Summary: She stood out from regular bystanders. She had the air of a lit fire around her, she wasn't someone to get walked all over. Fierce and confident, Kagome Higurashi made for quite the influential woman- on and off the court.

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"Ugh, no. I'll pass," the ravenette said as she glared down at the ball she held before looking back at the figure across from her. She stared into dark red eyes she often saw when she came to school. As of late, however, she had been seeing less and less of them. After a moment, she heaved a sigh and let the ball bounce over to her friend. "Just like I told them, there's nothing to worry about, because it's really not what it looks like. I promise you it's not what it looks like, Sei-kun."

The them she referred to were her group of girlfriends. It seemed one or two of the three had let it spill to the guy across of her about her 'abusive, two-timing boyfriend,' as they often ended up putting it. So, here she stood, talking about the topic of Inuyasha as she tried not to think back to their most recent argument, which had been a mix of him complaining about how she got in the way and him fighting over her coming back. She supposed the bruises and cuts she had received from fighting demons on that day didn't do much to prove her argument in this case. They were healing up, but some were still bad enough to take note of. She sighed and tugged her shorts a bit further down her leg to hide the white bandage that covered a near-healed gash.

She was thankful for the empty gym around the two of them. Though, she did have some complaints about getting pulled here after brushing off the conversation topic three times already whenever he brought it up. The school day was over already, and she was set to return to the past tomorrow morning, now that she had finished her tests, and she needed to prepare to head back. She turned on her heel and started on her way to the gym doors, only to freeze when a hand took her by her wrist to hold her in place. She held back her sigh and slowly turned to meet his stare once again.


She rose an eyebrow at the request, more so wondering what she was supposed to wait for. This conversation should have been wrapped up already with her words alone, so why did it keep going on? She didn't want to keep talking. It was hard enough to keep her time-traveling a secret. She didn't need to keep talking about things that correlated directly to it.

"No! I really need to get going, Sei-kun" she snapped at him. "I've told you there's nothing to worry about, and I mean it! I have things I need to do, and standing here repeating the same things over and over doesn't help." She tugged her wrist out of his suddenly loose grip with a huff as she stepped away. She hated how frustrating some of the boys could be… "I'll see you later," she stated as she turned once again and stormed towards the exit and out of the gym before she could be stopped by someone else.

She hated having to lie to her friends, but she couldn't tell them the truth. It made interacting with them so difficult. She knew that all the illnesses that were made up to hide the truth did cause them to worry. The way her mother would tell her that they'd visit, sometimes more than three times weekly, when she was gone only made her feel worse about it.


"Oh! Hello again," Kun-Loon greeted the tall classmate of her daughter with a gentle smile on her face. She stepped out of the way and gave him enough room to enter the building before closing the door and waving him further inside and towards the kitchen. "You must be here to see Kagome, but…" The silence caused the boy to look at the kind woman. "I'm sorry, but she isn't in any state to have visitors."

"Gome-chin… is she okay?"

"It's nothing serious," Kun-Loon shook her head as she resumed her place at the stove to stir the soup she had been making. "Just the flu. Poor things… Souta and Kagome both have it," she said then. "She'll be about to head back to school as soon as she gets better."

Murasakibara watched the woman for a moment, but she didn't say much else as she focused on the pot on the stove more intently than before. Her posture looked tense, and she looked as though she hadn't been sleeping properly. She put the soup on the lowest heat possible and went to retrieve some bowls from the cabinet.

"Would you like to stay for lunch?" she asked him, turning slightly and waiting for his answer. There was a smile on her face as she went ahead and got a bowl for him, as well, even before he had answered. He had visited her enough for her to know what his response would be by now, after all.

It wasn't Kagome's cooking, but… it still reminded him of her style. Perhaps it was because this woman had taught his friend how to cook…


How embarrassing…

Kagome sat on the bed with a warm glow awash on her face. She avoided looking at the boy sitting in the chair next to her as the school's nurse brought her a bottle of water.

"Take it easy from here on out, Higurashi-san," the woman said as she gave the schoolgirl the water. "You could have gotten seriously injured if not for Aomine-san being there to catch you."

Again, she felt the need to repeat the thought.

How embarrassing…

Her lack of rest the prior night due to her all-nighter of studying had resulted in her falling down the stairs when heading up them to go to class. She was thankful that she had her friend there, walking up them with her because he had been able to catch her fast enough and even tote her to the infirmary. She refused to meet his stare since she had woken up, however, because she felt like she continued to inconvenience him with her current state. It was quiet as she sipped her water and nibbled on the apple slices that had been given to her.

The memory of getting called a burden by Inuyasha flared to life in her head, and she found that it seemed to apply here, too. In the past, and even in her modern school life, she was a burden to her friends, it seemed. At the time, he should have been at practice, but he was here because she hadn't taken care of herself.

She felt him watching her, but she refused to meet his stare. She couldn't handle looking at him- not now, at least.


The jewel had finally gotten completed, and she was finally able to resume her school career. Her third year of at Teiko was almost over, and she busied herself in raising her suffering grades so they were passable. Her spare time, when she had any, went to spending time with her family and three girlfriends. Even that was rare, though.


Kagome blinked as she removed a book from her desk, turning only slightly to spot the pinkette staring at her with her hands on her hips. There was a pout on her lips. "Ah… Satsuki-chan. Is there something I can help you with?"

"Can you come help with the guys today?" she asked her. "I'm sure they would like the chance to talk and, y'know, actually see you."

Kagome glanced down at her book before declining the idea. "I don't have time, sorry," she told her. "I need to study for the tests tomorrow. I'll try to stop by later."

She sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. "That's what you always say, but you never actually come to see anyone."

"Because I need to work on my grades," she responded, once again holding the book up to underline her words. "Yuka-chan offered to help me study, and I don't want to make her wait."

Though those had been her words, she still found herself walking slowly towards the gym. She would sometimes go to the area but never actually step foot inside. It had been so long since she had spoken to any of them, and she figured they would be fed up with her by now.

She came to a halt outside the double doors and peeked inside to check on them. She went unnoticed standing there. At least, she believed she was unnoticed. She saw some familiar faces, and a few people she expected to see weren't visible to her.

A basketball rolled off the court and over towards where she was standing. It hit her foot, and someone from inside the gym went to retrieve it. She recognized the face, and she gently kicked the ball back into the gym before turning on her heel and continuing on her way to meet up with Yuka.

She bowed her head a bit when she felt the pressure of a stare on her departing back. A part of her was thankful that they hadn't come after her.

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