Greetings one and all!! Welcome to the sequel to DBZ: Field Trip to the Future. So many people
told me that I should make a sequel, so I did. Actually, one of the reviewers brought something up
that inspired me. I won't tell you what. You'll see. I have also scrapped my other fanfic idea, so
don't expect it. Now, this fic will probably be a tad bit "darker" than FTF. This starts almost
immediately after FTF. If you have NOT read Field Trip to the Future, you need to, or you will not
understand this fic. Just so you know, I'm gonna do names Japanese style (last name first) because
it sounds better for these names. On a side note, I have gotten rid of my muses. I didn't really want
them. Now Vash and Kenshin think Vegeta is an author and that they are HIS muses. I'm not sure
if he has gone COMPLETELY insane yet. Anyway, on with the sequel!!!!! Please be sure to

Disclaimer: I do NOT own DBZ. So sue me!

Dragon Ball Z
Field Trip to the Future II:
Return to the Past

Chapter One:
Now What?

"YOUR WISH CANNOT BE GRANTED." Son Gohan blinked in surprise and stood still
for a moment. Above him, the immense form of Shenron, the Eternal Dragon, stretched and looped
through the sky. The dragon's red eyes were fixed on Gohan.

The teen rustled his fingers through his spiky black hair. "What do you mean you can't?
We had you from the other timeline send us back here. Why can't you bring my class from there to

The dragon continued to gaze at Gohan. "IT IS A DIFFERENT MATTER TO SEND

Gohan's face fell and he gave an exasperated sigh. *Well, that sucks,* he thought. He then
turned toward his side. A group of friends and family were there as well. They had rushed out to
get the Dragon Balls shortly after realizing that they had left Gohan's school class in the Mirai
Timeline. Gohan turned to the blue haired scientist who stood next to her husband. "Bulma, do you
think we can bring them back with you're mass transit device? That is what sent us over htere in the
first place."

Bulma shook her head. "Not a chance." She turned to her husband. "Care to tell them
why, Vegeta?"

The Prince of all Saiyans folded his arms in front of himself. "I blasted the infernal machine
to HFIL! Good riddance."

Gohan's eye began to twitch. "Bulma, do you think you can build a time machine or
something so we could go get them?"

Bulma shrugged at this. "That would take a while. By the time I finished, we might as well
have just waited a year for Mirai me to send them home with their Dragon Balls." Gohan sighed.


Gohan nearly jumped out of his skin at the voice. Scratching the back of his head, he turned
back to the giant dragon he had forgotten about. "Um, we don't really have anything to wish for. I
guess you go away now, Shenron. The Eternal Dragon rolled his eyes (which was hard to do
considering that they were solid red) and disappeared with a bang. The Dragon Balls were
scattered, although they would not need to recharge.

Gohan turned back to the group around him. "Way to go, Vegeta." Vegeta humph-ed in

"Isn't there anything we can do?" asked Satan Videl. She stood near Goten and Chichi.

Bulma shook her head. "It will be a year before our Mirai counterparts can you use the
Dragon Balls to wish them all here."

Videl sighed. "What are we going to tell the school? And the parents?"

Bulma smiled. "I'm going to give them my disclaimer!" She pointed to a sign beside her
house. It read: "Capsule Corps is NOT responsible for any accidents that occur on tours of the
facility." Videl sweat-dropped.

Gohan shrugged. His brown tail twitched behind him. In the Mirai Timeline, Gohan, Goku,
Vegeta, and Mirai Trunks had all fused together into Trogetan, the Ultimate Saiyan. Trogetan had a
tail. When they defused, the four Saiyans all had their tails back as well. It had actually taken them
a while to realize it. Seeing as how there was no moon, they left them. Of course, Vegeta wouldn't
have let them take his off regardless.

The recently revived Son Goku shrugged as well. "I guess there is nothing we can do. We
might as well go home." Everyone agreed. Goku took off into the sky, followed by Goten and
Chichi riding the Flying Nimbus. Gohan was about to follow, when a hand clamped down on his
wrist. He tuned to see Videl glaring at him. "Uh, what's up, Videl?"

She continued to glare. "Don't forget, Gohan. You have to teach me how to fly."

Gohan scratched the back of his head. "Oh, right. How about this weekend?"

"Fine," Videl said, letting him go.

Gohan smiled and waved as he jumped into the air. "See you then!"

* * * * * * *

In the Mirai Universe, a related discussion was going on. Everyone sat around a living room
at Capsule Corps. Mirai Gohan and Videl sat on a couch with little Pan in between them. Bulma
sat on another couch with Goku and Chichi. Vegeta stood in a corner, leaning against the wall.
Trunks was sprawled out on the floor, staring at the ceiling, tail twitching.

Gohan scratched his head. "So what do we do with all the students left here?"

Trunks looked up. "We can use the Dragon Balls, but it will be a year before we can."
Gohan nodded.

"I say we just get rid of them. They're not OUR problem," griped Vegeta from his corner.
Everyone glared at him. He shrugged. "It's just a thought."

Bulma sighed. "I may have a way." Everyone turned to her. She straightened up and
explained it to them. "I've been working on a new invention." There were several groans. Bulma
chose to ignore them and continued, "This is an upgraded version of Trunks's time machine. It's
designed to travel around different timelines and such. It is also much larger. It acts as a jet and can
carry a lot of cargo. Or people. Unfortunately, I haven't finished it. If Trunks and Gohan help me,
we can probably have it working in a week or so, though."

Vegeta smirked. "If you let Kakarott help you with it, it will NEVER be finished."

Goku frowned at Vegeta. Bulma and Chichi rolled their eyes. "Okay, we won't let Goku
anywhere near it," Chichi stated. Goku gave her a "traitor" look. She smiled sweetly.

Bulma turned back tot he others. "Will you guys help?"

Trunks raised a hand and waved it in a dismissive manner. "No problem, Mother."

Gohan nodded. "Sure thing."

Bulma smiled. "Good. I want to be rid of those teenagers as soon as possible."

Vegeta humph-ed. "My way would be faster."

* * * * * * * *

A lone figure stood in front of a mountain range. The range should have been taller, but one
of it's higher peaks had been blown away. The resulting crater did little to enhance the mountain.
The figure was not happy about the crater. However, this had nothing to do with what it did for the
aesthetic appeal of the mountains. The figure was mad because the crater was located right where
there used to be a laboratory.

The figure moved to investigate the remains of the lab. It was not pleased. The main levels
had been obliterated. The basement should have been about where the rock surface was now. The
sub-basement was a crater. The level below the sub-basement was mostly gone as well. All in all, it
was pretty much trashed.

The figure was not happy. After inspecting the remains for a while, the figure had managed
to scavenge a few intact disks, a couple of microchips, and an armful of (slightly scorched) hard
copy paper blueprints. It was not much. With these items in hand, the figure took off through the
forest at an inhuman pace. There was always the secondary lab. It would have to do. The figure
needed to get things up and running quickly. It had to find out what had happened.

* * * * * * *

In the 213 Valley area there was a city called Green Star City. Green Star City was famous
for having one of the worlds largest zoos. People would come from all over. The number of tourists
caused various other businesses to thrive as well. The town had a professional ball park and a
museum. All in all, it was a prosperous city. Was. Past tense.

Green Star City was now nothing more than freshly smoldering wreckage, devoid of all life.
Well, maybe not ALL life. There were four life forms currently in the city. One was trying to find
and kill the other three. The three were hiding from the first.

Two men in their mid to late twenties crouched behind and underneath a large slab of
concrete. They poked their heads out, searching for any sign of their attacker. Behind them, a girl
in her mid teens peeked over their shoulders.

After several minutes of stillness, the younger of the two men began to leave their shelter.
He and the girl were suddenly grabbed by the older man and pulled back into hiding. The young
man motioned for silence. Several seconds later, the faint sound of footsteps could be heard. The
three people in hiding peeked out through a small slit between their covering slab and a pile of
wreckage under it.

A foot appeared in front of them, followed by a second. They held their breath as the feet
continued to walk past. The foot itself was unusual. It had only three toes, each with a sharp talon.
The foot was covered with a tough layer of red skin. Above the foot was an armored purple shin
guard. Nothing else could be seen.

Once the figure passed, the three hiding people let out their breath. The oldest one signaled,
and the three darted out from under their cover, heading in the opposite direction as the creature.
The ran through the wrecked city at incredible speed, dashing from piles of cover to other cover.

They were brought to a screeching halt when a figure suddenly appeared in front of them. A
red-ish skinned creature wearing purple armor stood before them, arms crossed and a smirk on its
face. They all stared at each other for a moment.

Finally, the older man turned to his companions and yelled, "Get to the lab! NOW!!" With
that, he leapt into the air, charging straight at the creature. The mans lavender hair suddenly rose
upward, defying gravity. With a burst of golden flame, the hair turned blond, and the man attacked
the creature.

The teenage girl was about to go after him, but a hand on her shoulder stopped her. She
turned to see her other companion shake his head. He jumped into the air, pulling her after him.
Both this man and the girl underwent the same transformation as their friend, and streaked off
through the sky. The first man noted their departure with grim satisfaction, and began to attack the
creature again.

The young man and the girl continued to fly through the air, away from Green Star City.
The burning city soon became no more than a glow on the horizon. That was when a giant
explosion lit up the sky. They didn't have to go look to know what had happened. Tears rolled
down both of their faces. Silently, they lowered themselves to skim the ground, hoping to thwart any
pursuers. They would mourn their friend later. They were accustomed to loss. After all, they were
they only ones left now. They had to reach the lab.