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This is a little morning after fic, not a follow on from Quietly.

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The light began to permeate her sleep. She stirred slowly at first, but then the realisation that she couldn't feel his presence brought her abruptly into wakefulness. She didn't bother opening her eyes, just took some steadying moments to accept that he had only lived up to expectation after all.

She turned, rolling onto her stomach and settling her head on her arms. She felt too good for this disappointment to be real. That was when she became aware of another sensation. Just as she had been sure she was alone in bed, she was now sure she was being observed. She could also feel weight on the other side of the mattress, near to her right leg.

She let her tongue wet her lips a little before she spoke, testing the water. "Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to stare?" she said, daring to assume that he was there.

He let out a low, rumbling laugh and in that moment, she felt all the tension leave her body, becoming replaced by a warm sense of satisfaction.

"Didn't anyone tell you it should be illegal to look this beautiful before dawn?" he said, his voice sounding gruff and sexy.

She felt him slide his fingers along her arm then, the pads of them drawing repetitive patterns there.

She opened her eyes then, lifting her head and throwing a glance over her shoulder and smiling as her eyes landed on him. He was sitting beside her, his shirt thrown haphazardly on, open all the way and his jaw was dusted with stubble that she just wanted to burn her lips on.

"Wow," he said, transfixed by her.

She laughed throatily, rolling again and scooping the sheets in close to her as she propped herself up on one elbow, facing him.

"Harvey?" she said after he failed to elaborate, or to move, at all.

"I... Sorry," he laughed, raking a hand through his hand. "It's just, I wanna be sure this is real..."

"What else would it be?" she said, sitting up and reaching for him. As she did, her grip on the sheets loosened and they fell away, pooling at her waist. "Come here," she murmured, her arms looping around his neck and pulling him flush to her. As their bodies collided, her breasts brushed against his chest and they both let out a hiss.

They indulged in a long, slow kiss. His tongue pushed against her mouth and she yielded, feeling it slide against hers. His hands had slid to her waist, tickling against the skin there and she got the impression that he still wasn't quite ready to accept the reality of being here with her.

"What's the matter?" she said, pulling away from him reluctantly and trying not to let her mind go to the place where he was going to tell her that last night had been a mistake.

"It's just, Donna if you knew the number of times I've dreamt I was waking up to you exactly the way I did this morning... Even with..."

Paula. The name hung in the air. They both blinked away the pain of the memories of that time. "I don't want more..." "I didn't feel anything." How easy it had been to lie to each other.

"Well," she said, "I'm pretty sure I'm here now. In fact, I'd be surprised if I weren't. We are at my apartment after all. I don't know what kind of dreams you've been having, but I'd say I am one hundred percent confident that we're both awake," she said, sliding her hands to his shoulders and beginning to pull him down with her.

His body covered hers, his knee pressing between hers. He planted his weight on his forearms and dropped his mouth to hers again.

Her hand slipped beneath the collar of his shirt, attempting to slide it from him, but the intensity in his eyes made her falter.


"I'm sorry Donna. God, I want this, want you, but there are some things we didn't say last night. Some things I wanna say now..."

"Ok," she said, shifting as he rolled on to his side, following suit until she was facing him again.

"Donna, last night was incredible..." they both thought of that kiss, of the way it had been when they'd moved to the bedroom, hot and heavy, hard and fast. The memory of the way he'd whispered his love in her ear, of the way that they fallen asleep entangled burned in their minds.

They'd woken in the night, too wired to stay sleeping for long and they'd made feverish, slow love again and she'd cried as she told him she loved him, free at last to tell him whenever she wanted to.

"It was incredible," he said again and she felt a 'but' lingering in the air. "I just need to tell you that I'm sorry. For all the years I couldn't tell you, for every time I should have told you that you are it for me, the one and only. I'm sorry for putting you in an impossible position these last few weeks, for making you lose faith in me..."


"I'm sorry Donna..."

"No," she said. "I am."

She ran her fingers along his brow bone. "I know what I said, how it must have looked when I went to Thomas, but I was frustrated Harvey and I want you to know that I could never lose faith in you. There isn't a thing you could do that could ever make me do that. You're a good man Harvey. I've always known that."

"Do you know how relieved I am to hear you say that? Your disappointment, the prospect of losing you, that was the one thing that I couldn't handle. Then, when you weren't there after the hearing, when I couldn't reach you on the phone... I thought that was it Donna..."

She took a steadying breath, she knew she hadn't behaved in the best way, hadn't handled herself well, but she had been trying to convince herself that what she'd told Thomas was true: that she was going to cut Harvey out of her life, or try at least.

Then when the hearing had rolled around and the weight of it was resting on her shoulders, she'd had to go. It would have been way too painful to be there if that had been the end of him as a lawyer. She wasn't sure who he was without the law and selfish as it sounded, she hadn't been sure she could watch as he found out. She'd seen the calls from him, had wanted to answer, but she'd been in the middle of yet another uncomfortable conversation with Thomas, in which she still hadn't been ready to admit that Harvey was the person preventing her from moving on and which had ultimately ended in their break up.

After that it had been time to wallow. She'd gotten the sense that nothing would ever be the same again and yet everything would. She was available and so was he, but they wouldn't be together because they were too scared to say that was what they wanted.

Then there'd been wine and she'd been just about to wrap herself in her sheets and force herself to sleep when those fevered knocks had pulled her from her self-pity. Then he'd been there and the look on his face had told her everything and he'd taken those strides towards her and she had known...

"I wish I would have told you Harvey, after... all the stuff with Paula, I wish I would have told you then that I love you. I always have but..."

"I wasn't ready. I want you to know, I am now. I am and I love you," he said, knowing that was the truth. He'd been prohibitive, immature, he'd been a damned fool.

"I know," she said and they both thought of him striding towards her, grabbing her, his lips falling onto hers.

"Listen Harvey, we can keep talking about this if you need to, we probably should, but I don't want to think about all the time we've lost. I want to think about the time we have now, together..."

"What did you have in mind Ms. Paulsen?" he said.

"Well, first," she pushed his shirt from his shoulders. "There's a start," she said, squealing as he whipped the sheet from between them.

"You have gotten more beautiful," he told her, his eyes raking their way over her body.

"So have you," she said, the heels of her hand sliding into the slight crevices between each of his taut abdominals.

"Well thank you Ms. Paulsen," he said, swinging his right thigh over hers and feeling her knees widen to accommodate him.

He let his fingers drift to her hair and swept it back behind her ear. He brushed his lips against her cheek and she felt the satisfying scratch of his stubble. She had to have more. She stretched her neck up towards him and he indulged her, brushing his chin against her as he began a silent exploration of her body.

She moved her hand to the back of his neck, holding him in place as his mouth closed around her left breast and that glorious scruff burnt her sensitive peak.

"Mm," the word slipped between them, enveloping them and encouraging him on.

He trailed kisses down her torso, the touch of his mouth leaving slight dampness on her skin in its wake.

"God," he muttered, inches from her centre. "You're so ready."

She let the words hang there for a second, blushing as she bit down on her lip. She enjoyed flirting but she'd never been one for out and out crassness in the bedroom, but somehow in his caramelly drawl, everything sounded sensual.

His mouth was so close to her now, she began to shift in frustration, but then she pulled him up her body, his wanting lips connecting with hers in surprise.

"You're right," she said, her nails sliding down his back. "I am ready," she said, her ankles locking around his lower back and her heels sliding to the waistband of his boxers, rucking them down over his backside.

"Hmm..." she breathed as she felt his hardness against her upper thigh.

"So are you," she shifted against him and with a tussle, he was suddenly on his back.

"So we don't need teasing, or games... we just need what we need," she said, sinking down onto him without ceremony.

"God, I love you," he ground out, his fingers reaching for hers, sliding into the steeple she had created, his knuckles clenching around hers.

She leant forward, the action tilting her body against his just so as she bent to kiss his neck and they both let out a groan.

She circled her hips, a slow rhythmic motion building between them. Her mind was soaring, her thoughts only on him and how good it felt to be with him like this and how she wasn't even sure they could get any closer… Then he was straining against her, his stomach crunching as he tried to reach for her and he was pushed deeper into her and she went, she was gone, sailing into a blissful oblivion.

Next thing she knew, she was lying on her back beside him feeling utterly fulfilled as he kissed his way up her arm towards her shoulder. His lips dragged against the column of her neck and in seconds he was pinning her. His eyes sparkled with mischief and she tried not to give him encouragement as she glanced at the clock on her nightstand.

"Harvey, we have to go to work," she said between kisses.

He muttered something incoherent into her neck and she almost gave in, but for the shrill ringing of his phone close at hand.

"Did you bring your phone into the bedroom Harvey Specter?"

He looked at her, dumbfounded. "It was in my jacket pocket in the hall all night. I needed to check email when I woke up… you were asleep."

"You get a pass this one time, but if you ever bring a distraction in here again, there'll be trouble."

"Yes Ma'am," he said, rolling off her reluctantly and going to grab the phone from the dresser. The promise in her words made him tingle.

"Ugh," he said, resuming his former position on the edge of her bed as she pulled a sheet around her. "Louis..."

"God, real life, I almost forgot..."

"What do you say we keep on forgetting?" he said, silencing the phone and reaching for her.

"Hmm, tempting as that is, I don't think you and I... Well mostly me, are very popular at the firm right now. I wouldn't want to poke the beast... or Louis any more than I already have..."

"But poking Louis is so much fun," he said with a pout. As if on cue, his phone rang again.

"Louis, hey," Harvey answered nonchalantly.

"Harvey, can you just explain to me why you missed the crisis breakfast meeting I called this morning? I emailed you an iCal reminder last night..."

He'd seen the meeting request when he'd checked his phone a little earlier, then that meeting request had seen his trash folder the second he'd come back into the room and seen the way the sunlight danced on Donna's naked body...

"Sorry Louis, I haven't been near my phone all night," I literally just switched it on."

"You haven't been near your phone all night? We are backs against the wall, asses exposed..."

"You're mixing your battle speak..."

"...and you weren't near your phone!" Louis barrelled on. "Where were you Siberia? No wait, I'll bet you were at the bottom of a bottle. I'll bet they were only serving Macallan at your pity slash victory party right?"

"Actually, Louis, my whereabouts have nothing to do with Macallan, or with you for that matter."

"Oh really? Well, I'm your Managing Partner and I..."

Donna, who had been leaning her ear against the phone, signalled for him to hand it over.

His eyebrow shot up. 'Really?' he seemed to be asking silently. She nodded, settling the phone into the crook of her shoulder.

"Actually, Louis, Harvey's telling the truth. He was, he is with me. Has been all night..."

"Wha-? Donna?"

"Mm hmm. Look I'm sorry for causing this mess, really I am and I'm sorry for keeping Harvey from his meeting."

"Wait, wait hold up. Harvey is at your apartment?"

"Mm hmm... I know, I know, you'll probably need a day. To be honest, we both do too, but we don't have one. There's work to be done and we both wanna help."

They spent a couple more minutes talking before she hung up and when she did, Harvey filled the silence.

"Well weren't you two regulation Chatty Cathys?"


"Of Louis?"

"Actually, he wanted to make sure that you'd spent the night treating me like a Queen. I told him he needn't worry… He's on our side Harvey, he's happy for us. That's going to be important."

"I know," he said, pulling her in for a kiss. "I just hate the thought of Louis picturing us..."

"Then don't think about it," she said.

"He did say one more thing actually."

"Oh yeah?"

"He casually reminded me that if we don't get our 'loved up butts' to the office in the next hour, we're both fired."

"Goddamn Louis!" he said, but they both spring into action.

"Share a shower... Save time and all that?"

"I know your game Specter," she said, grabbing his hand. "No funny business!" she said as they hot-footed it to the bathroom.

They emerged a short while later with smiles on their faces after some marginal funny business in the shower.

He was already stepping into his pants as she made her way to the closet. As she rifled through her dresses seeking the perfect one, she called to him.

"What are you going to do about your shirt?" As she recalled it was a little worse for the wear, very crumpled and missing a button or two...

"It'll do for now. Ray's on his way, my go bag's in the car, there are supplies in there." He'd hoped to swing by his place, maybe even make her breakfast, but Louis' deadline had put paid to that idea.

"Go bag? You sound like a secret agent."

"If the shoe fits..." he said, closer at hand now.

She turned towards him then and caught the sultry look in his eye. "What?" she said, checking the dress for any errant creases, or some other anomaly.

"You look beautiful," he said, and the weight of those words hung in the air. "I should have told you that every day."

"You're telling me now. Now, since you're here, make yourself useful, zip me," she was aiming for bossy to cover for her blush.

"Did you say unzip?" he said as his fingers toyed with her invisible zipper.

"We don't have time for all that," she said slapping his hand away. As she did she ruffled one of the items hanging to her left and it swooshed forward.

"Oh, is that the infamous gala dress?" he said. "Everyone said I missed a treat that night."

She swallowed hard. Now was the time to tell him. "You did. I looked damned hot in that dress... I... I even came to your place afterwards... I stood out on the pavement, trying to muster the courage to come up and ask you what you thought of it. I even had this whole bit rehearsed about needing help to take it off," she looked at him, his eyes were confused and yet dark with lust.

"I guess in the end though, I wasn't ready either Harvey."

He let the words hang there as he watched her step into a pair of nude Jimmy Choo.

"Maybe we could have a do over?"

"Tonight is Friday..." she played along.

"What would you say to a little Spring/ Summer retrospective?"

"I'd say what time do you want me?"

"Now," he said buttoning his jacket over his ruined shirt as they made their way out. "Now would be good."

The remaining detritus of their impassioned coupling could wait until later, he thought as they made their way down the stairs. "Let's just see how today turns out, huh?" he said, figuring they might be in for a long stint today.

"Sounds like a plan," she said, watching in slight awe as Ray managed to pull up at exactly the moment they arrived on the pavement.

"Hey Ray," Harvey said, opening the door and waiting as Donna slid in first.

"Hey," he said "your bag's on the seat there," for now that was all he said. Harvey slid the partition up and quickly slipped out of his jacket and shirt.

Donna tried not to watch him as he splashed on his cologne and buttoned himself into his shirt, but she wanted to drink him in, this man whom she had craved, who was now hers.

When the partition slid back down, Ray met her eyes in the mirror.

"Donna." He tipped his head slightly.

"Ray," she returned the gesture.

"So you two huh? Took you long enough." That was all he had to say. They both laughed a little and she felt Harvey lace his fingers with hers. It had. It had taken too long...

They pulled up to the firm, the weight of the last few weeks, the bliss of last night, the uncertainty of what the future held for the firm all pressing down on them.

"Ready?" he said, leaning back into the car as she stared up at the building.

She looked at him, he was giving her that look, the one from last night which seemed to say 'I'm in.' She nodded. She was too.

"Ready," she said getting out and staring up at the firm she loved, that they both did. She felt his arm brush against hers, his little finger toying with hers.

This was it. It was now. Their hands interlinked: palm to palm, knuckles enfolding knuckles.

Holding hands, they walked through the door. They were ready. The future started now. After all, it had been long enough...

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