Let Me In:

Carly showed up at Jason's penthouse, dripping wet from the rain. Her stomach was greatly swollen as she was seven months pregnant. Her tears had mingled with the rain as moisture slid down her cheeks. "Jason, you have to help me," she begged. "They want to take my baby. Please let me in."

Jason invited her inside. He got her something hot to drink and offered her his robe. "Go upstairs and change out of your wet things, then we'll talk."

Carly nodded and did as Jason suggested. A few minutes later, she came back downstairs, her hair still soaked, but now bundled up in Jason's warm robe. The fabric smelled just like him. His scent was comforting to her frazzled nerves. Even so, tears continued to wet her pale cheeks.

"Carly, what's wrong? What do you mean... WHO wants to take your baby?"

"I had this plan..." she said softly. "You see, Bobbie Jones is my biological mother. She gave me up for adoption when I was just a baby. I came to Port Charles with one goal in mind - to ruin Bobbie's life. What better way to do that than to take her husband? But... But something-something went wrong..."

"Tony was going to leave me and go back to Bobbie and Lucas. I had to do the only thing I had left to do. I needed to be pregnant, so I could trap Tony and ruin Bobbie's life. Things just didn't work out like I expected. I didn't realize that Tony was impotent. The first time that we almost... well, had sex, Bobbie walked in and then after that- Tony just couldn't keep it up whenever we tried to..."

"Whoa. Carly, I don't want to hear any of that," Jason said loudly in protest. "What is it you're trying to tell me?"

"Tony is NOT my baby's father," Carly said as she lay her hand upon her bulging stomach. "I almost convinced him that he was from his fumbled attempts in the sack... but then he found the sonogram. This baby was conceived in April, before Tony and I ever... you know... 'got together.'"

Jason shook his head, looking incredibly confused. "If Dr. Jones isn't your baby's father, then who is it?"

"I- I am not sure," Carly said honestly. "It's either you... or your brother AJ."