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When Ochaco entered the school the next morning, she found Shoto listening to music while walking.

"Hi Shoto !" She said, waving. The boy turned towards her and put one of his earphones down.

"Oh, Hi, Ochaco."

"You're not with your friends ?"

"In fact, yes, we came to school together. But on the way, we encountered Nezu, who wanted to speak with Izuku privately. I think Katsuki is running behind their car." He said while sweat-dropping. Ochaco could understand his thoughts : indeed, it sounded quite stupid.

"Do you know why Principal Nezu wanted to speak with Izuku ?" She asked.

"Probably concerning The Quirks of our class students." He answered.

"Our Quirks...?"

He nodded. "We watched the rest of your fights with Uncle-Zawa yesterday. Izuku being a fan of Quirk analysis, I think he already wrote some interesting things." He said. They continued walking, but nobody speaked. Finally, they entered the classroom, and were greeted by the sights of the girls all being in the corner of the room, glaring at the boys.

"What just happened here ?" Asked Shoto.

"When we entered the room, they were speaking about a plan to look in the girl's changing rooms !" Yelled Momo, still trying to kill Mineta just by looking at him.

"You guys..." muttered Shoto.

"Take your places." Said Aizawa-Sensei next to Shoto. Everyone in the class looked at him with the same thoughts.

'He wasn't here before, right ?' Ochaco squeaked, the man standing next to her without her knowing it surprised the girl.

"My heart..." she muttered. Shoto smirked a bit, before going to the back of the classroom where he sat down, not bothered at all to remove his earphones. Finally, the two groups broke and soon the students were all siting at their places. Except for, again, Izuku and Katsuki, who were still missing.

Finally, the door opened. Katsuki entered the classroom, fuming, and went to the back of the class without saying anything.

"'Mind telling me why you're late ?" Asked the teacher.

"I couldn't get that fucking car." He simply said. Shoto smirked while Ochaco chuckled. The other students just looked at him with curiosity.

Finally, the morning came to an end, and the 1A students quickly rushed to the cafeteria. Ochaco went to a table with all the girls and Lida. They looked at the boys, going together at another table, minus Katsuki and Shoto who joined some third year.

"I didn't understand a thing this morning." Pleaded Mina.

"Yeah, t'was a hard lesson. What I don't understand is that Aizawa-Sensei didn't care about the back of the classroom. Shoto was listening to music the whole morning and Katsuki was playing on his phone..." added the gravity girl.

"That's favoritism !" Shouted Lida.

"Calm down. It's not our problem if those two want to ruin their scholarship." Finished Momo.

"They don't seem like idiots, Kero."

Before anyone could reply, Izuku entered the cafeteria, and a bunch of older students stopped eating to greet him. He speaked with them for a minute, and left toward the table where were siting Katsuki and Shoto. He hardly sat down with them, the chairs obviously not confortable for him and his wings, and the group of girls could see him speaking.

"You really can't miss him, with his wings." Said Kyoka.

"And I wonder what he can do with it..." added Toru.

"Welp, he obviously can fly." Said Momo.

"Not only. When my parents discovered I could now be visible, they so wanted to thanks Izuku that I don't know how, but they found his house. He was playing video games with Shoto and Katsuki when we arrived. We all spoke a bit, and Aizawa-sensei showed our fight to my parents. I thought they were going to kill Izuku for the... Naked part, but they just laughed while saying 'young love'..." blushed Toru.

"But how does this mean he can do something else ?" Continued Tsuyu.

"I learned it by Katsuki. After watching the fight, he jumped on Izuku white shouting 'so you held back motherfucker !'... I don't know what he meant, because Shoto stopped him from giving more informations." She finished.

"This dude seemed already so strong, and he was holding back ? I can't believe it." Said Kyoka. During that time, a fight had begun between the three 1-A boys and the 3-A. They were laughing, and it was quite hard to miss the green-haired boy trying to protect his wings from the 'fucking steak that will fucking make my wings dirty !'. Momo just had a frown. She always been the best of the best, and now she had a least 3 people stronger than her in the same class ? Impossible.

At least, she didn't mind the angel : he was quite cute indeed. But two other persons as well ? When she opened her eyes, she was greeted by the sights of an angry Izuku trying to get Katsuki while jumping above tables. The blond boy was grinning as if the best thing of his life just happened. Shoto didn't seem to care, while the third year of his table were laughing. Next to her, Ochaco chuckled.

"They act like children, it's funny." She said.

"And these guys are the monsters with ridiculous strength ? If I didn't see them, I wouldn't believe it." Added Tsuyu.

"I agree." Finished Kyoka. The moment she said that, Katsuki jumped above them, and continued running. They turned their head behind them, to see Izuku coming in a sprint.

"STOP RUNNING IN THE CAFETERIA !" Yelled Lida, who stood up.

"DON'T GET IN MY WAY !" Yelled back the angel, using the head of the boy to jump even higher above the students.

He landed on the other side of the table, and not bothered at all by the athletic move he just did, he continued running behind his prey, who left the cafeteria.

Shoto stood up.

"I'm going to follow them or we could never find them again." He said, smiling. He left too, walking.

"These guys..." said Tamaka.


The students were all waiting for their teacher on the training ground. They had paintball guns : No hero costume, just UA's sport clothes. The girls were waiting together. Just in front of them, Shoto, Katsuki and finally Izuku were speaking.

"I wonder what we're going to do this afternoon." Asked Shoto.

"Surely some Quirk training." Answered Izuku. He already saw himself flying, trying to avoid the bullets.

"Fuck man, with paintball guns ? You're retarded. I hope we're going to fight again." Pleaded Katsuki.

The other students sweated. The three strongest boys of the class seemed to forget that they were not alone anymore.

Aizawa-Sensei entered the training ground, looking at them, and holding a red flag with the quote "1A".

"Today, we're going to do something funny. Some flag capture. Your objective is to hide your flag, then you'll have to find and take the flag of the class 1B. If you're touched by an enemy and his weapon, you're out." He said casually.

"But, Sensei, that's quite... dangerous ?" Asked Ochaco.

"We know, that's why you aren't allowed to use any aspect of your Quirk that could harm a student. The objective is to realize what you can do with your Quirk to protect and help yourself." He answered. Katsuki muttered a 'fuck...' and Shoto seemed displeased. However, Izuku was grinning like a child.

"You're not... -Playing... With us, Sensei ?" Asked Momo.

"No, I'm not allowed too. This exercise is to see if you can work together without another help." He answered. Momo grinned : she already saw herself as the leader.

"You all understood ?" Asked the teacher. The class silently agreed. "Then..." he took a pistol and shot in the sky. Soon, another shot was heard.

"The game begins now." Simply said Aizawa, before leaving.

"Ok, I propose that we keep half of the class to guard the flag while the other half attacks." Said Momo immediately. The students seemed to agree, before Izuku spoke :

"I don't think that's a good idea." He simply said.

"And why ?" Asked Momo, not pleased to be contested by what she saw as her greatest weapon.

"I propose that we don't guard the flag. Let's make three teams : the main attack with 10 students and two teams to flank their asses. While they are going to defend against the biggest group, the two other teams will try to get them from different angles. Like that, we'll be secured against a group attack that would show where our flag is." He said. Momo flinched : indeed, it sounded much better than her plan.

"I... I see no problem with that." She said. The class simply agreed.

"I'll make the teams." He said. "If you see no objections, I'll lead one of the flank equip : I want Mineta, Kyoka, Toru and Tsuyu."

"They are our scout team." Said Katsuki. Shoto and Izuku nodded, while the other students quickly understood.

"In the other team, I'll put Ochaco, Eijiro, Tenya and Fumikage. You'll lead this one, Momo." He finished. She looked surprised for a second, before agreeing. She was going to show the class how she was suited for the leader job !

"Everyone else, you're going to be in the main offense under Shoto's commends. He can protect you well by making ice, and I know you'll found a way of making pressure on the class 1B. Katsuki, take the flag, and go hide it : I trust you enough to know that they'll never find it. Be sure to give 'em hell." The explosive boy couldn't grin more : he was the one man army.

How well this job suited him.

"My group : go hide in the forest ! Shoto, go with yours !" Said the angel. The students agreed.

"Let's go !" Yelled Shoto, running with his group.

"Momo, I have to tell you something." Finally said the green-haired boy, grinning.

"What's the matter ?" She asked curiously.

"I have some informations to tell you : that's how we're going to win." He mumbled in her ear. Her eyes widened.


"So, Momo... What's the plan ?" Muttered Eijiro. Momo nervously touched the communication earphone that Izuku asker her to create. Currently, while Shoto's team was holding their position, the angel's team was taking the important informations. Momo and her team were hidden in the forest, waiting for the right moment to how themselves and capture the enemy flag.

"What's taking so long ?" Muttered Tenya, looking quite upset that they had to wait.

"I hope that Izuku didn't got eliminated, or we're screwed..." said Ochaco as well.

"He seems like a confident guy, just wait." Finished Fumikage.

"Momo, can you hear me ?" Asked a voice in the earphone.

"Yes, Izuku, I can hear you !" Answered the black-haired girl.

"Perfect ! Obviously, the class 1B lacked of originality, because their flag is just on top of a stone, just next to the forest, so you should take it easily. There only is one problem : students are guarding the flag. They are four students, so you have an advantage. I don't know what Quirks they have. I'll be watching you from the sky, and Toru is on site if you need. Good luck !" He ended the call with that happily tone, a tone that told Momo that he knew more. But she had to do it.

"Follow me." She muttered. The group quickly arrived to the limit of the forest. Approximately 150 meters in front of them, the flag was simply standing on top of a rock, which was easily 2 meters high. The four students were currently shooting in the sky, and when the class 1A group looked in the sky, they just wanted to facepalm from the sights of Izuku doing loopings to avoid the paintballs while laughing.

"This guy... He seems a bit too confident..." said Fumikage.

"That's so manly and stupid at the same time..." added Eijiro.

"Give up on him, he's making a distraction. Ochaco, could you make Tenya float with your quirk ? We'll cover him with Fumikage and Fumikage." Asked Momo.

"I can." She touched Tenya and immediately, he began levitating barely above the floor.

"Let's go then !" Yelled Momo, running of the bushes. Tenya used his leg to launch himself, while the three other members followed Momo.

One of the 1B student turned his head at the sound of people running, and yelled : "THERE'S PEOPLE BEHIND US !"

Momo and Eijiro fired on the students, while Fumikage protected them with his dark shadow. Ochaco, too concentrated on making Tenya float, couldn't shoot. Suddenly, three other students appeared behind them, and Momo's eyes widened in shock.

'Izuku gave us wrong informations ! Why did he do that...!' She once mored looked in the sky, where the angel was looking at her with a smirk. The 1B students were no longer shooting at him, and he was happily watching his class failing.

"You..." began Momo.

"We don't have time for that, try to find another idea !" Yelled Eijiro. The black haired girl snapped, and looked at Tenya, who was covered with multiples colors of paintballs and was out of the game. An idea quickly came to her mind.

"Ochaco, use your Quirk on me please !" The gravity girl, already sweating from using it on Tenya, barely nodded before touching her friend.

"Eijiro ! Launch me toward the flag !"

"What the fuck !? Are you crazy !?"

"Just do it !" The red-haired man gritted his teeth, but took the girl by her leg and threw her as hard as he could. The creation user was quickly approaching the flag, but she saw it : some paintballs were heading right on her. It was as if time stopped going on normally when the first ball was going to reach her. Suddenly, a girl appeared right in front of her, taking the first bullet. Momo could only gasp, while she continued going toward the flag. She was sure she saw the girl grin. Toru.

When the second bullet reached her, another girl jumped in front of her, taking the bullet and going to the ground. Kyoka, smirking.

Momo looked at the third bullet, asking herself what miracle could save her this time : she wasn't even surprised, when out of nowhere, Tsuyu jumped to take the hit. For the first time, a confident smile appeared on the frog-girl.

Finally, a small ball of purple took another bullet, and the flying girl was sure that she could hear : "I'll protect Momo's boobs !".

The creation girl finally reached the flag, when another bullet that she didn't see coming arrived right in front of her. She closed her eyes, waiting the shock, but it never came. Hesitantly, she opened her eyes, greeted by the sights of a white wing protecting her from the projectile. The boy turned his head toward her, and muttered : "Go get it."

It was as if this final sentence made the time go back to normal, because Momo found herself going at high speed. She quickly grabbed the flag, the same moment she felt to the ground due to the lack of Ochaco's quirk. She hit the ground hard, and for several seconds, nobody said anything. But the girl quickly got up, and held the flag high in the air. Finally, cheers erupted from her fellow students, and soon, she was surrounded by nearly every student of her class : she didn't even know that the main attack was just behind the rock. Her class took her and threw her in the air several times, celebrating their win. While being in the air, Momo could see Izuku, Shoto, Katsuki and Aizawa-Sensei speaking fifty meters away. They all seemed to smile, and Izuku's face was decorated by a grin.

When Momo finally touched the ground again, she was hit by what really happened : Izuku knew something like this was going to happen. His whole team protected her, and she doubted it was something natural : the angel probably briefed them to do it. When he gave her false informations, he knew she would try a crazy plan. But why would he do something like that ? Suddenly, reality hit her like a truck. Like he did during hero training, where he gave all the merit to the Toru, now he gave the merit to her. She violently turned herself where the angel was previously standing, only to find that Katsuki, Shoto and him were nowhere in sights. The only one left was her teacher, looking at her in knowledge.

She had to talk to this angel.


With class 1B, in the girls locker room :

They totally were a mess, covered with different colors. Next to their locker room was situated the boys locker room, and the shouts coming from it made the girls believe that their classmates didn't really enjoy their loss.


"And it was not the worst ! The explosive boy, this motherfucker just wiped our asses like we were nothing ! He was there, running and laughing : Dude, he took 7 of us alone ! We couldn't even find their flag !" Yelled another one.

"Don't forget the bi-haired guy : we couldn't even touch the 1A students, they were protected as fuck by his ice ! He even made holes in the ice so they could pass their cannon while being completely protected !" Finished another one. The following persons speaking only made a bunch of insults, and most of the girls sweated from their childish attitude.

"But they're not wrong, we kinda' got fucked..." said Yui Kodai.

"I would not say it like that. They just had some serious strategy, and it is true that their three star students did most of the job." Added Setsuna Tokage.

"And don't forget the black-haired girl : she got some suicidal but serious plan at the end." Finished Pony Tsunotori.

"She was acting by herself, but most of all she followed without knowing Izuku's plan." Said Itsuka aloud, hoping to only think.

"What did you say ?" Asked Reiko Yanagi.

"Sorry. Izuku is the green-haired student with wings." Answered Itsuka.

"The angel !" Shouted Ibara Shiozaki. The other girls laughed.

"As you say, the angel. I met him several years ago at my parents gym. He regularly came to practice to kick everyone's ass : I think he only wanted to beat my parents."

"Wait, you're saying that he could beat you in an one-on-one fight ?" Asked Pony.

"He did, and he still probably would. His visits are less frequents now, because obviously the dude was doing hero training with All Might, but he still comes." She said, smiling.

"You do like him." Finished Setsuna.

"Yeah." Answered casually the orange-haired girl, before blushing where she realized what she said. "T-That's not what you think !" She then said.

"It's exactly what we think, Itsuka." simply laughed Yui.

"So, how is heeee ? I mean, he's hot, but could you tell us some... crunchy details, mmmh ?" Teased Setsuna.

"THE ANGEL !" Shouted Ibara, getting up, stars in her eyes. Itsuka blushed and sighed : yes, a long day indeed.