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Chapter 14: confrontation

That same Wednesday, Spinelli was having breakfast with her parents when she broke the ice and started talking. "So I been thinking, what if I were to break up with David." She knew that her relationship with David was a big part of why her parents were in business with his family. Their families expected them to get married.

"Oh, that wouldn't be good, since we're about to land a major deal with his parents. If you break things off with him, then that could prevent our deal." Her dad said.

Flo then chimed in. "Oh Ashley's kidding, aren't you honey."

"Yearh, I was just kidding. I have no plans on breaking things of with David. Anyway, I have to get to school." So now, she could not break up with David, at least not yet.

All throughout school, she thought about confronting the Ashleys, but she decided to wait until school was over and they were at Ashley A's house to study.

She did not have any classes with the rest of the Ashleys on Wednesdays, so it was just lunch, and she remained quite during lunch, chalking it up to bad sleep. The other Ashleys bought her excuse, at least for now.

Eventually school had ended, and they were all at Ashley A's house to study. They all went up to the blonde's room, and as soon as they were up there, the blonde decided to ask Spinelli the big question. She asked. "Okay Ashley S, like, what's going. Like, why are you acting so weird."

Spinelli then decided to drop the act and said. "Because I know that you forced me into joining your clique. My memories returned yesterday."

Ashley A then decided to stop being nice and said. "We, like, didn't force you into joining anything. You, like, chose to join our group. We gave you a choice."

"Only after you brainwashed me. You forced me at first, because we share a name."

"We, like, did no such thing. Either way, we did you a favor. Before you joined us, you were running around like some sort of wild animal. But after you joined us, you gained style, fashion sense, and actual manners. You became rich after joining us."

"none of that excuses what you did. You turned me into becoming one of you. You practically brainwashed me, and I never had a choice."

"Maybe we did, maybe we didn't. We, like, did you a favor. What are you, like, going to do about it."

"I quit being an Ashley, that's what I'm going to do." Spinelli was fed up. She was not sure if she was still the same Spinelli that she used to be, but she was not going to stay an Ashley for much longer.

"I don't think so. You see, our parents are business partners, and I would hate to have to tell my daddy that he should not be in deal with your parents, and then you will all lose all your money." Spinelli was about to walk out of the room, but Ashley A had a point. Her parents could lose all their money due to investments, and then she would have no future. If she walked away from the Ashleys, then her parents would lose all their money. So she sighed in defeat and returned to the other Ashleys. They were going to study together. She would find a way to get out of the Ashleys one way or the other. She would just have to stick it out for two more years, and then they would be done with high school.

The other Ashleys were thrilled. It looked like they did not have to do anything to her. She was staying with them out of choice. They knew that she would make the smart choice, and Detweiler was no longer an issue. It was perfect. Once they were done with high school, they would all go to the same college, and then join the same sorority, and then they would all marry rich, and all stay friends forever.

A few days later at T. J's school.

T.J was busy sitting in class, when the speaker said something, and said. "T.J Detweiler to the principal's office." T.J then walked down to the office, where his parents were sitting and waiting for him.

"Take a seat Mr. Detweiler. I received information that you were responsible for the stink bomb and the fire alarm. Do you have anything to say about that."

"I didn't set any alarms or put a stink bomb into a classroom."

"I had students say that they saw you do it, and given your history at your old school, I have to say that I believe them. I have no choice but to suspend you."

"That won't be necessary. T.J will be going off to military school." T. J's mom said.

"What no, I don't want to go to a military school."

"Look son, we talked about it. If you got into any more trouble, then you would be sent off to military school." His dad said.

His mom then started talking again. "We already got in touch with a military school nearby, and we will be moving back to our old house. We will take you there Sunday. Sometime in military school would serve you well. Now go and pack your stuff." His mom said, as she started talking again, but this time to the principal. "So we will pulling T.J out of school as of right now."

So, soon enough, T.J was packing his stuff. He found Gordy to let him know what was going on.

When he got home, he sent an email to Spinelli, explaining what was going on, that he was sent to military school, but would still send her letters, and he would see her on school holidays. He could only hope that she would be strong enough to resist the Ashleys.

Next chapter: A time jump

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