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Chapter 1: A kit in need

Konoha or The Village Hidden in the leaves, if you were to ask the people that live in this village they would tell you that it is one of the most peaceful, bright. Overall, a nice place to live.

But like anywhere else in the world, there is always a dark side. The problem is that people tend not to see it, ignore it or they are part of it

Naruto, a boy of eight was on his way home from a walk that he felt like he wanted since there wasn't much else he could do. He usually went for walks through the village when there weren't that many people. This usually meant that he could only go on them when it was extremely early or very late at night. This was the later of the two. He was looking forward to getting home and going to bed since that meant he would meet the only other being that actually cared about him. A massive fox that went by the name: Kurama. He didn't know when he started dreaming about this fox or where he got the idea but he was always happy when he had those dreams. At least he thought they were dreams.

Naruto had actually met the fox when he was only 7 months old when his caretakers at the orphanage left him in his crib for a day and ignoring his cries since he was the only one in the room they left him in. During this time, he unknowingly tapped into Kyuubi's power and slipped into his mindscape.


Waking up in his mindscape that was just a dark barren room (1), except for the massive cage with a paper tag with the word "SEAL" written on it attached to the center of the gate.

Not liking the hard floor Naruto began to cry and it is this crying that woke up the sleeping demon fox. "What is making that annoying sound?!" The booming voice made Naruto stop crying for a second before he started again, much to the fox's annoyance.

Kurama the Kyuubi no Kitsune lifted his head and turned to look at the other side of the gate and spotted Naruto on the ground crying. Kurama was dumbstruck because he could not believe that his container was this little meatbag…...on the floor…..and was crying nonstop.

"This is what I, the great Kyuubi, was sealed into?! This weak crying child! THE INSULT THAT THAT BASTARD YONDAIME GIVES ME! IF HE WASN'T DEAD ALREADY, I WOULD KILL HIM!"

All the yelling was able to quiet the baby but he was now trembling from fear even though he did not know it yet. "Finally decided to stop that annoying racket did you?" Kurama said as he took a closer look at Naruto. He could feel the fear that the baby had but knew it was from his yelling and not from him being a demon. 'If I kill him now I could be free from this prison and find that mask-wearing Uchiha and tear him apart!' thought the Kyuubi but he decided not to do this. Despite being a demon, he was not evil, he would not do such a despicable act even if it meant his freedom (2). Seeing the trembling baby the Kyuubi moved one of his nine tails to pick him up and bring him close to get a better look.

"Such a tiny little speck." he said as he looked at Naruto. Naruto himself stopped trembling, stared at the fox's muzzle, and being so close to it, started slapping his nose and giggling. Kurama just stared at the giggling baby and smiled showing his sharp fangs which just gave Naruto something else to slap "no fear or hatred. Just a blank slate and giggles." Kurama stated with a chuckle as he laid his head on his hands/paws as well as lower the tail holding Naruto down next to his head. As he closed his eyes to sleep he could feel Naruto begin to wiggle a bit before stopping and yawned cutely signifying that he was seconds away from sleeping.

Cracking open his eye he saw that Naruto had fallen asleep on his tail. Knowing that Naruto would soon be leaving the mindscape he himself starting to drift to sleep 'he might not be so bad…..if he stayed this small and quiet'

Flashback end

That was just the first time Naruto interacted with the fox. Since Naruto had no idea how to enter the mindscape he would randomly just enter without warning but all of them were when he went to sleep in the room at the orphanage. He would fall asleep on his bed and immediately wake up in his mindscape. As he grew he came to love appearing in there and meeting with the fox who he soon began to play with.

After the first two years Kurama grew so fond of the child that he considered Naruto 'His Kit', he even took it upon himself to teach the boy simple things such as speaking. Kurama rather enjoyed the time he spent with Naruto, letting the boy play with his tails, talk about whatever they could, and comfort the boy when he was sad. As he grew closer to the boy, he could not help but regret what his actions had caused to the boy. He wished with everything he had that he wasn't responsible for how Naruto's life was with people chasing him, beating him, tormenting him, and not seeing him as what he truly was, a kind gentle boy looking for someone to acknowledge him.

Naruto for his part started to see the fox as an imaginary father figure since the only time he saw Kurama was when he fell asleep. He would enjoy his time talking to Kurama, playing with Kurama, and having someone close to him but he always thought that it was just his imagination manifesting what he always wanted in the form of his favorite animal.

When Naruto was Four he had told the Sandaime: Hiruzen Sarutobi, about his interactions with the fox, much to the old man's shock. The old man nearly had a heart attack from hearing how that the boy talked to it, even played with the massive demon. After composing himself Hiruzen had told Naruto never to trust anything the fox tells him. This confused the boy who wondered what was the problem with playing with his friend but in his naivete, he nodded his head. Naruto had agreed to what Hiruzen said but since his attention span was very minimal, he forgot about it that night when he was using Kurama's tail as a makeshift slide much to Kurama's amusement. As time went on Naruto grew even more closer to Kurama that it was the highlight of every single day. To go to bed so he could fall asleep to meet up with Kurama. They were so close that even Naruto's first word was an attempted saying of his name "Rama", even if Naruto didn't remember that, Kurama did.

As Naruto thought about meeting Kurmama again, his smile grew even more and he began to run home so he could get there faster.

Unfortunately, Naruto didn't know that he was being followed by someone that had malicious intentions.

Naruto ran as fast as his little feet could take him, whining to himself. "Why did I walk so far~! I should have gone to the playground instead." he was glad that no one was out at this time of night since he wouldn't have to deal with the glares and whispers.

The people may have thought that they were being subtle but this was not the case.

As Naruto ran past an alley, he felt someone grab him by the back of his shirt before he was thrown into the said alley. He impacted the wall hard, causing the world to go blurry and blood to begin dripping down the back of his head. Through blurry vision, he looked up to see that he was surrounded by a group of people. From what he could see some of them were kids older than him and an adult. He shook his head to try and regain his vision but he was suddenly kicked in the head hard enough to cause spots to begin to show

The group of attackers were a group of genin, some looking like they just were made genin, a few older ones, and a Chunin. The Chunin had met up with this group of seven genins and told them that he was going to show teach them how to take own a monster. The younger genin felt some reluctance about going against a "monster but the Chunin had met up with the parents and told them exactly who they were going to be attacking, the parents couldn't say "yes" faster. The parents encouraged the genin that what they were doing was extremely important to the village. It didn't help that the older ones had bullied the blonde at the insistence of their parents and their own misconception of the boy being the reason someone they knew was dead.

One of the younger ones, a boy with brown hair looked at the Chunin "hey, what are you going to teach us?" he asked as the older genin were kicking the downed blonde

The Chunin who was leaning against the wall at the entrance of the alley smirked at the boy "I'm going to teach you how to kill a monster."

This caused some of them to stop for a minute but it didn't last long when they remembered that this was the village monster that their parents and teachers have told them about.

The Chunin pushed off the wall and moved closer to them. "Now did you all bring your kunai and wires?"

The genin nodded their heads at the Chunin's question.

The Chunin smiled almost maliciously as he began. "Good. now the first thing you should do is tie up its arms and legs."

Naruto had heard what the man was telling the genin and he tried to crawl away since the genin were all looking at the man. He wasn't as stealthy as he had hoped since he was struck in the leg by a kunai "aaaahhh!" held his leg as he looked at the back of his leg to see the shuriken sticking out of it.

"Don't think you can get away." the Chunin tried to keep the malice from his voice but a bit of it was noticeable to the blonde. He looked to the genin and motioned his head to the now bleeding boy. "Well, go on. Tie him up!"

Naruto tried to get to his feet and limp away but he found himself falling back to the ground when one of the kids swept his feet from under him. He tried to get away from the laughing older kids but they were stronger than him and he was outnumbered. He soon found himself tied up in sharp ninja wire that was tied too tight as they were cutting into his skin.

"Good now…." he grabbed Naruto by the hair and lift him in the air. He couldn't help himself as he punched the boy in the stomach hard, casing Naruto to cough up a bit of blood. Once that was done, he stabbed a kunai into the wall and hung the boy by the wire that was around Naruto's wrists.

Naruto tried to regain his breath from the punch but it became harder when he felt a rag being shoved into his mouth.

The Chunin finished gagging Naruto before he pulled out another kunai and looked to the genin. "Now before we ghetto the actual lesson, we will be having some target practice."

The genin looked confused at this but listened to their superior.

"Now you are going to learn to hit vital points on a monster but to make things easier for you, I will mark the spots that will make it easier to kill monsters. The first spot is….." he lifted his kunai and stabbed Naruto in the leg "here!" he pulled the kunai out before stabbing the other leg " here!" in the right foot "here!" in his hands "here!" to finish it off he didn't stab the boy. Instead, he ripped off Naruto's shirt and used the bloody kunai to cut a circle with an X in the center just where Naruto's heart was "and here. You must aim for these spots before you can kill a monster."

Naruto's screams of pain were muffled by the rag and he could do nothing but flinch in pain and cry. He felt his world spin as he began to feel nauseous and he began to internally beg for help. 'Hokage-jiji…. Rama-san…..help…..please…..!'

Kurama snapped his eyes open at the boy's mental pleas for help. Lifting his head up, he began to see through Naruto's immediate thoughts(3) and saw what was happening to his kit at that very moment "SHIT! WHAT DO YOU SHITTY BRATS THINK YOU'RE DOING! DON'T YOU DARE HURT MY KIT! DAMN IT! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT STUPID MONKEY DOING! WHEN YOU ACTUALLY NEED THAT OLD FOSSIL, HE ISN'T AROUND!" he screamed as he rammed into the gate over and over again. After a few seconds, he decided to pour his chakra into Naruto hoping to heal the wounds already on the boy's body.

The kids didn't feel bad for the boy since they were used to beating up the boy and every time they did, they were praised by their parents. It was also not the first time that they had seen Naruto bleed excessively since they have seen some of the adults do things similar to the blonde before.

The Chunin then moved behind the kids as he spoke "ok ready your kunai!"

The kids nodded as they all pulled out their weapons

Naruto tried to wiggle his way out of the binds but the more he struggled the deeper the wires cut into his wrists and ankles.

"Take aim.."

Naruto looked up to see the other kids were ready to throw.

"Fire" the Chunin grinned wickedly at eh hanging boy

Naruto closed his eyes as he saw the kunai fly at him. He grunted in pain when he felt the piercing of his flesh from the metal weapons. He wanted to run, get away from everything, and to hide from the mean people but he couldn't.

After 15 minutes, the kids stopped, as they had run out of kunai and shuriken. They would have picked them up but almost all of them were covered in blood.

Naruto was covered head to toe with cuts, holes, and blood. His breathing was ragged and he could not see from one of his eyes as a shuriken cut it as he tried to avoid it. He was fortunate enough that the genin were not masters at aiming since they missed many times and he was not hit in anything vital.

The Chunin sneered at the fact that the kids missed the vital points but he shrugged his shoulders as he looked at the kids "well you didn't kill it but you made it bleed."

"Now what?"

The Chunin stared at Naruto for a second and smirked "now you go home." he saw that they were about to protest but he brought up his hand "you did well. You wounded a monster a lot so I will inform your senseis about this. They will reward you when they hear this and your parents will be proud of you."

This caused the genin to smile as they all nodded

"Good now head home." he watched as the kids began to leave with a smile that could be considered proud. But the second he knew they weren't anywhere close to him, his smile became malicious. He turned to the still bleeding boy and started yanking the few kunai that were embedded in the boy harshly. "Rotten brats couldn't even kill a tied u target." the man began to beat the hanging boy "come one! Let me hear you scream!" he began to focus his onslaught on the face as he laughed at the pain he knew he was dealing. "Come on! Shout out for help! Let's see if anyone cares!" he knew the boy couldn't since he was still gagged but it was fun to taunt him.

Naruto could only whimper now as he was in too much pain.

Kurama was working overtime in healing the wounds that littered the boy's body and thanks to the man who was still beating the boy, he kept getting more wounds to heal.

After Naruto's face was barely recognizable the Chunin smirked at the bloody mess that used to be a cheerful boy. "You know, those brats may have made you bleed but looks like I get the honor of killing you fro what you did eight years ago." he channeled chakra into the kunai and stabbed it into the boy's stomach with the intention of causing the boy to bleed out. "With this, you will die slowly and suffer a small fraction of the pain you caused."

Although this was said, the Chunin had no noble intentions with his action. His whole plan was to have the kids beat the Kyuubi brat until he was either an inch from dying or actually died. If the boy was an inch from death, he would finish the boy off and if he died, it didn't matter. Once either was done he would take the credit for it and be hailed as a hero. And with the tip he received from an anonymous source, he knew that it was the best chance to do it.

What he didn't realize was that the chakra in the kunai caused a disruption in the flow of the Kyuubi's chakra, causing the healing to slow down immensely.

Naruto winced in pain from the kunai now in his stomach as he slowly tried to open his right eye, since it was only swollen and not cut. Although it was extremely blurry and filled with black spots. He cried at the pain he was feeling and couldn't think much of anything anymore since all his attention was on the pain

The Chunin noticed the open eye and sneered at him "oh? Still alive huh?" He smiled as he noticed the ragged breathing and the fountain of blood coming out of the boy's gut. He knew that the boy was not going to live through the amount of fatal wounds the boy had. He grabbed the boy by the hair again, pulled him off the wall, and swung him against the opposite wall again and again. "Leaving you here would just leave a mess that no one is going to clean up. So you know what?" he brought him to eye level again "I'm leaving your filthy corpse in that shitty apartment so you can rot." The Chunin then shunshinedaway to Naruto's apartment.

~Outside of Naruto's Apartment~

Once he arrived at the rundown apartment complex, the Chunin moved to a window that he saw led inside. He then tossed Naruto through it, shattering the window and embedding some glass into the boy's back. "You can die there on the floor, but who knows, maybe someone will check up on you and save your life…..though who would ever want to check up on you?" he said knowing that no one even lived in the complex anymore since everyone moved out when Naruto was given the apartment by the Sandaime. The man left laughing, ready to celebrate the "death of the demon" with his friend.

Naruto lay there on his side with the kunai still in his stomach staring blankly at the wall as the tears and blood continued to stream down his face. He began to lose the color in his face as he began to feel cold. His eyes were slowly losing the light in them, becoming dull and lifeless. He barely even registered the voice in his head

"Kit?!...answer me kit! Come on kit hold on! Don't you dare give up! You said you would become the Hokage for this stupid village!" Kurama screamed as he kept banging on the cage and released his chakra 'Why isn't my chakra healing him!?' Kurama thought to himself, "How can you become Hokage if you give up and die here!?" Kurama screamed as he was slamming himself even harder into the gate pushing as much chakra into Naruto trying to heal him and with a few tears dampening his fur under his eyes. What Naruto said next was something that shocked him because he hasn't been called this until now.

"Kur...ama….tou….cha…." Naruto said with a smile as the light left his eyes


End of chapter


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