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Dragon Ball Z

Field Trip to the Future II:

Return to the Past

Chapter Three

The Kids Aren't Alright

In the lounge at Capsule Corps, the visitors from the Mirai Timeline and their counterparts

from the current timeline sat around chatting. Bulma (the current one) had called the Son family

over when the others had appeared on her doorstep. Gohan's school class had been set free to

return home. Kami only knows what they would tell their parents.

The Mirai people and the current people chatted idly. Mirai Pan was recieving more

attention than she ever had in her life, mostly from current ChiChi and her recently revived Mirai

family. Both Gohan's were conversing with the two Goku's, an interesting (and somewhat

frightening sight). The two Vegeta's were leaning against adjacent walls, arms folded, not really

participating. Chibi Trunks and Gohan had managed to wrestle Mirai Pan away from the

ChiChi's, much to her relief, and were now constructing plans to torment their various family and

friends. The ChiChi's and Bulma's chattered adamantly, along with Mirai Videl. The current

Videl had been unable to come. Mirai Trunks had eventually joined in the Gohan's and Goku's


Earlier, the Mirai people had gone on a short flight around to get a look at the world as it

had been, without the androids. Of course, before that, Mirai Vegeta had declared a spar, the two

Vegeta's against the two Kakrott's. The Goku's had been ready to agree, when the women had

stepped in with their frying pans. Both Vegeta's had been nursing bruises, and the Goku's

decided it would be best to remain silent.

Eventually, the Mirai people had to leave. After saying their good-byes, they loaded up

into the Epoch and took off for their own timeline. Everyone thought it would be the last they

would see of their counterparts. They were very wrong.

* * * * * * *

The dust stirred on a barren wasteland of stone and dirt in the Mirai Timeline, however,

there was no wind. Instead the engines of a large spaceship created the stirring, blowing dust

around as the ship settled down on the ground. Several moments after the ship settled, a hatch

opened and several figures come strolling out.

"What a quaint little mud ball this place is," came the nasally voice of a small yellow alien.

The second figure, a larger red demon came up behind the first. "It is hard to believe that

this is the planet we have been trying so hard to reach, Master Babidi," the demon stated.

"Quite right, Debura," the first responded. "If it hadn't been for those blasted androids

attacking our ship when we tried to land here earlier, we could have been done over a decade

ago." The figure, Babidi, cracked a sinister grin. "Of course, then we never would have met up

with our dear ally, isn't that right?"

A third figure emerged from the ship. "I'd say it was a rather fortunate turn of events in

the end, Babidi," the figure stated, gazing out across the landscape. This alien wore unusual

yellow and white armor and had smooth, grey skin. It's solid blue eyes were overshadowed by its

elongated forehead.

Babidi turned to the third creature. "I believe you are right about that, Bebi." He turned

to face forward again. "Once we recover Majin Buu, you two can merge. Then we will be

unstoppable. You shall have your revenge against the Saiyans, and I shall have mine against the

Kai's. Then noone can stop us from ruling the universe."

"If you are referring to the egg that was sealed underground here, then I am afraid you

have greatly underestimated Goku and the Saiyans."

The three aliens turned to the voice that had interrupted them. A man stood by the

spaceship they had emerged from. He absently stroked his white mustache and beard.

"Who are you?!" Babidi demanded.

"Who did you get there?!" Debura bellowed.

"What do you know about the Saiyans?!" Bebi growled.

The old looking man smirked and straightened. "I am Doctor Gero," he replied. "You

could not sense me approach because my body is that of an android, so I emit no ki. And it so

happens that the last remaining Saiyans are my enemies."

"And what do you want?" Babidi asked, relaxing slightly.

"I believe, gentlemen, that I may have a proposal that would be mutually beneficial. You

see, the Saiyans have become very powerful. Your Majin Buu is no where near strong enough to

face them. I would know, I found his egg and brought it to my lab, where I have been studying

it," the doctor replied.

"You know of a way to destroy the Saiyans?" Bebi asked.

"I believe I do," Gero responded.

* * * * * * *

Son Pan sat in the cockpit of her time machine, tears streaming down her face. Everyone

was dead now. Her timeline had been totally wiped out. Now, their only chance lied in the very

time machine she sat in. She was supposed to return to the past and follow her teenage father

into the Mirai Timeline. There she would have warned them not to wish back everyone killed by

the androids. By doing so, they had sealed their own fates.

As a result of the wish to revive everybody, an evil force had been born in that timeline.

An army of androids and aliens, more powerful than Seventeen and Eighteen, had emerged led by

an unholy alliance of science, sorcery, and strength.

Pan didn't know how it had happened, but the new force had destroyed everything in the

Mirai Timeline. Everything. Once that universe had been wiped clean of all those who did not

join them, the force had traveled to the current timeline. Pan's grandpa, Goku, had even come

back to them, having disappeared along with the eternal dragon years earlier. The androids they

probably could have handled, but then the generals had stepped in. Bioandroids infused with the

power of the Majin. Eventually, Goku and Vegeta had fused, as had her father and Gotenks,

using the Kai's earrings. Finally these two fused as well, and it appeared as though they might

win after all. That was when HE stepped in. One of the three leaders, he possessed unimaginable

power. Even at the level of Super Saiyan Four, the fusion, Gohetenks, had not been able to win.

When the Kai's earrings were destroyed the fusion failed. That was when the monster killed

Goku. As if it was nothing. Vegeta had ordered the others to flee as he attacked the monster.

Gohan had dragged Trunks, Pan, and Goten away, telling them to go to Capsule Corps.

Unfortunately, Vegeta's sacrifice had only bought them about thirty seconds, and Gohan

had also had to throw himself at the creature to allow the younger ones to escape. They had gone

into hiding biding their time, as Bulma worked on a time machine that could travel back in time

and actually change the past, changing the present so that only the time traveler would remember

what had happened.

This was the very time machine that the teenage Pan now sat in. The trip back through

time had been one way. After the initial jump, the circuitry had been fried and melted into

unrecognizable slag. This had been expected, they knew going in that whoever went back could

not return. Originally, Goten and Trunks had planned to go back, temporarily fused as Gotenks.

However, the monster had killed Trunks and Goten. This had resulted in Pan going back in time


The problem was that the machine had not quite been fully fueled when Pan took off. She

had gone back in time, but she was now several months to late. Not only had she missed the

original trip to the Mirai Timeline, but she had also missed the short visit made by the Mirai

people. Now there was no way she could stop the enemy from coming.

Pan sniffled and wiped away the last of her tears. Slowly she stood up and crawled out of

the time machine. She would just have to go with a backup plan. Well, first she had to come up

with a backup plan, but she would! She would be tough and she would deal with her current

situation. She was a Son! And Sons never gave up! Pan held her head up high as she walked

away from the time machine, tossing a ki blast over her shoulder to incinerate the useless machine.

* * * * * *

Bebi examined Doctor Gero's lab with mild interest. He had to admit, despite being on

such a backwater little planet, the doctor had some very impressive technology. Babidi hadn't

really cared much about the lab, only about Majin Buu's egg, which Gero had showed them.

Debura didn't say much, he just hung behind his master. Gero was now showing them his plans

for a redesigned bioandroid, which boasted more power than a fully restored Majin Buu would, as

well as designs for mechanical androids that were not as powerful, but could be mass produced.

Gero grinned, laying down another set of blueprints. "Now, once I discovered your Buu,

I began to wonder, what would happen if I could combine our two designs," the scientist


"Combine?" Babidi asked.

Gero nodded. "I have drawn up designs for a somewhat modified version of my

bioandroids. One that is intended to merge with your Majin Buu. Using my science and your

magic we could combine them to make a being phenomenally stronger than either of the two."

Bebi nodded, a small smirk forming on his face. "Yes, and is I were to assimilate with

such a being, it's power would be even greater."

Babidi chuckled. "I think I like where this is going."

Gero nodded. "With this kind of power no one could oppose us."

"Not to mention an army of androids and aliens infused with the Majin and controlled by

my eggs," Bebi added.

"Gentlemen, I believe we may be onto something here," Babidi declared.

* * * * * * *

"I . . . . AM . . . . . THE . . . GREAT . . . SAI-OW!" Son Gohan rubbed his head through

the helmet that he wore. A red cape hung around him, and he wore black spandex covered by a

green tunic. Slowly Gohan turned to the figure beside him. "What was that for?"

"What did I say about the stupid poses?" the raven haired female replied.

"Awwww. Come on, Videl! They aren't that bad."

Videl scowled. "I said no! And you're getting a new costume! That one just looks


"But Videl! I like this costume!" Gohan whined.

"I don't care! I'm embarrassed to be seen with you dressed like that! I don't even see

why you need a costume!" Videl seethed.

"Fine. I'll get a new costume. But I'm keeping the poses," Gohan declared crossing his


"Oh no you aren't!"

"Um, excuse me." The two arguing teens turned to see a group of confused criminals

armed with machine guns. "We're kind of in the middle of a bank robbery here."

Videl turned to glare at the criminal who had spoken. "Did you just interrupt me?" she

asked in a deadly voice deadly. The crook who had spoken swallowed. Videl opened both of her

clenched fists, small ki blasts forming in each hand. In the past several months since their trip to

the other timeline, Gohan had been teaching Videl how to use ki. She could now fly and throw

energy blasts. She was good enough to face-off with Yamcha now, but had a ways to go before

she could face Krillin or Tien.

The crooks seemed decidedly worried as Videl pulled back both hands, readying her ki.

Too late, they remembered the guns in their hands. Videl let loose, throwing a dozen small blasts,

each one of which hit a crook, threw them against a wall, and knocked them out cold. The crowd

of "hostages" broke out into cheers, and Videl couldn't hep but smile at her handiwork.

After the police had come and arrested the would-be robbers, Videl and Gohan had taken

to the sky, continuing their argument.

"I don't need a new costume! This one is fine!"

"No it isn't! And change back, you don't need to where that now."

Gohan pressed a button on his watch, reverting a purple gi instead of his Saiyaman outfit.

"I still don't see why you are so against the poses."

"Because you look like a complete idiot!"

"I think I look cool."

"You DO . . . NOT . . . LOOK . . . COOL!"

"You don't have to shout."

"Um, excuse me?"

"What?!" Videl growled, whirling around to face the second person to interrupt her this

afternoon. Then she blinked, realizing that they were in midair. Behind her floated a girl a few

years younger than herself. She had straight black hair down to her shoulders. Somehow, she

seemed strangely familiar.

Apparently, Videl's outburst had startled the girl, because she had backed up some and

was looking really nervouse.

"Sorry," Videl apologized, her expression softening. "It's a habit."

The girl nodded, seemingly less nervous. "Um, excuse me, but you are Satan Videl and

Son Gohan, aren't you?"

Videl nodded. "That's right. Who are you?"

The girl chuckled and grinned nervously, scratching the back of her head. "Well, uh,

would you believe me if I said I was Son Pan?"