If asked, Scully wasn't sure how to identify the feelings she had at that moment.

She supposed as a doctor she would start by describing her physical symptoms…

She felt nauseous, and maybe a little light headed.

A chill went through her body…the type you only feel when your life unexpectedly flips on its head and everything you thought you knew turns out to be completely wrong.

The kind of chill that can also be accompanied by a hot flush, and maybe even blurred vision…because right now she was struggling to see.

Scully blinked and tried to calm herself as she realised that her blurred vision could probably be explained by the unmistakable tears welling in her eyes.

You see Dana Scully was in love with her partner…and she had been for years. At first, she had hoped that it would be a temporary thing, that may be because he was the only man in her life she'd fixated on him and convinced herself that she loved him.

I mean, why not? He is an objectively good-looking man…

However, as the years passed she realised that this was not an infatuation, her feelings only grew stronger over time.

Then somewhere along the way she had convinced herself that he felt the same way. The lingering looks, the shared experiences, the shared laughs over long meals in distant restaurants with only occasionally edible food.

Fox Mulder had crept into her heart slowly - but had then taken up residence in a way that she had yet to allow herself to fully accept.

And right at this moment, Scully realised that it was only her naivety that had convinced her that he felt the same way. She had been so young when they met, had she really been fooling herself all this time?

It just wasn't the right time, that's what she had told herself.

They had to concentrate on their work.

They were not ready…but when they were both ready then they would take that next step together.

So she had stayed faithful.

It wasn't an effort…she wasn't being 'good'. Despite the occasional glance at another man, she wasn't interested.

Her faithfulness had extended to her encounter with Ed Jerse. Yes, she'd kissed him, but somehow the kiss alone had felt like infidelity so she soon pulled away. Ed was a good man really...despite the hallucinogenic insanity…so he had slept on the couch and let her take the bed.

Scully was still angry when she got home. Still angry at their stalemate situation and angry with herself for not being brave enough to take the steps necessary to break the cycle that she was convinced they were both on.

So here she was…standing outside a small restaurant in the city at 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon, looking through the window as Mulder sat with a woman that she didn't even recognise.

They laughed, they chatted…she couldn't remember the last time she'd seen him looking this relaxed. The woman threw something at him and he caught it in mid-air; he smiled broadly and cracked a joke, at which they both laughed easily.

Scully stood breathlessly watching their exchange. Who the hell was this woman? Why hadn't he mentioned her? She'd become complacent in their relationship recently, maybe because it was just them again…no outside influences infecting their chemistry and creating tension. People came and went, but when the dust had settled it was always just them.

Scully had even started to wonder if their time was approaching. They'd been spending more time together outside of work, hanging out in each other's apartments without feeling they needed to use work as an excuse.

He'd even kissed her, but she had been too afraid to risk an assumption that it was anything more than a holiday gesture.

He'd told her that he loved her…but how would she have looked him in the face if she'd taken him seriously and he'd been high, or even worse, joking?

Scully needed to be sure before she risked everything. So in a typically scientific approach, she had decided to wait for a third move. A third obvious hint that he was ready to move forward in their relationship and she had promised herself that she would leap in and lay her heart on her sleeve.

She stood outside the window and watched Mulder pulled out some money and pay. Then they stood…gazing at each other for at least half a minute, just smiling! Then her Mulder pulled this person into a tight warm hug, the sort that she was irrationally sure that he had only ever bestowed upon her.

He pulled back and pressed a lingering kiss onto the woman's forehead.

By this point Scully felt like she'd lost the feeling in her legs, but when she realised that they were both heading towards the door a jolt of panic alerted her legs to move and she childishly skidded around the corner and into an alley.

Then she listened carefully as she heard the door onto the street bang closed and a woman laugh.

"You look more handsome every time I see you, Fox…" a female voice with what sounded like a northern English accent purred teasingly.

"Susie, please…" She heard Mulder reply unconvincingly.

"Any woman would be lucky to have you, sweetheart. You are by far the sexiest man I've ever been lucky enough to spend time with," the woman spoke to Mulder in what Scully thought was a strangely direct and pointed way.

Mulder laughed warmly and when he replied his voice was muffled, had he just kissed her? "Coming from you…well, I'm not sure I've ever been so flattered."

They both laughed again and Scully actually felt like she might be physically sick. She moved against the wall and watched them walk past the end of the alleyway arm-in-arm.

"I'm not taking no for an answer, Fox…come back to the hotel now. You know you want to and work can always wait," Mulder's companion said firmly and kissed his cheek.

Mulder chuckled happily and nodded, "Some things are more important than work, Susie, and love is definitely one of those things."

That was when the first tear fell.

After several minutes Scully walked around the corner and found the restaurant in which she was due to meet her mother for afternoon tea.

She tried not to think about what Mulder was doing at that very moment, but the more she tried the more she seemed to torture herself with images that made her stomach turn over.

How could she have possibly been this wrong? Up until a few minutes ago, she felt happy and confident about her future, now she felt confused and disoriented.

Scully saw her mom in the corner but slipped by quickly so she could go into the restroom and fix her makeup.

When she came out she still felt unsettled but was under the impression that she was doing a pretty good job of looking calm and composed. However, mothers seem to be able to see through everything, and the rawness of her daughter's emotions were obvious.

"Dana, you look drawn. Have you been ill?" Margaret asked with sincere concern as she stood to embrace her daughter.

"I'm fine, Mom…" She mutter quietly, she couldn't face this conversation right now and there was nothing worse than someone showing genuine concern when you're fighting to control emotions bubbling just below the surface. She was desperate for her mom to start chatting about some inane family business and distract her from the whirlwind in her mind.

"This is what you look like on a good day?" She teased lightly.

Scully tensed immediately, after the experience of the previous half an hour she was in no mood to be challenged.

"Well, we can't all be supermodels!" She snapped unnecessarily.

"Oh Dana, you know I was teasing. You're a beautiful woman," Margaret said with alarm. She reached across the table and squeezed her daughter's hand.

Her mother's genuine compliment, in spite of her own rudeness, just tipped her over the edge. Scully covered her face and gasped in an effort to control her emotion, but the tears started and she knew immediately that they wouldn't stop easily.

Scully heard her mom dropping some money on the table and then standing sharply. "Dana, let's get you out of here…" She stood and her mom directed her towards the door.

As they passed the bar a member of staff stopped them us politely. "Is everything okay, ladies?"

"Everything is fine, thank you, my daughter has just be taken a little unwell," Margaret replied tactfully as Scully continued out of the exit and stepped out onto the sidewalk, blinking slightly in the bright sunlight.

A minute later Margaret walked out carrying a pizza box.

Scully looked at it with confusion and her mom explained. "It was meant to be for pick-up but they didn't turn up…so the lovely young girl gave it to us and sent you her best wishes. It's a nice place, Dana, we should come again soon."

Smiling in spite of herself Scully nodded gratefully, "I'm so sorry, Mom."

Margaret shook her head and smiled warmly, "Let's get you home, sweetheart. You can change into your pyjamas, I'll pour you a nice glass of wine, and then we can eat this pizza and chat."

Scully laced her arm through her mother's and they started walking back towards her car.

As they walked Margaret chatted aimlessly and Scully tried very hard to listen…and not think about what Mulder was doing.

When they arrived back at Scully's apartment her mom went through to the kitchen area and came back with a bottle of wine.

Scully sighed, "Do you think we could leave this for another day, Mom? I'm really not feeling very well…"

Margaret laughed kindly, "I know you, Dana. You aren't unwell, you are upset…now I'm going to sit on this sofa with you until you tell me why."

Scully considered lying, but she ultimately understood that her mom would know and be hurt that she didn't feel she could confide in her.

"I saw Mulder with someone on the way to meet you…" Scully said quietly.

"Someone from work?" Margaret asked and then closed her eyes in realisation. "You saw Fox with another woman?"

Scully winced, "Another? We're not together, Mom…" She started to argue indignantly but then realised that the fact she was so upset gave away her own feelings. "He owes me nothing, Mom, we aren't a couple," she clarified sadly.

"Whose fault is that?" Margaret asked gently.

Scully looked bewildered and then half-heartedly ventured, "Mine?"

Margaret laughed and reached to take her daughter's hand, "I think you're both equally to blame for this stalemate, Dana."

Scully sighed and pulled her hand back, "There is no stalemate, Mom. I heard him talking to her, he said he loved her."

Her mom looked concerned but unsure, "Are you sure that's what you heard? Tell me exactly what he said."

"He said, and I quote, 'some things are more important than work, and love is definitely one of those things'", Scully pushed some air out through her mouth, clearly struggling with the words.

"So you didn't actually hear Fox tell her that he loves her?" Margaret processed.

"Specifically? No. But what else could that possibly mean?" Scully snapped.

Margaret wasn't offended - she understood her daughter's irritation was caused by her obvious anguish. "I don't know, Dana, but I think you need to talk to your friend."

"And tell him what?" Scully laughed sardonically. "Hey, Mulder, I saw you with some woman yesterday, the sight made me sick to my stomach. What's the deal?"

"You really love him don't you, Dana?" Margaret asked gently. When her daughter didn't answer she continued carefully, "Because I've suspected that Fox has been in love with you for a long time."

"Well, you're my mother, you're delusional," Scully said dryly, not daring to accept Margaret's words.

"I've seen how he is when you're missing, or in danger, Dana. You mean the world to him…" Margaret reasoned.

Scully said nothing.

"You need to talk to him, Dana," Margaret repeated.

Tears flowed silently down Scully's cheeks.

"I know you, Dana, I've never seen you like this…" Margaret continued softly. "You're in love with him aren't you?"

Scully sighed and swiped angrily at her cheeks, "And if I am? Where does that get me? How am I meant to sit by watching him with someone else? How can our friendship survive that?" She looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath before looking back at her mom. "I'm going to lose him, aren't I?"

"Maybe," Margaret said bluntly. "Unless you're willing to be brave and fight for him…"

Scully frowned, "I'm meant to beg him to love me? To want me?"

Margaret laughed humourlessly, "You need to talk to him, to ask him the truth and tell him how you feel…if you think you're going to lose him anyway what do you really have to lose?"

"So I'm just meant to put my heart on my sleeve?" Scully asked with palpable dread.

"Dana, sweetheart, if you aren't willing to put your heart on the line for this man…for love…you aren't ready to make your relationship work," Margaret stated simply.

Scully let out a breath. "That simple?" she asked dryly.

"I never claimed it would be simple, Dana," Margaret argued. "But if you want him you have no choice but to throw your hat in the ring…and you need to do it now before you lose your nerve."

Scully felt sick, but Margaret raised her eyebrows when she watched her daughter reach for her phone.

"You can do it, Dana," Margaret encouraged.

"I'll need to ask him to come over," Scully said quietly, a wobble in her voice.

"I'll go to the café around the corner, I'll wait for as long as you need," Margaret said simply. "I'm here."

Scully nodded and pressed a couple of buttons on her mobile.

"Mulder," He answered.

Scully didn't respond.

"Scully?" Mulder asked, concern evident in his voice.

Scully's words escaped her completely.

"Scully?" Mulder's voice sounded increasingly tense. Then she heard him move away to speak to someone else in the room. "It's Scully's number, but she isn't answering."

Scully opened her mouth and her mom nodded at her encouragingly.

"Mulder…" She started quietly.

"Oh, God, Scully!" Mulder laughed, with obvious relief in his voice. "I was getting worried, why didn't you answer?"

"Sorry…I was…erm…distracted…my mom is with me…" She explained weakly.

Mulder chuckled, "Fair enough, say hi to your mom from me."

Scully looked up at Margaret, "Mulder says hi…" she repeated with bemused panic in her eyes.

Margaret nodded at the phone, 'speak to him!' her eyes said silently.

"Mulder, I need to…erm…talk to you…" Scully tried again.

Mulder noticed the funny tone in his partner's voice for the first time. "Are you okay, Scully?"

"I just need to speak to you…alone…" Scully tried again.

"Scully, what's wrong?" Mulder said, his tone now extremely serious and concerned.

"Can you come over?" She asked. "I mean if you aren't busy…"

Mulder was silent for a beat, "Nothing that can't wait, Scully."

Scully nodded, a glimmer of hope fluttering at his immediate response.

"You want me to come to yours now?" Mulder confirmed.

"As soon as possible, if you don't mind…" Scully nodded needlessly, her heart beating quickly and heavily in her chest.

"I'll be with you in half an hour, I just need to wrap something up here," Mulder assured her.

Scully winced, her mind drifting…imagining where he was…whom he was with.

"Scully?" Mulder sounded concerned.

"I'll see you in half an hour, Mulder," Scully replied softly and could think of nothing else to do but hang up.

"Now what?" Scully asked her mom.

"You talk to him. Tell him the truth," Margaret repeated.

"I've never allowed myself to feel like this," Scully admitted tightly. "I've never felt this vulnerable."

"Oh, Dana…" Margaret said tearfully. "I believe in him, Dana…my heart tells me that he loves you."

Scully took several deep breaths and then looked up at her mom with a tremulous smile, "I didn't see my day going like this."

A little over half an hour later Scully heard the knock at her door.

"Use your key," Scully called over, suddenly doubting the strength of her own legs.

Mulder let himself in quickly and made a beeline for his partner.

"Scully, talk to me…" Mulder said nervously and sat down next to her on the couch. The look on Scully's face confirmed to him that something momentous was happening.

"Mulder," Scully licked her lips apprehensively, "I need to ask you where you were today."

Mulder blinked, "Where I was?"

"Where were you when I called?" Scully clarified. "I realise it's none of my business, but I need to know."

Mulder shook his head, "I don't understand. Are you okay? You're well? You're not…?"

Suddenly realising that Mulder's fear would automatically rest on her cancer Scully rushed to reassure him. "I'm okay, Mulder, this isn't…medical."

Mulder let out a breath that he seemed to have been holding since he arrived.

"Thank God…" Mulder closed his eyes with relief.

"I'm sorry, Mulder…I didn't even think…" Scully reached out to put her hand on his and then pulled it back as if she had been burned.

Mulder's eyes narrowed and he looked at her withdrawn hand.

"Scully, what's wrong?" He asked with concern as his eyes connected with hers.

"Please tell me where you were, who you were with today…" a tear escaped Scully's control and she clenched her jaw as she felt it roll down her cheek.

Mulder looked horrified and confused, "I…I was with an old friend from Oxford...we met for lunch and then we went back to her hotel so that I…"

"I want you," Scully cut him off sharply. "I don't know if this is the stupidest thing I have ever done, but I can't say nothing. I need you to know…and I need to know that I gave you this option…I can't even try to move forward if I have even one doubt in my mind that this could have been different."

Mulder's jaw hung open.

Scully slowed to silence and the air around them became thick and humid.

"You…?" Mulder started to speak but found that his throat felt like sandpaper. "You want me?"

"I can't watch you happy with someone else, Mulder. Not without telling you, without letting you know…" Scully licked her lips nervously and closed her eyes.

Mulder's fingers came up under her chin and she gazed back into his eyes fearfully.

"Letting me know what?" He asked, his voice thick with wonder.

"That I…that I'm…" Scully licked her lips, she shook her head and then tried again. "Do you really love her?"

He shook his head in confusion, "Do I love who?"

"The woman I saw you with. I heard you with her…Susie…" Scully tried to explain.

Mulder smiled.

"This isn'tfunny, Mulder!" Scully snapped.

He moved closer and reached out his hands but she pulled away.

"You want me for yourself? You saw us together and you were jealous?" Mulder confirmed, his heart was beating as if he had just finished a marathon and a broad smile grew on his face.

"You're laughing at me?" Scully gasped painfully, That was the last thing she ever expected. She stood and rushed to leave the room but as she reached the doorway to her bedroom Mulder's arms wrapped around her tightly – one around her waist and one around the top of her chest.

His face landed on her shoulder and he shook his head fervently, "Scully, Scully, Scully…" he muttered quietly, "…I wasn't laughing at you. Please, don't leave…please…"

"You were grinning. As though putting my heart on my sleeve was the funniest thing that…" Scully choked.

Mulder shook his head again and cut in, "Never, Scully. I would never laugh at you, not about this."

"Mulder, please…" Scully asked weakly, unsure what she was asking for, but struggling to focus when she was enclosed so tightly in his arms.

"I just couldn't believe my ears," Mulder explained, "It's ridiculous to me…I never even dreamed." Scully tried to turn and face him, so Mulder held her tighter. "If you want me, Scully, I'm yours…always…" Mulder assured vehemently.

"Mulder?" Scully asked, new tears now running down her cheeks.

He loosened his arms a little but still seemed unsure about facing her directly. He tentatively pressed his lips softly to the bottom of her neck and then mumbled against her skin. "I can't even remember what it felt like not to want you…to love you…"

Scully felt her already damp panties flood. She turned in his arms and looked at him earnestly, "But what about Susie?"

Mulder laughed, "Susie was my closest friend at Oxford…"

"Friends with benefits?" Scully asked, pain still evident in her voice.

"Scully, Susie is gay," Mulder explained, now smiling again – a little excitement sparking in his eyes.

Scully shook her head, trying not to get distracted by his warm scent as she assimilated that knew information into what she already thought she knew. "You said 'love'", she said almost inaudibly, "…you definitely said love!"

Mulder thought back and then nodded, "Yes, Susie has a new girlfriend. I've never heard her talk this seriously about someone before and she insisted that a go to meet her…which is also a rare event."

Scully was speechless.

"You really thought that I…?" Mulder asked softly. "That's not even possible, Scully. In fact, it's been a few years since we caught up properly so I spent an embarrassing amount of our lunch date telling Susie all about you. She'd even talked me into bringing her into the office tomorrow so that she could 'subtly' meet you. I think you might actually be her new hero…she said that any woman tough enough to win my 'complicated raisin of a heart' must be…"

Mulder was cut short when Scully lunged forward and covered his lips with her own. He groaned deeply into her mouth before her tongue slid in smoothly and quickly began a thorough and eager investigation.

Their mouths fought against each other passionately as Mulder turned and pushed Scully against the wall near her bedroom. Her legs crawled up and hooked around his waist, heels digging into his ass and encouraging him to grind his granite hard cock against her pulsing core.

"Oh God…" Scully groaned and rolled her hips lasciviously against him.

"Oh God, yeah…" Mulder replied roughly and moved to suck and lick down the side of her neck. "You even taste perfect! Do you taste this good everywhere?"

"You really want me?" Scully asked, even as her fingers tugged at his shirt buttons.

"You can't still doubt it?" Mulder asked and rolled his cock up against the damp material of her linen pants.

"I love you, Mulder…so much," Scully whispered against his lips, remembering her mother's words about putting her heart on the line. She trusted him. Now it was time to prove it.

Mulder let out what sounded like a sob and dropped his face back against her neck, "Jesus…Scully…God…I am so in love with you…you make my head spin."

Scully ripped open his shirt and started to tug it back down his arms, "Fuck me, Mulder…please. Take me. Claim me. Never let me doubt it again."

Mulder growled and surprised Scully when he dragged them both down to the floor and began to hurriedly strip off her clothes.

Scully rushed to catch up; unlatching his pants, tugging down his boxers and pulling out his firm cock.

"Oh, Jesus!" Mulder thrust against her hand and tried to continue pulling clothes off.

"Forget it. Later." Scully gasped and pushed down her pants before pulling her panties to one side. "In me! Now!"

Mulder rushed to climb between her legs, Scully pulled up around his waist and then he looked into his partners eyes as his grabbed his painfully solid length and tapped the head against her clit.

"Fuuuuuck…" Scully groaned and her eyes rolled back in her head.

"Look at me!" Mulder ordered as his cock came in line with her entrance and he poked inside a little.

Scully latched onto his gaze and smiled, "You're so fucking hot…" She bit her lip and thrust up, forcing him about an inch inside her body.

Mulder grinned and thrust in a little deeper, "I'm so fucking yours…" He watched a tear slide down her temple and grazed his teeth along her jaw. "I love you, Dana Scully," He confirmed and slammed home in one powerful thrust.

Scully gasped and felt a shockwave through her body, "Oh fuck!"

"Shit…hurt?" Mulder asked, shuddering as he forced himself to stay still.

She grinned and reached up to bite sharply into his shoulder. "Yeah, and it feels so fucking good!"

Mulder looked down at her and smiled with incredulity, "Good?"

"Fuck me hard with it, Mulder.…make me yours…" Scully groaned and gripped her cunt around his cock.

"That's so hot…" Mulder growled and slowly pulled almost all the way out before ploughing back inside. "You're so tight…nothing has ever felt as good as you…"

Scully grinned up at him and licked a bead of sweat that had been sliding down his jaw, "You're huge, you feel…"

Mulder smiled, his eyes sparkling happily as he ran his hand up her thigh, pulling her leg far up his waist before hungrily plundering her mouth with his tongue. "You're perfect," he murmured against her mouth between messy kisses, "…oh God, Scully…you're a dream…the things I wanna do with you."

Scully laughed joyfully, "If this is a dream I'll be so…" She gasped when Mulder gripped one ass cheek, angling a little deeper as his fingers slid into the crease, "…pissed!" She finished on a groan and clamped her teeth down on his neck.

He ploughed inside her core with several fierce thrusts and then suddenly pulled out.

Scully gasped in shock and reached up, "Mulder! Hell! What the…?"

"On your knees," Mulder directed. He had a hint of caution in his eyes as he already started testing her boundaries, but his pupils were blown hungrily and as he slowly licked his bottom lip Scully knew she had never seen anything sexier than her partner at this second.

She wordlessly scrambled over onto all fours and then smiled over her shoulder at him and winked, "This what you have in mind?"

Mulder growled and stroked his cock firmly as he scanned up and down her body, "Fuck, Scully…I must be dreaming...this can't be real…" Moving to line up behind her Mulder started to slowly glide along her dripping core.

Scully dropped her head to look between her legs, seeing the head of his cock as it pushed through her folds and poked insistently at her clit. "Oh God, that feels amazing…" Scully felt her inside muscles clench, "…in me, now!"

Mulder pulled back and pushed home with one powerful thrust.

"Yeah!" They groaned in unison.

"I'm never leaving again," Mulder growled as he dropped down over her back and reached to grip tightly on her tits, "this is it."

Scully arched her back and hissed when Mulder grabbed and tugged hard on some of her hair.

"Too much?" Mulder checked breathlessly, loosening his hold on her hair but still thrusting at a powerfully steady rate.

"S'good…so good…" Scully confirmed. She looked back at him and watch as he reached to take hold of her hair again. "Slap me a little?" Scully asked and bit her lip a little nervously.

Mulder looked at her and raised his eyebrows.

"Tell me…" Scully whispered breathlessly, "…tell me I'm yours…"

Mulder gasped and stroked firmly down her ass with his palm, then he looked into her eyes determinedly – his eyes were dark and filled with love when he brought his hand back and slapped her soft pale skin. "You're mine, Scully…you belong to me…"

"Oh yeah!" Scully groaned and clenched around his cock. "Tell me…"

"I'm going to..." Scully gasped and then fell to the floor as she climaxed so hard she barely had the strength to make a noise.

Mulder thrust a couple more times and then groaned as he finally came inside the body of the woman he loved.

Mulder landed awkwardly on top of Scully before shifting a little to the side to take his weight off her.

"Well…" Mulder observed giddily after he started to get his breath back, "…that is what you call smashing the damn wide open."

Scully laughed, still facing the floor. She slapped back at his hip and then groaned, "Aww…don't make me laugh...I think I pulled something."

Mulder looked concerned and moved to check her eyes, "Did I hurt you?"

Scully grinned and kissed his lips softly, "I think we might have hurt me a little when we fell…but you know I really couldn't give a damn. That was worth it!"

He smiled and kissed her back. "Wow," he agreed simply.

Scully turned over so she was facing him and hooked her leg over his hip, "Has anyone ever told you that you are really fucking HOT?"

Mulder grinned, "If they did I can't remember, all I remember is you."

Scully bit her lip, already feeling her face starting to hurt from smiling so much. "I really do love you, you know?" She confirmed.

Mulder stroked his hand firmly over her hip and leaned to kiss Scully's temple, "And I really love you…I think I owe Susie and Jane a drink."

Scully blushed, "I can't believe I freaked out like that…"

Mulder shook his head, "Scully, if I'd have seen you like that with another man I would have lost my mind. I hate that I caused you any pain, even unintentionally…but I'm not going to lie and tell you that hearing the words 'I want you' from your perfect lips wasn't the most erotic moment of my life so far."

"So far?" Scully grinned. "I like the sound of that…"

"We'rgoingng to have so much fun, Scully…" Mulder assured her intensely.

"You're really mine?" Scully checked, already feeling a little breathless and turned on again.

"I'm been yours for years, Scully. I always will be. All those videos that aren't mine, I see your face. All the women I've ever been with, replaced with you." Mulder bucked his hardening cock against her hip. "I have 20/20 Scully-Vision. You blow my mind."

Scully swallowed harshly and blinked when she felt tears in her eyes, "I really thought I'd lost you."

Mulder brushed away a tear and shook his head, "Would never happen, Scully."

She moved close and they'd just began kissing again when Scully heard her phone ringing.

They ignored it - but after a few seconds, it started again.

"My mom!" Scully gasped, right into Mulder's mouth.

Mulder pulled back and looked at her to explain.

"My mom was so worried she said she's wait in the café down the street, in case I needed her…" Scully explained.

"Scully?" Mulder asked with concern.

"I…started crying in the restaurant…" Scully admitted awkwardly, "…Mom brought me straight back home and insisted I tell her everything."

"Oh, Scully…" Mulder said regretfully.

"Can you wait here? You don't have to leave?" Scully asked as she jumped up and rushed towards the shower. She stripped her remaining clothes and climbed in, but left the door open so they could talk.

Mulder shed his own remaining (and surprisingly torn) clothes and walked over unselfconsciously naked. He leaned on the bathroom doorframe, watching her shower. "I'm not going anywhere until you kick me out," he confirmed with a relaxed smile. Then he added, "I love that I can watch you do this now without being labelled a pervert."

Scully smirked at him as she climbed out of the shower and gave him a quick kiss on the way through to her bedroom.

"You are going somewhere…" Scully pointed out as she pulled on some clothes and then walked to dig through her things to track down her mobile, "…we're going out for drinks, I thought maybe tonight?"

Mulder looked confused.

"Ring your friends, I assume they aren't here for long?" Scully asked.

He smiled gratefully, "That's true, are you sure you don't mind?"

Scully shook her head, "I'd like to meet them, and I'd like to go out…I don't plan on letting you leave my sight for a while though…I thought maybe afterwards we could come back here? Try this again? Maybe on a softer surface…?"

Mulder chuckled and banded his arms around her waist from behind. He kissed under her ear gently and then burrowed into her neck, breathing in her scent. "My dream woman."

Scully chuckled and reached back to comb her fingers into his hair. "Give me a minute to call Mom. I'm going to going down and meet her in the café on the corner for a coffee. While I'm gone you can call Susie and Jane, then let me know the plans when I get home."

"I can stay over?" Mulder checked.

"You could stay the whole weekend?" Scully suggested as she picked up her mobile to discover her mom had called three times. "If you would feel comfortable with that? I have one of your suits that I picked up from the dry cleaners last week, that will do for work on Monday."

Mulder could hardly believe how casual Scully was being about this.

"What about drinks?" Mulder asked looking down with a grin at his ripped shirt.

Scully turned to face him with a smile when she remembered what she'd done to his clothes. She placed her hand naturally on his chest and tapped softly as she thought. "True…" she paused, "…okay, you call Susie and Jane to see if you can make a date for tonight, I'll go and see my mom, then when I get back we can swing by yours…feed the fish...get you some clothes. Maybe if we're making go time we could fool around a little on that couch of yours…?" Scully smiled and raised her eyebrow.

"Go! Go! Go!" Mulder said, shoving her gently towards the door.

Scully laughed, "I haven't even called yet!"

"Time waits for no-one, Scully, the sooner you leave the soon you'll be back!" Mulder edged her closer to the door.

"Mulder, don't come to the door! You're naked!" Scully protested, still trying to control her laughter.

"Don't want to share me with the neighbours?" Mulder teased.

Scully turned and wrapped her arms around her partner's neck, she smiled against his lips. "I never want to share you with anyone, Mulder," she confirmed happily.