One day at a Family Luncheon, at a family get together, Nessa was proudly sitting on her father's lap, away from her chair, and within a social circle, Nessa couldn't remember a more happier time! Her father let her eat his piece of cake, despite it being his, while Elphaba was upstairs probably buried in a book. Elphaba was welcomed with sympathy, but it was always better for everyone for her to be left to her own devices.

Often Elphaba would be a downer, yawning at their aunts small talk, rolling her eyes at their uncles tales at the office, and always near Nessa waiting to catch their precious glass doll if she were to topple.

It was their father's birthday, and nothing brought him greater joy, than to boast about his precious girl! Nessa Rose.

Nessa was a name his wife had picked, and rose, was a dagger like joke against Elphaba. Being green and a thorn to his side, might as well complete this message, by placing his darling rose on top.

"Nessa will be a wonderful Governor! Nessa is intelligent, beautiful, and perfectly good!" When not boasting about Nessa, he'd go to his two brothers or sister and talk with them from sports, to news, to politics, the usual.

While Nessa made her way in her chair, when her father wasn't around, often her cousins would poke fun at her, she has two other cousins, boys who were around her age, always making a mess wherever they went, they gave no special treatment to Nessa, which annoyed her. She was a bit glad, but if only they didn't insist on pulling her hair, call her names, complain why they kept having to wait for her. A real reminder to how she seemed to slow everyone down.

So calling for Elphaba, they were left in their room, to play with Nessa's dolls, or anything to distract them from the party down stairs.

It was going fine until their cousins came bursting in the room, which was welcomed by two soar faced girls glaring at them, with dolls in hand. Stiffing up, and swiftly cradling them, protecting them from the loud brutes that has stormed in their room. Nessa quietly imagined going along with the interruption as Giants suddenly invaded the imaginary world already created between her and Elphaba.

Running around, the nanny calmy trying to tell the boys to take it easy, but just then tripping over himself, falling and crashing against Nessa's chair, in a panic Elphaba's unruly gift sprung into action. The worst that could have happened with him still being so little was to bump the chair and making it move a bit, making Nessa hold on with the sudden movement of her chair, but no.

With a gasp and a small defiant scream, Nessa's chair suddenly sprang and jilted, while the cousins stared in awe and confused fear, while Nessa battled the chair she sat in, trying not to topple over. Finally even though it was short, it felt like an eternity before Elphaba spoke breaking the silence by scolding the cousins for their inconsideration.

Getting them to go, with tears in their eyes, yelling, threatening them not to speak a word of it to anyone, before closing the door. Turning around to check if Nessa was okay, Nessa's red angry face stopped her for doing so.

"Why did you have to that?! I could have fallen because of you! I am fine, Elphaba, I can handle it!"

Why does Elphaba have to be so anxious?! Nessa thought. She was fine, if it wasn't for her episode they could have gone on playing, but now thanks to Elphaba, Nessa was once again reminded of her fragile state. She hated it, she hated being so breakable! Why can't Elphaba understand that?! Why can't she do anything right? Maybe Dad is right, and she is just a problem.

Later after calming down, Nessa felt bad for her explosion, and tried to apologize to Elphaba, but no, Elphaba was fully aware it was her fault that she should have handled it better. She then swore never to do such a thing again.

Elphaba was patient, never seemed to get mad at her, always was helpful with homework, and ready to entertain her. The problem was she was always there! Instead of a sister she had a nurse for a sister! It vexed her greatly, why can't she be left alone?!

Once she got her wish! Being sick, and left home alone with no one but their nurse, to stay and watch her was asleep, slumped over in her chair. Nessa being outrageously thirsty took this opportunity to get it herself! Thankfully she was already prepped in her chair, wrapped in a soft blanket, even though it took much to wheel the chair across the room, by the time she was at the end of the room, she had to stop and take a short break before continuing.

Down the hall, slowly making her way, she reached the staircase. Usually Elphaba held the back of the chair slowly step by step, and when going up, they'd have their nurse get her back up. But Elphaba nor their nurse, or her Dad was there. Just her!

Nessa by this point was 7 years old and ready to prove herself capable! Perhaps it was her drowsines, or possibly blind determination, and desperation for breaking free from her puppet strings that alluded her to go down such an obvious dangerous and ill fated task. But with her mind made up, Nessa like Icarus was blind, and foolish to her own selfish desires.

Opening the door, back from his errands, the Governor of Munchkinland let out a great wale as he raced to his poor limp daughter unconscious on the cold marble floor, thankfully not crushed by her chair, with it only being beside her body, far enough to know so.

The nanny came running as response to his cry, to see as if her life was flashing before her eyes at the sight of her failure and recklessness.

Returning home Elphaba was startled at hearing her father yelling at someone else. Going up to her room, the yelling got louder, no doubt coming from her room. Opening the door readying herself for what most likely will come, there it was. Nessa in bed, with tears streaming down her face, and their nanny standing near by also with tear flowing eyes, taking in every word of the Governor of Munchkinland had to say. Dumbstruck at the realization that her father was actually yelling not at the nanny but at both Nessa and nanny!

This was a real sight to see for Elphaba. She wasn't happy about it, but relieved to know she wasn't the cause, but then again, knowing her father she could be next. Possibly blamed for not being there, or maybe not getting home fast enough. But he didn't. After finishing his rant, he declared their nanny's dismissal, to Elphaba's sorrow, she was the only one in the house, who truly cared for, maybe even loved her. The only who who truly understood her.

Later after calming Nessa down with soup, Nessa confided, and told Elphaba everything. Elphaba wide eyed was of course annoyed, shocked and angry, but mercifully sparred her sister the lecture she was ready to give. Their father's angry outburst was enough. Nanny was dismissed, but Elphaba wasn't a baby anymore, she had to accept that. Nessa was now going to be watched over by their father if not by Elphaba.

Fortunately Nessa didn't suffer, coming down the stairs. First, expectingly bumpy, til finally not half way down it tipped over, thinking fast Nessa managed to grabbed her legs, pulled herself into a ball, with her head down, the chair went down first, with her fallowing down like a rag doll flopped down the stairs, already tired, sad, embarrassed at this pitifully display, she could just imagine how she looked. She silently cried herself to sleep. Only to wake up at the sound of her father's waling cry.

Despite some small bruises, nothing was more bruised than Nessa's pride. Ashamed embarrassed at her accident, for days she avoided the stairs when possible, when coming home from school she'd try to stay down stairs, get some more fresh air, or see what her daddy was doing, with Elphaba by her side at all times anyways it was fine.

On weekends she'd try to stay up stairs, but came back down for lunch, and stayed until after dinner, when she knew she wouldn't have to go back down stairs. After some time, Nessa got over it, and life went on as usual.

By the time she was ten, mercifully her father hired a tutor for both her and Elphaba! Elpahba really needed it, but it was good also for Nessa! "A future Governor of Munchkinland should have a proper education." Their father said, of course meaning to Nessa.

Elphaba was there to help in case Nessa would need help with homework such. The tutor being the curious chap that he was, secretly educated Elphaba for her grade average, and was quickly impressed by her intelligence! Already he knew who was the favorite, who he was being paid to teach, but he couldn't let such a bright student fall through the cracks!

Nessa took notice of it, and threatened to report it to her father, the poor tutor gave in, and paid more attention to her from then on in. Or so she thought. Before the end of the year, when getting a summer break like the other kids, Nessa noticed Elphaba was much more aware with sciences, and History even for her, it was then she snooped around and pieced together that the tutor had been paying attention to Elphaba!

Her heart ached at the betrayal. How could he do this?! He was being paid to tutor her! Elphaba was only there to help her! Why was Elphaba getting his attention? She was just as bright! No she was much brighter! How could her green half sister possibly dare to outshine her?! But seeing how happy her sister seemed, and reflecting at her own work, they were both flourishing, and the tutor wasn't so harsh, but rather lenient. Perhaps just this once, she could look away.

Later that summer she knew she had made the right choice, pleased by her success Nessa was now in the same grade as Elphaba! Skipping two years, her father was more than proud, to say the least. Her or secretly their tutor was to return in the fall to come back and teach them!

Elphaba displayed the same admiration towards Nessa, calling her a genius, that she could do anything if she put her mind to it.

How could Nessa tell their father the truth? It was cruel of her to even consider to do such a thing. Looking back at it, Nessa felt guilty, and ashamed. Elphaba was a wonderful sister, loved her, and she loved Elphaba, at least when she wasn't suffocating her with worry.