Curses rushed past her ears as she flew some she was only just able to dodge. But this was 'War' and only to be expected, her silver masque showing her allegiance to enemy and ally alike. Today East was allied with West and the blue and silver masques complemented nicely in her opinion. She dodged another curse with a simple barrel roll, allowing her to surreptitiously check the forces dueling on the ground.

"Hermione, I've found their airborne general! That boy who's circling around above the fighting pretending to be an Informant. He's obviously not one of us, he has the wrong sort of fly pattern to be searching for people and is consistently flying high." Draco's voice said into her ear as it was transferred through her masque's comm from his. It was a stunningly ingenious use of the older kids in "years" bove her in their study of muggle and magic technology.

"Copy that Draco. Pincer or will you take care of it yourself?" She responded as her eyes found the boy in question, a boy a few years older than her in a green and bronze swirled mask, marking him as a North soldier. Draco was right he was pretty obvious, she was surprised he had lasted so long amongst the supposedly sharp and observant Informants. Though maybe it was because Informants like her and Draco where so used to be looking at the 'War' going on below and not their fellows except to trade curses and hexes in passing.

"I'll take care of it myself, pass a message to Quillon and Annalysa, they should know that the alliance is this close to victory."

Hermione didn't answer, she didn't need to, instead sending off messages to Quillon Guillet, the boy in charge of the Eastern army and his Western counterpart, Annalysa Rosario.

With her job done she drifted higher and watched the mass of people flying and running about below her. 'War' had been a game decided on after the Headmistress had been notified that the school apparently needed a sport, or clubs. Quidditch had been mentioned but tossed aside, and they had finally come up with a game that most everyone was happy about. It was like chess, but with multiple dimensions and the ability to 'cheat' because of the two Informants a Torre was allowed to play. It was not as messy as actual war and there were boundaries and a time limit of 24 hours. The rules were actually pretty simple: one had to decimate the other teams by taking out the participants with hexes and spells, and there were no limits except that it had to be healable, game ended once all Generals on one side had been killed or the team surrendered. There were four different positions(the Generals for each team, medics, Informants, soldiers), and two split teams in each Torre, the airborne and the melee fighters. If one team for the Torre surrendered the other team could continue as the airborne and melee had different generals, both airborne and melee had medics that learned healing spells( teachers had taken on medic apprentices when the games had stated), both airborne and melee had separate soldiers trying to hex each other, and each Torre had two informants that flew through the air and traced patterns and abnormalities to try and find the Generals who gave the orders and where arguably the most important.

Hermione had thought she would be a melee fighter at the first match but had quickly realized that she didn't do well in that situation. She froze and though she had the same Self-defense training as the others she was more apt to freeze and try to think the match through. She had hated that she didn't seem to fit in the game and had thought about not participating as that was optional after the first match. Sylvia who had tried Melee with her was much more apt at it along with Anahita, Neville and Vivvie seemed to have found a place as medics,Vlad and Phaet where an airborne soldier, and Meisa and Draco had both become Informants. It was Meisa who had suggested she try out as an Informant in the second match a week later. As it was still a new game everyone had been moving positions, and Generals still switched every game, until they found a good match or decided they would rather watch. She had actually done a good job and though she still had not been very comfortable on a broom she had improved with every game.

The next question had been about how to communicate as secrecy was key. Professor Aly had separated each of her classes into Torres(even if the students didn't participate in 'War') for 2 months and helped them all come up with secret codes and hand signs, as well as teach them the history and basics of ciphers. Everyone had had such fun that they all came together at the end to come up with Haven Cross Code or HCC, a mix of hand signs, facial expressions, hums and clicks to tell messages. A month after that Zarya, the fairy that Hermione had seen and who sometimes accompanied Vlad to their groups meetups, had worked together with an older student from Water to create the masques and today the communication between peoples of the same Torre was a mix of their hand signs and ciphers, and masque communication when on the field. It was complicated, but it had been fun learning and creating new codes and forms of communication, and then actually using them, as well as coming up with rules for a whole new game. But flying now Hermione was happy that she had done so.

At the end of the 24 hours, the West East alliance had won and everyone slowly made their way back to their Torres There was a reason that the games were held on the one dayn the Weekend and only occurred once a month. Any other time or more often would disrupt learning and students sleep schedules.

And even playing 'War' they were learning. The melee fighters practiced the hand to hand combat styles they learned in Self-defense, everyone but especially the Informants learned how to look for the slightest tells and how to manipulate tells as had been taught in Lie-detecting/Manipulation, everyone practiced their spells, and at the end of the game they learned and practiced proper Etiquette for winning and losing. The Older students practiced potion making(Betnyk had been convinced that he could be a hardass about not making a potion for the first and second years but could teach the older students potion ingredients while teaching potion making, for the sake of the school, as it needed to show a proficiency in teaching potions and brewing) by making healing brews for the medics and brews to help everyone stay awake and from exhaustion. (Of course after a game everyone crashed hard, and all morning classes were pushed back).

Hermione was happy for that as she stared blankly up at the ceiling of her room with a pounding headache, an aftereffect of all the potions and coffee she had ingested to keep alert during the game.