"Beau Swan." the flight attendant called out my name.

"Over here." i called to her, i felt her hand on my arm.

"Your flight is boarding." she said helping me to my feet and walking me onto the plane to my seat.

"Thank you." i said to her once I had sat down.

"If you need anything my name is Crystal." the flight attendant said to me. I smiled and that was the end of the conversation at the moment. I had lost my sight a year ago and I found that living with Renee, my mom wasn't acceptable anymore. She like change to much that she would rearrange the house and everyone said that was what you do not do, so I was off to live with Charlie, my dad in Forks Washington State.

The flight attendant changed from Crystal to Susan as I changed planes at Seattle to head down to Port Angeles. Susan helped me off the plane as I heard Charlie call out, "Beau."

"Hey dad." I said not allowing to call him Charlie to his face. I didn't bother with carry ons since I didn't want to lose it. I only kept my phone with me, it had a stack of audio books everything from Shakespeare, Milton, Shelly, Hathorn, Austen, etc. I was in the middle Venice when I left Phoenix and currently with the five Bennet sisters. We had a little small talk but then I just listened to my audio all the way to his house.

He helped me into the house. Charlie had placed a strip of different textures on the walls so I knew which room I was entering. I could follow it up to the stairs and to my room. Charlie had gotten a bed and desk along with a computer for me. My equiement was already unpacked and hooked up. Charlie hadn't taken anything else out, I had everything in bags seperated and marked for me to tell what was what. Renee had helped me label and organized every box. I began the task of navigating my room. "If you need me to mark something or move something." he said. "There are strips on the closet door it will feel like a bristle scrub brush. The side next to it is cotton that goes all the way to your door." I felt like he was reading from a blind help guide book. It wasn't that I didn't appreciate it, it was just that he was hovering and it was something he never did before I lost my sight.

"Dad what's for dinner?" I asked him.

"I was thinking pizza for tonight." he said.

"That sounds good." I responded.

"I'll go order it, holler if you need me."

"Will do." I said. "Hey how about inviting Jake." I added and could hear the amusement in Charlie's voice as he said, "i'll call Billy before the pizza." a while later I heard the laughter of Jacob Black, a year younger than me but we were the best of friends. I had been forced to visit Charlie every summer break and christmas until I was fourteen. Jake's mom died and his dad had thrown himself into work instead of going to Forks I sent the ticket to Jake to come up to Phoenix for the summer. The last two weeks of vacation I would meet Charlie in California, Jake going with me. He would go back with Charlie and we repeated this up until I lost my sight. It had been a car accident that took my sight. Sophomore year I was sixteen, three weeks into the school year our bus got slammed into by a semi that swerved to miss a car that came into his lane. There was no deaths a few injuries and my sight was the worst out of those.

"Hey man i'm glad your here." Jake said as we were back in my room unpacking.

"How's your dad doing?" i asked, a year before my accident, Billy had gotten into a work related one and lost the ability to walk.

"His good, he still is adapting but it's been two years now." Jake said. With Jakes helps I was able to get my room sorted during the weekend so I wasn't scrabbling around asking Charlie where everything was.

He drove me to school and helped me to the office. Mr. Manson the English teacher was there and led me to my classroom. The book list was already in brail and it was everything I had read before. He signed my slip when we got to class and gave me the back seat in the classroom since I didn't need to see the board. He called on someone who had the next class with me- whose name I couldn't remember-walked me to class.

This proceeded throughout the day, Jessica Stanley was in my spanish and trig class and then she invited me to lunch. It was there trying to make conversation to complete stranger and being diplomatic so not to offend the others. There was a few times I could have told them how immature they were acting but I refrained. After lunch Angela Webber took over and helped me get to Biology with better ease then Jessica did. Mr. Banner signed my slip and walked me to my seat introducing Edward Cullen to me. "Hello." I said holding out my hand in the general direction. "Beau Swan."

"Edward Cullen." the voice was soft spoken but there was an underlying current in it. He shook my hand and I felt static which caused me to pull my hand back.