The next thing Michael knew, he found himself in a strange house, surrounded by strange people. He felt like he had something to say something but nothing came out.

"Cut!!" cried a voice.

The director walked over to him.

"Michael, what's wrong? You did so wonderful in practice," he asked with a bit of impatience in his voice.

The redhead looked around at everything. He saw a young woman across the room. The other way, stood camerasand more people.

"I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me," he lied.

"You people annoy me so much!" the man cried, seeming frustrated as he threw up his arms. "Ten minute break everybody.

The young woman walked up to him. Her hair was brown with the faintest bit of red streaks in it.

"Michael, you usually don't do that. Nothing's wrong, is there?" she asked.

"No, nothing's wrong," he repliued, shaking his head and walking past her.

Smith walked up from behind him.

"What happened?" asked Michael, a confused look on his face. "Where am I?"

"Right now, you're working on another project. As for Marian, she got the lead role in the movie and did a great job of it too. She did so well, she even won a few awards for it. She married her boyfriend two years later and they both became big stars," explained Smith, hands in his pocket.

"Where is she now?" Michael pleaded to know.

"That's her right over there," replied Smith, pointing the way over to the young woman.

Michael's jaw dropped.

"Unbelievable. Smith, I could never forget you," Michael said quietly.

He looked at the man.

"But you will though. You'll also forget these past three days," Smith told him with a small smile.

Michael smiled himself.

"Well, thanks for everything, evem if I won't remember you. For helping me...and her," Michael thanked.

"You should really thank yourself. You are the one who changed your own future," Smith replied.

Michael blinked a few times and shook his head. He turned around and headed for Marian.

"Hey Mariannie, come over here!" he called over to her.

"Yes Michael, what do you want now?" she replied with a smile as she walked over to him.

"How's that husband of yours? I also heard that you're pregnant? Is that true?" asked Michael.

"Joel's great and yes, the rumours are true. I am pregnant," she replied, a sheepish grin on her face.

They walked over to the refreshment stand.

"Michael, what was Benjamin's prank supposed to be all those years ago anyway?" asked a curious Marian. "I never did get to ask you until now."

"Your guess is as good as mine. He never told me," replied Michael, lifting a glass up to his mouth.

He drank it in one gulp and they headed back onto the set.

Smith watched from behind the large crowd.

"She's a wonderful person Michael. Hang onto her friendship forever. She's got a heart of gold," Smith whispered.

He watched as the people went back to work on the scene. He turned around and saw the plans for the movie poster.

Marian and Michael were on it. She wore a white dress and wings. Michael was looking at her, smiling.

He looked at the title of the movie at the bottom.

"The part suits her well," he said as he walked away.

The title was The Fallen Angel.

The End