The Melancholy of Sougo Tokiwa - Part 5 - The Mysterious Girl in a Sailor Suit

Giez, Sougo, Ora, Tsukuyomi, Tsukasa, and Woz-sensei sit around a table in the sweets shop.

"Tsukuyomi, may I ask you a question?"

Tsukuyomi looks at Geiz with a neutral expression. "I will try to answer as best as I can."

"You're not eating as many sweets as the rest of us. Are you watching your weight?" Geiz is surprised that his teasing does not make Tsukuyomi blush.

"I prefer spicy food."

"Okay." Geiz reminds himself that he doesn't quite understand anything else about Tsukuyomi either.

Tsukasa nods. "Tsukuyomi, spicy food aside, I have heard a disturbing rumor concerning you."

Tsukuyomi maintains a poker face. "What is the rumor?"

"That someone is trying to kill you."

"Six attempts so far, all ineffectual."

Tsukasa raises an eyebrow. "Well, I can see that they were ineffectual. Do you know who is after you?"

"No, I have not been interested enough to find out."

"Could you find out for me? I have a feeling that I might have to destroy another club."

"I should know by tomorrow's meeting."



Geiz, Woz-sensei, and Sougo sit around the table in the SOS Brigade's club room. Tsukuyomi sits by the window reading a book. Oha, dressed in vampire cosplay, serves red colored tea. Sougo, absorbed in his manga, does not notice the tea.

Tsukasa bursts in. "Sorry I am late."

Woz-sensei smiles. "No need for apologies. Have some tea."

"Thanks. So, Tsukuyomi, were you able to figure out who has been making these attempts?"

"Yes, but it still is not an interesting subject."

"Do you have a name?"

"Yes, Kitajima Yuuko."

Tsukasa nods. "It is as I feared. I will bring this person to the next meeting."

Sougo's ears prick up and he puts down his manga. "Yuuko?"

Tsukasa tilts his head. "Do you know a Yuuko?"

Sougo smiles a goofy smile. "Well, when I was young I skinned my knee and a girl a year older than me put a band-aid on the the wound. I never forgot her and I remember her as 'Sailor-san' because she wore a sailor fuku style uniform even though I know her first name."

Geiz looks at Sougo with a shocked expression. "Sougo, I am scared. That almost sounds like a normal thing to say."

Woz-sensei consults his book. "Geiz-kun, I wouldn't worry."



Geiz, Tsukuyomi, Tsukasa, Sougo, Oha, and Woz-sensei meet on the roof.

Sougo stares at Geiz. "I'm not losing this time Geiz!"

Geiz looks at Woz-sensei. "Is something wrong, Woz-sensei? You seem subdued. Normally you would be hailing Sougo's determination." Geiz waves his hand to the sky.

"We'll see."

The roof disappears and Geiz finds himself in front of a door in the hallway of a large mansion. The door is ajar and he can see that the room behind the door is very dimly lit.

"Excuse me, I am coming in!"

Geiz opens the door and sees in the dim light a girl watching what looks like a bloody zombie movie on a huge wide screen TV.

The girl turns around and Geiz can see "2000" on her pimply forehead.

Geiz opens the door so that the girl can see him in the light from the hall.

"I'm melting!" The girl bleeds profusely from the nose and keels over. A giant "X" appears.

The school's rooftop reappears.

Geiz looks at the other combatants. They all have puzzled looks on their faces except for Tsukuyomi who has a poker face.

Woz-sensei triumphantly twirls his hand to the sky while holding his book with his other hand. "Rejoice, for my dear demon king has won his first Another Manga battle!"

Tsukasa, Geiz, and Oha stare daggers at Sougo while Tsukuyomi pulls out a book and starts reading.

"I don't even know how I won."

Geiz turns and stares at Woz-sensei. "What's this all about Woz-sensei? It was obvious that the Another Manga was Nakahara Sunako from The Wallflower."

Woz-sensei nods. "And, you, Tsukasa, Oha, and Tsukuyomi all opened the door and showed yourselves to her in the light causing her to die."

Sougo looks confused. "Wait. I did the same thing."

Although they try to hold it back, Tsukasa, Oha, and Geiz all start laughing. Tsukuyomi cracks a half smile.

"What? What?"

Geiz regains his composure. "Sougo, in The Wallflower, Nakahara Sunako is not able to take seeing a 'creature of light' or a good looking person. But, she was able to take seeing you."


Geiz, Oha, and Tsukasa all flip their hair at the same time.

"Because you're not as good looking."

Sougo pouts. "I'm sure that there is someone who finds me good looking." Sougo mumbles.

Geiz turns to Woz-sensei. "But the four of us beat the Another Manga."

"Yes, but the other Another Manga's were actively hostile or dangerous. Your goal in this battle was to not kill the Another Manga."

"Will we know ahead of time in our future battles if we're supposed to kill or not kill the Another Manga?"



Geiz, Oha, Woz-sensei, and Sougo sit around the table in the club room. Tsukuyomi reads by the window. Sougo is still moping from finding out yesterday that he wasn't as good looking as the other combatants.

Tsukasa walks in with Kitajima Yuuko in tow. "This is the culprit?"

Tsukuyomi nods.

"Let me go. There is no reason for that girl to be alive!"

Woz-sensei looks at Yuuko sternly. "And, why is that?"

"She's too close to Sougo!"

Sougo brightens up and looks smug.

"Die!" Yuuko pulls out a gun and shoots Tsukuyomi.

"Tsukuyomi!" Geiz and Sougo turn to Tsukuyomi only to see that Tsukuyomi has a toy arrow with a rubber suction tip attached to her forehead.

Sougo looks shocked. "But, I heard a real gun go off."

Tsukuyomi speaks in a matter if fact way. "You imagined it."


Geiz face plants.

Tsukasa nudges Yuuko. "I am afraid that I cannot allow this to continue. I will force the student council to dissolve your club."

Yuuko looks shocked. "Why?"

"Simple. The charter of the Yandere club says that the members are allowed to kill other students to get their favorite senpai to notice them."

Geiz jumps up. "That's club rule?"

Tsukasa is unfazed. "Yes." Tsukasa turns back to Yuuko. "However, Sougo is a year younger than you. And, he has already noticed you."

"He has?"

"Yes, back when you were in third grade."

Sougo looks shocked. "Sailor-san?"

Yuuko smiles. "That's okay then. You can destroy my club."

Woz-sensei clears his throat. "Kitajima-kun, I am afraid that I am also forced to have you removed from this school. You are psychologically unfit." Woz-sensei dramatically points his finger.

Sougo's jaw drops. "What?"

Yuuko nods. "I understand. I have done many horrible things."

"But, I will allow you to transfer to our school's rival school."

"Oh, okay. That's a shorter walk for me anyway." Yuuko smiles and walks off.

Sougo pouts. "My first love."

Geiz pulls Woz aside. "Are you sure of this?"

"It is necessary for my demon king to develop his dark side."

Geiz rolls his eyes.

To Be Continued!