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"Yo, ho, yo, ho, a pirate's life for me. Yo, ho, yo, ho, it's a pirate's life for me."

In a wall of fog out at sea, one could barely see the siluette of a grand ship. It was a British dreadnought, the H.M.S. Dauntless to be exact. A girl's voice could be heard singing from the Dauntless in the fog.

"So drink up me hearties, yo, ho..."

The owner of the voice was a young girl with long strawberry blonde hair who was standing at the bow railing of the ship. She was a pretty girl and had a long, beautiful blue dress with silver accents and white triming. Her voice was sweet and innocent, as if she had no clue of what she was singing. As the girl sang, she gazed out at the the wide open area of fog covered sea in front of her.

Suddenly a man who might as well have been born old grabbed the girl's shoulders, startling her.

"Quit, missy!" he quickly says in a hushed tone. " Cursed pirates sail these water. Do you want to call them down on us?"

"Mr. Gibbs," came a voice from behind the two. There stood a dashing young man who was dressed in the traditional British navy uniform. This young man had a stern but blank look over his face as he addressed the sailor clutching onto to poor girl. Next to this man stood a older man with the clothes of the rich.

"That will do."

The man now known as Mr. Gibbs let go of the girl and started to walk up to the man that just addressed him. He seemed scared and a bit peeved.

"She was singing about pirates! Bad luck to sing about pirates, with us mired in this unnatural fog, mark my words."

"Consider them marked," the young man retorted. "On your way."

"Aye, caption." Mr. Gibbs quickly said to the young man as he walked past him to return to his duties. He also muttered " Bad luck to have a woman on board, too. Even a mini'ture one." as he walked away, quickly taking a flask out and taking a swig of the contents inside.

"I think it would be rather exciting to meet a pirate." The girl that was just in the grasp of Mr. Gibbs suddenly said to the young caption of the ship.

The caption's face stayed blank as he spoke to her, "Think again, miss Swan. Vile and dissolute creatures, the lot of them. I see it to that any man sailing under a pirate's flag, or wears a pirate's brand, gets what he deserves; a short drop and a sudden stop." Mr. Gibbs does a hangman motion behind the caption as he finishes his little speech to help out the confused girl.

The other man with the caption quickly steps into the conversation. "Caption Norrington I appreciate the fervor, but am concerned about the affect this subject will have on my daughter."

"My apologies, Governor." Caption Norrington quickly said to the man next to him.

"Actually, I find it all fascinating." is all the girl in front of the two men says.

The Governor looks at her strangely. " Yes, that's whawhat concerns me."

As the Governor walks away the girl decides to look out into the ocean again. After a minute or so an umbrella could be seen floating on the water's surface. The girl follows it along the railing of the boat until she stops. The reason why is because she spots a boy laying on a board unconscious.

She yells to the rest of the ship, "Look! Look! A boy! In the water!"

By this time Caption Norrington and the Governor also have spoted the mysterious boy and start shouting at the crew to help him up and out of the water. Once the boy's on deck the girl moves in for a closer look.

"He's still breathing," the caption quickly informs everyone.

All of a sudden Mr. Gibbs mutters "Marry mother of god," just loud enough for the crew including the Governor and his daughter to here. As they all turn around to see what he was muttering about they all see it. A burning ship still floating in the water. As the the Dauntless past it they could see that it was all in ruins and barely make out the British flag that was sinking into the depths of the sea. When they looked closer they could also spot bodies littering the water and what is left of the boat.

"What happened here?" is all the Governor could manage to say as he watched the boat burn.

"A explosion in the powder magazine." Caption Norrington responses. "Merchant vessels are heavily armed."

"Lot of good it did them," Mr. Gibbs retorts back. "Everyone's thinking it' I'm just saying it; Pirates!"

"heh," the Governor nervously laughs, " There's no proof, could have been an accident."

"Come about and strike the sails!" the caption commands the crew. "Unlash the boats!"

As the crew sets to work the Governor walks over to his daughter, who was still next the the boy. " Elizabeth, I want you to accompany the boy. He is in your charge now. Take care of him."

All the girl now known as Elizabeth does is nod her head as she follows the men who were lifting the boy away from the busy crew. The men carrying the boy quickly place him down and away from the rest of the crew.

As the longboats are set into the water and start moving towards the wreckage, Elizabeth examines the boy in front of her. His short brown hair was matted to his head due to it being soaked. As Elizabeth moved to brush aside some of his hair, the boy jump starts awake and grabs her wrist, gasping for air.

" It's ok," Elizabeth gently tells the boy so she would not startle him badly. "My name is Elizabeth Swann."

As the boy calms down and stops hyperventilating, he manages to say "Will Turner." to the girl.

"I'm watching over you." Elizabeth reassures him. The boy then passes out, not able to muster any more strengh.

When 'Will' past out, Elizabeth noticed something around his neck. She picked it up and examined it. It was a coin, with Aztec carvings on it. In the middle is a carving of a skull. As Elizabeth examined it further, she figured something out that was clearly not good for this boy if he were to be figured out.

"Your a pirate," she finally breathed out.

"Have you out anything?" Caption Norrington suddenly says from behind her. Elizabeth whipped around startled, thinking of what she shod say.

She decides and only says "His name is Will Turner, that's all I know."

Accepting her answer, he tells the remaining crew to take Will below deck, leaving Elizabeth alone with the coin she quickly swiped of of the boy before they took down below.

After a while she takes it out and examines it further. It was an odd coin and had an odd feeling to it, like it was radiating power, ancient and evil. While examining it she catches a glimpse of something out on the water. When she looks up she sees a black ship sailing away, but worst part is it's flag flapping up in the air. It was black with a white skull and crossbones in the center of it. It was a pirate flag.

Elizabeth gasped at what she saw. 'so it really was a pirate attack?' She thought to herself. She then closed her eyes so she couldn't see the horrific ship no long.

"Caption!" was heard coming from the longboats that were heading back to the ship. There seemed to be no one with the returning crew, theorizing that there were no survivers.

"No survivors, sir." the head of the search party began to report to the Caption, concluding the theory of no survivors. "But we did find this." The man gestures behind him where two other men were hauling up a large and slightly burnt board. This board, however, was not ordinary. On it was written in big, scratchy letters 'HEIR OF THE SEA GOD, BEWARE. YOUR FREEDOM WILL RUN SHORT.' The letters looked to be written in blood.

Elizabeth ( 3rd person veiw)

Elizabeth Swann, now 19 years old, was lying in bed having a awful dream. This dream in particular was one of her past, the day she met Will Turner to be exact. This particular day has been haunting her for the longest time. It was when Elizabeth finally got to the most horrifying part of her dream did she wake up to escape her nightmare. She took a minute or so to gather her thoughts before she got up and went to her desk. She opened one of it's drawers and removed the medallion from 7 years ago. She only got a minute to look at before a loud nock came from her door.

"Elizabeth," could be heard from the other side of the door. It was her father, Governor Swann. "Is everything alright? Are you decent?"

"Y-yes," she quickly stutters as she hangs the medallion around her neck and through on a night gown right before Governor Swann and a maid come. The Governor has a large box in his hands.

"Still in bed at this hour? It's a beautiful day outside." The Governor says to his daughter. The maid walks over to the window and pushed aside the curtains, revealing the veiw of outside.

Outside of the widow you can see green hills and the open sea. Hidden along the gulf was a town with a port filled with boats, navy and merchant alike.

"I brought a present for you," The Governor said to Elizabeth. He opened the box he brought in and inside was a beautiful grey dress. Elizabeth took the dress in her hands and examined it's beautiful craftsmanship. She then walks over to a screen with it and starts to change.

"I thought that you could wear for today's ceremony." The Governor continued.

Elizabeth was confused. "What ceremony?"

"Commodore Norrington's promotion ceremony, of course!" Governor Swann told her.

"Oh," is all Elizabeth said before gasps for air. The maid that was helping her dress was finishing tying the laces of Elizabeth's corset, and it was extremely tight.

"I heard that this is the latest fashion in London," the Governor says from the other side of the screen.

"Well women in London must not breath if so." Elizabeth tells her father as the maid finishes.

Meanwhile on the other side of town (Will Turner's third person point of veiw)

Will Turner was racing down the streets of Port Royale. He was dressed in his finest clothes, yet they still were scruff and dirty. He was also holding something as he ran. It was the sword he crafted for Commodore Norrington's ceremony today. It was well crafted and well cared for, which was not that surprising as Will was known to be a skilled blacksmith, even if he was only a apprentice. As he was running along the port he ran into someone, who fell in the dirt by the force of impact.

"I'm so sorry!" Will Quickly told the person he ran into as he got up. "I was in a hurry and didn't see where I was going."

"Quit alright. I should of seen where I was going as when." Said the person who will ran into. It was a young man who looked to be the same age as Will, maybe a bit younger. He had short jet black hair under a three pointed hat and a sea green bandana. He had a bluish green vest over a white long sleeve shirt and dark brown pants. On his belt was a sword and a flintlock pistol, the sword was bronze and the pistol had blue and green engravings in the hilt.

He also had black boots and sea green eyes. To top it all off he had bronze earing in his left ear and a necklace with different kinds of beads on it. Faint scars could be seen all over what was visible of his skin. All in all he looked intimidating, even though he was so young.

"Ahem," came so suddenly that Will nearly jumped two feet in the air. Next to the young man was a girl most likely the same age as the boy next to her. She wore a grey bandana in her curly blonde hair which was in a messy ponytail. She had a dirty white blouse with black pants and black boots. On her grey belt was a bronze dagger and a grey flintlock pistol. She had stormy grey eyes and a necklace similar to the boy's next to her, only with different beads. Faint scars could also be seen on her skin, but not as many as the other boy.

"I do beleive we should get going." she continued, staring me down.

"R-right," Will stuttered. They walk past him, but keep staring, as if they know something he doesn't. Will finally starts to walk again, up to the Governor's mansion, thinking over what just happened.


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Will: 20

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