19 years later

Luna Potter stood peacefully at the platform nine and three quarters, the beautiful red train "Hogwarts Express" was on the train tracks. The train was still prepared for the students to go to Hogwarts.

She turned to look at her husband, Harry Potter, as he stood proudly next to his wife. He had his hair down to his shoulder blades and nice circular glasses that were more stylish than his old ones (though he kept his father's glasses in a special case that would have to be charmed open by Harry, himself), and his vivid green eyes were brilliant as always.

In front of them stood their five children, ages from fifteen all the way down to seven, and they were all conversing with each other. The eldest was Narcissa Aquila, she had obviously been named after her great aunt and she looked eerily like her aunt—though Narcissa Aquila never once was seen without a smile on her, she was quite the jokester. She was currently wearing her Ravenclaw robes, her beautiful vivid green eyes being what was different between her and her great aunt.

Then there was their thirteen year old son, Caelum James, who happened to end up in Slytherin. He took after his second cousin, but looked more like his dad. He didn't need glasses, but he had his mother's eyes—those cloudy bluish gray eyes. He even said that he could see the same creatures that his mother had seen. He had his robes on but they weren't buttoned all the way.

Their second eldest daughter, Lily Norma, was eleven and she listened eagerly to what her two eldest siblings were saying. Narcissa was telling her that she should value her education while Caelum was telling her that Narcissa was a hypocrite since he had seen her pranking people more than actually studying.

Lily Norma was the perfect mixture of her parents, she had her mother's hair but it was thicker like her father's. She had hazel eyes and her nose was just like her father's, while her lips were like her mother's. She was wearing a sweater that her mother had knitted for her; it was another mood based sweater.

Their last two children were twins, one a girl and the other boy. The girl was Pandora Marie, she was a pretty little girl that looked more like her mother than her father but still had his features. The son was named Draconian Isaac, and he was currently napping up a storm with his little blond tuffs flickering from the wind—though Pandora's dark brown curls weren't moving at all.

They were seven and they didn't seem as though they really had an interest in Hogwarts, they were more interested in Ilvermorny, since that was where Auntie Hermione and Uncle Ambrose lived with their three children—Ofelia, Mandy, and Cullen. Ofelia was the same age as Narcissa, though Mandy was fourteen, and Cullen was actually ten.

Hermione was the Minister of Magic in America, since she had said that she had her fair share of England and though she loved her mother country she felt connected to America since she had decided to stay there for a year after Hogwarts.

Ambrose was a teacher at Ilvermorny, and was the head of one of the houses. He was a favorite teacher, so the five member family was happy in America.

Ron found himself married to Cho Chang of all people, he had dated Lavender Brown for the longest time but they decided that they just didn't have any chemistry in the end. She also found that she couldn't come anywhere near accepting herself fully, since she had been attacked by Greyback—the lycanthrope that had made Remus a lycanthrope when he was a little boy.

They had twins, Yu Yan and Feng Mian, which were very beautiful. They were actually five; it had taken a while for them to be able to have children. Though Cho Chang had taken Ron's last name, Ron had surprised everyone when he said that Cho could name their children whatever she desired to name them.

They were standing next to Luna and Harry, and Harry was telling Cho about different medical remedies that he had learnt when he went to China with Luna during one of Luna's expeditions for another one of her beloved creatures. Since Harry was the head of the Healing Association in the U.K. he was able to go to different countries to learn the latest medical techniques and bring light to forgotten remedies.

Yu Yan was eagerly talking to 'Uncle Harry' in rapid Chinese; she was telling him all different things that she had seen when she had last gone to China. Harry spoke Chinese the whole time that he had been talking to Cho, since he knew that it meant a lot for her to have him speaking her native tongue when he was around her children.

Feng Mian just shrugged as he looked through a Quidditch book that his father had bought him (Feng would obviously be in Ravenclaw—his intelligence could rival Professor Flitwick's when Feng would graduate Hogwarts), he had claimed that he was going to be a professional Quidditch player like his mum was. Only he was going to be one for China, since he wanted to be the first Hogwarts graduate who was on a famous Chinese Quidditch Team.

"Marigold, I told you that you can't take your plants on the train!" Neville's voice resonated throughout the air and everyone turned their head, seeing that Neville Longbottom was telling his only daughter that she couldn't take her plants on the train even if she was the daughter of the Herbology (and Head of the Gryffindor House!) professor.

She frowned as she held her plotted plant in her arms, the Hufflepuff knowing that Grandma Sprout would not be any help either as she was with them. She had taken them under her wings and had become a grandmother to them. The short and squat woman shook her head amusedly as she reached her arms out so that the Hufflepuff could give the plant back to the former Head of the Hufflepuff House.

Despite her going to Hogwarts for four years, the girl always tried each year to be able to take her precious plants to school with her. She knew that Grandma Spout would spend countless hours with Marigold's mum, but she still would have liked to garden and take care of her own plants, thank you so very much!

Her brother, Rowan, rolled his eyes as he leant against a pillar and folded his arms against his chest. He had dyed his hair a bright green, which had been a rebellion against his parents and being the son of a professor at the school but everyone took it with stride and loved the hair. It was his luck that he was extremely handsome and looked good with about any hair color.

The seventh year was a Gryffindor, and he let his eyes flicker over to the other teenagers that were around him. He stiffened up and blushed when he saw Narcissa Aquila talking to her siblings. When she let her eyes wander to him, he coughed in his hand and looked away.

The youngest Longbottom, and cutest little toddler, happened to be Cedar. He was four years old and he had the brightest red hair that was beautiful. He bubbled and squirmed happily when he saw his cousins, he still couldn't pronounce their names correctly, but he saw his pretty Aunt Cho and his Uncle Ron.

As though she could tell this, Ginny turned and glared at her daughter and son, "don't cause anymore trouble with your father! This is the last time that I hear about you trying to send a plant to suffocate your brother, little lady!"

Marigold fluttered her eyelashes, as though she was going to ask her mother if she ever would do that, only for Ginny to arch her eyebrow. The girl sighed and pouted, before Ginny made her way to the group of friends.

"I am so ready for her to go to school," Ginny groaned as she held Cedar in her arms, he giggled happily at the motherly attention he was receiving from her. She kissed his forehead and noted that the other adults were nodding their heads, except for Luna. She brushed her hand against her stomach.

"Ugh, please tell me that you aren't having another baby!" Ginny brought her hand up and let her head hit her palm while in the background Neville was making sure all the students were getting on the train.

Luna giggled as she reached her hand out and took Harry's, only for him to look down and notice that she was holding her other hand on her stomach, "yeah, she just discovered a new creature that loves publicity, but needed a person to see them…so one thing led to another and before we knew it we're on number six."

Cho didn't have a look of jealously on her face, in fact she almost scrunched her face up, "yeah, we ended up with one of each so Ron and I are content. Though Molly keeps insisting that we have more."

It was true, every time that Luna and Harry were invited to The Burrow to visit Molly and Arthur Weasley with Cho and Ron they'd be greeted with Molly wanting to actually have them agree with having more children.

Being a famous Quidditch player for the Tutshill Tornadoes meant that Cho didn't have much time to even spend time with her family during the on season but when she was on off season she just wanted to relax and enjoy her four member family. There were other children that Molly had that she could look to when it came to adding more little Weasleys into the world.

"What's this I hear? My favorite cousin is pregnant again?"

Luna beamed happily as she moved away from her husband and rushed towards where Sirius was before she threw her arms around him. He squeezed her, carefully despite the fact that she was early on in the pregnancy, and pulled away to look at Luna more carefully.

Sirius had his hair scraped up in a man bun with a rough beard (he denied that he looked anything like the hipsters that his family claimed he had gathered the inspiration from), wore an old eighties band t-shirt, dark washed jeans, and a pair of his trusty biker shoes from his younger years.

Remus rolled his eyes fondly at his husband, before he let his eyes drift towards those he considered his family too, "hi, everyone." He smiled at them, this time it was carefree and there was no sadness or weariness in his voice.

They had been married for seven years, and despite the fact that Remus and Sirius could have adopted children neither of them cared to. They had so many families, related or not, that gave them their children to baby sit that it felt like they had children of their own in a sense.

Luna eagerly told Sirius about the creature that she had just discovered, while Cho jokingly claimed that there was birth control, but Harry and Luna agreed that they were done with children after this one. As much as they loved their large family, they thought that they would have been done with having anymore children after Pandora and Draconian.

Eventually Neville came over to them with tired but ecstatic eyes, "Hi, Sirius, Remus, it's nice to see you. I came over here though to tell you that the kids need to get on the train. It's time for me to be the sole target of their attention…which to some is a great idea…but to others…"

Neville let his eyes wander over to Narcissa Aquila, who was smirking at Rowan. He knew that he was going to have to deal with Rowan telling him that women were evil, again, because Narcissa knew he liked her but she was making him work for it. He really didn't want to have this conversation with his son, but Narcissa Aquila would be laughing to Luna about how boys were.

Thankfully Luna noted that Neville was looking over at Narcissa Aquila and she nodded her head, "I understand, and I will have a talk with her. Yes, it is quite fun to tease a man, but I believe she's had enough fun for now."

Neville let out a breath of relief, "thanks, Lune. That means a lot to me. I love your kids; you know I do, but…."

"You don't have to say anything, mate. We understand. We can help you gather the kids if you need help," Harry responded, only for Neville to shake his head, "I've got it. That's something that I can definitely do."

The couples stood back and watched as Neville went to the Potters first, asking them to get on the train. The ones old enough to get on the train sighed but listened to him, waving goodbye to their parents, before they went onto the train. The youngest ones came back to their parents (but only after they squeezed Neville almost to death, knowing he was heading with their siblings).

Lily Norma came to her parents and leant against her dad, she had always been a daddy's girl, and she watched her Uncle Neville turn to ask Ginny where their children were only to remember that they were smart enough to get on the train before. They had currently pushed their window down and were waving at their mum, along with their aunts and uncles.

Cedar noticed his siblings hanging out of the train window and made grabby hands, demanding that they pay attention to him. Ginny sighed and excused herself before she made her way to where her children were hanging out of the train window. She lifted Cedar high enough that Marigold and Rowan were talking to him, which calmed the toddler immensely.

Yu Yuen and Feng Mian were peering up at their cousins, though Yu Yuen was waving goodbye to them with warmth it seemed as though Feng Mian was not that interested in having sappy departures.

"Feng, wave goodbye to your cousins, like a proper cousin," Ron chided at him, only for Feng to arch his eyebrow up. The fact that he was five but was acting like he was a teenager caused many to have constant headaches when they would tell him to act proper. The only one that stopped that was Cho, who turned her attention from Luna to looking at Feng.

"Do we have a problem here, Feng?" Cho folded her arms against her chest, as she tapped her beautiful navy blue manicured fingers against her arms. She was dressed to the nines in Ravenclaw colors.

There was even a Ravenclaw sweater that Molly had made for Cho so that she could wear the House sweater whenever she would have interviews for her team or whenever she wanted to go up to Hogwarts so that she could check on any of the kids.

"No mā ma," Feng responded, before he turned to look up at his daddy, "Sorry, bà ba. I shouldn't have talked to you like that."

Ron nodded his head, "thank you for the apology, Feng. Please go up there and say goodbye to your cousins though. They'll be gone for a while."

Feng went forward, although Yu was already at the train and she was eagerly talking to her cousins. She was rapidly speaking in Chinese, the fourth and seventh years blinked in shock at the fast rate that she was going. They did know Chinese but even they knew that Aunt Cho could be the only one who would know automatically what the little spunky girl was saying.

Luna leant her head against her husband's arm and wrapped her arm around his arm, while her cousin and Remus were talking lively to Pandora and Draconian. Both Pandora and Draconian loved their old cousin very much, along with their old cousin's husband. Remus had cool scratches on his face, just like Uncle Bill, but both children came up with different array of adventures where Remus could have gotten them.

They had made Remus and Sirius sit down in the living room of their house and watch Indiana Jones on the television so that they could talk about how Uncle Sirius would be rescued by Uncle Remus all the time if they were in the movies.

Harry blamed it on his wife, having a wife that was adventurous like the famous archeologist meant that she would eagerly sit down and watch the movies with her children.

As Neville kissed his wife goodbye, Luna felt content wash through her. The doors to the train shut and it went off, leaving the platform and heading in the direction of where Hogwarts was.

With her family and friends around her, Luna knew that she loved her life, even if it was quite peculiar to some.