When the attack happened it took everyone including Sage by surprise. She had thought the attack would happen at night when no one was awake, but instead, Crow padded into camp flanked by a large group of rogues at sunhigh. With one glance from where she had been sunning herself on a pile of rubble, Sage could see that his group was bigger than Bloodclan. Quickly Sage raced to an out of the way corner to watch the battle, but not participate like Darkkit had asked her to do.

Raven padded out of her den and looked down at Crow and his group.

"I was wondering when you going to try to overthrow me. Unfortunately for you...It won't work, and you won't get another chance." Raven paused a moment before screeching.

"Bloodclan! Attack! Show no mercy!"

At that she leaped at Crow, bowling him over to claw at his exposed belly. Sage shrunk into the shadows as the other Bloodclan cats raced around her to help their leader. Bones padded up beside her and looked out at the clashing cats.

"Surprised that only Crow turned against her?"

Sage nodded because Bones had again seemed to read her thoughts.

"Apparently before she took over the leader was horrible. So when Raven took over she changed our ways, slowly, obviously, or else the older cats would have rebelled. It's hard to believe but Raven's Bloodclan isn't as harsh as the old Bloodclan. We have a set camp, a healer, care for our kits and queens, don't separate families and even though Raven won't admit it we are gentler than when Scourge was around. All the cats who remember all that Raven's done are fiercely loyal to her."

He looked over at her head tilted questioningly.

" Do you really think Raven's death will avenge your brother? What will it do, besides destroy all the improvements that she's made?" He asked her quietly.

Sage didn't answer, she couldn't. Instead, she scanned the battle for Fox and Red and let out a small breath of relief when she couldn't find them.

"They went out to hunt. Hopefully, if they return they'll remember your warning." Bones meowed.

Sage nodded her thanks and they went back to watching the battle in silence.

The battle raged the rest day and when it ended, Raven was dead, and so was Crow. One of the cats he had brought with him, a tom called Reaper, killed him and claimed leadership of Bloodclan.

The four named kits met after the battle all still shocked at what had happened. Fox looked at Sage for a long moment in silence.

"I guess we're all in your debt now." She said at last.

Sage shuddered. Bones had said almost the same thing to her, except he had also asked if she was happy now that the attack had happened and Raven was dead. Sage wasn't. She was scared. Scared of what would happen to her and her friends now that Reaper was the leader of Bloodclan.