Disclaimer-Smith and Judge Othneil don't belong to me. They never will. They belong to someone else. Marian, Ben and Michael/Zachary are mine.

Summary-A man tries to change the mistake that cost him his career...and a friend's trust.


Career Day

A man walked into the main lobby of a hotel. He had shoulder-length red hair and was six feet tall in height. He was a thin man with green eyes.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps behind him.

"Hey Michael, I'm surprised you actually showed up man," came a male voice and he felt an arm around his shoulders.

"Hi Ben. Well, I could not come. Is she here yet by any chance?" replied Michael, passing a waiter.

The waiter turned his head a bit and looked at him.

"Yeah, she's over there. Though she's never in a mood to see you anymore so be careful," Ben told him, pointing the way with a nod of the head. "I wouldn't try and approach her if I was you."

"Well, you're not me and I'll at least try, even if she does hate my guts," Michael sighed.

Michael looked over at her. Marian had black hair floating down her back. She was a short girl of just over five feet. He started to walk over to her.

As he became closer, her crutches became more apparent.

"Hi Marian," he said.

She glared at him with a snarl on her face.

"Michael, leave me alone. I'm never talking to you again, you hear me?" she told him with obvious dislikeness in her voice.

"Fine, be an ungrateful twit," he angrily replied.

But he didn't see the crutch. It had fallen from where it was standing. He tripped over it, falling headfirst into the pillar, then onto the floor unconscious.

"Michael!" screamed Marian.

She stood up on one leg and jumped over to him. She fell to the floor, wincing from the pain.

"Micheal, wake up!" she shouted, gently shaking his shoulder.

A crowd started to gather around the scene. One man stood oblivious to all of them as he walked through the crowd.

"I don't think that'll work too well Marian," Smith said, standing at the front of the growing crowd.