Sister's Keeper

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A/N: Warning this story starts off with violence against women and incest.

Summary: Alysanne Targaryen is the third child of the Mad King. At age of three she lost the majority of her family during the rebellion. During the Game of Thrones as Viserys sister-wife, she must do everything as she can to protect her sweet sister Daenerys from the cruel world, they live in.

Chapter 1: The Three Orphan Dragons

Alysanne's POV

I was three years old when Robert Baratheon rebelled against House Targaryen. I was three years old when my father, King Aerys the Second, sent my mother, Queen Rhaella, my brother...Prince Viserys and me to Dragonstone for our safety. I was four years old when the majority of my family were dead.

The first casualty was my older brother, the Crown Prince Rhaegar,…crushed to death by Robert Baratheon's warhammer on the Battle of the Trident. The second was my father, betrayed by his Kingsguard, Ser Jaime Lannister, while Lord Tywin Lannister was sacking the city. The third, fourth, and fifth were my niece, nephew, and sister-in-law: Rhaenys, Aegon, and Elia Martell. All three were brutally murdered by Ser Gregor Clegane. The last person to die during the rebellion was my mother, Queen Rhaella, who died from complications in childbirth.

Leaving Viserys and me to raise our newborn sister Daenerys.

That night when she was born happened during the worst storm imaginable. Viserys and I were in our room. All we could hear was thunder, lightning, the waves crashing, and the wailings from our mother. My brother, who was six at the time, tried to comfort me, for I was scared. He told a story that outside, the sea dragon, Naga was fighting against two powerful dragons of thunder and lightning. By morning, the wet nurse came in with a swaddled infant, saying her name was Daenerys. Although it was Ser Willem Darry who informed us that our mother had died.

Ser Willem took us into his custody, not knowing until I was older that my father was dead and the Usurper King Robert had sent his brother Stannis Baratheon to send a fleet to execute the rest of us. The Targaryen fleet was demolished during the storm. Yet, Ser Willem managed to smuggle us out of Dragonstone to Braavos, where we lived in hiding. The red door and the fruitful trees were a unique feature of the house. For five years, we lived there as Ser Willem's wards. It was our childhood home when Ser Willem wasn't traveling. He has educated us. Promising Viserys that he will be King one day and Daenerys and I will be wed to influential families. Sadly, he'd fallen ill till the Stranger claimed him. The servants betrayed us, stealing what little money we had before tossing us into the streets. Viserys was twelve, I was nine, and Daenerys was five.

For many years, we lived off the streets. We wandered through the Free Cities as guests of powerful people. From Braavos to Myr, next to Tyrosh, on to Qohor, Volantis, and Lys, never staying at one location too long. Although many hosts welcome us into their homes, the welcome would fade over time. Not because of attempted assassins…but because of Viserys attitude. Daenerys and I were well-behaved, participating in our hosts' daughters' lessons. We never asked or demanded, yet Viserys…he demanded many things. Calling himself the Dragon. It wasn't until Viserys did something to a host that had us kicked out.

Being the responsible sibling, I had to make the necessary sacrifice by selling my inheritance. Selling my mother's crown. Viserys was angry, furious that when I came to the small hobble with enough gold to last us a few years, I was beaten up. He still had our father's ring and sword, and I had sold everything sacred to me so he and Dany could have their keepsakes. The only thing I left was a necklace with a pearl and a carved dragon that Rhaegar gave me on my third name day.

I knew right away we wouldn't be going home. I knew that we needed to survive. I was barely a woman, and I advised Viserys that we needed to accept our fate, to find jobs and hopefully spouses who could pull us out of this destitution. Viserys grew angry, saying, "I woke the dragon," and stating we will not mingle our bloodline with lesser men. I was beaten, hair yanked, and worse…raped. I was seventeen when he took me, stealing my virginity. Realizing what he had done, he tried to resolve the situation of my ruining. When one host took us in, a marriage ceremony was held. No longer was I Viserys's sister. I was now his sister-wife.

Afraid for Dany's safety, I took the risk of taming the Dragon. Ensuring my sweet little sister wouldn't experience the abuse that I dealt with. Viserys's anger grew furious when denied by the Golden Company of service and received the title of the Beggar King. He would at times resent Dany for the death of our mother during her birth, began treating her abusively both verbally and physically…but I tried to stop the physical abuse. Usually, it resulted in forced sex, reminding me I "wake the dragon," but I did what I could to protect Dany.

One time, it resulted in a pregnancy. A child I did not want but gained the support of a wealthy man who could obtain the Iron Throne once an heir was born. Unfortunately, during one of Viserys rages…I ended up miscarrying. It was a hard time, but losing the child snapped Viserys out of this rage. He apologized, holding me in his arms, realizing his behavior was unacceptable. It only lasted a year until Magister Illyrio Mopatis found us. He took us in, allowing us to live with him in Pentos.

It was a year of peace. I was twenty-two. Although I was bound by the duties of a sister-wife. Hiding my pain and suffering, masking the bruises, and drying my tears. Magister Illyrio noticed the bruises, and out of pity, he found a way to appease my brother-husband by purchasing a servant girl, who was trained in Lys. A woman named Doreah. She was usually kept away from my sight, as was the custom of the wife not seeing the mistress. I am pleased as long as she keeps Viserys away from my bed.

By Targaryen customs, it was tradition to keep the family line pure. Our ancestors of Old Valyria follow these customs of marrying siblings, cousins, aunts to nephews, and nieces to uncles. Only on rare occasions did we allow others to mingle in the bloodline. Preferably those of Valyrian descent. Unfortunately, there must be something wrong with me. It disgusts me when I have intercourse with Viserys. After sleeping with him, all I want to do is take a bath and scrub away his touches. But I must obey to protect Dany. My sweet sister is seventeen now. She was at an age to wed. At least House Targaryen no longer follows the practice of polygamy.

However, in a patriarchal society, Viserys can choose her husband. Magister Illyrio searched for potential husbands for Daenerys. I recommended a few rich men who could afford many armies. However, Viserys and Magister Illyrio selected her husband…Khal Drogo, a warlord of the Dothraki. This Khal Drogo would take my sweet, innocent sister as a bride in exchange for Dothraki troops. I've heard about the Dothraki. They were savages, nomadic horse lords who were fierce warriors, skilled in battle, and unrelenting combat. However, they are not advanced in society. They pillage and enslave people, take women worse than property and rape them. Viserys only listens to the first half of my rant, not accepting the consequences that if Khal Drogo grows tired of Daenerys, he can kill her and find another wife.

Once more, my words of reason were ignored, and Viserys told Magister Illyrio to arrange the marriage. All my life, I've become the mother in our family. I took the responsibility of raising Daenerys. All my years of protecting her, preventing her from starvation, clothed, and sheltered, have gone to waste.

History was repeating itself as I've become my mother.

The Abused Queen.

I was rereading the story and realized I did my numbers wrong.

Alysanne is twenty-two when Season One starts. Not nineteen. You know 4+18=22...oops!

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Thanks for reading and please leave a review!