This story contains shota in it, if it is not your thing then do not read. Also these are purely 100% fictional characters, this story has no real world impact so please keep that in mind and do not attack me for it please

The Quiet House

Chapter 4 – Leni x Naruto

"Now be sure to find Leni right away okay? I told Leni to expect you but I'm not sure if she remembers" his mom told him while she pulled up to drop him off in front of Reininger's, the store that Leni worked at, so that he could go clothes shopping with Leni. "Actually, on second hand, why don't I come in with you" she insisted before he shook his head with a pout.

"Mom~ I can find and remind Leni on my own~!" he whined out, not liking when his mom babied him like this, getting her to smile and ruffle his head while he sat in the middle row of the van's seats.

"You're right, I'm sorry, I just worry over you sweetie you know that. Have your sister text me when you find her please and have fun" she said before motioning for him to come closer, allowing her to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Okay mom, love you!" he said, giving her a big hug before he hopped out of the car and waved as she drove away.

Naruto smiled as he happily walked inside the department store, the air conditioning feeling great with how hot it was outside. 'Now I just have to find Leni…' Naruto thought with a bit of a frown given how huge the store was but he was certain he could find her if he looked around enough.

After a while Naruto groaned as he still hadn't found Leni, his usually easy to find sister being much more elusive than he thought.

"Having trouble there little guy?" a familiar voice asked out, getting him to turn around to see a friend of both Lori and Leni's.

Her name was Becky, he had met her a few times she was brought over to the house to hang out with his sisters since most of the time he was welcomed to hang out with them as well. She was a nice girl who liked comics and that ghost hunting show that Lily occasionally made him watch with her.

She, like all his sister's friends, was pretty with red hair like him only with hers being more a dull shade and green eyes. She wore a sleeveless green and blue shirt, a pair of really tight dark grey jeans – something that always seemed uncomfortable to him, and a pair of brown sandals.

"Hi Becky! Have you seen Leni? I'm trying to find her" he pouted a bit before she crouched down in front of him with a smile.

"I haven't seen her but I'm sure I can help you find her" Becky told him, offering her hand to him before he accepted it and she stood back up.

"So are you excited for the newest Ace Savvy? It comes out next week and from what the people who got a sneak peek of it before the rest of us are saying its's going to be seriously amazing!" Becky said an excited smile as he smiled up at her.

"Really!? That's so cool! I hope I can get it before a friend at school spoils it for me" he grumbled since that had happened too many times to him.

"How bout I ask Lori to take us there? I'm sure she'll want to hang out around that time as well so it's a win-win, we get to hang out and enjoy comics together" she suggested with a smile, squeezing his hand before he happily looked up at her.

"That'd be really cool! I hope she'll be okay with it" he hoped, getting Becky to ruffle his hair with a chuckle.

"For you she'd do anything Naruto so you just let me handle it. For now lets focus on finding Leni" Becky told him before they started looking through the store, Becky's height easily allowing her to find Leni.

"Leni! A little someone is here to see you~" she sang out, smirking as Leni turned around and almost instantly a large and bright smile appeared on her face.

"Naruto! You're here!" Leni yelled out excitedly before ran to them, surprising Becky by picking Naruto up in a hug.

Becky though had to chuckle a bit as Naruto was struggling to not get smothered by Leni's breasts, pushing his hands against her and trying to push away just enough to be able to move his head in a different direction other than directly forward between them.

"Leni, sweetie, he can't breathe" Becky told her, tapping her arm to get her attention for her to see Naruto's hands on her breasts while he tried to push away from her.

"Oh! I'm sorry Naruto! I'm just so happy to get cute clothes for you" Leni apologized with a frown while she pet his head after letting him go.

"I-It's okay Leni, I know how excited you get for shopping" he told her, chuckling a bit since it was well known Leni could get really fired up at the prospects of a sale or just the mere mention of shopping.

"Well now that you found your sister I'm going to head off. It was really nice running into you little guy" Becky said, crouching down and petting his head once he turned around to face her.

"Thank you a lot for helping me Becky!" he thanked her before quickly hugging her.

Becky smiled as she hugged Naruto back, rubbing his back before pulling back after a bit. "I'll see you again soon when the new comic comes out so look forward to it little guy" she said with a wink, surprising him with a kiss on his cheek before she walked off.

"Awww you and Becky have something planned? That's so sweet that you get along with our friends so well" Leni said happily while she hugged him from behind. "Now come on, I already texted mom so let's go get some clothes for you. I found the cutest pair of shorts earlier that you just have to try on!" she quickly added, pulling him off to gather clothes for him to try on.

Shopping with Leni was very different from shopping with Lori or their mom, unlike them she was much more enthusiastic about it overall. He didn't mind but over time it could be exhausting.

"Here, how do they look?" Naruto asked as he stepped out of the changing room, showing his sister a pair of black shorts that she had picked out for him.

Leni, like always when it came to how clothes looked on him, gained a serious look on her face while she looked him over before smiling and patting his head. "They look perfect! I wish you could wear lighter colors but with your cute red hair its difficult finding shades that go along with it" Leni told him while she pet his head. "Here, go try these on next. I think they will work together perfectly" she added, handing him another pair of shorts and a shirt for him to try on.

He sighed as he started to get changed, trying on a ton of outfits being the norm when it came to shopping for him. He though was startled, jumping up a bit, as the curtain opened after he taken off his shirt. Once he turned though his worry and fear about who had walked in disappeared as he saw it was only Leni.

"Sorry I just also found a few cute outfits for myself and wanted to try them on. You don't mind sharing with me right?" Leni asked, tilting her head to the side cutely which made it impossible for Naruto to anything other than shake his head at.

"I…don't mind" he muttered, blushing as while he might be used to his sisters changing in front of him without them minding but it didn't mean it still didn't affect him. It was even tougher for him to look away due to the fact Leni had the biggest breasts of all his sisters.

He still didn't understand the whole 'cup sizes' thing but from what Lori had told him Leni was an E cup while Lori was only a D cup. It still made zero sense to him but when he saw them side by side, which sometimes he did when they changed into swimsuits in front of him, the difference in size was clear.

"You okay Naruto? Do I have something on my chest?" Leni asked him, snapping him out of his daze that he had apparently gone in due to staring at her breasts.

"N-No! S-Sorry, I didn't mean to stare" he apologized, quickly turning around before Leni giggled at him.

"Oh Naruto, you are just so cute!" Leni giggled before quickly wrapping him up in a hug from behind, his head now basically between her breasts. "You know its okay to look, I really don't mind, none of us do" she told him, kissing the top of his head which only made his blush grow darker.

"B-But…doesn't that make me like those boys you and Lori complain about from school?" he asked her, not wanting to be like the perverts they complained about and how they always seemed to be staring at their chests.

"Oh Naruto, you totally could never be like those boys. They are like so gross about it while you are my sweet and cute brother so like, never worry about us thinking you are perverted okay?" she assured him with a smile while she turned him around, getting him to look up at her before he nodded. "Trust your sisters when one of them tells you that we like it when it's you looking and touching" she giggled out, gently grabbing his hands and putting them on her breasts.

-Lemon Start-

Naruto blushed a bit as his hands were put onto her breasts, quickly looking up at her only for her to smile and nod which got him to turn his attention back towards her breasts. He was gentle as he started to grope them, running his hands softly over them with the soft moans coming from Leni showing he was doing it right.

He had to make sure to remember how Leni enjoyed it when he was really gentle with her, softly squeezing them and trailing kisses over them. He gave them a few licks, getting soft squeaks from Leni before he quickly captured one of her nipples in his mouth.

"O-Oh~ Seems like you really want to play" Leni moaned out with a giggle while she gently pet his head. "We have to be careful but I don't mind" she told him, gently sliding down his shorts and underwear, giggling softly once she realized how hard he was.

"Here, I can't be the only one feeling good. That just so isn't fair" she softly whispered out before she gently sat down on the padded bench they had in the changing room and made him straddle her lap all while making sure he didn't have to stop playing with her breasts.

Naruto tensed up, grabbing onto her breasts for support as she started to softly stroke his dick and move it around gently to where the tip kept brushing just barely against the bottoms of her breasts.

"Do you want to do your favorite thing? I brought tissues to help clean up afterwards" Leni suggested before Naruto shyly looked up to her and nodded, making her smile at just how cute he was being.

He always felt embarrassed asking for things when he played around with his sisters which was why he was always thankful when they suggested it instead. He sat up a bit while Leni grabbed her breasts and pressed them together for him a bit, allowing him to slide his dick in between them from the front.

A nod from Leni was all he needed to see before he started to thrust into her breasts with his hands on her shoulders for stability. The pressure she gave from rubbing her breasts up and down added a lot to how great it felt for him.

"There you go, keep on thrusting Naruto. I'm so happy my breasts feel so good for you" Leni said with a happy smile, looking up at him before she added more pressure with her breasts, squeezing his dick between them even more.

That only made him start thrusting even faster between her breasts, the sound of him smacking against them filling the room even more. She had played with him enough to know when he was getting closer, deciding to help him along as she moved her breasts more while making sure to keep the pressure on his dick just like Lori had showed her once.

"It's okay to cum Naruto, let it out whenever you like" she told him with a sweet smile before letting out a surprised gasp as she felt the first burst shoot between her breasts. Feeling him cum always felt odd but very nice to Leni, his cum being warm and sticky as she felt him let out burst after burst between her breasts with bits splurting up at the top just to show how much he was letting out.

She also found him to be even cuter as he came, his face all tensed up a bit while he kept giving out the occasional thrust to prolong it and squeeze out the last bits of cum.

"You let out so much~!" Leni exclaimed with a giggle, pulling her breasts apart to show all the strings of cum and all of it that was between them. She did her best to wipe up his cum with her hands before she started to lick them clean, the taste was something she didn't like at first but with how much she tasted it with blowjobs it wasn't long before she actually started to like it.

"Better?" Leni asked with a smile using some tissues from her purse only to frown as she noticed he was still hard.

"S-Sorry…" he apologized before she reached up and cupped his cheek, stroking it with her thumb as she smiled at him.

"Don't apologize Naruto, I don't mind helping you…though I don't think we can do the real thing so you'll have to make do with what we can do okay?" she told him, getting a nod from him before she gently took him off her lap, standing him up in front of her as she had an idea.

Naruto watched, a bit unsure of what Leni had in mind before she gracefully lifted her legs in the air while still sitting down and kept them close together.

"Here, you can use my thighs. I'm sorry we can't do the real thing, hope it'll be enough for you" she said with a bit of a frown as she peeked out from behind her legs.

Naruto quickly shook his head though, gently putting his hands on her thighs before he looked at her. "No! Don't apologize Leni, this is more than enough" he muttered with a blush as he hugged her legs and slipped his dick in between her thighs.

Leni knew she wasn't as plump as her younger sister Lucy was but she was still confident in how curvy she was in terms of her butt and thighs. As his dick slid between her thighs she had to admit it was an odd and interesting feeling for her. It was definitely a nice though, a thought she unknowingly shared with Naruto as he kept thrusting.

Just like before Leni squeezed her thighs together a bit to make him feel better, unlike her breast though she had to make sure she wasn't squeezing too much otherwise it might hurt him. Though from how he was gradually speeding up, and how adorably he was hugging her legs, she seemed to be doing pretty good at it.

"Do my thighs feel that good Naruto?" Leni asked with a giggle as she leaned her head over a bit to get a better view of Naruto to see him really hugging her legs with a look of pleasure on his face.

"T-They feel really nice and soft" he told her, hugging her legs a bit tighter due to how odd but nice the sensation of thrusting between her thighs felt. He's had some people play with him in odd ways before from feet, in between a pair of cheeks, and even a bent leg so while thighs were odd it wasn't too odd overall.

Plus with all the lotion and products he's seen Leni use on her skin it resulted in her skin being very, very soft. It was really making him reach his limit really fast.

"I-I think I'm going to cum soon" he whined out, getting her to squeeze her thighs together a bit more which only made him whine again from the pressure.

"That's why I have all the tissues and wet wipes silly, its so you don't have to hold it in" she told him with a giggle while she felt him pick up his speed a bit more. "Let it all out for your big sister Leni, show her how much you love her" she giggled out before happily clapping as the first rope shot out, splurting out a bit from between her thighs and landing on her stomach.

She was always impressed by how much a little boy like Naruto could let out, his ropes shooting out from between her thighs starting to really cover her stomach and even glaze her breasts decently. She had to wait, watching as he gave out his last few cute little thrusts before she could clean up.

Once he pulled away she smiled and handed him a wet wipe to clean up his dick before she got to work on herself. "Plying with you always gives me a nice snack, plus I've read from articles Lori showed me that cum is good for the skin…shame I can't leave it on my face outside of home" Leni grumbled a bit as she finished licking the cum she scooped up off her fingers and used some wet wipes to clean.

"I know two times isn't enough but can you handle it until we get home?" Leni asked with a frown, noticing his dick was still hard before he nodded.

"It's okay…thank you for this much" he said before he kissed her, getting her to let out a happy squeal before she pulled him back to her for another kiss that quickly evolved to her kissing his face all over.

"You are so cute when you get all gentlemanly like that~" Leni purred while Naruto could only blush and let her kiss him.

-Lemon End-

Eventually, even with the fooling around they did, they were able finish trying on clothes. Leni had even decided to buy herself a bra and a dress that she said went perfectly together, modeling them for him as well. Though she wasn't able to try on the underwear that went with the bra for obvious reasons.

He of course told her they looked great on her as, with her sense of fashion, they did really look great on her.

"Oh hey Fiona! I didn't know you worked today?" Leni called out to a friend, waving as the girl came their way.

Fiona was a friend of Leni's who worked at Reininger's with her. She was also pretty like Becky with long brown hair tied in a small ponytail, brown eyes, and a beauty mark on her right cheek. She wore a pink sweater with dark pink stripes, a yellow neckerchief, a pair of light blue jeans, and grey shoes.

"I don't, I came to shop a bit on my own. Didn't expect to see you here either but you did mention taking little Naruto here shopping, didn't know it was today so I was surprised when I heard your voice around here" Fiona said with a smirk. "Did the two of you have fun? Shopping that is" she asked, looking down at Naruto and finding his blush as he stared down at the floor to be so adorable.

"Oh yeah, it was really fun as always" Leni said with a happy smile, making it unclear whether she understood Fiona's hidden meaning being her words.

"Yeah, hanging out with this cutie is always fun" Fiona said with a smile while she pet his head and got him to look up at her. "I'll have to come by and hang out soon, it's been a while" she told Leni, getting her friend to happily clap her hands and nod excitedly.

"Oh that would be great! I can show you the clothes I got him and the dress and bra I just got. You can even show us what you bought! It'll be so fun!" Leni said cheerfully while Fiona smiled.

"That sounds great as I bought a nice bra myself, we'll definitely have to get together next day we both have off" Fiona told her before checking her watch and sighing. "Dang it, it's later than I thought….I'd really love to stay and talk but I have a few more things I have to get" she groaned out before Leni waved her off.

"It's alright we can catch up later. I think our mom is outside waiting for us by now anyways" Leni said, tilting her head to the side a bit unsure since she called her a bit after they had gotten everything and had been on their way to pay for everything when they bumped into Fiona.

"Sounds great, bye you two~" Fiona said, ruffling Naruto's hair before walking off.

"Bye Fiona" Naruto called out with a bit of a blush, getting her to turn and wave to him with a smile before they went up front and paid for everything.

"So did you and Leni have fun shopping?" their mom asked with a smile once they got into the back of the family van.

"Yeah it was nice…" Naruto told her with a bit of a blush while Leni giggled and pet his head, making him lean over and rest his head against her breasts.

"Shopping with Naruto is always fun, he makes the cutest and most perfect model" Leni giggled before their mom chuckled a bit and nodded.

"Well just remember not to go too overboard with dressing him up" Rita said since with how much Leni occasionally got into clothes she could sometimes get a bit carried away.

"Don't worry I won't….again" Leni muttered with a pout as she had apologized for it before but how could she not, that dress was just too cute to not try and get him to wear it…

-Later that day-

Naruto smiled as he brought a stack of plates carefully into the kitchen after dinner, handing them to his mom who accepted them with a smile and set them down to get to later so she could ruffle his hair a bit.

"Thank you sweetie for helping as always but I can handle it from here, it's getting late and you need a bath before bed so why don't you head on up?" she suggested before he nodded and headed on upstairs.

Once making sure none of his sisters needed to use the bathroom Naruto smiled and started the bath, waiting for the water to get nice and warm. He jumped a bit though as the door opened quickly to reveal Leni happily smiling, wrapped up in just a towel before she walked in and closed the door behind her.

"L-Leni, what are you doing?" Naruto asked, blushing and instinctively covering himself up a bit before Leni leaned over and pet his head with a soft smile.

"I wanted to take a bath with you plus the bath is seriously slippery. I don't want you slipping and getting hurt" she told him with a worried look on her face, showing that her doing this was because she was worried about him.

Out of all of his sisters Leni was oddly the one who fretted most over stuff like this despite her occasionally being the most accident prone.

"O-Okay…I guess we can take a bath together" he muttered a bit shyly while he tried not to look at her cleavage that was at eye level with him due to her leaning over.

"Yay!" Leni cheered happily as she hugged him, his face being pushed into her cleavage before she let up a bit, allowing him to look up at her. "Plus baths are always more fun with someone else, otherwise its boring" she told him, petting his head softly before she fully let him go and dropped her towel.

-Lemon Start-

Even though he had seen them earlier in the day he couldn't help but stare at Leni's breasts a bit, watching her as she leaned over and plugged up the tub which gave him a clear view of her pussy.

Her smile and giggle as she looked back at him snapped him out of it before she stood back up and walked over to him. "Come on now Naruto, before the water gets cold" Leni said, holding his hand as she guided him to the bathtub.

Even though he had agreed to let Leni bathe with him it was still a bit embarrassing as Leni hugged him from behind while he sat between her legs. He could feel her breasts entirely pressed against his back.

"Tonight, how about you share a bed with me? I still feel bad about not helping you out fully in the changing room" Leni told him, her mouth right next to his ear, her breath making him shiver a bit at. "While we can't do much here it doesn't mean we can't do anything" she giggled softly, slowly running her hand down his stomach before she wrapped it gently around his dick.

Naruto panted a bit as he felt Leni start stroking his dick, her strokes were slow and long, almost teasing him while she kissed his neck a bit. He was a bit surprised at how well Leni could multi-task playing with his dick and washing his hair given she couldn't walk and chew bubblegum but then again Leni was a mystery at times.

She was really good with her hands as she moved her fingers while stroking him while her other hand rubbed and softly squeezed the tip of his dick. "L-Leni, I-I'm really close" he told her, not wanting to dirty the bath water before she suddenly stopped.

"Carefully stand up okay? Hold onto my shoulders for support" Leni told him while she helped him stand up and turn around. He didn't know what she had planned, putting his hands on her shoulders before she moved forward and swallowed his dick into her mouth.

He was surprised by her sudden swallowing of his dick but the surprise quickly disappeared as he moaned a bit from Leni's tongue swirling around his dick while she started to bob her head.

With how close he had been when she was using her hand, the second she swallowed up his dick and started using her tongue like that it was impossible for him to hold on any longer. He wasn't even able to warn her as he started to cum in her mouth.

Her smile on her face as she swallowed showed she wasn't upset, softly using her tongue to coax more of his cum out while gently moving her head to help as well. It honestly felt too good that he quickly hugged her head to try and stop a bit of it in fear his legs might give in.

Leni giggled a bit as he hugged her, the vibrations making him whine a bit as he kept cumming, while she reached up and gently rubbed his back to comfort him and show him it was okay. Once he was done she let him pull away a bit, giving his dick one last lick and kiss to ensure it was clean before smiling up at him.

"There, that will help until we are in bed, right?" Leni asked happily, Naruto shakily nodding before he frowned down at her.

"Sorry for not warning you I was cumming…and for hugging your head like that all of a sudden" he apologized while she gently pulled him back down into the water, sitting in front of her while facing her.

"Don't apologize, I knew you were close and you hugging my head like that was seriously cute" she told him, leaning forward to give him a soft and loving kiss. She couldn't help herself as she pulled him in closer and started to really kiss him, her tongue invading his mouth and smiling as he melted in her arms.

She had to force herself to break away, finding the whine that he let out once she did to be beyond adorable, taking all of her self-restraint not to start kissing him again. "We have to finish our bath first, then we can continue so lets hurry okay?" she told him, getting a dazed nod from him before she made sure to make this as quick a bath as she could.

Even while drying him off she smiled to see he was still hard, giving her a puppy dog look as if begging for it to be time to continue. "Almost, just a little while longer" she explained, gently walking a pajama dressed Naruto to hers and Lori's room.

Right now they had it all to themselves given most of the girls were downstairs watching TV since Naruto was the only one with a younger bedtime.

Leni let out a bit of a squeak as Naruto quickly hugged her from behind, the second the door closed behind them, showing just how much he couldn't hold himself back. "Okay, I understand Naruto. Trust me it's been bugging me as well" Leni softly told him, petting his head as he nuzzled against her back.

She was gentle as she made him let her go, holding his hands as she turned around and sat on the edge of her bed. She guided his hands to the bottom of her nightgown, nodding to him before he gently started to take it off for her.

Given what she had planned after the bath it made sense for her to not wear panties and Naruto was just as quick to take his pajamas off the second she was naked.

Naruto though, as much as he really wanted to be inside Leni, knew he couldn't rush – a lesson his sisters had always made sure he remembered.

He started off slow, kneeling down between her legs as she sat on the edge of the bed and gently started to kiss and lick her pussy. Given how they had dried themselves off really well before leaving the bathroom as he licked her he knew the wetness on her wasn't from the bath.

Leni squirmed and let out soft moans as Naruto licked her, his soft tongue moving perfectly and making her shiver. She let out a loud gasp as he flicked her clit with his tongue, making her grab his head to stabilize herself.

"N-Naruto sweetie, I think its time for the real thing" Leni told him, softly cupping his cheeks and guiding him to follow her onto the bed.

Naruto wanted nothing more than to thrust into Leni right now but he had to wait as he was between her spread legs. "Now I'm ready, use me as much as you want to make up for not being able to all day. You've earned it for being so patient" she told him as he shivered while she lined up his dick with her pussy and nodded to show she was ready.

He wasted no time as he thrusted into her, Leni covering her mouth to muffle a loud moan to show she had been holding out just as long as he had today. As much as he knew he should give her time to get used to him being inside her he also couldn't hold any longer, immediately starting to thrust frantically into her due to not being able to be inside her all day.

Leni's body quivered from the sudden and intense pleasure of Naruto thrusting into her, normally it was slow and soft in the beginning but today he instantly started thrusting into her hard and fast. She didn't blame him after everything they had done but it was really hitting her hard, causing her to wrap her legs around him instinctively.

All he could think about was enjoying Leni as he thrusted, feeling her pussy clench and squeeze him as he kept moving. He hugged around her waist tightly as he thrusted harder and faster into her, looking up at her to try and kiss her before she leaned down to meet him halfway.

Even as they kissed Leni found herself overwhelmed by his passion, his little tongue dominating her mouth as he just kept thrusting.

She could feel herself growing really close to cumming, Naruto most likely the same with his quick increase in speed. She broke the kiss and had to bite her lip to stop a loud moan from escaping as she felt his first rope of cum shoot off inside of her.

Even though he had just came back in the bathroom the amount he kept shooting inside of her was definitely more than before and almost felt thicker, as if getting to cum inside for once meant better cum.

Her whole body was quivering while she tightly held him in place with her legs, feeling him give little thrusts as he came inside her. Leni smiled down at him as he panted and looked up at her, petting his head with a giggle once she felt him twitch inside her.

"If you want to keep going you can, I told you that you can use me as much as you wa-ant~!" she told him before letting out a loud moan as he started thrusting before she could even finish her sentence.

Though she should have expected that given he was unable to put inside her all day.

-Lemon End-

Leni panted out in slight exhaustion as a passed out and sleeping Naruto laid on top of her, hugging her and nuzzling against her breasts with a content smile on his face. She had lost count how many times they both had came but it was a lot given the amount of cum she could feel inside her and slowly leaking out of her while he stayed inside her.

She perked up a bit as her door opened and Lori cautiously peeked in before sighing. "Oh good you two are finally done, I didn't want to open the door and have you let out a loud moan for everyone to hear" Lori said as she came inside and closed the door behind her, walking over to the bed and crouching down to look at Naruto sleeping.

"You are so lucky you got to have him all day Leni" Lori complained with a frown, petting Naruto's head only to smile as he smiled in his sleep and nuzzled more against Leni's breast.

"Yeah it was great~" Leni dreamily sighed out, her voice still a bit shaky from everything before she shivered a bit from feeling him twitch slightly inside her due to Lori petting his head. "We weren't able to do much until now, hence why he went a little overboard…want to join us next time?" Leni asked since sometimes Naruto was a difficult to handle on her own.

"Oh you can bet on it" Lori told her with a happy smile, them both enjoying the cute sleeping face on their adorable brother

-Chapter End-

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Leni was fun as her sweet bubbly nature is impossible not to love. Plus I feel she would allow a great opportunity to show that Naruto does struggle with how willingly all this happens, he worries he might do too much and make them not like him. He's still a kid so he has fears like that where they occasionally have to reassure him of and tell him that they wouldn't be doing this with him if they didn't like it and didn't like him doing it

Some reassurance here and there feels fitting and makes it feel a bit more real

Also yeah Naruto knows and hangs out with his sister's friends when they come over to the house or is occasionally brought along to hang out with them outside of the house. His sisters love to drag him along places.

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Overall I'm happy with how things turned out and am once again unsure who to use in the next chapter down the line


Lori – 19

Leni – 18

Luna and Luan – 17 (twins)

Lucy – 16

Lynn and Lisa– 15 (twins)

Lola and Lana – 14 (twins…duh)

Lily – 13

Naruto – 7 (adopted)

Also some ages of Misc. characters

Carol Pingrey – 18

Ronnie Anne, Sam, and Maggie – 17

Haiku and Tabby – 16

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