily surpass humans in raw physical aptitude.

All encounters with them showed that they speak Japanese despite not knowing the language after their "birth" and their behaviour is mostly docile and friendly to humans. Multiple "Friends" of the same species can coexist with each other. No containment procedures are necessary as they exhibit docile and compliant behaviour with Foundation Personnel and were allowed unrestricted roam throughout the archipelago.

A variation of these entities is referred to as SCP-4034-A-2, referred by its inhabitants as a "Beast", are violent instances of SCP-4034-A. They closely resemble their docile counterparts but have major differences. They exhibit a purple aura from their body, giving them an intimidating presence, and metallic cuffs with broken chains attached to each limb. All Foundation encounters with these entities show aggressive behaviour, attacking any living being within the area. All Foundation personnel are advised to avoid encounters with SCP-4034-A-2 at all costs.

For additional information concerning SCP-4034-A, please refer to addendum 4034-1.

SCP-4034-B are small, bipedal, armless robots tasked with the maintenance of the amusement park and "Friends" living on the island. Recovered documents refer to them as "Lucky Beasts" and "Boss" by the inhabitants. They function as tour guides and handle various tasks of taking care of its natives and maintaining the amusement park. They were not native to the archipelago and were constructed to take care of its inhabitants by [DATA EXPUNGED].

There have been different models of these robots and the most common is its standard model. The standard model has egg-shaped bodies with the majority coloured baby blue except for the stomach with the colour replaced with a white patch which extends to its three-toed feet. A fluffy, striped tail, alternating between two blues found on its body. Large pointed ears on top of its head with tips coloured in deep blue. Black oval eyes and they wear a small collar with a lens-like collar attached to their bodies.

The number of these robots are roughly proportionate to the number of "Friends" to the area. They never speak to any SCP-4034-A entities and mostly complete their work in complete silence. They can perform a variety of tasks such as farming, cooking, and guiding personnel through the island. They also distribute food to the "Friends" known as "Japari Buns". They can also drive both land and aquatic vehicles via a remote control built into their bodies. When it sees a "Friend" while acting as a tour guide, it will state a random fact about the animal of the "Friend" it saw. When they encounter an unexpected obstacle while acting as a tour guide, their bodies begin to shake and their speech starts to stutter as they recalculate another route to the requested destination. SCP-4034-B can record and archive visual and audio recordings for reference and possess a vast knowledge about the islands, the amusement park, and its inhabitants.

SCP-4034-C are amorphous sentient entities created by Substance 4034-CRLN as it comes into contact with an inanimate object. These entities are commonly seen as blobs of varying sizes, ranging from approximately 3 metres to 5 metres in height and diameter, capable of levitation by only a few centimetres of the ground, some possess tendrils with jaws filled with rows of sharp fangs. They only possess one eye and their gelatinous bodies can absorb physical blows and regenerate body mass if their body was damaged. All entities of SCP-4034-C have one rock-like crystal located on top of its head or its back. Upon destroying the stone, it explodes into small cubes, leaving no trace of it. They are both seen on land and water and all instances are hostile towards humans and SCP-4034-A, attacking Foundation personnel and "Friends" on sight.

For additional information concerning SCP-4034-C, please refer to addendum 4034-2

Discovery: The island chain was discovered on XX/XX/XXXX during aerial surveillance of the ocean by Foundation security teams after the completion of Operation [DATA REDACTED] off the coast of [DATA REDACTED]. Exploration teams were sent to each of the eight islands. On the largest island, the Foundation discovered an old, dilapidated, abandoned amusement park alongside several research buildings in a dilapidated state as of arrival. Old research documents recovered in the abandoned research labs revealed the history of the archipelago. The island was an open zoo and amusement park featuring "animal girls" as the main attraction. It was originally founded by a group of scientists working for [DATA REDACTED] as the islands were a habitat by diverse flora and fauna. The discovery of "animal girls" led the scientists to conceal their presence to the public before information leakage would eventually lead to opening a Safari park to the public. The park was closed down after an unknown forced invaded the park forcing tourists and park staff to abandon the safari. It is unspecified on how many years have passed since the "Invasion".

The Foundation and Wilson's Wildlife Solutions have collaborated in researching the fauna-based anomalies and exploration of the islands. MTF Beta-4 ("Castaways") were sent to assist researchers from Wilson's Wildlife Solutions.

MTF Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") was tasked with land exploration and MTF Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders") was tasked with investigation and exploration of the ocean surrounding the archipelago.

The first encounter with SCP-4034-A and B happened when a security team, who were accompanying scientists travelling through the savannah biome, spotted movements in the dry grass and the Captain yelled at the individual to reveal itself or be shot. The individual complied and revealed to be a young girl, estimated to be approximately 15 years old, with animal characteristics similar to a Serval cat as there were secondary ears on her head and tail on her back resembles that of the Serval cat. The girl was wearing a white blouse, devoid of the black-spotted pattern on orange that fades to white found on her gloves, bow tie, stockings, shoes, skirt, and her animal features.

The girl was both stricken by amazement and curiosity as she approached the exploration team and their vehicles. She exhibited docile and friendly behaviour towards the team and was compliant when asked to be brought for questioning. Multiple entities of SCP-4034-A would be encountered soon after and were examined by the scientists in the recently built research camp near the abandoned amusement park. SCP-4034-B was encountered afterwards approaching the group of scientists introducing itself and asking their names. After they gave their names, it asked which location would it like to lead them to. It was soon taken back to camp for examination.

The first encounter with SCP-4034-A-2 resulted in a few casualties on security teams and researchers after mistaking it for an instance of SCP-4034-A. SCP-4034-A-2 exhibited aggressive behaviour towards Foundation personnel and SCP-4034-A. They were taken down through non-lethal methods as per request by the head researcher [DATA REDACTED] for examination and analysis of specimens. As of the publication of this document, there have been five instances of SCP-4034-A-2 in containment.

Multiple entities of SCP-4034-C was encountered by many exploration teams attacking them in large hordes and proceed to [DATA EXPUNGED], causing casualties. The blobs absorbed bullets and explosives were doing damage to its body only for it to regenerate. Multiple SCP-4034-A began attacking the large horde of amorphous entities, wiping them out with ease and demonstrated an adept skill in combat, suggesting they have encountered them before. When scientists asked SCP-4034-A instances on how they exterminated the large horde, all responded by saying there was a weak spot behind it that looks like a crystal. Security teams were now prepared for future encounters with SCP-4034-C and allowed a group of SCP-4034-A to accompany them. Specimens of SCP-4034-C entities are to be captured for analysis.

The archipelago was designated as Site-100 by O-5 Command. The site's facilities are tasked with researching the anomalous effects of Substance 4034-STR and CRLN, its inhabitants, and containment of SCP-4034-C.

For experimentation logs concerning Substance 4034-STR and CRLN, please refer to experimentation log SUB-4034-STR and SUB-4034-CRLN.

"I have been tasked with the experimentation of Substances 4034-STR and CRLN, alongside the physical tests for instances of SCP-4034-A to test their capabilities and to see if they have a limit. I'm surprised that they allow instances of SCP-4034-A were allowed to freely roam the islands as they keep those blob creatures from attacking us. The tests also extend to animal-like SCPs to see if their behaviours change if transformed into a human via Substance 4034-STR, especially SCP-682, that lizard caused an immeasurable number of breaches and I would like to see if it is easy to contain as a humanoid SCP." -Dr.[REDACTED]