The Ravenwing Chronicles

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Prologue: Voices From the Past

"You know as well as I do that having a girl as a firstborn is unlucky, and a strangeling like her is doubly bad. She can't stay here anymore," came a voice from above her, low and deep.

"I understand husband, but what are we to do with her?" asked a second voice, this one high and soft.

"There is a pond nearby, and it is raining outside. We'll leave her there and let nature take its course. We have to leave now, anyway. Our journey is far from done."

The soft voice sighed. "I'll get a blanket. We'll keep the necklace around her neck, she deserves something nice in her short life."

She was wrapped up in itchy cloth that scratched against her skin, and carried out into the rain. It was cold and the wind stung. She felt the cold hard ground beneath her and the waters of the pond beside her, but she didn't cry out, it wouldn't help. The waters soaked the blanket and grew closer and closer to her face, threatening to drown her...

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Morigan woke with a start. She had been having that nightmare again. The first rays of dawn were peeking in through piece of bark she used as a door, and she dressed in her deerskin shirt and skirt, throwing her blackbird feather cloak over her shoulders for warmth in the chilly April air.

She walked out of the hollow at the roots of the giant oak tree that was her home and made her way down to the nearby stream, splashing its cool water on her face. She began gathering the wild greens that were sprouting, since her winter store of nuts had run out three days before, and there was little to eat.

She stored the greens in a small reed basket she had woven, and decided to go for a swim in the river. She stayed underwater until the sun was high in the clear blue sky, then dried off and decided to search for dinner. Spring was a good season for rabbits, and rabbit stew didn't taste too bad, either.

Her arms grew feathers and became wings as she shapeshifted into a hawk, the kind normally found in the area, so as not to arouse interest. She took off from the ground and soared over the treetops to hunt for her next meal.

Morigan returned for her hunt at sunset, having had no luck with finding anything. Looks like salad tonight, she thought. She was so absorbed in thinking of her meal, that when she shapeshifted back to human form, she didn't notice the teenage girl who had been gathering wood violets and had seen her transform.

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The party of men from the village of Ballycara stormed into the clearing where Morigan lived. Seamus O'Shane's daughter, Mary Rose, said that she had seen a demon in girl form change from a hawk to a human and walk inside the oak tree. Outraged and half-drunk, they had stormed into the clearing to kill the demon.

Morigan looked up from the figure she was carving when she heard the voices outside. Not thinking, she stepped out of the tree, and into the middle of the group of men. "Ah, there's the demon wench!" Flynn shouted. Morigan knew this was not good and bolted, becoming entangled in a briar patch.

Flynn found her there and clasped his hands around her throat, trying to strangle her. Morigan wished urgently that the pain in her throat and the lack of oxygen would stop, though she knew it wouldn't help anything. Suddenly, Flynn fell to the ground, clawing at his throat as his face turned first scarlet, then purple, then blue, and then ash gray as he suffocated and died.

Morigan knew she had to escape, and fast. She shapeshifted into seagull form and took flight, gaining as much altitude as she could. America was always called the land of opportunity, and since Ireland was no longer welcome to her, she would try her chances there. Goodbye, land that I love, she thought as she saw the line of smoke coming from the ashes of her former home in the oak tree. Goodbye forever.

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