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******************************Chapter One*******************************

We were attacked.  Everyone perished.  Except me.  All except me…

Upon waking, Legolas Prince of Mirkwood, immediately wished he hadn't. 

He couldn't see very much, for his vision was blurry and his head throbbed.  He remembered being hit on the head with something, but nothing after that.

He and a few of the other young warriors of Mirkwood had been returning from a hunting trip when suddenly a group of men had attacked them.  How the elves could have missed hearing or seeing them Legolas had no idea.  But it didn't matter now.  All of his friends were dead, some killed by the arrows the men had hurled, others under their cruel blades.  But only Legolas's older brother, Ithilion, who was the heir to the Mirkwood throne, died by taking his own life.  He impaled himself on his own sword rather than face the dishonor of capture by a lesser being such as men.

Legolas wasn't so lucky. 

The young prince blinked.  He thought he had done it to help his eyes adjust to the darkness of his prison, but then he felt a cold tear stream down his cheek.  When he reached up with his hand to wipe it away he realized that he was in chains.  Feeling with his fingers, he examined them.  Shackles around his wrists attached to chains would let him journey no more that a few feet from the hard wall his back rested on. 

Directly in front of him, Legolas's eyes made out the outline of a large door.  He could see a small crack of yellow light shining out from the bottom.  Legolas rested his aching head on the wall behind him, watching the small stream of light.


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