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Nights like these weren't anything new to the twins. Ikusaba has known since childhood that Junko was always a serious sleepwalker most of the time, every night she grogilt performing whatever actions she's dreaming about, wandering about in their or worse outside the city, causing a colossal load of trouble, all for poor Mukuro to clean up soon before their neighbors would ever find out about the sister's nighttime havoc. And with her sister's super analysis talent, her unconscious

They usually end the same, Mukuro finds her and escorts Junko back to their bedroom then tucking her in before joining her. Eventually around late morning her sister wake up the next morning by around 10am at least, tired but unaware to all the havoc she'd done during the late night.

She doesn't give Junko any details about the other nights, or even mentions it less her little sister came close to genuine danger during her 'nights out'. Fortunately for the , Junko has never been critically injured even once during her "nights outing" concluding to Ikusaba that it's not worth Junko's attention (yet). If anything she'd probably be ecstatic if she was made aware of her sleepwalking coming back again, since for Junko it'd mean not even she'd know what her dreams will unconsciously make her do in reality,

Leaving the bedroom to perform whatever she's dreaming about, but these nights would almost always end the same, when Junko's dream episodes seem to be ending joins her in bed again as she checks to make sure she was both uninjured and still blissfully asleep through it all.

So until serious injuries on Junko or getting caught became a matter, she kept this situation to herself and she has ways of silencing those who discovers Junko's secret. Though at she lets a small giggle loose whenever she listens to her sister's sleep dialogue, a small benefit really.

January 20, 20XX

The time was currently 12:38 am and our killer queens were all safe and warm in their shared Queen sized bed, Junko decided to let her long, blonde strawberry hair loose from her usual pigtails for a comfortable night's sleep by removing her bow and bunny hair-clips before covering up to her lower back. Along that she even washed off all her makeup for the night, which is rather rare since most of the time she'd keep it all on, even in bed same with the pigtails. But tonight she actually took the time to wash it all off, even removing her fake nails. Tonight she must've felt very tired even for someone like her, soon after she went into the bathroom and stripped down to her black underwear, tossing her custom designed uniform in the hamper. later coming out yawning, and getting under the sheets with Mukuro, already in bed under the sheets, just waiting for her sister to join her.

"Well, sweet despair Muku-nee-chan" she says before closing her eyes. Mukuro was about to reply the same but she could already hear her soft breathing, Junko was already out like a light. So she merely whispered "sleep well, dear sister" before turning around to lay her head on the pillow, falling asleep in cool comfort

Well at least one of them anyway.

2:29 AM

Mukuro Ikusaba always was the light sleeper, only four hours of sleep was all she needed to feel well rested. She has her natural instincts and the years of Fenrir to blame, getting a full nights sleep of eight hours wasn't a luxury she could afford when one lived on the battlefield, where life and death situations were as crucial as breathing air. Though returning to the civilized world over half the year so far has slowly allowed to indulge in sleep in more at least another two hours into the night or so.

Junko on the other hand was the complete opposite. The despair queen could sleep for days on end, undisturbed by any loud noises around her, not even an earthquake could wake her, despite the shaking. Hell, even if the was on fire, she'd still be asleep like a little . The worst part would be having to forcibly wake her when it's needed. She'd act like she only slept for 3 hours cranky and frustrated taking out her morning rage on the first thing she sees which would unfortunately be her, not that she doesn't have an issue with, she's taken worse. Though many alarm clocks have met a cruel end as well.

Even so, if anyone else could see Junko like this right now, they would think twice about waking her, maybe not even Yasuke or Izuru would wake her sister if they saw her like this. Under the deepest sleep, this was probably Junko in her most peaceful, vulnerable even. No despair, no plotting anyone's death or even her powerful carnivorous aura seems shut off in this state, she was just Junko, pure and truthful. The fell to temptation when she brushed off some of Junko's hair to reveal a happy expression all over her face, mouth in an open with drool escaping down her cheek. Mukuro smiled about the way she looked now, for a few seconds, she was almost tempted to grab her phone and start recording but quickly reconsidered that idea, knowing that the consequences of Junko finding unauthorized videos without her approval would be met with having her butt smacked into oblivion so she simply decides to observe and memorize the moment instead.

" Zzz~...Big're just...such a... disappointment...very boring... such a smelly... big sister are..." Junko mumbles out in a gravelly voice. Mukuro sighed after listening, nothing but the usual comments she would hear from Junko, now she even says it her sleep it seems. "Well doesn't seem like she's doing anything different, she's still in bed, for now anyway." Mukuro thought.

As she turned around on her back and lay her head on the pillow, letting sleep overcome her she faintly hears a whisper of words she couldn't tell was real, because they didn't sound like more insults. Not leaving this to chance, she quickly turns back around to delicately turn Junko's head towards her own with her right hand, not disrupting her sleep, she repeats what she just said clear enough for Mukuro to understand.

"... I love you though... I love much...can't stand're just...the best" Junko slurs out. Mukuro was shocked at what she just heard, Junko, her sister was praising her? and without any back-hand comments or even that carnivore girl aura she flaunts around when she's awake. It's been so long since she heard those words from her in such a genuine though drowsy tone, but she does sound like she sincerly means them, and the surprises were only beginning.

Junko suddenly sat up, nodding her head blue eyes barely open before climbing over Mukuro messily, strands of blonde hair tickling her face, then rolling out of the bed before stumbling across the room, her toned body tilting back & forth when she opens the door and leaves after barely closing it.

"Crap, there she goes again" she inwardly thought with a sigh before springing out of bed to find the nearest clothing around her. pulling on a pair of baggy gray sweatpants and a red top that was discarded on the floor but would make due. She still felt partly dazed herself, but she'll put up with the feeling if it means she can prevent her sister from harming herself. "Okay, just repeat what happened last time, keeping dangerous objects out of Junko's hands and luring her back to bed".

As she ran out the door and down the hallway, she heard rummaging from downstairs, most likely towards the kitchen " Perhaps she's hungry or getting a glass of even?" murmured Mukuro, but when she hurriedly flew down the stairs and turned towards the right corner to enter through the entryway she failed in her mission when saw Junko, holding up a large sharp kitchen , she paled when she saw this. it wouldn't be the first time Junko tried to kill someone in her sleep, including her, all ending in failure since fighting while asleep makes one slower though they could also be very unpredictable.

Mukuro easily wins by either throwing a soft cool pillow to Junko's face till she collapses and slept soundly again on the floor before being carried back to bed, having her warm milk so she'll stay down. She got into a fighting stance, ready to defend herself and restrain her sister, only for Junko to walk completely past her, towards the gray iron bin where she grabs a loaf of , she carefully cuts out two slices and took them into her hands with a , discarding the into the drawer like it was garbage shortly after.

She took careful and slow steps, taking care that the doesn't get damaged as she made her way towards the entryway where Mukuro stood, confused by by her sister's antics. Things only got more bizarre when the 2 slices of were being perched onto her head, with a small "humph' coming from Junko. She took a step back and proudly stood with her arms crossed and legs apart, her usual dominance stance as she admires the girl in front of her, like she was some great artwork.

Well, as best she could in her bleary eyed,dream like state.

"..So...Beautiful..." Junko slurs out and for Mukuro, her confusion only grew threefold upon hearing the compliment leave her lips, the last thing she'd ever expect her sister to say, even under her hazy dream-like state would be to use that word to describe her of all people. Especially around this late hour, where she feels anything but that word right now, and that was only the least of her concerns during this night which was far from over.

She suddenly felt Junko took her hand and mildly tugged on it towards her, the teenage girl while still greatly confused by what's happening allows her to pull her along, fearing that Junko will become impatient otherwise. Mukuro learned that her sister has taken her to the living room where she pushed her onto the couch, then adjusted the sliced still perched on her head to center head gently, feeling satisfied with her work when she stands back up dazed, half shut eyes.

Uh, Junko-chan? what is this?" Mukuro tried asking, not expecting a sensible answer from her twin in this state but wouldn't hurt to try.

"...wait... here, be ..right...back..." Junko mutters as she picks up the remote control and turns on the TV, which showed some random infomercial before placing it onto Mukuro's lap and saunters her way back into the kitchen in a zombie like fashion, searching for something. Mukuro hid behind the entryway and peeked inside to see what was going on in there, thinking on whatever her sister has in for her.

She listens in on Junko as she ravages the kitchen pantries, tossing out kitchen utensils on the floor, until she seems to find what she's looking for. She pulls out a large mixing bowl and holding it in the air victoriously for a minute as if she wrestled someone for it.

"Now that..I have...a bowl..." looking at the bowl in her hands now, the asleep girl dregs back to the table to set it down. Muku" she grumbles turns around and makes her way towards the cabinet again. Mukuro looked with curiosity at Junko's actions but felt relieved that she's not getting any dangerous problems or risk of injury right now, so she decides to stealth back to the couch and wait for her sister to finish, remembering to clean up the kitchen the next morning after.

Few minutes later, Junko walks back with the mixing bowl and a large to Mukuro sitting on the couch with the she crowned on her head she leans towards her with the bowl,

"This is...for you" she said drowsily, even shaking it a bit waiting for her older sis to take it from her hands, she willingly does, though it felt slightly heavier than she expected it to be. "Junko, well...thank you? this is very considerate of you?" she questionably said, still questioning her actions.

"...You're welcome..." she slurred, then took a few steps to her right and plops right next to Mukuro on the couch with a happy on her face as if she's accomplished something great . She then took the remote control back and changed the channel to some movie. The looked inside the mixing bowl to see it filled with Fruit Loops and Cheerios both mixed in, filled with over half a carton's worth of Vanilla soy milk.

It's rather funny how Junko made a giant bowl of for her, feels tame compared to the other nights but at least it means less work for her clean up after, and none of their neighbors or friends were involved so she'll gladly take it. Regardless of all this strange turn of events, Mukuro started eating away anyway at the giant bowl, Junko did make it for her afterwards, regardless of state.

So this has been an unusual night for Mukuro, eating an abnormal amount of no average human can finish on the couch with on her head next to her little sister, all in all, a rather interesting way to spend one night.

By the time her giant was even halfway done, Junko once again got up from the couch and saunters back upstairs and into their bedroom again before crashing on the bed in a heap, covering the right side.

Then patting the left side gesturing to join her. Fearing that she would lose her patience otherwise, she placed the huge bowl on the floor along with the perched before quickly removing her baggy sweatpants and top before getting back in and wrapping Junko then herself under the sheets, Mukuro allows the feeling of cold yet smooth hands to wrap themselves around her lithe torso as they both succumb to dreamland. Well, Junko succumbs to a different dreamland anyway, Ikusaba was hoping that she could hear those three words from her again, but she only heard light snoring. So she soothingly strokes the fashionista's hair, letting sleep overcome her as well until the morning.

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Junko really did have a habit of sleepwalking in canon, she seems like someone who would have it with her twisted mind. lol

Thanks for ! Though I will decide to continue this fun story in the future hopefully when I can come up with any new ideas, so await more Sleepy hi-jinks.