The Supreme Intelligence. I haven't visited It in years. Normally those who visit are disobedient or new. I am neither. Though this is a special case. Apparently the Supreme Intelligence wants to have my apprentice go through one final test before becoming a true Kree hero. I am here to learn exactly what test and how to administer it. I grow slightly worried as Vers - my apprentice - is not known for mastering her emotions in combat. Or anything else for that matter.

Entering the hallway leading to the chamber, I motioned for Vers to go first. She has a propensity to disappear at the most annoying times and I wished for her to actually stay for once.

Standing on the circle on the chamber floor, I watched as the blue tendrils slowly creeped up my wrists, than my neck, and finally resting on my temples. Looking out of my peripherals I reassured myself that Vers was still there. She offered me a smirk. Rolling my eyes I stared ahead again at the plain white wall ahead of me and closed my eyes, feeling myself slowly sink into a mindless state.

"Well this is unexpected!"

I turn my head to face who just talked. I widened my eyes, startled at what I saw.

"Once or twice a Kree has seen another as the form they most admire. But I never thought coming from you! And this girl especially!"

I stared into the large brown eyes of Vers - my apprentice, my friend, the person I admire the most.

"I am suprised as well m'am" I replied, trying to seem surprised.

She snorted. "I can see into your mind you know. It's not that hard to tell if you're telling the truth." She sighed. "Well at least she is quite oblivious to most things, so this thing you have going on," she motioned to me. "Won't affect anything else."

"So the test?" I asked changing the subject.

"I will have Minn-erva administer it. You are too close to the subject in question."

I nodded, expecting nothing else. "What will I tell her?"

"I am sending you on the mission that Minn-erva was supposed to go on, as she will take your place."

I sighed inwardly, neither woman would be very happy with this. Outwardly I nodded, closed my eyes and slowly felt myself flying up, up, up, back into chamber.

Stumbling slightly backwards, I toppled into the waiting arms of Vers.

Wide brown eyes met mine and smiled. I smiled back, and for the first and probably the last time I let myself fully relax and embrace the realisation.

I, Yon-Rogg, loved the girl I found on the beach two years ago, the one I gave my blood for.