Sammy's eyes fluttered open, scanning around for something. She'd passed out again- which was against the rules... Sammy barely ever slept after she woke up once with a punishment for not being on alert. With a sigh of relief, she remembered what had happened. She was still HER. Her tanned skin, long and straight blonde hair that fell by her waist (she'd never cut her hair), with a parting straight down the middle, bangs and two long side parts that hung over her shoulders. She had the bandages on her top half still, but there was something else... A shirt- a human one at that. It looked like it belonged to a guy, but she didn't care. It was blue, faded with a few oil marks and the words 'BILLIONAIRE AND PROUD' on it in red and white bold lettering. It also seemed baggy, probably going close to her knees...

Sammy looked around quickly as she realized she wasn't in the same place she'd passed out, and spotted a mirror beside her. Her eyes had changed color... Instead or their dark hazel-ish blue, they were neon cyan like the glow and everything she saw had that tint to it. She sighed lightly, propping herself up on two arms. That was from the experiment... Tanner had had one like it- but his eyes stayed the same aside from where the white should be became dark grey and darkened the more he got close to tears. Sammy's eyes widened. Tanner! She was supposed to be searching for him, not sitting around at staring at her ugly mug in the mirror...

"You're awake?"

The borrower-turned-human snapped her head over to the voice. It was a human, six feet and one inch. She pretended that she wasn't freaked out, narrowing her eyes and saying nothing. The man chuckled lightly, placing a tray down on the table beside her before sitting on a chair beside her bed. Sammy scooted a little further away,but kept the tired glare on her face. "Sorry- sorry..." The man said with the wave of a hand, then pointed to the food. "I brought you something to munch on- and some pain killers if ya need it..." Sammy looked at the food skeptically. "Poison...?" She murmured after a moment, looking at the man again. His charming grin faltered for a moment. "No. No poison.." Sammy folded her arms and sat back, stubbornly looking at the ceiling. "Prove it..." The human raised an eyebrow lightly. "Ah- alright..." He picked up a piece of food that she'd been given- a blueberry. Sammy knew that blueberries were supposed to help with pain. So it was a smart human, or a lazy one... Sammy watched him eat it with scanning eyes. He didn't seem apposed to eating it. Perhaps he memorized the location of which wasn't poisonous in case she asked... If he said no in response to her suggestion now- he was a smart human. But also a bad one...

"Let me pick it..." It wasn't a question. The human just gave a short nod. Sammy looked at them all before picking one up and handing it to him. "Eat." She ordered. The human yet again chuckled. "You're demanding..." But he ate it anyway. "See? I'm not dead. No poison..." He repeated, showing his hands in a way that generally meant 'I mean no harm'. Sammy huffed lightly before taking one blueberry and turning around to face the wall as she ate. She hated people watching her eat... Though the man didn't object her turning away, he looked a little confused. Sammy finished three blueberries in all before she turned back and leant with her head against the headboard. "What, no thank you?" The man said with a grin. Sammy looked at him with a glare before going back to looking at the ceiling. "Where am I...?"

The man's eyebrow's knitted together. "You don't know who I am? Tony stark? Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist?" Sammy shook her head. "You sound like an asshole though.." Came her retort, simple with no sense of playfulness behind it. 'Tony' mocked offense, then looked at her stub where her left arm used to be. "Avengers tower. You're in one of our recovery rooms..." Sammy put a hand on the stub and turned away. "Great..." She glanced out the window behind her. This was the building she was trying to get into before... "So, kid..." Tony began, not staring at her like he had been before after he noticed how uncomfortable with it she seemed. "What's your name? I mean, I told you mine, so it's only fair..." He flashed a charming grin and chuckled.

Sammy gave him a tired look. Her name was Samantha Lou Button- but Button wasn't a human name. "Samantha Lou Collins..." The borrower murmured. Rabbit's last name was Collins, and it seemed to suit her name just fine. "But just call me Sammy." She finished, putting emphasis on the 'just' and 'Sammy'. She'd never particularly liked her name. It was either Sam or Sammy. Tony smirked. "Does that make us pals?" His voice held a playful tone, witty as usual. Sammy narrowed her eyes. "No. It means I've given you my name, and you should respect what I prefer to be referred as..." Her voice was always so calmly sharp. As though if you didn't listen to it, you would shrivel up on the spot... Demanding. Tony decided to not push further. The way she worded it made it seem as though it was a threat.

"So what happened? I found you passed out on my doorstep.." He changed the subject. Sammy paused for a moment... She couldn't say what had really happened yet until she figured out how much she could trust the human. She had to get him to trust her however, just enough so she could search for her brother... "I escaped a bad situation. Overworked myself... I was trying to get somewhere big so if the people came searching then it'd be harder to find me." Sammy explained vaguely, glancing at her stub. "Speaking of- do you have any supplies that I can use to make an arm? It kind of sucks to only have one..." Her comment was sarcastic, as most of them were, but still seemed serious and threatening. Tony raised an eyebrow again.

"You're what- fourteen? I doubt you'll be able to make one yourself... I could-" He was about to offer her help! Sammy wouldn't have that. "I'm fifteen first of all- and my family was highly skilled at inventing things. I've made hundreds of gadgets... And no. I don't need your help.." She rolled her eyes, before swiveling around and standing up out of the bed. Her black leggings had some stitching down the side, with a brown patch on her right knee. She had on some fabric brown boots, good for running in, and when she checked her side for the pin, she noticed that it wasn't there... Sammy patted herself down, feeling something in her pockets. It was the pin... God- it was minuscule. Was that how small she was?

Tony gave her an odd look. "Why do you have a needle in your pocket?" He asked bluntly. Sammy glared yet again, but begrudgingly answered. "Weapon." Tony snorted, then burst out in laughter. "That? Sorry, kid... That's not a weapon." He wiped away a fake tear and chuckled. Sammy held the pin between two fingers eyes momentarily flashing a sharp gold. The pin flashed, and within a second was now the correct size for a sword. The borrower stared at it in half surprise for a moment, then poked it through a small hold that she had on her brown belt. She huffed. "I think it works just fine, dummy..." Tony stood up after a moment, surprise clear on his features. He then looked at her seriously. "Where did you get that...?"

Sammy didn't even look at him, patting herself down again with her one hand. She didn't have any other supplies she'd saved. Sucks... "That's my business. I suggest you don't ask..." Was the only reply she gave. Tony faltered yet again, wincing. "Right um... Let's just show you the lab, right..?" Sammy's eyes quickly widened and her serious and calm demeanor went away. "A lab...? What do you have in there...?" She hoped to god that Tanner wasn't in this building now. This human had a lab, and if she found any signs of a borrower being held captive in there, she would destroy this place... "Machinery, tech, suits, a fridge full of beer- though you're underage. I might be immature but I ain't giving a kid some of my drinks..." Tony replied, noticing the change in demeanor. "You aren't hiding anything, correct..?" Sammy continued to press. Tony yet again looked at her oddly and nodded. Sammy wouldn't believe it until she saw it...

Tony stopped at the entrance to his lab, and went to put in the code. Before it finished though, Sammy loudly said into the door. "We're going into THIS lab, right?" Tony looked dazed and confused. "Um... Yeah...?" Sammy had done it for the purpose of properly warning them to hide if there were any borrowers out. She wasn't about to just let the human see any of her kind. Not in a lab... She shuddered but kept a poker face. The door opened...

The borrower faintly heard something scramble behind something, but didn't pay attention. If it was a borrower, she wouldn't alert Tony to the presence or frighten them by possibly seeing them. She knew the direction however, and walked the other way. "These all look like good materials. What tools have you got? I mean- I can use my hands, but I might get electrocuted or something..." She mumbled, glancing at Tony. Good... He didn't seem to have noticed the noise. It was almost guaranteed that it was a borrower because of how quiet it was being, though hopefully it had gotten into the walls by now. When Tony had left, she'd check- discretely of course.

Tony gave a small nod. "Yeah- though I did let one of my friend's use some of the one's you'll need. I'll go fetch them... Don't make a mess." The man stepped back twice, before turning and walking out of the lab. Sammy waited a few moments, then made her way to the other table. The one beside where she'd heard something. She glanced to the side, eyes scanning behind piles of metal. No borrower... Sammy sighed in relief and walked back over to the other table.

A few minutes later, Tony came back with... Nothing? Then a kid around her age stepped out from behind him and waved lightly. Wow... He seemed like a younger Rabbit. Sammy did nothing in return, just watching. He had a box in his hands- full of some tools. "Pete here offered to help out- just so it can be quicker thanks to... Ya know.." Tony explained, nodding to her stub. Sammy put a hand over it again and glared at the man, then looked at Peter with less cold eyes. "Alright... Come on." She gestured to the space beside her.

Peter stumbled a little before standing beside her. "Hi I um... I heard that you're name is Sammy..? I-I'm Peter...!" He greeted sheepishly, then held out a hand. His other hand fidgeted at his side, Sammy could tell... She didn't take the hand for a moment as she scanned him over, and then she smirked lightly and shook his hand once before letting go. "I won't say it's nice to meet you thanks to the situation that brought me here," And that he was a human... "but hi. I'll assume you can craft stuff- and if not then I'll just ask you to help me hold things in place or pass me things. M'kay..?" She said calmly.

Tony looked almost surprised at her change in demeanor, but then he raised a hand to say bye. "I'll check on you both later. Be good..." He winked, pivoting and walking out the lab. "B-bye Mr. Stark...!" Peter called right before the door shut. He then looked at Sammy again. "Yeah that's- ahm- fine..." The teen assured meekly.

"What's first...?"