Amber Eyes - (Epilogue)


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-Three Months Later-

A young man opened the door of the carriage from the inside, stepping out into the sunlight. He looked up at the massive structure before him and smiled as his feet touched the smooth stone of the driveway. The sunlight warmed his face and hair, and he could feel within him already the subtle joy of what they were about to do.

He turned back toward the dark green carriage, reaching out his hand. A young woman stood and emerged from the carriage as well, blinking at the sunlight with a smile that marveled his. She placed her own small hand in his and stepped down onto the ground.

The young woman walked over to the white horses that drew the carriage, stroking their soft hair affectionately before walking back to her companion, who stood waiting for her. She grinned childishly, and he couldn't help but smile at her in return.

He took her arm and lead her up the white marble stairs. The couple radiated confident and elegance, the young woman's pink velvet gown flowing around her ankles as they climbed. They reached the top of the stairs, and two guards began to pull open the massive doors of the palace.

The young man squeezed his lover's hand knowingly, and she smiled, though not at him. It was a knowing smile, a peaceful one that comes from knowing with certainty that the future is bright.

They stepped into the grand palace, their footsteps echoing on the marble floors of the huge room. Two young women stood in its center, waiting for them. Upon seeing the doors being opened, one of them smiled happily.

She ran toward the couple, her white gown flowing behind her along with her long violet hair. Her amethyst eyes were glowing with joy.

she shouted. She reached the young woman in the pink velvet gown and hugged her warmly, the other girl returning the embrace without hesitation. Pulling away from one another, they looked into each other's eyes.

Sakura said happily. I've missed you.

I'm so happy to see you once again, safe and well, Tomoyo replied. She turned her eyes to Sakura's companion, smiling at him knowingly.

she said with a smile. I'm happy to see you as well!

Syaoran looked her over with slight apprehension, worrying that the cheerful girl would hug him as well. Seeing this, Tomoyo laughed, nodding with a smile in direction.

The other young woman, the one who had been standing with Tomoyo, stepped forward. She smiled at Syaoran and then at Sakura, nodding her greeting.

Hello Meiling, Syaoran said, the expression on his face fond and filled with brotherly affection.

I told you going by horse alone was faster, she said with a smirk. She brushed her long jet black tresses over her shoulder, her red silk dress shifting fluidly at her sudden movement.

You rode a horse all the way here?, Sakura asked in disbelief. In that beautiful dress?

Meiling did ride all the way here, Tomoyo replied for her, glancing in her direction with a teasing grin, But not in that gown. I convinced her to change out of her rather boyish red tunic and into it. It's my own.

Well, you look lovely, Sakura offered with a smile to Meiling. She had been trying to befriend the girl for a long time, knowing the love that she had for Syaoran. What Sakura did not know, however, was not no amount of compliments and smiles could win over a person like Meiling.

She did not know that her own bravery and cunning had already done so.

Thank you, Meiling responded, her ruby eyes doubtful at the truth of the compliment.

We should ride here on horses someday, Syaoran, Sakura said to her lover with a playful grin. He hesitantly smiled back, nodding.

I suppose, he said, doubtful as to how practical this was. You do love the horses ..

I've never ridden one, she said with some disappointment. Though I should love to.

You will, Syaoran declared lovingly. I'll arrange for lessons as soon as we're home.

Thank you!, Sakura exclaimed. She suddenly spun toward her lover and hugged him warmly from the side. Syaoran blinked and stood still, stunned and unsure of what to do. She had pinned his arms to his sides.

Tomoyo laughed as Meiling rose a jealous eyebrow. Sakura pulled away and smoothed her dress while Syaoran composed himself, blushing slightly.

he said suddenly. Shall we Tomoyo, Meiling?

Of course, Tomoyo replied with a smile. My father is waiting for all of us in the meeting room. Please, follow me.

The amethyst-eyed princess led the group out of the throne room through two large oak double doors and into an elegantly decorated hallway. They walked down it and turned sharply to their right. Tomoyo opened a door and gestured for them to enter through it and into a large room with beautiful purple walls with gold accents, polished hardwood floors and a large light wood table in the shape of a circle.

They entered the room, Tomoyo entering last as she shut the door. A man sat at the table with a cheerful grin.

King Syaoran, Lady Sakura, Lady Meiling, he said happily. Welcome to the Kaera kingdom. I'm very happy to have you here.

As are we, Sakura answered. She bowed deeply, as did Syaoran and Meiling, though their bows were more courteous and respectful than Sakura's emotion-filled one.

Please have a seat, Tomoyo said warmly. She took a seat to her father's right, and Meiling took one next to her. Syaoran sat at King Yukito's left, and next to him, Sakura took a seat.

King Yukito looked at his guests with hope shining in his pure eyes.

he said with a smile. Shall we begin?

I'm eager to myself, Syaoran said, flashing a rare genuine smile. He reached into his dark green velvet tunic and pulled out five scrolls, which he set on the table. He spread two of them open, one on top of the other.

This is the peace treaty, Syaoran said calmly. One copy is for my kingdom, and the other is for yours. I can assure you that it contains all of the conditions we discussed. Unconditional cease fire .. the agreement that if our kingdoms should quarrel again, it should be attempted to be solved first and foremostly with a meeting of its leaders to find a peaceful compromise .. thus, neither kingdom should attack the other should a disagreement arise ..

I remember the terms well, King Syaoran, Yukito said with a smile. I trust you to not have changed them in the wording of the contract.

Thank you, Syaoran replied with a nod. He met Yukito's eyes, and knowingly, the king passed him a pen and an inkwell.

Syaoran dripped the pen into the inkwell and drew it out slowly. With peaceful eyes, he signed the treaty and its copy.

He passed the two scrolls to Yukito, who took them with a smile. Syaoran handed him the pen, nodding to him knowingly. He took it and signed his own name on the two treaties. When he was done, he stared down at them for a moment, his eyes filled with an undefined emotion.

He looked up, his expression radiating pride and happiness.

Thank you, Syaoran, he said gratefully. He shook the younger man's hand with a warm smile. I look forward to many peaceful years as your ally.

As do I, Syaoran responded firmly. Sakura smiled, placing her hand on her lover's arm.

Meiling said suddenly. All eyes turned to her; she had summed up in one word everyone's thoughts.

Tomoyo said, turning to her fondly. We're finally at peace. The threat of war is now over.

Meiling smiled at her slightly, and Tomoyo returned it tenfold with her own wide smile.

Well, now that we're finished with the treaty, Syaoran said abruptly. I have something for all of you.

He placed his hand on the three remaining scrolls and passed them across the table to King Yukito, Tomoyo and Meiling. All of three of them looked him over with confused glances, his behavior strange and curious.

Open them, Sakura assured, gesturing to the scrolls. Hesitantly, King Yukito nodded and did so, as did Tomoyo and Meiling. They read them silently for a few peaceful moments.

Suddenly, a smile broke out on Tomoyo's face. She looked joyously at the couple, her eyes flashing with happiness and eagerness.

Your presence is requested at the royal wedding of King Syaoran and Lady Sakura, she read aloud from the scroll, stunned. She smiled brightly.

Oh my Goddess!, she exclaimed happily. Sakura, Syaoran, I'm so happy for you two! Of course I'll come!

Sakura said with a warm smile, I'd like to ask you and Meiling to be my bridesmaids.

Tomoyo cried girlishly. Thank you! I would love to! I'm so excited! I so rarely get invited to weddings, and I love them!

Meiling set her invitation down on the table, meeting Sakura's eyes. She smiled, though in her eyes, Sakura could also see sadness.

She nodded slowly, her smile unfading.

Thank you, she said calmly. I'll be happy to be one of your bridesmaids.

She did not lower her eyes from Sakura's.

As she stared into her ruby eyes, she saw something beyond sadness. She saw calm, the kind of calm that told her that she knew Sakura would always love Syaoran, that she would always care for him and would never leave his side. In knowing this, Meiling found the peace she needed to move on with her life.

When Sakura realized this, she smiled back genuinely.

Thank you, she said softly. Meiling nodded knowingly, understanding.

Syaoran suddenly grasped Sakura's hand under the table, holding it gently in his own for a moment. A moment later, he squeezed it tightly, turning toward her.

Are you happy?, he asked her tenderly, staring into her shy emerald eyes. Sakura smiled gently, squeezing his hand back in return.

I am, she whispered in reply, And I always will be. I believe that with all of my heart .. so long as I am with you, I'll never truly be alone or deeply sad.

Syaoran smiled at her warmly. I can say the exact same thing.

The couple turned back to their small audience, all of whom were smiling at them, though in different ways. King Yukito's smile was cheerful but calm, Tomoyo's youthful and excited, Meiling's sad but peaceful.

Yes,' Sakura thought silently to herself. I understand now, why everything worked out the way it did. Why I'm here, about to become a queen. It was my destiny .. everything was supposed to be like this someday. That's why I can say with confidence that I will always be happy.'

She prayed secretly that everyone else, especially Meiling, would also find their happiness.

_.-.__.-.__.-.__.-.__.-.__.-.__.-.__.-.__.-.__.-._ . . . . .

- Three Years Later -

It's so nice to have you here as our guest, Tomoyo, Sakura said warmly. Really, it brightens up the entire palace to have you here. You're always so cheerful and talkative!

Heh, thank you, Tomoyo replied with a blush. I'm very happy to be here myself. She glanced at Meiling with a smile.

Would you like another cup of tea?, Sakura asked her politely.

No, thank you, Tomoyo replied cheerfully.

Sakura asked. She held the tea kettle in the air with a smile.

Meiling shook her head, holding up her hand in protest. No, thank you. None for me either.

How about you, darling?, Sakura asked with a smile, turning to her husband. It's still warm.

Ahh, no, Syaoran replied. I think we've all had quite enough tea.

Oh, well, alright, Sakura said with a frown. She poured herself another nearly overflowing cup. The three surrounding her at the table gave her curious stares.

I'm thirsty, Sakura said quickly, setting the tea kettle down and taking a hearty sip of her tea. Meiling smirked.

she purred. You only drink tea like that when you're nervous.

That's silly, she replied, taking another long sip. Why on Earth would I be nervous?

You drank five cups the day you had to tell Syaoran that you crashed through the stable fence with Yuki, that white horse of yours, Meiling said knowingly. And six the day you had to fire one of the cooks for serving a lobster that had not quite passed on.

I felt guilty at taking away his only source of income, she said quickly, taking another long sip. I know how it is to be poor, you know. It was an honest mistake.

Syaoran smiled at Sakura warmly.

Well, no one is going to get fired today, he said with uncharacteristic cheerfulness. Isn't that right, darling?

Of course no one is, Sakura said with a smile. She took another long sip.

Syaoran said. He turned to Tomoyo and Meiling with a grin.

Sakura is just nervous because she had a very special announcement to make, he said happily. His amber eyes flashed with love and excitement.

A pair of amethyst and ruby eyes made their way to Sakura, eying her suspiciously. She smiled shyly.

she said, setting down her teacup slowly. A little while ago, Syaoran and I found out that I'm .. well, I'm going to ..

Tell them dear, Syaoran urged. Sakura smiled, allowing her secret to burst out.

We're going to have a baby!, she exclaimed happily. Tomoyo immediately grinned widely, and Meiling smiled warmly.

That's wonderful news, Meiling said cheerfully. Tomoyo nodded happily, clearly enthused.

It is!, she exclaimed. Do you know if it's going to be a boy or a girl?

How would they know that so early?, Meiling asked her with an aura of intelligence. Tomoyo frowned, shrugging.

I was only curious, she replied. Syaoran and Sakura smiled warmly, glancing at each other.

We do know one thing, however, Syaoran said with a smile.

Meiling inquired. What's that?

Sakura said, smiling happily, We know that when the baby is born, we want you and Tomoyo to be its godparents. We'd also love for you to be the godparents of any future children we have, if we do indeed have any.

Tomoyo's smile widened even further at this.

That's a wonderful honour!, she exclaimed happily. Of course we accept! Don't we love?

Of course we accept, Meiling replied calmly. Tomoyo beamed at the couple and then at Meiling, radiantly her joy openly.

Thank you very much, Sakura said with a gentle smile. We knew that you would say yes.

Yes, thank you, Syaoran said, backing up his wife.

There is no need to thank us, Tomoyo said happily. She turned to Meiling again with a smile. She reached under the table suddenly, secretly grabbing her lover's hand.

Meiling smiled back at her calmly, squeezing her hand back. Finally, her jealousy had given way to something else, something different. Love. Unselfish, brotherly love.

She looked over at Tomoyo, who was talking animatedly with Sakura.

It was all thanks to her. New love had replaced the old, yet strong, love of her past.

_.-.__.-.__.-.__.-.__.-.__.-.__.-.__.-.__.-.__.-._ . . . . .

- Ten Years Later -

What are you doing Daddy?, a young voice asked. Syaoran blinked and looked up from his desk, startled. He smiled when he looked into the face of his young son.

I'm working, Toya, he said with some amount of cheerfulness.

Toya replied. He blinked, his emerald eyes slightly confused. You work an awful lot.

That's what happens when you're the king, son, Syaoran replied. Toya had walked over to him so that he was at his side, behind his desk. He ruffled his son's chestnut hair playfully, setting down his pen.

Where is Mommy and Asumi?, Toya asked with wide eyes. Syaoran thought for a moment.

I believe she's out in the garden, he said finally, walking over to his window. Toya followed him clumsily, peering out the window. The windowsill was level with his chin.

Syaoran gazed out the window as well, smiling at what he saw. Sakura was kneeling in the garden, an old dress spread out on the ground and darkened with moist dirt. She was showing her daughter how to plant a small green plant, which Syaoran recognized as .

She was smiling, as was Asumi. She often spent time in the garden, out in the sunshine, unable to stay inside for long periods of time. Though she made a beautiful and wise queen, she often preferred not to act like one, taking up hobbies such as horseback riding and gardening.

I told you, Syaoran said with a slight smile. They're in the garden.

He looked down at his young son, who looked up at him with wide green eyes. Syaoran smiled and ruffled his already messy hair once again.

I need to get back to work now, Toya, he said simply. He walked over to his desk, and frowned when he saw that Toya had followed him, standing at his side when he sat down in his chair.

I wanna know something, Toya said suddenly.

What's that?, Syaoran asked, curious. Toya smiled, then hesitated.

I wanna know, he began shyly, How you met Mommy.

Syaoran's eyes widened, and he grinned at the irony of his son's question.

he said, not knowing where to begin.

Toya stared at him with wide emerald eyes, waiting. Syaoran laughed and then sighed, patting his thigh.

Here, sit, he said, welcoming his little boy into his lap. Toya grinned sheepishly and climbed onto him.

Well, ahh, son, Syaoran began. He smiled at his son, an image of Sakura as a teenager filling his mind. Memories began to flood him; the tender way she had bandaged his hand when they had first met, their first sweet kiss, signing the peace treaty with her at his side, their wedding night, the days she had given birth to Asumi and then Toya ...

Syaoran began again, breaking out of his thoughts.

Toya smiled at him, waiting for him eagerly to begin the story.

It's a very long story ..


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