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Date: 17th of August 2011

Location: Atlantis, throne room

Time: 22 p.m. New York Time Zone

Chapter 1

Poseidon pov

It was late evening, the day slowly coming to an end. The moon had already risen high up in the sky, my niece Artemis riding in her chariot through the night.

I was far from being able to end the day though.

I was sitting tiredly on my throne in the city of Atlantis. The exhaustion and worry was shown through my current appearance. I must have looked as tired as I felt.

My wife Amphitrite, Triton and I were arguing. It was the same topic every year, my currently only demigod child, Perseus or "Percy" as he liked to be called, Jackson. Now, you may wonder why we would be arguing about him. The answer to that question was simple.

It was because of his birthday tomorrow.

Now, it would not have been a serious problem if not for the fact that it was his 18th. One would think of it as no trouble. Though old by demigod it was nothing one would think to be sad about. Obviously it should be great even!

So, if that was not the problem, then what could it be, one might ask?

The answer to such a question would not be as easy as anyone would think.

"But, father. This CAN'T be true. No child of yours, other than me, should be able to inherit that gene. He... he is merely a demigod! He can't have this power. And even if he had, then it would kill him!"

Triton ranted. He shouted and nervously walked in a circle doing so, his hands clasped behind his back. The tension in the room had been high for days now.

I looked at Amphitrite, hoping to get a little help from her. I had no luck. She just sighed and shook her head.

"My husband, you and I, we both know that he will not accept this, at least not at first. You know how strange he thinks of his body with him already having such unique, some even horrible, abilities. A lot of his friends have started to fear him for his powers. Even that girlfriend of his, what was her name? Anniebell, Anne, ah yes, Annabeth started to get distant. What do you think they will do to him once they discover what it means for him to be a true child of the sea?" She asked softly.

I would not go as far as saying that she loved Percy, but she tolerated him. Even if she would never admit it, she also cared about her stepson. She and Percy bonded when he was here in Atlantis for two weeks, helping with the rebuilding of the castle. They had cooked together and shared stories. The cold facade the queen of Atlantas was always carrying around was slowly but steadily crumbling while my son stayed.

After the war against the Titans the palace was destroyed because of Oceanus' forces. And with Gaea coming along there was no time to rebuild it fully. So we started after the 2nd war and Percy, being the helpful, and very kind person he is, decided to help. Honestly, there was barely anyone left that did not make at least some peace with my half mortal son.

Anyway, I think I should finally explain what we were talking about, shouldn't I? Well then, listen closely.

My children, all of them, inherit what the Atlanteans call the 'gene of the sea'. It connects them to the water, to all the creatures living in it. For most of my children it makes little to no difference since the other, more dominant genes overshadow it. They don't have a strong connection and powers over the sea and since they do not come to life in Atlantis there is no need for them to carry this special trait. Some do get a bit more of the gene than others which increases their abilities. It is a bit like the children of my rival, Athena. All of them are smart, but some are extraordinary smart, others 'only' more smart than what mortals consider average.

So, besides the children where the gene was less developed, I loved them as much as the others, were the stronger children of mine. Great heroes, I am sure you have heard about. Theseus and Orion for example, just to mention two of them. The stronger the gene, the more dominant it was, the greater the powers would be. They had it as a rather dominant part in them, thus giving them stronger powers, better skills, more control over their abilities and the like.

However, what never happened was that the gene of the sea was completely passed to one of my mortal children. There bodies were not made for carrying such a high amount of divine power. That is, until Percy was born.

I could feel it, certainly, but I did not think much of it at first. But as he grew, so did his powers. And the gene did not only alter them. It began to change his body slowly, starting with small traits he would not notice at first. It was his insides that changed. His lungs became slowly smaller over the years, making room for gills. His skin, even if at first glance not noticeable, became softer and held more water in it, perfect for scales to cover it. It shifted and changed him slowly.

He should not have noticed much of it. The greatest change though is that his body built an uterus. Yes, you heard right. The sea is not said to bring forth life for nothing.

All godly children of mine are able to bear children, but it is rarely ever used. It is also the reason why my children were often treated as outcasts, especially by the Romans. A male giving birth was an absolute disaster. And I think it would not be very different nowadays. I am not even sure if Percy is aware of this ‚ability', but I told Sally to explain it to him when she thought it the right time for him to know.

To protect my children such unique abilities were kept secret. Passed down only to those that had to be aware.

Since no child of mine never received the gene fully, it came as a surprise that his body would turn completely as soon as he turned 18. I heard of it from Apollo, who foresaw it in his recent dreams.

Once hearing that I also did as much research as possible in the library of my oldest rival, Athena, and what I found worried me to the core.

"..seidon! Poseidon! Are you even listening to me?" Amphitrite asked. She looked mildly annoyed. I felt truly sorry. She was trying her best yet I could not stay focused for long enough to give her the attention she deserved. There was simply too much raging through my mind.

"I am sorry my dear, but I was thinking about the situation." I said. My shoulders slumped in defeat.

"Poseidon, is there really absolutely nothing you can do to stop it from spreading? We both know that he will lose everything he worked so hard for!" She said, clearly attached to Percy's wellbeing. She had come to know the sadness and the great heaviness that rested on his shoulders.

"Yes, I already searched day and night for a solution. There is no way to stop it from changing him completely. The only action left that I can think of as of now is to warn him and bring him here, to Atlantis, before it is too late. I hope that the change will at least happen without pain this way." I explained, my voice coming closer to a whisper with every word.

The Fates could be so cruel. It was simply unfair. He had gone through so much already. He was the one most deserving of some peace.

I fear that it might be the only way for him to survive this night. I will visit him in his dreams today, so the nightmares will stay away and I can explain all of what is about to happen to him. As soon as I am finished I will also talk to Sally. She'll need to know about this as well." I said, an deep and exhausted sigh escaping my lips.

"I agree with him, mother. If it cannot be changed, he should at least get the chance to know what is going to happen to him now. It IS his body after all. And I think to inform the mother wouldn't hurt either, maybe she is able to calm him and tell him what to do." Triton said thoughtfully. Sometimes I am wondering how and just how fast his and Percy's bond got stronger.

"If the both of you think so, then it will not be that bad of an idea. Just be careful not to rush in this too fast. There is a lot to process, after all." My wife said. I nodded to her and kissed her softly in thanks. I could hear Triton complain about not showing such affection, but I ignored him. He was old enough to see this.

As we parted, I softly brushed Amphitrite's cheek and whispered in her ear.

"It is already late. I must get going. My son will be asleep by now, seeing that it is already past midnight. His change should have started. I must hurry." As soon as I finished talking, I disappeared in a thin mist, leaving a salty scent of the sea behind.