Saw 3 Chapter 1


Maya – Maya Ritter

Amelia – Madeline Carol

Samuel – Julian McMahon

Sabrina – Kiernan Shipka / Skyler Samuels

Veronica – Camilla Mendes

Nick – Jake T. Austin

Ava – Abigail Breslin

Lucas – Uriah Shelton

The sun was just beginning to set when Maya and Amelia got on the Ferris wheel. The two girls giggled as they got into the swaying gondola. They eyes each other as they ascend upward. Amelia held a pink teddy bear. From the top of the wheel, the two teenagers could see the whole fair. The food and dessert stands, the mouse trap ride, the UFO ride, the fun house, and the games. Maya pointed to another ride. Amelia leaned over, looking down to see Samuel waving at them from ground level.
Once of the Ferris wheel, the trio headed for the dessert stand. Maya got a churro, Amelia got an ice cream cone, and Samuel paid. The three of them started to walk away from the stand together when Maya fell behind. Maya didn't even get to take a bite out of her churro before collapsing.
Amelia immediately rushed to Maya's side, falling to her knees and shouting Maya's name.

"Leukemia?" Amelia repeated the doctor's diagnosis.
Maya lied in a hospital bed with Amelia and Samuel standing right next to her. Maya had on a hospital gown with an IV going into her arm. The pink teddy bear Amelia had gotten from the fair sat in a chair with Maya's purse and a set of clothes to wear home.
"Is there a treatment?" Samuel asked the doctor.
"Chemotherapy," The doctor said, "and Maya will need a bone marrow transplant."
Amelia took Maya's hand and Samuel looked down.

Maya was escorted by wheelchair with Amelia and Samuel to a large warehouse. Amelia turned on the light, illuminating their home. They went down the hallway slowly. Each room along the way was full of material for traps.

They got into the elevator and went down to the "B" floor where there was furniture and utilities. There were many rooms with pillars separating them, rather than walls. The kitchen and living room had this. The bathroom and the bedrooms had four walls, all unpainted. The last room had a lot of computers and keyboards. The control room.

"Aren't you worried about living right below the game?" Maya asked. "What if something blows up and starts a fire?"

"We fire proofed the basement," Samuel said. "We're safe down here."

"Can't the players get to us from the elevator?" Maya asked.

"We'll close off the elevator on their side," Samuel said. "Rig it so it only works when we use it and so that the players can't see it."

"Not that you need to worry about that," Amelia said. She bent down to hug Maya from behind in the wheelchair. "We need to get ready for school tomorrow."

"Yay," Maya said, unenthusiastically.

"Come on. It's your senior year." Amelia said.

"The last half of it." Maya said.

"Don't forget the most important reason for going to this school." Samuel said.

"Hunting," Amelia said, like a maniac.

"Alight girls," Samuel said. "I'll get dinner ready. Go to your rooms and get ready."

Amelia and Maya fell onto Maya's queen sized bed in opposite directions. Their head aligned with each other but they stared up at the ceiling.
Amelia started a conversation. "Do you ever think about our traps?"

"Huh?" Maya asked.

"Do you ever think about ideas for traps or like think about ones we've done that were great or not so great?" Amelia asked.

"I think about new traps all the time." Maya said.

Amelia smiled and glanced at Maya.

"Sometimes I think about, you know, the perfect trap for someone. Something that matches the crime of the player."

Amelia gave a small giggle. "Yeah I do that too. And sometimes I just want to see something cool."

"Like 'choose the right door'?" Maya referenced a trap from their last game. The clue was to choose the right door. There were three doors to pick from.

"Exactly," Amelia said.

Maya sighed and paused for a moment. "You know the Home Alone movies have good ideas for traps."

Amelia burst into laughter.

"I'm serious. We could place ornaments across the hallway. Or put them next to exti signs if the try to escape the game. We could have swinging paint buckets. And-" Maya laughed too, "And The Hunger Games holds inspiration. And Battle Royale. We could put shock collars on them."

Amelia turned her head to Maya.

Maya peeked over to Amelia. "What? You don't like my ideas?"

"It's not that Maya. I never thought we could talk like this before... I'm so glad you're with us."