This story contains shota in it, if it is not your thing then do not read. Also these are purely 100% fictional characters, this story has no real world impact so please keep that in mind and do not attack me for it please

Summary: A collection of lemon one shots involving older ladies and a young Naruto. Entirely smut with very little story

The Quiet House

Chapter 1 – Lori x Naruto

Those that knew Lori Loud knew she was a fierce girl but that she truly only had one thing that she was weak to.

That 'thing' happened to be Naruto Loud, her seven year old brother who was also the only male child in her family.

She bonded unbelievably fast with the small boy the moment he came home when he was adopted by their parents four years ago. He was so nervous and shy at first, barely talking and always seeming as if he was out of place. It took some time but over the years he finally felt like he was part of the family.

From the moment he showed up Lori took charge with trying to make him feel welcome in the house and the family, all her siblings following along naturally. Over time she really bonded close with her new little brother to the point he was never too far away from her and personally she preferred it that way.

It had taken a lot of convincing when her parents told her they were giving him the 'storage closet' as his room since with the number of siblings, 10 girls in total counting her, there were few rooms available.

Personally she was okay with him staying in her and Leni's room but the other sisters also argued that they wanted him in their rooms so their parents had to find an option that stopped the arguing. Hence the small room that they figured would work until he grew older and wasn't afraid of the basement.

Lori frowned a bit in her sleep as she felt someone shaking her a bit. "What? Who is it?" Lori groaned out in slight annoyance before she opened her eyes and saw a slightly afraid looking Naruto clutching a fox stuffed animal that was his favorite.

Naruto was what any girl would call cute with sapphire blue eyes and spikey dark red hair that went out in every direction with two spikey bangs framing his face, not to mention three of the cutest whisker marks on each of his cheeks.

"I-I'm sorry I woke you up… I-I just had a nightmare…can I sleep with you?" Naruto asked, a bit nervous that he upset his sister before she quickly opened up her blanket to him.

"Of course Naruto! I'm sorry I didn't realize it was you, you know you always can sleep with me" Lori said quickly to make sure he knew she wasn't angry, smiling as his worried look melted away and he crawled into bed with her.

She was quick to hug him close to her while smiling and giggling as he hugged her back and nuzzled against her, his childish innocence making him see nothing wrong with him nuzzling against her high D cup breasts.

It always made her smile how he acted around her, always so cuddly and clingy with her. Personally she loved it and only made her hug him tighter and nuzzle against him.

"Don't worry Naruto you are always safe around your biggest sister Lori" she told him, smiling as she kissed the top of his head and rubbed his back softly. She continued to rub his back, still smiling as his head was against her chest as they laid on their sides.

-Lemon Start-

"U-Um Lori…" Naruto muttered out, looking up nervously up at her as he somewhat pressed against her breasts as if he was trying to hide a bit "I'm feeling tingly again" he finished, her being able to see a bit of his blush in the dark of her room before she giggled a bit and pet his head to get him to look up at her.

"Oh Naruto you don't have to be so nervous or embarrassed. I told you its natural and that if you ever got that way because of me to just tell me and I'll help you. Want to play with my breasts again since you love them so much~" she teased, poking her finger into his cheek as he nodded while still being visibly embarrassed.

As odd as it was this wasn't the first time Naruto had reacted to her and wasn't the first time she had helped him.

It had all started a good couple of months ago one time when he had been sleeping beside her in a similar situation. She was a bit unsure what to do at first but with the way he looked up at her with worry and fear in his eyes about what was going on with him she couldn't keep herself from helping him.

Now it had become a somewhat reoccurring thing when they slept together at night and it surprised her a bit at how much she truly didn't mind.

"Well then, go ahead Naruto. Here are the breasts you love~" Lori purred out as she slid her shirt up, exposing her breasts to him and giggled at the look of awe he always had each time she showed off her breasts to him.

She had to quickly bite her lip to suppress a moan as his small hands grabbed her breasts and his mouth quickly latched onto one of her nipples, quickly starting to lick and suck on it while he rubbed and groped her breasts just like she had showed him.

Given he was only seven when he first played with her breasts he was as she expected but he was a quick little learner when it came to this.

"There you go, just like that~" Lori moaned out a bit, loving how his little tongue licked around her nipple and how he occasionally bit down on it softly. "Let me help you as well~" she whispered to him, sliding her hand down the front of his pajama pants and smiling as her hand wrapped around his four inch hard dick.

When she first saw it she was surprised since four inches was somewhat big for his age. As she stroked it the amount of precum that he was leaking out was only making it glide smoother and her hand move faster.

She let out a small giggle as even while sucking and playing with her breasts with all his attention his lower body was going on instinct as he softly started thrusting into her hand. "Don't forget to show my other nipple some attention as well~" she told him, petting his head as he seemed to have heard her and he quickly moved over to her other breast as if a second away from suckling on her nipple couldn't happen.

"A-Am I doing b-better?" Naruto moaned out, pulling his mouth away from her breast as she could tell he was getting closer and closer by how feverously he was thrusting into her hand. He looked so out of it as he kept thrusting, trying to continue showing her attention as he kissed and licked her breast while his head rested against it.

"You are doing so much better Naruto, you've always been a good learner but right now just focus on cumming for me okay~" Lori told him as she kissed the top of his head and moved her other hand in front of his dick while she sped up her hand even more, getting him to hug her breasts and whimper a bit into them.

As he started to squirm a bit, trying his best to really hold onto her as she sped up her hand more and more. Lori couldn't help but kiss him as he let out the cutest moans, her tongue invading his small mouth before she felt him start to cum into her hand.

She slowly kept stroking his dick, waiting for the ropes of cum to stop shooting out into her cupped hand before she broke the kiss with a smile. "You did so good, you let out so much" she told him with a kiss to his forehead as she carefully pulled her hand out of his pants, trying not to spill a drop before she brought her hand up to her mouth.

The smell alone was enough to make her grow even wetter than she already was, making her squeeze her legs together a bit before she started to lick it up off her hand. The flavor of cum was a very odd thing and she only initially tasted it cause she was curious but after the first taste she found herself actually liking it, a lot actually.

"Are you still tingly Naruto?" Lori asked, licking her palm clean as Naruto nodded nervously which only made her smile as for a kid he was the kind to go multiple rounds. It made sense given the amount of energy he had naturally. "Don't worry, I'll take care of it until you are all calmed down~" she purred out, kissing him softly before she started to move down towards his crotch.

Taking his dick in her hand she smiled as she softly stroked it, kissing the tip of it as he let out another cute moan due to still being a bit sensitive from just cumming. She swore the cute look he gave her as she looked up at him made her shiver again, having to resist just pouncing on him right away since she loved doing every 'part' with him more or less.

She started off slow, slowly licking around the tip of his dick and alternating with licking up and down the shaft of it. She even went as far as to lick and kiss on his smooth balls which always got a cute reaction out of him.

It didn't take long, due to her low self-control regarding him, before she swallowed his dick into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip and shaft of his dick as her head slowly bobbing on it while she looked only at him above her.

The sight of him moaning, covering up his mouth with his hands to try and muffle them while he looked down at her only made her start bobbing her head faster on his dick. His cute muffled moans and squirms only made her want to do more to him,

She kept looking up at him, smiling at his confused look as she pulled away for a second before he quickly had to cover his mouth as she sandwiched his dick between her tits. "You really like it when I use my breasts like this don't you?" she asked him, slowly starting to pump her tits around his dick while he nodded in a daze. "Tell me how much you like it sweetie, tell your precious big sister how much you like her breasts~" she purred out to him, making him blush as he struggled to catch his breath a bit.

"I-I really like it Lori, they feel so soft and nice and make me feel extra warm and tingly" he told her, getting her to speed up before she pressed her face down into them to lick and suck on the tip of it as best that she could.

"Good boy, always remember to be honest about how you feel to me. Always let me know when you feel like you are about to splurt and be sure to say what I taught you" she told him, kissing the tip of his dick as he nodded before she continued to pump her tits.

She had done this enough to know just how to use her breasts on his dick, speeding up and slowing down at intervals and moving one up and the other down at times. He was especially weak to her titjobs, even more so when paired with her sucking and licking on the tip of his dick.

"L-Lori, I-I'm going to cum" Naruto panted out, saying what Lori told him to say when he was about to splurt while trying his best to stay quiet since Leni was sleeping in the bed next to them.

"Good boy, cum for your big sister~" Lori whispered out, urging him to cum as she sped up even more, looking up at him with a smile as she could feel his dick twitching between her tits.

It wasn't long before ropes of cum started to shoot up from between her breasts, most of them landing on the tops of her breasts while a few stronger ones landed on her face and cheeks which caused her to giggle happily at. "Oh my~ So much cum and this is the second shot! You always let out so much sweetie" Lori said, not stopping her tits as she wanted to coax every last drop of his second load out since he did cum a lot.

"I-I'm sorry Lori" he whimpered out as he finished splurting, frowning before Lori cupped his cheek softly.

"Naruto, what have I told you? You do not need to apologize about cumming as I love it when you cum. It means I made you feel really good so you are always welcomed to cum on or in me when we do this, okay?" she said, assuring him it was okay before he nodded and he watched as she started to clean off.

She didn't waste a drop, scooping off the bits from her face and licking the fingers clean before she started to lick her breasts clean. She couldn't help but giggle a bit and slightly roll her eyes as his dick twitched again, looking to see his eyes were fixated on her intently while she had been doing it.

"Guess I'll have to really finish you off won't I~" Lori told him, leaning forward to kiss him as she started to slide her pajama shorts down only to quickly cover themselves with her blanket as she heard Leni sit up beside them.

-Lemon End-

"Lori, what are you doing awake?" Leni asked, removing her eye mask – something Lori was ever thankful she wore to sleep – before looking their way.

"Sorry Leni, Naruto came in after a nightmare and I was trying calm him down. Go back to bed as he's just falling asleep" Lori told her, thankful that the blanket was covering up her bare breasts and that Naruto was behind her so she was blocking Leni from seeing him.

"Awww, I hope he sleeps better. Night Lori" Leni said, a slight pout as no one in the house liked it when Naruto had nightmares, before she slid her eye mask back down and laid down.

"Night Leni" Lori said as she waited a bit before she turned over to see a nervous Naruto looking up at her. "It's okay Naruto, she didn't see us" she whispered to him as she pet his head only to frown as she felt his hard dick pressing up against her stomach.

She knew they couldn't finish how she wanted to, due to Leni having woken up and might possibly wake up again. "I know you want the real thing Naruto but I hope you are okay with this. I'll make it up to you later, I promise" she told him, kissing the top of his head as she slid his dick between her thighs so he could thrust a bit between them.

Of course this meant she had to make him cum on her shorts a bit, having pulled them up in the back, but it was better than making a mess on her sheets. And while it wasn't what either of them truly wanted she was glad that was enough to calm him down and get him to fall asleep while he happily clung to her.

-The Next Day-

Lori truly did love being the eldest child as it always gave her benefits at times like these. "You all enjoy Aunt Ruth, tell her I said hi~" Lori sang out as she hugged Naruto closer to her, him sitting on her lap.

Naruto, due to a bad encounter with a few of Aunt Ruth's cats, had grown afraid of going over there and was always allowed to stay at home when they went. Normally it was either her mom or dad that stayed with him but today Aunt Ruth apparently needed them both there so Lori, due to being over 18, was chosen to look after him.

"Now remember Lori, I have my phone on me if you need me. And Naruto you be good for Lori okay?" Rita, her mom, told them while leaning down to kiss Naruto who happily kissed her back.

"I know mom and don't worry Naruto is literally always on his best behavior so you have nothing to worry about, isn't that right Naruto!" Lori said, smiling as she gave Naruto a squeeze which made him giggle and nod at.

"That's right mom! I'm always good for all my sisters!" he told her with a bit of a pout as if upset she could think of him being bad which made her and a few of his sisters laugh at a bit.

"Of course sweetie, you are always an amazing boy for all of us. I'll see you when we get back" Rita said, ruffling his hair before groaning a bit as she heard her husband calling out for her outside. "We shouldn't keep him waiting, come on girls" Rita told her daughters as they all groaned.

"You are so lucky you get to stay behind. I'd give anything to not go to Aunt Ruth's" Luna grumbled out as she crouched down in front of Naruto. "Give me a hug little bro as I'll need it to survive" she added with a pout, making Naruto laugh as he hugged her and kissed her cheek which made Luna smile massively at while she hugged him back. "Thanks little man, that'll ensure I come back alive" Luna said with a smirk, ruffling his hair as she kissed him back on the cheek.

"Awww I want a kiss as well!" Luan whined, putting her hands on her hips as Luna rolled her eyes and had to let go of him while Lori had to sit there, due to Naruto being on her lap, while each sister came and gave him a hug and kiss that he returned.

Even the stoic Lisa came for a hug which surprised her a bit.

She though had to cut it off when Lola tried to get another kiss and hug, that and Mom had thankfully called out to them.

With the family finally gone Lori smiled as she finally had Naruto all to herself, happily nuzzling her cheek against the top of his head. "Finally they left! Took them long enough as I've been literally dying to have the place alone with you since mom told me they were leaving" she groaned out while Naruto giggled due to her hugging and nuzzling against him.

"So what are we going to do? Watch a movie? Play some games?" Naruto asked her, looking up at her excitedly as she licked her lips with a smile.

"I was thinking maybe we continue what got interrupted last night~ I know you want it as well since you've been staring at my butt more than usual~" she teased him, poking his cheek as he blushed darkly and looked down at his feet nervously. "Aww don't be like that, I've told you I don't mind you looking at me so don't be like that" she told him as she quickly turned him around, surprising him before she kissed him lovingly.

"Now you be a good boy and stay here until I call out for you as I have a surprise for you~ I bought it recently and I know you are going to love it" Lori said with a giggle due to the excited look in his eyes as he nodded while she gave him one last kiss before hurrying off to her room.

Naruto waited patiently just like Lori told him to as he had always been told to listen to his sisters and parents. Plus Lori looked excited about her gift for him so he wasn't about to spoil it by not waiting.

Plus it turned out he didn't have to wait long as Lori was quick to call out for him. As he opened the door he could only stare in amazement as Lori sat on her deck across from the door.

-Lemon Start-

Naruto's reaction of staring at her in absolute awe, stars in his eyes and his jaw dropped with a bit of drool coming out of the corner of his mouth made this outfit worth every dollar she spent on it and then some.

It was simple but sexy consisting of a blue see through long sleeve loose short robe and a pair of blue stockings with a matching blue garter belt. She kept her breasts fully on display, and due to her sitting on her desk, gave Naruto a clear view of her pussy and her small patch of blonde colored bush above it due to not wearing panties.

"So I take it you like it?" Lori asked as she walked towards him, swaying her hips before she ran a finger down his jawline and closed his mouth. That bit of her touching him was enough to snap him out of his daze before he quickly nodded.

"Y-Yeah! Y-You look really really pretty!" Naruto said, quickly hugging her and nuzzling his face against her breasts with a happy smile on his face. Lori couldn't help but chuckle a bit as his hands also started rubbing her ass.

"Always such a sweetie with your compliments. I'm glad you like it and that it seems to have made you excited~" she purred out with a soft moan as he kneaded her ass while she rubbed his sides, noticing a bulge in his pants. "How about we get started as we both have waited long enough~" she whispered to him, petting his hair and getting him to look up at her and nod.

Lori was quick to take his clothes off, laying him on the bed while kissing him the entire time as she straddled his lap. The second his dick was freed she slowly started to grind against it, the juices leaking out of her pussy helping her slide even smoother against it.

"L-Lori, I-I really want to put it in. P-Please" Naruto panted out while moaning softly as he looked up at her, the feeling being too good and he didn't want to splurt before they did their 'special fun' as Lori put it.

"Of course Naruto, you know you always just have to ask to get anything and everything from me~" Lori whispered out in a sultry tone as she rose up a bit, using one of her hands to line his dick up with the entrance of her pussy while her other hand cupped his cheek so she could lean down and kiss him.

The second their lips met Lori dropped down on his dick, driving all four inches into her all at once. Him moaning into her kiss made her smile as she slide her tongue into his mouth, smiling a bit more as his small hands went to her breasts.

"There you go, you got what you wanted~ The inside of my pussy feels great doesn't it~?" Lori panted out, slowly starting to move up and down on his dick, allowing him to grope and squeeze her breasts as he panted and moaned beneath her.

"I-It feels r-really really good Lori" Naruto moaned out, his eyes glazed over a bit due to the overwhelming feeling of it while his hands groped his sister's breasts since that was all he could really focus on.

"I'm so glad as god does my pussy love your dick Naruto. It just hits every spot I have and scrapes up against the insides as if it was made for it~" Lori moaned, speeding up how fast she bounced on his dick as she was really getting into riding the dick that she lost her virginity to.

Her speed only increased more and more, her thankful to be able to let out her moans and be loud during sex as it only made her get more and more into it. She let out an exceptionally loud moan as Naruto leaned up slightly to latch onto her nipple.

"O-Oh god, if you do that I'm literally going to cum so fast~! I want you to cum with me Naruto~" Lori moaned out, hugging his head against her breast so he could really start sucking and playing with them while she sped up even more.

She could feel her limit growing closer and closer as she kept bouncing on his dick, his mouth and hands on her tits only making it faster approaching as he pulled away and looked up at her. "Y-You're going to cum aren't you?" she asked, moaning while he could only nod as he hugged her tightly with his hips instinctively trying to thrust up beneath her.

"C-Can I please c-cum inside?" he moaned out before she pet his head and nodded while she directed his mouth back to her nipple which he quickly latched back onto as he didn't need to be told that.

"Of course you can, you can always cum inside me as my pussy is literally all yours~!" she moaned out loudly, frantically bouncing on his dick as she was so damn close and knew he was as well. It wasn't long before she let out her loudest moan of the day as she slammed down on him as she felt his dick burst inside her, the feeling of his hot cum shooting inside of her was a hard push past the line to drive her to cum.

She could feel body spasming a bit as she panted and moaned with each rope of cum she felt him shoot inside her, paired with him sucking on her nipple and still thrusting up into her made her orgasm prolong a bit with a powerful jolt of pleasure.

To her it felt like it took a solid minute before it stopped cumming inside of her and she could scoot back off him. The feeling of his cum leaking out of her made her shiver and coo at before she smiled as his dick still was hard in front of her coated in some of his cum and her juices.

"It got all messy it seems, we can't have that now can we? Got to keep it nice and clean~" Lori giggled out as she moved onto her stomach, her face now right in front of Naruto's hard dick as she slowly started to lick around the tip of his dick.

His little moans were so cute as softly sucked on the tip, swallowing just a bit more of his dick each time before she surprised him by swallowing every inch all at once. She slowly started to bob her head on his dick, smiling a bit as his hands seemed to reflexively go to her head as she sucked on him.

Blowjobs were honestly something she was the best at as they were something they could do quickly together while not worrying all too much about the others around them. She had done them enough to him that she knew just the ways to move her tongue around his shaft and head to really make him feel good to the point he was hunched over, essentially hugging her head a bit.

She utterly loved making him like this, where he could only hug or hold onto her since it showed how good she was making him feel. She knew it might be overwhelming him but she just loved how he moaned and clung to her, making her speed up her head and suck on him even harder.

"L-Lori I-I'm really going to cum again" Naruto panted out with a whine, hugging her tighter as she only sped up how fast she bobbed her head on his dick.

Lori knew he was close even before he told just by how much his dick had been twitching inside her mouth, his words making her only want to make him cum even faster with her actions being rewarded quickly after.

His cum shot out hard with the first rope being thick and quite a lot with each rope after that shooting out in a steady pace and just as thick. She had to keep swallowing as, while being only seven, he always came so much. It was lucky she loved the taste of it as she swallowed the last few ropes before she pulled away after giving it a last few licks to make sure it was nice and clean.

"All clean and I even got such a tasty snack from it~" Lori teased him a bit, giving his dick a soft kiss on the tip as he panted and watched her as she laid next to him only to smile as he got up and moved behind her.

"Oh you want more~? Then come on then Naruto, claim your older sister's pussy since it is all yours~" Lori purred out, getting on all fours and slowly swaying her ass at him. She even went as far as to use one hand to spread one of her ass cheeks so he could get a clear view of her pussy that was still leaking some of his cum to really entice him to pounce on her.

She didn't have to wait long, letting out a quivering moan as he slammed his dick hard back into her, slapping against her ass before he started to thrust. "God yes Naruto, fuck your big sister just the way she loves it~!" she moaned out loudly as while she utterly loved riding him, as it gave her the view of him squirming and moaning beneath her, she had to admit she loved it when he was the one thrusting even more.

Due to his age it more along the lines of him just frantically thrusting into her but damn did it feel good as he just did not stop. His energy really allowed him to really jackhammer into her, only picking up speed and slamming against her harder as his arms hugging around her waist while he panted and moaned.

"Y-Yes~ Just like that Naruto, keep fucking me~" Lori panted out, her head on its side on her pillow as she drooled a bit as her arms had given in a bit ago due to how his dick kept rapidly hitting this one spot inside her that was starting to drive her crazy.

Her head though didn't stay down for long as she threw it back with a loud moan as Naruto spanked her ass hard while he continued to thrust. "O-Oh fuck~! Spank me harder Naruto~" she moaned out with a giggle, loving that he seemingly remembered how she really enjoyed it when he was rough with her.

Though due to how sweet and kind he was spanking was as much as he could bring him to do. She was still working on getting him to pull her hair but progress is progress.

Lori found her eyes rolling halfway back into her head as he kept thrusting into her, somehow finding a way to go even faster and harder into her, while spanking both of her cheeks with each spank being harder than the last. While she would have loved it even harder she was beyond happy with what she was getting from him.

"F-Fuck I'm going to cum Naruto, you are really making me cum~!" Lori moaned out, biting her lip as she could feel a really powerful orgasm building up quickly inside her and she hoped he could last that long as she could feel his dick giving its telltale signs that he was also close.

"M-Me too Lori I-I'm really close!" Naruto groaned out, stopping his spanks as he hugged around her waist tightly and kept thrusting.

Naruto was the first to start cumming but his first rope of cum shooting into her was what started her orgasm, that and that fact Naruto kept thrusting frantically while he came. She felt her body spasming as she came, moaning through it all as his thrusting was seriously keeping her orgasm strong.

By the time he pulled out as they both finished cumming she felt her body give out as she laid on her side, giggling a bit from the euphoria of that amazing orgasm. She though widened her eyes as he flipped her over on her back, spread her limp legs and slammed back into her.

"N-Naruto, s-sweetie wait, I-I'm still recovering" Lori whined out, trying to get him to stop only to see a dazed look in his eyes while he quickly started thrusting hard into her. 'Oh I knew there was a reason Lisa hugged him' she thought worriedly as this screamed one of Lisa's experiments.

She just hoped it didn't hurt Naruto, or herself, by the end of it.

-Lemon End-

After what she was certain was a good three hours of sex, which was insane given Naruto was only seven, Lori was a mess in several ways. She had cum all over her from her face, ass, and stomach with her having swallowed the loads he let out in her mouth and licked her breasts clean. Her pussy had been leaking out cum for what seemed like minutes and her stomach still looked slightly bloated from the insane amount he had let out inside.

But in the end she didn't really mind it as it was beyond intense and Naruto seemed fine as he happily cuddled up close to her, his head on her breast as she knew he would rest against them – hence why she had licked them clean.

She had also found what drove Naruto over the end, a small grey patch on the back of his neck that was smaller than a stamp. 'She is so going to hear it tomorrow for doing this…if I can walk' Lori thought, thankful that her family would be gone until dinner time and were going to call her when they left as they always did since Aunt Ruth days were always take out and her mom always called to make sure what Naruto wanted.

"Love you…Lori" Naruto muttered in his sleep, hugging her tighter as he nuzzled against her breast a bit before somehow finding her nipple to suckle on in his sleep.

She couldn't help but giggle at that as she pet his head. "And I love you too Naruto" she said softly, stroking his cheek as she could safely say she loved him more than anything. 'Now you just rest little guy as boy did you earn it' Lori chuckled to herself as she kissed the top of his head and held him close.

-Chapter End-

The way I see it most Naruto fics involve shota as they have 12 year old Naruto having sex with girls, only difference here is that the girls here aren't his age and he's a tad bit younger. Plus, again, FICTIONAL CHARACTERS and all you know?

This is an odd AU where things are changed a good deal so listen up and it should make sense.

In this AU Naruto is the youngest Loud Child, everyone knows he is adopted and they welcome him into the family (no Lincoln). Only in this fic, to varying degrees, the sisters love him in ways sisters shouldn't and they all fool around with him (as well as a few non-family girls).

This is pure smut so don't expect too much realism on things like 'Why would they have sex with a 7 year old?' and whatnot. Plus the kind of stuff Lisa can do a little patch that gives Naruto a ton of more energy to keep at it isn't too far out of the realm of possibilities for her basically.

This story I know, despite shota being a tender subject, just sparked into my mind one night and I was driven to focus on this. The way I see it these are purely fictional characters so they are separate from real life in utterly every aspect.


Basically all the sisters have had their ages tweaked to a degree

Lori – 19

Leni – 18

Luna and Luan – 17 (twins)

Lucy – 16

Lynn and Lisa– 15 (twins)

Lola and Lana – 14 (twins…duh)

Lily – 13

Naruto – 7 (adopted)

Also some ages of Misc. characters

Carol Pingrey – 18

Ronnie Anne, Sam, and Maggie – 17

Haiku and Tabby – 16

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