Saw 3 Chapter 15

Sabrina flinched awake. She opened her eyes and immediately felt terrified. She placed her hand on the cold floor. It smelled disgusting, like her boyfriend's cologne. The room was dimly lit. Her hip still ached. Sabrina lifted her head up. She head was pounding!

She saw a cassette player about 2 feet away from her. Sabrina reached her arm out for it but another hand reached it first. Sabrina looked up and saw Amelia holding the tape.

"You won't need this," Amelia said. She shook the cassette player in her hand.

"You," Sabrina said. Her face tightned. "You did this."

Amelia smirked, "I can't take all the credit."

Maya walked in and put her elbow on Amelia's shoulder.

"You two." Sabrina said. She had a smug look on her face. "I never should have let you anywhere near us. You're both crazy!" She tried to stand up but something tugged on her ankle. In a crawling position, Sabrina looked back to see her ankle handcuffed to a pipe.

"This is a very important place to our line of work," Amelia beamed.

Maya slipped into the room. "It's an honor just to be here."

"You'll be up there with the other legends." Amelia said to Sabrina.

Sabrina stood up, unamused. She looked around the room and realized it was an old bathroom. There was a nasty toilet and a bathtub. There were a couple corpses in the bathroom too. Sabrina flinched and covered her mouth.

Maya pointed at one skeleton. "His was a photographer named Adam."

Amelia pointed to another skeleton. "And he was a criminal named Xavier."

"Congratulations," Maya said. "You're the first girl in here."

"Oh, and ignore the skeleton foot over there," Amelia pointed. "He survived."

"Yeah, but he left a piece behind." Maya said.

Amelia giggled. "Oh, don't worry. You won't have to cut off your ankle to be free. There are no saws here."

"You're stuck," Maya said.

Sabrina began to weep, "Why are you doing this?"

Maya got in Sabrina's face. "Because you lost the game," she said.

Maya and Amelia giggled and backed off of the room.

"No, no wait." Sabrina pleaded. "You can't leave me here to die! Please! I played your game. I'm sorry I was mean to you."

"Oh shut up Sabrina," Veronica said, stepping into the room.

"Veronica?" Sabrina said, hopeful. "You're alive."

"No thanks to you." Veronica said.

"No thanks to them!" Sabrina shouted. She pointed to Maya and Amelia. "How could you help them? Help me. Don't leave me here to die."

Veronica leaned forward. "You would have done the same to me. And you tried." She walked out of the room with Amelia and Maya.

The three girls grabbed hold of the large sliding door and shut it. They pushed and pulled while Sabrina shouted and begged.

"Don't leave me here! I've been through enough! Let me go! I'm sorry! I can make it up to you! Let me out! Don't leave me here with these corpses! Oh my god I can't stand it! Don't do this!"

A man came up to the end of the sliding door and helped the girls close it.

Maya peeked her head into the bathroom and said one phrase before slamming the door shut, locking Sabrina inside, in the darkness. "Game over."

Sabrina's screams could still heard, faintly through the sealed door.

"Couldn't have said it better myself," The man said. "Oh that brings back memories."

Maya's eyes widened and she stepped back. Veronica looked confused. But Amelia smiled and said, "Glad you're back, Uncle Mark."

The saw team will return in Saw 4: The Final Game