They say I was born this way. Looking with pain her eyes to her older Sister, pleading that it wasn't true.

Elphaba her older sister looked at her with fear in her eyes, as if she was threatinging her. Elphaba always seemed to know everything, she was always there. Always. Never leaving her sight, she might as well be her Governess.

She loved Elphaba but she fretted over her like she was a Porcelain doll, as if she dared to take a breath on her own she'd start to crack to leave room for her lungs to spread.

In their room, Nessa only five understood she was the favorite, and guilty taking pleasure in it. Elphaba's bed was plain with a quilt blanket, a pillow, and all her clothes folded neatly within a suitcase underneath her bed. Next to her bed against the wall where filled with books as thick as bricks. Elphaba was a Master in reading, only 7 years old, she was ahead of everyone!

Playing with her dolls as Elphaba played along with her, Nessa couldn't help but feel protective of her dolls. When Elphaba picked one up to play with her, Nessa for some reason feltcontious, worried, a bit annoyed that she was touching her dolls.

But why was she upset, Elphaba didn't do anything wrong, although their father wouldn't agree. He always seemed angry at Elphaba for some reason. No, for any reason.

Just yesterday while playing with her tea set, she could hear through her cracked door shouts coming from down stairs in the study no doubt. Father was angry, and by his unmistakable tone, it was towards Elphaba. "You ungrateful child! Why can't you do anything right?! If you were my child you wouldn't be such a waste of space now would you?!"

If you were my child? She wanted to ask Elphaba when she came up to their room with tears in her eyes, but decided not to, as she watched her poor sister silently crying within her pillow, clutching onto her green bottle that belonged to their mother.

When playing with her dolls for some time, bored she decided to ask why father was mad at her. Looking at her cautiously, setting down the doll in her hand, she cracked a fake smile, to reassure there wasn't anything wrong. Answering "Oh, I deserved it, but I learned my lesson!"

Looking at her sister, then to the doll she had sat down. Nessa often compared herself to her dolls. It was softly wrapped in a satin dress and delicate like her. Can't move on it's own, and made of glass like her. Nessa was paralyzed, she couldn't move from waste down. It annoyed her greatly, if she was in her chair at least she looked like a Queen on her throne or on a float, but when she wasn't she felt stupid, and aggravated that she had to ask to do almost anything.

She couldn't dance like the other munchkin children, she couldn't run, hop, skip, or walk.

Or the most simplest of tasks. To stand. It was embarrassing! She was the Governor of Munchkin Land's Daughter, he stood taller than any of them, naturally became he wasn't a Munchkin. Munchkin's are too dumb and silly to function properly, her father would say. Although often it was met with angry annoyed faces of the Munchkins, it made Nessa. Feel better, she in her chair was basically their height if not shorter, they all can do things, she can't, why should she suffer when they are the inferior ones?!

Elphaba too is annoyed by them, she always rants of how stupid or small minded they are. Elphaba was a loving sister, but never gave her any space! It didn't help with father always ordering Elphaba to look after her. Why can't he just let her be alone.

Elphaba had dodged Nessa's question by offering another game to play, one she couldn't refuse!

"Let's play Snow White!" Nessa's eyes beamed with light! Oh yes! She cried.

Nessa loved it, taking her down to the small fenced garden by their house, calling on some munchkin kids who lived next door to play, or rather ordering them to. Being the Governor's neighbors it's best not to cause any problems. The Mayer looked down at them sure, but best to at least maybe his kids won't be so blind. At least that's what their parents said.

Spoiler alert they were the dwarfs, Nessa Snow White, and Elphaba the Evil Queen. She did an amazing job, no surprise. Playing the dwarfs however was a bit hard, with Nessa always fishing for compliments, angry if they weren't enthusiastic, really to them she was really like the Evil Queen rather than Snow White.

If the chair shook, Elphaba would break character rush over to Nessa and ask questions as if she had just falling a flight of stairs.

Nessa hater this! Especially when they were out in the open, why can't you just leave me alone?! Nessa cried. Elphaba taken a back, looked at her for a moment. Nessa she said calmly. I am just making sure you're alright.

Well I'm fine! She answered with a huff. Now get back to the game, your the Evil Queen, your not suppose to care about me, you want me dead! She said pointing to Elphaba, ordering her like the Brat she is.

Elphaba sighed and played along to her sister's wishes. Later at dinner, Nessa eat her food, all of it even the awful vegetables she didn't care for, in hopes she's get strong enough to get her bones healthy.

Her father asked her how her day was, if she was alright, complimenting her for no reason. Then to go back to eating, paying no attention to Elphaba. As if she wasn't even their. The only times he noticed her was if she did something wrong, or spoke up without being spoken to. Which he never really did.

Being put to bed by Elphaba she laid their like her dolls on their shelf. She looked at them, wondered if they could talk, would they be friends, being able to understand the annoyance of their bedridden prison? Elphaba was asleep in her bed, while their governess was in the next room already asleep as well. Soon Nessa fell asleep as well.

Elphaba wasn't asleep, she was lost in her thoughts, wishing Nessa could understand or see the many blessings she has. She's father's precious girl, she's beautiful, smart, sweet when she wants to be, and even kind. She has toys, beautiful clothes, and she even looks so much like their mother. Elphaba was only two when their mother died but she remembers her.

She remembers her sneaking to her bedside, and cradling her in her arms, with tears in her eyes, Elphaba didn't see or show signs of being awake, but she could still sense it. Elphaba always has this weird sense of senses she could never explain. She remembers her whispering "It's not your fault." Elphaba carried those words engraved in her heart, especially when their mother died.

Nessa takes after her, father even says so, her sweet smile, big hazel eyes, pink cheeks, and button nose, it's no wonder she's the darling of Munchkinland.

On her birthday she's given a beautiful dress or jewelry to wear, and parade it around in her chair. How wonderful it must be to be beautiful Elphaba often thought to herself.

Nessa will becoming the Governor Of Munchkinland, and I...will be their for Nessa. Father has an assistant to carry out his orders, so I shall be Nessa's assistant. It will be us, only us!

However sometimes Elphaba worried, if Nessa got married, or rather when she got married would she want her around anymore? Would she have her around to please father? Or would she push her away and not want her near her and her family?

Elphaba shook these ideas in her head, Nessa maybe a bit ignorant, and mean, but she loves me.

Waking up, Elphaba getting her out of bed, dressed, down to breakfast, then to school, Being pushes into the room, Nessa felt embarrassed to see how her chair caused so many heads to turn, with confused or curious faces, asking why she was in a chair? Telling Elphaba to go to the back row, to try to avoid attention to her and her big chair. Being in a small room, with kids and her big chair really made Nessa feel uneasy.

Pre-school was alright, the munchkins liked to try to climb her chair like it was part of the playground, Nessa was a bit hesitant at first, but loved the appreciation from the kids around her, maybe it wasn't so bad to have this big chair in school after all?

But soon Elphaba was yelling at them telling them to stop, scolding them at how reckless they were. Elphaba meant well, but Nessa wanted to shrink and disappear, it was so embarrassing! It was bad enough to gain attenion because of her unfortunate birth defect, but to have an overly protective sister as green as a cabbage no less shouting, waving her arms just made everything worse!

If Elphaba wasn't fussing, it was her father. She loved him, he was always there, never disappointed in her, but always treated her as if she was made of paper rather than glass. Showering her in praise, and filling her head with dreams of her being the Governor of Munchkinland it was hard to say anything against him. Especially when he yelled at Elphaba. She felt bad about it, but she rather have her father yell at Elphaba if that was what it took to have her be left alone for a while.