This work was originally Akuma-Sama2002's, but I've adopted it and am re-writing it with her full permission. (We've talked/thought long and hard about what's going to happen.) You'll recognize a lot of it -if you've read it as her's- however I plan on adding some chapters in the middle.

Welcome Home

The sun is just setting, and a chilly breeze makes six year old Rin Okumura shiver and wrap his tiny arms around himself. He knows he's not allowed out this late; he shouldn't have left the church, but he doesn't want be there right now. You see, Rin got in another fight at school. But it isn't his fault! The other boy was 'talking trash' behind Yukio's back! But Shiro still got angry and grounded him for a whole two weeks!

Rin hates the looks that the others give him when they think he's not watching. (As if he might explode any second.) It feels like he swallowed rocks, and Shiro's disappointed expression... So Rin slipped out when no one was watching. It's not like he's running away -just going to the nearby park. The park usually cheers him up. He just wants to be left alone right now.

He swings on the swings for a little bit, slides down the slide a few times, but he ends up laying down on the grass and looking up to the sunset. The sky is a pretty colour of mixed orange, pink, blue and purple. A few soft clouds are by the setting sun, creating a calm picture.

"Hey there, little boy," a man's voice says. Rin jumps; he was so lost in his own thoughts that he hadn't hear the other person. He sits up to look at the stranger. It's a man, a rather fat man if Rin is being honest, and he has a funny look on his face. He has a bottle in one hand, and a strange smell is filling Rin's nose when the man leans closer.

A shiver runs up Rin's spine, gut also churning. For whatever reason this man is creeping Rin out. Rin stands up to create some distance.

"Wha'da doing here all alone?" the man continues, oblivious to Rin's reaction.

"None of your business!" Rin replies bluntly. He continues to inched backwards when the man's goofy expression hardens. Goosebumps travelled up his arms, but he refuses to back down.

"That's not a nice way to speak to your betters," the man scolds, though his voice is sluggish. "I should teach you a lesson, brat."

This doesn't sound like a lesson he's taught in school.

When the man reaches for Rin, Rin panics and punches the man in the balls. The man shouts and groans, dropping the glass bottle and holding his crotch, glaring venomously at Rin. "You fucking brat! I'll kill you!"

Rin runs away from the angry man, but in what direction he doesn't know. He would have ran home, but when he runs in the opposite direction of the man, he also runs in the opposite direction of the church. He crosses the street and enters the still busy sidewalks. Those that aren't staring at their phones, either only gave Rin a glance or none at all. He continues running, passersby yelling at him as he bumps into them and tries to invade them.

As he continues, fewer and fewer people are around. He is in a small, run down neighbourhood now. His Dad's warning about this place rings in Rin's head, but he completely forgets about it when he hears loud noises. It sounds like someone is getting hurt. Rin stops and strains to hear. Rin is breathing hard and sweat rolls off him. He shouldn't follow the sound, he was just running from a dangerous man! But he can't just ignore it either...What if someone needs his help? He could never forgive himself if he did nothing when he could have done something.

So, against his gut feeling that this isn't a good idea, he jogs towards the sound and turns the corner, ending up in a closed space between two brick walls. In this space though, are five men. Four are standing, one over the fifth guy, who is laying on the ground, and the other three are close by. The man who is standing over the fifth is holding a gun. Before Rin can do anything or say something stupid, a sixth guy grabs him. Panic rushes through Rin as he flares and strugs against the tight hold.

"Let me go!" Rin demands. The sixth grunts in pain as Rin is able to get in some hits.

"What's with the kid?" one man asks. That and Rin's yells get's everyone else's attention. Rin feels helpless as the sixth man pushes him onto the ground, holding his head down and arms against his shoulder blades. He can't move his arms at all, because whenever he tries; sharp pain will run across and make him scream louder.

"Shut him up!" another hisses, "He's going to blow our cover!" A shiny gilt catches Rin's attention. A fresh wave of fear washes over him when he realizes that it's a knife. A knife that they're going to use on kill him. Rin fights harder, but a "snap!" and a blinding pain stops him. His arm broke. The man who's holding the knife is getting closer, and Rin can't stop choking on his salty tears.

'No! I don't want to die,' Rin thinks desperately. 'Please, someone save me! Dad! Yukio!'

Cold metal presses against his throat. Draws blood.

No one is coming. He's going to die.


Suddenly, blue flames explod from his small body. The two men who are holding Rin scream and scramble away. They're both burning and the others have already ran away in terror. They try to roll on the ground and put out the flames, but it doesn't help. The smell of burnt flesh grows stronger as even their bones are burning away. The screams cease, as they are reduced to smouldering piles of ash and soot.

Rin only sees blue, and he can feel the inside of his right arm move, slithering and withering as he feels something solid alien. He sits up and can't look away from the piles of ash. His lungs burn with the need for oxygen, something he's having trouble getting. His body won't stop shaking. He can hardly register the fact that he's on fire. Everything is happening too fast for his mind to follow.

Black, moving blobs of stuff is growing behind Rin. It shapes itself into a square, solid edges are forming, and eyes pop out of it on top. When something grabs Rin's shirt, he is snapped out of his shell-shocked state. But, before he can do anything, he's already being suffocated by the gooey stuff.


All I can see was black, and my eyelids feel heavy. Softness is beneath me, and warmth is wrapped around me. My fingers twitch, and that's when I hear a voice.

"Ah, I can see that you're awake, little brother."

'Little Brother? But I'm the older one...'

My eyes snap open with a startling thought; 'that's not Yukio.' I bolt upwards, but then I groan and hold my head, my vision blurry and my stomach twisting.

"Careful, you shouldn't be so rash," the voice says softly. A hand touches my hair and I jump back, causing myself to fall.

"Aah!" I yelp. The ground is freezing and the fall doesn't help my dizziness. 'Where I'm I...?'

"What did I tell you," the voice laughs. My vision clears and when I look around, my breath gets caught in my throat.

'This isn't my room!'

I look up and see a man sitting on a big bed. He has short white hair and is dressed in dark brown robe-like pants and shirt with some kind of gold thing wrapped around his waist like a belt. But what I can't look away from was his eyes; they were completely white, being devoid of pupils.

"Are you just going to lay there?" the man raises an eyebrow. My face gets warmer as I stand up.

"Who are you?" I demand, "Where I'm I? Where's Yukio and dad? Where I'm I? Why I'm-"

"-I am your older brother, Azazel, you are in your room, I do not know who Yukio is, Father is in the throne room-"

"Dad's here?" I exclaim. My shoulders relax, if Dad is here then I know I'm safe. I'm not sure what else he said, but I know he knows where my Dad is! "Take me to him!"

He seems amused with my actions, "Alright, but first we have to get you ready."


The man gets up and walks to a really big dresser, opens it up and pulls out an outfit; black dress shorts, knee high socks, a white button up shirt, a bright blue tie and a black dress jacket. My eyebrows pull together in confusion.

"Why do I have to wear fancy clothes? It's not Sunday," I point to the clothes, and glare at the tie. I don't like ties.

"Sunday?" he repeats, "Why should it matter what day it is? You are going to see Father, you need to look presentable no matter the day."

"No I don't!" I argue, "Why do I have to wear fancy clothes? They're not even mine!" I know what my Sunday clothes look like, and those are not them. "I only wear my church clothes on Sundays!"

Realization dawns on the man's face, "Ah. I think there is some miscommunication between us. See-"

"-What's miss-comacation?" I interrupt. He's making my head spin with how he speaks. 'Is that even Japanese? Cause I don't get it.'

"Miscommunication," he corrects. "We're not on the same page," he tries to explain.

I don't really get it, but I don't want to look stupid so I say, "Ok. But I'm still not wearing that!"

"Why not? I can always get the tailors to adjust them if they are not to your liking," he offers, still holding up the clothes.

The fancy clothes Dad always makes me wear doesn't feel nice. They're so itchy and I can't move like I want to. "Why can't I just keep my clothes on?" I plea. More than anything, I don't want to wear the tie.

"These are your clothes," he sighs.

"No they're not!" I cross my arms, "All of my clothes are in my room." 'Does he think I'm stupid? Cause I'm not! I'm so tired of adults thinking that!'

The man sighs again, "Fine, fine. But let's at least wash your hands and face." He drops the clothes on the bed and hoards me towards a door. He opens the door, and I gape. There's a bathtub, a shower, toilet and sink, but it wasn't a bathroom! The "bathtub" is as big as a tiny pool, with a stoned cycler wall thing in the middle, the shower is the widest and tallest I've ever seen, there are two sinks and huge countertops, pretty gold lights are shining from the ceiling and the walls have glass paintings on them!

The man chuckles from behind me, and pushes me to one of the sinks. He grabs a cloth and wets it before pressing it against my face and rubbing. I grunt in discomfort, but he don't stop. I wash my hands, and after he leads me out of the "bathroom" and out another set of doors.

This time it looks like one of those living rooms from castles you see in movies. But we don't stop there; we walk to and out of another big set of doors and enter a hallway. The walls and floor are dark and there are many windows and paintings. When I look outside; the sky is grey and the clouds are red instead of blue and white. But the grass is still green, though there are funny looking plants.

'That's weird.'

"Where am I?" I ask the man. When I look at the paintings we're passing, my stomach twists and my baby hairs stand on end. There's one painting of someone getting his head chopped off, one of someone whipping a dog-like creature, and many more. They're all different, but there's two things in common; one, the people in them are demons, and I get more scared with each new painting.

"You're in Gehenna, and in Father's castle," the man explains. He's walking in front of me, and I have to jog in order to keep up with him. I examine at the walls nervously, and down at the man's hand.

I pause, "Wait, did you say Dad's castle!?" Since when is Dad rich!? How did he get a castle!? "And what's a ganna?"

"Gehenna," he corrects again, "Do you not know what Gehenna is?" This time he stops walking and stares at me.

I shake my head.

At this, the man looks frustrated. "Did they teach you nothing?" I don't think he was speaking to me, but I mutter a reply anyway.

"Well, sorry..." I look at my old runners.

"No, no," the man sighs and pats my head, "It's not your fault. It's those useless human's fault for not educating you."

I'm confused on why he said "those humans," because isn't he one himself? (His eyes are strange, but aim pretty sure one of the priests told me about coloured contacts one time when I saw a stranger with two different eyes colours, while dressed as some sort of anime person.) But I don't say anything. The man continues to walk again, and I run to catch up. I glance at his hand again. Hesitantly, I reach out and hold it. The man glances at me from the corner of his eye, and raises an eyebrow. I don't say anything and turn my head away. Heat is warming my cheeks a bit, but this hallway is really creeping me out. It's so quiet and empty. The man seems a bit uncomfortable with my hand in his, but he doesn't't pull away either.

A few moments of silence pass by before I say; "Hey, I've forgotten your name."

The man chuckles and answers; "My name is Azazel, little brother. I am the King of Spirits, fourth in the hierarchy."

'Little brother? King of ghosts? Here-akey?'

But before I can voice any of my questions, the man, Azazel, is already talking to a guy in black armour. "Open the doors."

'That's so cool!' I gaze at the other figure in wide eyes. 'I bet he's a knight!'

The suit of armour bows deeply before doing as told. Two dark wooden doors open, revealing a big and spacious throne room. I would have ran all over the place and gush about how cool this all looks, if I didn't remember about my Dad. The only other person who is in here is a long and white haired man sitting on the throne. He's wearing expensive looking clothes; black dress pants and a black silk button up shirt. His bright blue eyes pop out against his pale skin, but what's really eye catching is the blue fire that is dancing on him.

"Where's my Dad?" I face Azazel. He said that my Dad was here.

"He is right here," Azazel nods towards the man on the throne, "Satan; God of all Demons and the ruler of Gehenna."

Satan!? The Satan; first fallen angel!?

I look back at the man, now dubbed Satan, who is smirking and resting his head on one hand. "Hello, son," Satan greets smoothly, amusement ringing in his voice.

I grip Azazel's hand tighter and fist my other hand. "That's not my Dad, my Dad has short hair and glasses!" I protest.

Satan gets up from his throne, and slowly walks towards me. I inch closer to Azazel, glancing pleadingly at him, but only being met by emotionless eyes.

"That human," Satan spits out,"Is not your real dad. I am, but you can call me papa if you want to," he smirks, like it's some sort of inside joke and reaches out to touch my head, but I slap his hand away and glare.

"I want to see my Dad!"

Satan's eyes narrow at my outburst, before chuckling. "Are you scared, little boy of mine?"

I am. Shivers are running up my spine, and the corners of my eyes are getting moist. But I'm not going to cry. I'm a big boy, and big boy's don't cry. 'What would Yukio think if he saw me?' That thought reminds me.

"Where's my brother?" I demand, but my voice gets shaky near the end.

"Which one?" Satan asks, still smirking.

'Which one?' "I only have one brother, Yukio! Where is he?"

"Ah. Unfortunately, he is too human and therefore can't handle living in Gehenna. You aren't, though." There's a glint in his eyes that I don't like. Not one bit. "You are the only child that possesses my blue flames," he tips my chin up. "Let's see them."

I start panicking, 'What does he mean by "blue flames"? 'A memory of me laying on the ground, and then suddenly two adults screaming in pain as they rolled on the ground. 'I-I did that? B-But I didn't mean to!'

"Well? Come on," Satan urges.

Azazel clears his throat, "I believe, Father, that the exorcist has trapped his powers in a demon's sword."

Satan lets go of my chin and I shiver. "Is that so? Well, that will have to change. Send Astaroth to fix that, he's been whining about not causing chaos in Assiah for a while." But Satan doesn't look away from me, gaze seemingly to spear right at my very soul.

"Right away, Father," Azazel answers curtly before leaving.

Panic shoots through me as Azazel leaves me alone. I start to join him, but Satan stops with both hands on my cheeks, forcing me to face him. My throat goes dry as he continues to stare.

"Your brother has Yuri's looks," Satan whispers to himself, "But you have her stubborn nature."

My heart is practically leaping from my chest, but Satan does nothing but rub my skin gently. "W-What do you want?"

I don't know what to make of his expression, only that I don't like it. "What I want is you, son. You and Yukio, but he will have to wait." Satan releases me with a final run through my hair, his sharp nails scraping my scalp and leaving me feeling lost.

I sigh shakily as Satan stands up and walk back to his throne.

"Oh, and Rin?" Satan says as the knight from before enters. "Welcome home," he grins, mouth full of sharp teeth.

I never told him my name.

Astaroth, Demon King of Rot, gets Satan's order fast. He wastes no time in jumping in a gate and sinking into Assiah. Luckily, there is a polluted human near by so he has no trouble in finding a host. He takes a deep breath, the air is so much nicer in Assiah than in Gehenna. He can't say the same for finding the church, though. The blasted wards aren't just for show, after all. It takes even longer to break the wards, but when he does, all hell breaks free. His kin attacks the house of God, and to be honest, Astaroth is disappointed. Only a few lowly humans are trying to defend it, excluding the Paladin!

'He's probably away, looking for the young lord,' Astaroth doesn't know whether to laugh or to be even more disappointed. Astaroth destroys an entire wall and destroys even more things in search for the sword. Of course, the humans tries to stop him, but his kin are keeping them busy.

Finally, when some of the floor is destroyed, he finds a hidden level. And in this basement he has what he was looking for. Holding the sword in his claws, Astaroth grins manically. The sound of the blade leaving the sheath is heard even over the loud battle that is above him. Blue fire lights the blade, licking the air. Astaroth's orders are to find the sword in which Rin's powers lay, and to break it. And that's exactly what he does. The metal makes a very satisfying sound.

The knight leaves me alone in the room I woke up in. He called it "your room," but it isn't. My room is at the church, in As-I-ah, or whatever it's called. I'm just laying on one of the big couches, thinking about all that was happened, when suddenly my vision turns completely blue. At first I'm just startled, but when I realize that the couch is burning I scream. I jump off the couch, but then the floor starts burning too.

"Get it off! Get it off! Help, someone!" I wail. Everything is going up in flames and there wasn't anything I can do. I'm sobbing now -I don't know what to do! The pair of doors that leads to to the hallway slam open, revealing Azazel.


"A-Azzy..!" I run to him. But when I get close, he backs away.

"Ouch!" he hisses, rubbing where I almost touched him. "Stay back!" he barks. I jump, and I can't stop my bottom lip from trembling. Tears run down my chin and drip onto the blue fire and floor. I try to reach out to him one last time, but he steps back.


-"Stay back!" a teacher shrieks as she holds a protective arm around a couple students. I take a step closer, but she steps back with the other kids. "Stay back," she repeats, "Demon!"-

Azazel curses and runs out of the room. I catch my reflection in a silver bowl. My eyes are red slits, two special spots of fire on my head, fangs when I open my mouth, a black tail that whacks my leg-

I look like a demon.

'No! No, I'm not a demon! I'm not!'

I crouch down, buring my head in my knees as voices chant demon over and over again, echoing inside my mind.

'Stop it! You're wrong! I'm not a demon, I'm not! STOP!'

"Rin," a voice calls. Cold fingers take my chin and pull my face out of my knees. "Look at me," Satan orders. "Calm down, or else everything will continue to burn." Behind him, Azazel is at a safe distance away. "Rin," Satan repeats, forcing my eyes back to him, "Do you hear me? Calm down and stop this."

"I-I can't...!" I sob, tears staining my cheeks. My body is shaking and I'm having trouble breathing. "I-I c-can't-"

"You can. You are my son, and no son of mine will lose control like some animal," he snaps. I jump, but Satan holds me tighter. "Listen to me, and repeat after me." His tone is low and leaves no arguments, eyes hard and unreadable. "Six, fifteen, seven..." Satan continues to count randomly as I try to do as told and breathe. They come out as shaky and unsteady, but after a few minutes, my breathing comes out normal again and my mind clears. As I calm down the fire becomes smaller and smaller, until nothing is left. My body is still shaking slightly, but that's from exhaustion more than anything. "Good," Satan says, and actually smiles. It looks terrifying. He turns to Azazel, "Get someone to fix this room, and find a new room for Rin tonight."

"W-Wait!" I grab onto Satan's hand before he can leave. Satan pauses, looking at me questionably. But my words are suddenly stuck in my throat, unable to escape.

Satan arches a brow. "Yes?"

"Can-Can...You, uh, can you..."

"Can I what?"

I bite my lip, letting him go. "I-uh, never mind," I mumble. Shame floods me. What am I asking? What, for him to stay? He's a demon!

"So are you," a little voice whispers. "And he can keep the flames away."

-Screaming fills my ears, two figures stumbling and thrashing as blue eats them up-

"Come on, Rin," Azazel jolts me back to the present. I snap my head up, both Satan and Azazel staring and waiting. I stand, ignoring Satan, and follow Azazel.

Several minutes later I'm in a new -much simpler- room, alone. I climb into the bed and wrap the blankets tight around me. The room is too quiet and still. I've never slept alone before; Yukio is always in the room with me. I would cry if I had any tears left.

'Yukio...Dad...I miss you...'

I have not read the manga, so this fanfiction will be based (around) the anime. Furthermore all the Demon Kings (aside from Mephisto and Amaimon) will be OCs since they don't appear in the anime. Or with the case of Astaroth, has too little screen time for me to acutely get his person right.