Reapers Camp

Leader- Reaper- White tom with one blue eye and one green eye

Second- Osprey- dark tabby tom

Cats- Shimmer- silver tabby and grey she cat

Lion- pale ginger she cat

Tar- scarred black tom

Bear- dark brown and black tom

Yew- pale brown tom

Hickory- dark grey and black she cat

Ginkgo-pale brown and ginger she cat

Oak- brown and ginger tom

Fate- young black and white she cat with blue eyes

Shadow- young black and white tom with green eyes

Foxglove(Fox)- pale tabby she cat

Bones- albino tom with red eyes

Red- dark ginger tom

Sage- pale tortoiseshell she cat with a scar that splits her face in half diagonally

Rat-scarred tabby tom

Lily-small pale grey she cat

Revenge- tabby and white she-cat

Savage-tabby tom

Nemesis- golden she cat

Scythe- black tom

Laurel-pretty pale ginger and cream she cat former kittypet

Belladonna- tortoiseshell and white she cat

Daffodil- elderly pale yellow she cat

Named Kits(Cats under one year old):

Oleander- tabby and ginger she cat

Fire- white and ginger she cat

Blue- dark tabby tom with blue eyes

One of the only good things to come out of Reaper taking over Bloodclan was that Sage and the other named became full members of Bloodclan, and the kits also got names without having to fight to the death first. Sage was happy about that, even as everything else about Bloodclan that she had liked was slowly being stripped away.

It happened so slowly that Sage barely noticed the changes as they happened. Life seemed to go on as normal and she befriended a few cats that had come with Reaper that were around her age. Bones was the only one of the named that talked to her these days it seemed. Fox and Red were always out hunting or patrolling together or hanging out with new friends. And even Bones didn't talk to her much. So Sage made friends because she didn't want to be entirely alone if Bones stopped being her friend. She started talking with a few of the younger cats in Reaper's group, namely littermates Fate and Shadow.

As they were all around the same age Sage, the three named and Fate and Shadow all trained together, and so the whole group reconnected in a way around their shared friendship with the two littermates. Under Reaper, the training was more brutal and he seemed to push Fate and Shadow extremely hard. They were always limping at the end of a day of training. Though Sage and the rest of them weren't much better off. The harsh training though was something that all of the young cats had gotten used either under Raven or Reaper.

But at least under Raven, the cats were allowed to go to Daffodil. Under Reaper Daffodil wasn't allowed to heal cats.

"Does Reaper want all of us to die from wounds that could be treated?"

Sage asked after one especially hard day of training. Her whole body ached and she was favoring her right foreleg. Bones and Fate who she had been training with for two on one encounter weren't much better. Bones had a long scratch along his side that was oozing blood, and a torn ear that dripped blood down his face. Fate had her lip torn away to reveal her teeth, more scratches that could be counted and was also limping.

"No. He wants to weed the strong from the weak. His reasoning is that if you die from wounds in mock battles then the cat didn't deserve to live. In his mind, he's making the group stronger by eliminating the weak links. That's all he cares about." Fate mewed softly, but confidently. Her last words where bitter.

Sage wondered how she could be so confident about Reaper's motives. But then Fate had been a member of Reaper's group her whole life.

"What do you mean that's all he cares about?" Bones asked, picking up on the bitterness with which she had spoken.

Fate paused for a moment before speaking.

"Reaper cares about the strength of the group as a whole, no individuals or favoritism. That would be a good thing in a leader except for the way he goes about strengthening the group. No healers, no hunting alone, the only time a cat can go out with other cats are on patrols or during training. And the guards that are always watching." Fate meowed and left them to go hunting. Bones watched Fate until she was out of camp and then looked at Sage.

"What did you get out of the conversation?" He asked.

Sage wondered if he was crazy because he had heard as well as she had that the conversation was about Reaper's leadership. She stopped and thought back to the conversation. Her bitterness and hatred toward Reaper but also the way she seemed to protect his leadership style. Sage gasped.

" Do you think Fate and Shadow are Reaper's kits? That's why she is bitter about his no individual favoritism? Because she wants her father to recognize her?" She asked quietly.

Bones nodded. They stood in silence for another moment before padding off in different directions.