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Peace may have slowly returned to Konoha upon DanzĹŤ's death, however, there was plenty for Tsunade and Itachi to do for the next day. To avoid confusion among the ranks and problems within departments later on, the pair delegated assignments and deliveries to various agents and notable officials within the village or in the field. Kurenai was among many of the JĹŤnin tasked with securely relaying top-secret messages back and forth between Tsunade, Hiruzen, and the Konoha Council: Mitokado Homura & Utatane Koharu. Though the beautiful genjutsu mistress had been craved to be with Naruto all day, she did her duty hoping to be dismissed that night.

Naruto and Sasuke were dismissed right after Danzō's demise, despite their close association with the night's events. The Chūnin and Genin were sworn to secrecy, however, Tsunade recognized their unique associations and warned them of the potential dangers of the knowledge they have. Naruto already understood how easily the village can be infiltrated and how close a foreign agent can get to him, so Tsunade's warning made sense. Sasuke only cared to talk with his brother.

"We'll talk later," Itachi expressed. "The best thing you can do right now is rest. Now, go."

Sasuke and Naruto left together, leaping from building to building under the bright moonlight. Despite the monumental shift of power only moments ago, the village seemed oblivious as it slept on. Sasuke had no intention of resting, and the moment the pair were far, the youngest Uchiha stopped on a moderately clear rooftop with a railed perimeter and two tall water tanks. Naruto stopped as well, curious to know if he still wasn't feeling well despite Shizune healing him.

In the crisp night air, Naruto cautiously walked toward him, and the second he was close enough, Sasuke's quick hands grabbed his collar. He hoisted the clothing up, ready to yell something he wasn't able to because Naruto instinctively rotated his body, pressed his back against Sasuke's torso while pulling his arm over his shoulder, then flipping the irate avenger over. The Uchiha's ingrained training made his body twist in the air, to counter Naruto's throw, however, his blond teammate let him go mid-throw, tossing him a few feet away instead of continuing a series of attacks.

Sasuke landed smoothly on his feet as Naruto looked at him with a bored expression and begged to know, "why can't you just use your words?"

"Tell me how you knew about my brother," Sasuke irately demanded. The skin between his eyebrows was crinkled and his nostrils were flaring, demonstrating one angry genin.

Unfazed by his teammate's ire, Naruto simply told him, "change first." At Sasuke's confused expression, Naruto elaborated, "whatever you want to know from me, you won't get until you stop being a fucking asshole. I'm telling you right now, I'm not in the mood. I haven't seen Nai-chan in weeks, so I don't need your nonsense right now, and I won't tolerate it anymore."

His neck twitched, making Sasuke's head rotate as his expression changed to mad disbelief. He asked, "Do you actually believe you can force me-"

"Yes," Naruto casually interrupted. "Whatever you were going to say, yes. Because you can't beat me. I took it easy on you before when I was trying to talk to you. And why wouldn't I? I think of you as a teammate, rival, and brother. But if you come at me again, I won't hold back anymore, and then Konoha will go back to only having one Uchiha. So quit being such a whiny baby, grow the fuck up, and start treating the people who care about you with respect!"

When Naruto turned to leave, Sasuke body-flickered in front of him before asserting, "this is why I've always hated you. You have this delusional notion that if you treat others with respect, they'll treat you the same in return. That's just a fantasy of the weak! The truth of this world is only the strong survive! Only the strong earn power, wealth, compassion, and everyone else serve the powerful for the scraps the elite leave behind. You, beat me? You may have won a few skirmishes but I'll ultimately beat you so bad, you'll never want to get back up."

"And you call me delusional," Naruto grimaced. "Wake the fuck up, Sasuke. Use your oh-so-awesome eyes and really see. I've grown. And you haven't."

Sasuke only looked angrier as he hotly declared, "I won't let you leave until you tell me how you knew about my brother. Or this village will go back to having only one Uzumaki in it."

Still disinterested, Naruto observed the stubborn ninja in front of him and said, "fine. You want to do this the hard way? Seems to be the only thing that works with you." Naruto mumbled, "actually makes me feel bad for Naru-nii. Nobody told him how exhausting this would be," as he put his fingers together in a cross before mentally summoning a clone of himself. A clone popped beside him before the blond told his teammate, "Go ahead and beat my clone. If you can do that, I'll consider telling you about your brother."

"You will tell me," Sasuke irately insisted.

"Stop being a selfish ass," Naruto returned with a frown. "I said I'll consider it."

The clone turned to his boss and asked in all seriousness, "how much do you want me to hold back?"

Naruto looked at an irate Sasuke, barely absorbing the audacity of the question, and replied, "I don't know. Sasuke, how much do you want him to hold back?"

Sasuke didn't respond right away. The blond figured it must've been demoralizing to realize there is a difference, even if it's only for the moment. After all, for a very long time, everyone was stronger than he was, and he didn't accept that, so he saw no reason Sasuke would.

True to his expectation, a stern Sasuke voiced, "I don't need you to hold back."

"Figured you say that," Naruto voiced with a slight smirk. Sasuke move to the other end of the roof as Naruto told his clone, "just end it quick then carry him back to his place."

Naruto then leaped to the tallest water tank on the roof to gaze at the starry night above. He sensed Sasuke below start with hand-to-hand combat and heard his clone block everything until he got punched in the stomach. As he enjoyed the bright moon above and wished he were enjoying it with his loved ones, Naruto's mind tallied that Sasuke was likely using his Sharingan to fight his clone. The blond was aching to hold a hot and sweaty Kurenai flush against him as he stuffed her insides. Then he felt his clone tap into Kurama's chakra. In the second it took Naruto to get a hard-on for his fiancé, Sasuke grunted like he'd been ripped in half by a punch from the clone and the fight was over.

Naruto got up, waved at his clone as he took the unconscious Sasuke back toward the Uchiha district, then left to Kurenai's home in hopes she'd return that night, however, come morning, his beautiful fiancé was still not back. Annoyed by that, the blond bundle of energy left for the hospital to wish Iruka luck on his surgery. When his favorite sensei was wheeled into the operating room, Naruto had nothing to do but wait and imagine when he'd see Kurenai, and what he'd do to her.

His hormones were done with waiting. Naruto rushed to his office in Uzushio and wrote an official document for the Hokage's signature. He reread it a few times, stamped it with his clan's official seal, and gave it to one of seven clones. That clone would request the vital mission from Tsunade, while the other five leaped out of his office with missions of their own. One went to meet Jiraiya to tell him he needed a couple of days off; one went to Kakashi to tell him the same thing; and three delivered letters to Ino, Hinata, and Temari, inviting them to lunch in a couple of days. The last clone was entering sage mode so all the clones could locate their targets no matter where they were in the village.

When Tsunade received the official mission request from the Uzumaki clan, she couldn't help but roll her eyes and chuckle a bit before approving it with the office's official seal. She then called Kurenai to her office, and an hour later, the beautiful JĹŤnin landed before her.

Despite how late it was, Tsunade relayed to her soldier, "first things first, does the council have any more messages for me?"

"Hai, Hokage-sama," Kurenai respectfully responded.

Groaning, Tsunade grumbled, "Don't those old windbags ever sleep?" Kurenai didn't answer, then the future Hokage noted, "I'm sure they've been keeping you busy, making you run back and forth all day."

"Last night changed the landscape of power in the village," Kurenai recognized. "None of us can risk a leak at the moment."

"You can say that again," Tsunade huffed as she grabbed the mission scroll. "I'll be passing along those duties to another ninja. I have an urgent mission for you."

Noting the difference between a mission for her and a mission for her team, Kurenai quickly accepted, "hai, Hokage-sama."

"I understand you must be eager to go home," Tsunade knowingly ascertained.

With all honesty, Kurenai replied, "Our duty to Konoha must come first."

"Agreed, but rest is also important," the busty blonde asserted, leaning back in her chair. "And I'm sure Naruto misses you."

Kurenai tried to contain her blush as she answered, "I'll rest when the mission is complete."

"I appreciate your dedication, Kurenai-kun," she replied, leaning forward again and grabbing the mission scroll. She lifted it as she claimed, "this is a very important mission that'll keep you away for a minimum of two days."

Focusing on the scroll in the next Hokage's hand, Kurenai compartmentalized her dread to leave the village for two full days and dutifully asked, "when do I depart?"

"Now," Tsunade answered, surprising Kurenai.

Realizing she won't see Naruto, Kurenai swallowed her disappointment and asked, "may I request ten- fifteen minutes to message my team and loved ones of my absence?"

"No need," Tsunade quickly asserted, extending the scroll. "Take this scroll to the address inside. The client's already expecting you. Take good care of him. He's also important to this village."

Kurenai respectfully took the document with two hands as she asked, "May I ask what the mission is?"

"It's all in the scroll," Tsunade hastily assured her before returning to the mountain of paperwork on her desk. "Good luck, YĹ«hi-san."

"Hai, Hokage-sama."

Outside the Hokage's office, a tired and despondent Kurenai slowly opened the scroll and skimmed the important sections: the mission's goal, the ryĹŤ involved, and the client's name. Immediately, Kurenai was surprised to read, 'painting,' as the mission. She looked back to the Hokage's door, her lustrous black hair falling over her shoulder and she wondered if there was a mistake. She kept reading and saw that the money involved was for an A-Rank mission, but the Hokage waived the standard charge. Kurenai was ready to walk back inside Tsunade's office and ask if she had the right mission scroll when she read the client's name.

'Uzumaki Naruto, Head of the Uzumaki Clan.' Kurenai closed her eyes and smiled before she snorted, then laughed. "Head of his clan a few weeks and already he's throwing his weight around," she bemused.

Kurenai opened the scroll further and saw a security clearance square for a seal. It needed her chakra to release the sealed content. Curious, she placed her palm on the painted square, added chakra, and out popped a red and black lace lingerie set, with a garter and crotchless panties. Blushing bright red, Kurenai grabbed the sexy material and stuffed it in her blouse before inspecting the hallway. Tsunade's blushing receptionist and the two young, grinning Chūnin waiting clearly saw the skimpy fabric. The Genjutsu mistress disappeared from their view, leaving them to speculate about what they witnessed and why.

The address she was to meet her client was her home, and Kurenai barely stepped inside before being swept off her feet, making her cry out in surprise. She finally saw her blonde love and his bright smile and felt the stress accumulated in her body wash away as he closed the door behind him with a kick. Carrying her princess-style, Naruto relished her light weight in his arms, her hot warmth against his body, and closed his eyes as he leaned his nose into her lustrous mane of ebony hair. Inhaling deeply, Naruto recognized her lovely and unique scent as peaceful, comforting, and tantalizing. He sighed happily as he felt all the anxiety in his body melt away. Opening his eyes, he gazed into her beautiful red irises.

She looked so impossibly beautiful and Naruto's feet began walking upstairs as he told her, "I told everyone not to bother us for two days."

"Naruto," she said with a deep blush she cutely tried to restrain. "We can't… Danzō's death left a wide gap in our infrastructure and security. His hands were in a lot of things that we now have to secure."

Upon the first step of the second floor, the enamored blond made his way to her room as he voiced, "all of that sounds really important."

"Exactly," Kurenai said. "So I need to get-"

"Tsunade-baachan and Ji-chan can handle it," Naruto interrupted. Entering Kurenai's room, he walked straight to her bathroom as he added, "I haven't seen you since I left. I need you. Now."

She was immediately taken by her bathroom. The lights were off, but there were a dozen lit candles placed around the room, lighting the space in a warm glow. They were scented as well, and the lavender and spiced cranberry instantly relaxed her. The bath was already filled with warm water and lavender bubbles. Her nose could smell the essential oil and salts in the bath as well, and she just knew it would be perfect.

Kurenai felt his desire in his action and his words, and it gifted her entire body with such tranquility, she only wanted him more. As much as she wanted to be the dutiful soldier and serve the village she loves, she wanted Naruto more than anything. She observed him as he set her down on the sink counter and swiftly knelt on one knee and unfastened her lower bindings. His hot hands grazed her skin as he then removed her dress from the hem over her head and raised arms. Her raven-colored curls fell buoyantly around her blushing face as she voiced, "what are you talking about? You saw me last night."

She was such a sight for sore eyes, and before he could even think to respond, Naruto leaned in and affixed his lips to hers. Their faces fit together like pieces of a puzzle. The delicious pressure of her warm lips made him want more, widening his mouth and tilting his head to dive deeper into the kiss. She returned his need with such fervor and they were making out for minutes. When they pulled apart to breathe, they were both dizzy and scatterbrained for more.

Between her naked legs, Naruto voiced in a trance-like state, "No." Recalling precious moments when they're gazing into each other's dilated eyes as after climaxing intensely together, he knowingly replied, "I haven't seen you." Her blink and blush told him she knew what he meant. Naruto removed her panties and bra before removing his own clothes. He then led her into the bath before grabbing the loofah. It was already prepared with scented water, just like she had taught him so long ago.

Kurenai smiled happily, then reached for the loofah, asserting, "I can-"

"No," he interjected, taking her hand and pulling her close. "Let me."

She nodded before stepping into the bath. Kurenai sat in the warm water up to her lovely neck, and the salts in the bath enveloping her weary form actually made her tingle. The beautiful woman leaned back and moaned at how amazing it felt. Then Naruto caressed every inch of her with the spongy, exfoliating her smooth skin of dirt, sweat, and dead skin cells. After their arousing kiss, the heat and scent of the warm room, Kurenai felt languid, aroused, and slightly confused.

As Naruto rubbed her back with her head resting against his shoulder, she voiced her confusion, "I'm actually surprised we're not in bed right now."

"I really wanted to," he replied, massaging her lower back with the soft sponge. "That's all I thought about. I couldn't sleep thinking about when we'd finally be together without some urgent mission to get to, but then I thought you'd be tired. You've been up since yesterday and running around all day. So, I wanted to take care of you first."

His words moved Kurenai, and she grabbed the sides of his head before pulling him in for a deep, languid kiss. Their noses were side by side, and he could feel her wanton desire as her tongue descended into his mouth. She loved the way his powerful tongue felt eager to mingle with hers and she no longer cared about the bath or relaxation. Kurenai's itch could no longer be ignored.

She pulled away and demanded, "take me, Naruto! As long as you love me- As long as it's you, I don't care if I have to share. "

Naruto slid into the spacious bathtub behind her and their combined weight displaced the warm scented water within onto the tile floor. He positioned himself behind her, so her sensual back pressed into his chest. Feeling his long meaty erection hook between her legs and over her mound, a dazed and aroused Kurenai lifted herself to ride him reverse when Naruto held her still, pressing his jutting hot rod against her sensitive sex. She turned to him and Naruto's lips sucked and nibbled the sensitive skin of her elegant nape bringing out a gasp.

"It's fine, Nai-chan," the blond easily voiced as his hands slid under her arms, gripped the supple flesh of her large breasts, and massaged them with languid sensuality. "We're not leaving your room, so we've got plenty of time."

With great effort, Kurenai withstood her building anticipation, building arousal, and the distracting stimulation from his practiced ministrations to mindlessly ask, "wha-what about… the painting? I have a mission to complete."

"Don't worry," he whispered in her ear as he pressed and pulled her soft mammaries, making her moan as he teased her stiffening nipples. "I'm gonna be painting your walls white for days." Despite being in the bath, Kurenai felt hot and her sex tightened with growing lust and the salts. "For now, just relax and let me take care of you."

The feeling of laying against his firm body, of his hands massaging and caressing all her curves, his jutting meat-stick throbbing into her aroused love-petals, felt more like torture with every passing minute. Kurenai didn't think she could be so aroused until his hand slid down her tight abdomen to her mound. Without preamble, Naruto's fingers entered her sodden womanhood.

"Mnnn," Kurenai as the building electricity shot up her spine. Kurenai was feeling much more sensitive than usual and she arched her back as his fingers caressed her sensitive entrance. She heaved as his other hand caressed her erect clitoris and Kurenai know she wasn't going to last long. It's simply been too long, and she knows how impossibly good he is. In addition to how patient his pumping fingers were, stroking at the spot in the front that made her jaw clench, she spread her legs as far as the tub would allow and she felt it more. Her pelvis pumped on its own, settling his thick cock into her ass crack, and still, the knot kept building, ready to snap.

"MMM," she moaned with closed eyes. Her mane pressed into his head as her body squirmed and she groaned, "Naruto… I'm almost…" He inserted a third finger and pumped faster and her hands tweaked her nipples. "I'm almost… aahh, Almost! Cu-cumming! I'm…" She was moments from her final climax when Naruto sucked her nape and sent her over the edge. Her pussy clamped down on his fingers, pulsing as her entire body arched out of the water and spasmed in pure bliss.

Naruto let her catch her breath against him for several minutes and her lethargic body felt hotter than the water. He was curious when she voiced, "No."

"No, what?" He asked.

"This won't be enough-" She turned around to speak to his face, "I need you inside me! It's all I can think of right now. Just fuck me!"

Naruto promptly stood up, brought her to her feet, and had her lean forward. She automatically braced herself against the wall and stuck her ass back as he gripped her shapely hip, lined his throbbing crown. She felt it in her hot dripping core; this is what she wanted. Before she had a second to think, Naruto buried his raging erection into her sodden winding love tunnel in a single thrust.

"AAAHHH," Kurenai moaned as her knees buckled and her hips shook.

Her arched back trembled as his firm grip kept her in place as their sexes melted into each other. The supple love folds of her tight sex were gripping him hungrily, as if trying to pull him deeper into her. He took a deep breath and could almost feel her unravel around him, and Naruto relished in the long-overdue feel, groaning out, "Kami, I missed you! So good!"

He slowly pulled all the way out, drawing out the magic pleasure ripping through their joined sexes and doping their fiery bodies with ecstasy. All eight inches of thick sausage slammed into her gushing womanhood, ripping another deep moan from both of them. In and out, Naruto began a slow pace for a few moments, until their aroused bodies demanded more. Naruto pistoned his raging cock over and over again, dragging and attacking her erogenous zones with his shapely crown.

"Kami, aahh! MMnn! S-ssooo goood," Kurenai mumbled from a slack jaw as wet clapping filled the room. "This is- ahhn! This is what… ah! Needed!" Naruto smacked her ass with a crisp, loud clap, making her cry out, "MMMNNN! YEEESSS! AGAIN!"

Naruto clapped her firm round ass perfectly, earning another yelp and making her tighten even more around his love muscle. Her slick, tight womanhood made him feel so powerful and monstrous, he couldn't stop his hips from thrusting endlessly, making waves against her sexy butt. Naruto was losing himself a lot like he had in the begging and churned her inside aggressively. He gripped her beautiful hair and fucked her harder when she felt close.

Her knees buckled and her hips quivered as she gasped, "Naruto! I'm almost! I'm almmmmostt! I cumming! Cumming, cumming, I'm kuhmmmmmiiinnnnngggg," she hollered before clenching her jaw as her entire body tightened and spasmed with crashing waves of pleasure. Kurenai squeezed his cock, quivering around his sensitive head, and his knees buckled as he blew his load inside her. They fell into the water, basking in the erupting bliss of their bodies as he flooded her baby-chamber with his steaming nut sauce. After a minute of orgasming in mind and body, they crashed back against the tub, splashing more water out and enjoying the pleasurable buzz running up and down their bodies.

"Mmmnn, you came so much," Kurenai drunkenly voiced with a bit of a giggle.

"You felt too good," he lazily explained. Feeling his cock still inside her remain erect, Naruto voiced, "and it's been so long…" the blond tilted her head to turn to him and leaned down. Her blushing, radiant face looked up adoringly, and their hungry lips met. Their wide-open mouths sealed at their lips, allowing Naruto easy access to her tongue and oral cavity. As they made out, his cock flexed again, and he felt her tremble, like a ripple in the water. He pulled away to finish, "once isn't going to be anywhere near enough, Nai-chan."

"I'm all yours, Naruto," she moaned, quickly making out again. Feeling his tongue caress and wrestle hers, enhanced their wanton lust for each other. Kurenai's ruby-colored eyes blinked open at his hands gripping and kneading her sensitive breasts firmly. She only pulled away to breathe but then need more than just his lips. Kurenai momentarily extricated herself from his jutting meat-tower to turn and face him before slowly lowering herself to the brim. Her head of lovely wet hair lulled in coursing pleasure at the feel of such a thick cock pushing into her stomach.

"UUHhhhhhh!" she groaned at the feel of being so stuffed.

Naruto's hands continued to tease and rouse her sensitive milk-globes and hard pink teats. She tilted forward to give him more of her delicious bust while she slowly lifted her ass up, then stuffed her tight hot pocket to bursting bliss. Her hips moved on their own, rising and falling, churning her dripping sex as much as her brain. The sexy JĹŤnin moaned freely in the hot bathroom as she rode Naruto's cock and the blond boy loved the few.

The slick friction of her hot pink walls gripping and sucking his shaft so tightly in tandem with the gorgeous view of one of the most beautiful women in Konoha writhing in ecstasy while riding his cock… Naruto would not last long. Nor did he care. They were finally together and were going to stay that way for the next two days.

He leaned up to take her breast in his mouth while his right hand descended to their joined sex and with circular ministrations; he thumbed and fingered her roused pink bud. From tits to clit, to cunt, the bliss compounded with every second until the building pleasure exploded. Kurenai frantically wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck, holding the wet boy close as she orgasmed around his throbbing cock. Naruto couldn't hold on any longer and palmed her shapely hips before pushing her down on his pole as he pumped streams of thick spunk into her hot quivering core.

"Ther's sooo much," a sexually dazed Kurenai lustfully groaned. Her eyes closed to better sense the hot lake being flooded into the pit of her stomach, and her quivering body didn't settle down for minutes.

When she finally hung slack off him, Naruto softly voiced, "it's not over yet, Nai-chan." Suddenly sensing his steel erection still stuffed in her cum chute, she leaned back to stare at him with unexpected surprise. His cock won't go down and his hands teased her sensitive nipples as he confidently professed, "I'm just getting warmed up."

Kurenai gulped audibly as Naruto felt her tighten around him in carnal anticipation. He stood up with her still hooked on him, stepped out of the bath, and he took their dripping bodies to the closed door of the bathroom. The blonde pressed her against the solid surface, and with her legs wrapped around his waist, Naruto had the leverage to easily pull out of her tight core then spread her viscous sex once again.

Naruto didn't just want to pound into her relentlessly until he emptied his large reserves of semen in her. The blond wanted to hear her moan uncontrollably as he slammed into her. He wanted her to grip his body for dear life. He knew her pleasure points and angled his cock to constantly drag against her erogenous zones as he nibbled at her neck. Naruto continued his merciless onslaught of expert thrusts, making her moan wantonly.

"YES! THERE! MMMnn… HAAH… SO GOOOD," she mewled against the door. "DON'T- AAHH, St-STOP!"

As he's already cummed twice, the thrusting Naruto knew his third round would take longer. They were leaking bathwater, pussy juices, and semen on the floor as his long, thick erection pistoned its entire length in and out of her gushing center. The repeated sounds of clapping shloops mingled in the air with Kurenai's whimpering moans and Naruto's impassioned grunts. For five straight minutes, Naruto was a beast unleashed, attacking her sensitive sex until Kurenai couldn't take it anymore.

"NaAAHH! …NAAruutoo," the bouncing beauty tried to voice. Her viscous innards were tightening and twitching as she yelled, "MMn! YOu're going to AH! Make me!… I'm cumming-I'm cumming-I'm cumming-I'm!"

Naruto slammed into her to the balls and groaned along with her silent scream as her cock-impaled body rocked thunderously against the door. He twisted her head to take her lips and suck on her tongue as she squeezed and quivered around his love muscle, prolonging her mind-bending orgasm. However, Naruto hadn't had nearly enough of her. It scared him to think he may never have enough of her.

While her mind was fogged with ecstasy, Naruto opened the bathroom door, then laid her wet body on the soft bed. With her glistening body laying before him, Naruto hooked her twitching legs on his shoulders, gripped the sensual curves of her hips, and slowly began pulling himself out of her tight wet slit before splitting her into a wide O once again.

"Wha…Waait!" Kurenai tried, but she was lethargic. "Naruto! I'm still aahh! …I'm still sensitive!"

Naruto picked up the pace, making the wet clapping noise in the room louder and more frequent. Feeling her legs tremble and tense as he churned her meat curtains to her moaning satisfaction, he begged her, "Just let me- I'm almost," as he continued to pound his rod into her. Naruto leaned forward to deepen the angel and massaged her hips, sides, and breasts, making her squeeze him tighter.

"MMM! AAh, AAHH, NA-NARUTO!" she moaned. Looking at the wanton desire on his handsome face, Kurenai could feel the coil of pleasure grow larger and tighter. The degree by which he need her made her feel ready to burst her love juices any second. She was reaching the last steps of lucidity before the big drop and she yelled, "I'm almost! I'm almost!"

Naruto's mind was nothing but a haze of euphoria and he felt seconds away. Grabbing her legs, he flipped her on her front so her butt was hanging off the bed, gripped her firm bubbled butt, and kept fucking her sweet tight pussy for another minute until the heat and friction were too much. He buried himself to the balls and emptied every ounce of his white baby-gravy into her already full depths. The quivering Kurenai nearly ripped her sheets she'd been gripping as her orgasm rocked her entire shuddering body and made her see white. As he kept filling her with hot liquid, she had a few miniature orgasms prolong her catatonic state of euphoria.

Several minutes later, Naruto finally softened and pulled out of her, and the amount that came out made a puddle on the floor. An exhausted Kurenai felt like she was relieving herself as the warmth and buzz of such ferocious lovemaking had her fall right to sleep. Though Naruto felt like he could keep going in another minute or two, he realized his partner was likely exhausted. Whilst trying not to get hard, Naruto quickly cleaned her up before going to sleep snuggled together. It was the most complete embodiment of restful slumber for both of them.

Three hours later, Naruto woke up to a warm and pleasant feeling coming from his genitals. One lazy eye blinked open when a wave of tingling energy rushed through him and he saw Kurenai's gorgeous head bobbing between his legs. Her cheeks were hollowed inward due to the pressure of her sucking, and her slick red lips remained sealed around his rigid meat pole as she took him down to her throat. The wet, hot pressure was so intense he groaned and bucked his hips. She licked down to the balls but always played with his sensitive crown whilst her hands massaged from sack to stem.

Naruto groaned at her excellent technique, and when it was too much, the blond gripped her bobbing head and arched his back. Kurenai relaxed her throat, held her breath, and stuffed her nostrils with his blond bush as he ejaculated shot after shot of his man gravy down her warm throat. After a minute of his cum taking the quick route to her stomach, he settled back down, spent, yet eager for more. Kurenai swallowed what was in her mouth before licking his half-erect cock clean.

"Sorry, I was hungry," she explained with a blushing smirk.

"I got plenty more if you want," he hungrily returned.

Kurenai smiled at his zeal and the sight of his hardening cock. She quickly stated, "how about something different to eat before we continue."

Naruto shook his head as he pulled her on top of him, loving her warm weight over him, before he kissed her slowly and deeply. He separated with a wet suction to remind her, "I told you, we're not leaving this room for two days."

"That's going to be tough to do when we're starving," she cutely pointed out. "And I will not keep swallowing if that's what you're thinking."

Naruto chuckled before shaking his head. He sat up, crossed his fingers, and voiced, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." When three naked clones appeared, he cursed, "crap. Never mind. Let me get dressed." The three dispelled and Naruto quickly put on his shirt and pants before remaking three clothed clones. He ordered, "two of you make dinner for two, please."

"Not instant ramen," Kurenai playfully prohibited from her bed.

"No ramen for her then," Naruto amended with an amused shake of his head.

Two of the clones left the room while the third asked, "and me, boss?"

"Check on Iruka-sensei, Karin, Haku, Ero-sennin, Kakashi-sensei, Ji-chan, and Tsunade-baachan," Naruto told him. "Make clones if you have to, just be sure everything's good."

"Right-o," he called out with a salute before leaving.

Naruto turned to the radiant Kurenai, leaning against the bed's headboard, warmly gazing at him with admiration. Naruto smiled broadly before jesting, "want me to make a few more clones for some fun?"

Kurenai giggled and shook her head, making her black untamed hair flow around, before assuring him, "I can barely handle one of you."

Naruto smirked as he walked to the closet and brought back a dark wooden box Kurenai easily recalled. As the blond set the familiar box on the table and Kurenai tightened her toned legs in anticipation as he opened the large container to reveal the dildos, anal beads, handcuffs, vibrators, vibrating eggs, and lube she used to teach him all those months ago. Recalling how long they've been together and how it all started made her nostalgic. They've had their trials, but Naruto now feels like an inseparable part of her life.

"Come here," he softly said, and she felt herself growing wetter by the second in anticipation. Kurenai took a deep breath before scooting to the edge of the bed. Naruto took a moment to appreciate her toned body, thin waist, curvy hips, perky c-cup breasts with her shoulder-length ebony hair. She felt hotter under his admiring eyes when he ordered her to turn around. Her nipples hardened as she turned around. With her butt facing him and her center was leaking in gnawing suspense. Naruto gripped her firm apple-bottom with one hand while the other pressed the center of her back, encouraging her to lean forward.

"I thought I should prepare you," he started to say as he grabbed the oil-based lube from within the box. He leaned forward, pressing his erection against the crack of her ass as he voiced by her ear, "I'm going to fill you up from both ends, Nai-chan, cuz if I don't put all my love inside you, I'm gonna lose my mind."

While massaging the sensitive bend between hip and leg, Naruto began applying an ample amount of the oil-based lubricant to her sphincter and anal canal, fingering her all the while. Having prepared the rectal wash bulb, Naruto placed the sausage-like instrument to her beating sphincter, warned his beautiful fiance, then slowly inserted the rectum cleaner. She relaxed as she could, but by the time the base was between her cheeks, her arms gave out and her torso was flat on the bed with her twitching butt sticking out.

"I forgot to mention," Naruto started as he added chakra to his hand. "I added some fūinjutsu to the bulb-syringe." With a hint of panic, she whipped her head around to look at him—feeling the rubber instrument in her bowels with the slightest movement—as Naruto pressed his palm to the cleaner. Immediately, it began vibrating and bending as the instrument began to irrigate her sensitive passage. Kurenai clenched her eyes and jaw at the abrupt vibration and up & down wavelike bending, like a vibrating snake slithering upward, only the plug at the sphincter was holding it in place.

"MMMMnnnnn," Kurenai hummed as the uncanny sensation slowly clouded her mind and heat her body with a blanket of pleasure.

Pressing his pelvis into her round trembling ass, Naruto massaged her lower back as he asked, "how's it feel?" Though she heard him, she couldn't quite reply over her attempt to think through the mind-numbing delight. As he massaged the bend between hips and legs, the blond thrusted once, rocking her softening body forward and ripping a moan from her throat.

"Nai-chan?" Slightly worried, he moved onto the bed to make sure she was okay, but upon seeing her blushing face, full lips half moaning, eyes half-lidded in rapturous pleasure, surrounded by unkempt and damp 'Just Fucked' hair, the boy was taken by how sexy she looked. Naruto forgot about any strategy and surrendered to instinct, taking her juicy red lips for his own.

They made out in bed until the food was brought up to them. It was the fastest Naruto's ever eaten, and while she tried to finish her salmon chopped salad, he slowly replaced the vibrating cleaner with lubed anal beads that also vibrated. Her elbows propped her torso up to eat as her lower half vibrate over the edge of the bed while he played and explored her anal pleasure spots. Kurenai marveled at how wet and sensitive she was continuously getting, dreaded the moment he stuffed her to the brim because she knew she wouldn't last a minute of his deep strokes.

Her dripping wet sex did not go unnoticed by her virile fiancé, and he couldn't help burying his face in her sex and licking her sensitive love petals with long, languid strokes from his coarse tongue. Kurenai couldn't think with the electric buzz shooting up and down her spine. Her hazy mind was intoxicated and her feverish body was crackling with bouts of hypersensitivity. With his hands massaging the back of her thighs and bubble butt, his coarse tongue dragging up her drenching sex, and the vibration of the anal beads, her arching physique was trembling with the electric buzz of euphoria. It was as if the bulk of her body was transforming into a giant erogenous zone and the time between stimulation and climax was shortening to one great explosion.

Feeling the knot of pleasure tighten to the point of snapping, she felt Naruto pull away. She was about to protest when he bellowed, "sorry, Nai-chan, but I can't hold back any longer!"

Kurenai curved her spine to look back at him, making her feel the vibrating beads acutely as Naruto lined his throbbing cock with the pulsing heat of her sodden sex. As he gripped her curvy hips, she opened her lips to protest when he buried himself to the hilt in a single stroke, ripping a long-winded groan from both of them. Naruto stood still, preferring to remain fused in tight wet heat as tiny orgasms sporadically quacked Kurenai's sweltering form. Naruto relished the suction and hot trembling of her cunt on top of the vibrations and tightness the anal beads bring.

When Naruto was ready, he knew exactly how to fuck the radiant beauty under him. He lowered his pelvis to raise the angle and pressed her love tunnel more into the vibrating spheres of her lubricated rectum before pulling out. Kurenai groaned like a hefty weight being emptied out before stuffing it right back in with a wet CLAP.

"AAAHhnn, mmmmnn," Kurenai moaned to the room. She was beside herself. He'd only just put it in, and she felt like she was losing her mind. Naruto started pumping in and out of her and her primal moans only grew in pitch and frequency. "Ahn… MMN… OHH… I'mmmm," she tried to say, however, drilling in and out of her, he could easily tell she was seconds away.

Naruto gripped under her trembling left knee and lifted her left leg up, splitting her legs and compacting the wet friction to an unbearable degree. Naruto slammed to the hilt, her flush ass cheeks to his pelvis, and her thick coil of pleasure snapped. Her spine arched, her head and sweaty locks whipped back as her quim clenched him like a vise. A series of mind-bending orgasms erupted one after the other throughout her entire body, making her shake and juke. Naruto held her sultry form down as her quivering muscles flexed around his meat tower. Though his sensitive head and balls wanted to let loose, he held firm for the minutes it took her to settle down.

When her gloriously hot and wet hole slackened its vice grip, he flipped her slack body over so he could see her supple breasts bounce as Naruto slowly started building a rhythm again. Her moaning and the wet clapping of their bodies was music to his ears. The heat and sweat radiated off them and the smell of sex and sweat filled their noses. He pounded her love tunnel with a growing frenzy until he stuffed to the root and unloaded globule after globule of his hot spunk. His mind-numbing orgasm triggered her own and her strong legs wrapped around his back as her spine arched, lifting her butt off the bed. It was unmitigated bliss for the pair of lovers as he unloaded everything he had into her quivering quim.

Despite the heat in the room, the sweat on their bodies, the spunk and pussy juice pouring out of her slit, and the anal beads still vibrating in her ass, they went soundly to sleep. True to Naruto's word, they did not leave the room for two days. Food, sex, talking, and sleep were the only tasks of the day and they did them all repeatedly. Naruto would always wake her up by eating her out until she orgasmed in his mouth, then he'd enter her sodden sex or ass repeatedly until he was flooding her insides with his potent seed. In the bathtub, she would always ride him vivaciously until they climaxed together. Bending her over, raising one or both legs, every position on the bed, against the wall & door, in the bath, they had sex until they both orgasmed from one of three orifices.

When they did talk, it was initially about little things, stories, and memories he would gain from his clones. Naruto always sent out clones to help Karin or Haku in any way they needed, or be with Iruka. Sometimes they had funny stories Naruto had to relay to Kurenai. Knowing they would be in Kumo eventually and why, Kurenai couldn't help the questions in her mind begging to be asked. They were in bed, facing each other as she recovered from a barrage of full-bodied orgasms, and she asked, "Naruto? How many girls have you been with?"

Naruto hummed in consideration before answering, "uh… well, a lot I guess." Kurenai raised her dark brows at his answer until Naruto listed off names. "You, Karin, Sakura, Tsunami-neechan, Ayame-neechan-"

"No, not like that," Kurenai giggled, then clarified, "I mean… I heard about the kunoichi from Kumo. And I know the lengths infiltration specialists are trained to go in order to succeed in their missions. Did you sleep with these women?"

"Oh," Naruto realized before quickly nodding and answering, "Yeah, I did." Either he didn't notice her raise eyebrows or it didn't bother him as he continued to explain, "I met Ma-chan at the library, and we kind of hit it off. I didn't know it at the time, but she and Sa-chan were trying to get me to defect."

Old feelings of insecurity rushed to the forefront of her mind, but Kurenai tried to fight it by cautiously asking her fiancé, "was this before or after we took a break?"

Smirking, Naruto playfully touched the tip of her nose with his before asking a question of his own. "Did we take a break or did you ask me for space?"

Recalling old circumstances with a previous love, Kurenai moved away as she asked with some heat, "so you had sex with them to get back at me?"

Naruto sat up, quickly concerned and eager to reply, "what? No! Obviously, no!"

"So why did you sleep with random girls the second we weren't together?" It's not the first time the same outcome had happened in her life and it hurt at the moment as it hurt in the past.

"I didn't just sleep with them," Naruto replied with a quirked brow as if she wasn't making sense. She would've been angry at him for making her feel like she were crazy to be upset if he hadn't followed up with, "I may be marrying one of the hottest girls in all of Konoha but I can't say it was because I'm that smooth." She paused a little at that. "These girls are on your level. Why would I even think I could get with either of them? Especially when all I had to do was wait for you to talk to me again."

That made Kurenai calm down some and even regret her outburst. She moved closer to him again and intertwined their legs as he continued, "when I learned that Ma-chan was a psychologist and sociologist, I asked her a bunch of questions about relationships. You wanted to take a break, and I had no idea why. I thought if I understood more, I could do something, and since she's the one who told me about love and polyamory, I thought she could help me."

"I see," Kurenai softly acknowledged, imagining what it would be like to seduce a boy into defecting. Realizing most of the women in Naruto's life only came to him for something and that it's not the same as any of her past loves, she asked, "so, she used that as an 'in' to seduce you and get you to defect?"

"I don't know about that," Naruto easily returned. "There's no way I'd ever leave Konoha just because I slept with two girls."

Caught on his last two words, the curious beauty asked, "did you sleep with both of them at the same time?"

Without worry of judgment, he casually nodded as he answered, "eventually, yeah. First, it was Ma-chan, then Sa-chan, then both of them."

"And you still didn't even think of going with them? These really beautiful girls?"

"Hell no. Not even once," he nonchalantly answered, making her snort at how uncomplicated he can be. "Anyway, with Ma-chan's help, I figured out how much I love you."

Surprised by how good her heart felt to hear him say that, Kurenai restrained her broadening grin to ask a more important question. "You told her about me?"

"Obviously," he replied. "I'm not trying to hide anything."

"No, I know," she assured him. "I… do know you, Naruto." She felt frustrated with herself for doubting him and genuinely apologized. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so rash with you. I think I was just… thinking of past experiences."

He moved closer, resting his warm forehead against hers as he softly asked, "are you okay?" She nodded weakly, reminding herself, yet again, that Naruto wasn't like other men. His powerful arms embraced her nude form closer to his body and relaxed into him as he asked, "you know I love you, right?"

"I do," she cutely responded.

"Like, for forever," he emphasized with a broadening grin. "I need to make that absolutely clear."

Lightly giggling in his embrace, she returned his smile as she answered, "yeah, I know."

With a gentle thrust, the blond asked, "need me to prove it?"

Feeling his relentless erection, Kurenai assured him, "no! No! I don't think I can take anymore right now. I'm still… just give me some more time."

"Awe… really?"

Leaning back in disbelief, she asked him, "you're still…" before focusing on the brighter side of having sister-wives. "You know, this may be one area I don't think I'll mind assistance with. I mean, how do you have so much energy?"

His throat hummed in tandem with a casual shoulder shrug before confessing, "I get pretty antsy when I don't see you for a while," he sadly admitted, making Kurenai blush and smile. "You know, Ma-chan also helped me realize I could love you, Ino, Temari, and Hinata without favoring one over the other. She told me about a type of polyamory where it's like a dinner table and we all eat together because everyone loves each other like family, and I really liked that idea. It sounds so great."

With a smirk, Kurenai voiced, "well, there's not much of a choice now."

"Of course there is," he returned.

"No, Naruto, there isn't," she proclaimed. "I know you'd be happy if it were just me, but breaking the truce agreement with Suna could hurt both of our villages. It's like lying to a best friend, and I know neither of us wants to be liars."

"I get that, but, I can't do this if you or any of the girls aren't happy with it," he voiced with disgust. "No one should be forced to marry someone just because of politics. That's not how I want anyone to love me."

"I know, I know," she assured him. "I don't want to go into it now, but trust me, I am happy with this because I love you."

"Okay," Naruto accepted before kissing her. Though she had more questions, her mind was quickly swept away by the zealous winds of desire. All too soon, Naruto was thrusting his throbbing meat tower into her gushing quim with relentless frenzy. Kurenai's entire body felt like a love sponge overflowing with ecstasy and he repeatedly buried himself deep in her quivering pleasure until they were both writhing in quaking bliss.

Eager for rest, an exhausted and sweaty Kurenai hoarsely asked, "are there… any more women I should know about?" They were both laying on their backs breathing heavily as thick globules of spunk was leaking from her pink honey-pot.

"Uh… let's see," he slowly began, recalling his higher brain function. "Ma-chan, Sa-chan, you, Ino, Sakura-"

"Sakura," Kurenai repeated. "Haruno? Your teammate? Since when?"

"Around the same time as Mabui and Samui," Naruto slowly answered. Suddenly fearing he betrayed his teammate, he asked, "you're not going to tell anyone, are you? I told you because I don't want any secrets between us but I'm not sure if she wants anyone to know."

"I… uh, yes, no, of course," Kurenai assured him once the shock settled. "I won't tell a soul. It's just surprising."

"It was sort of a limited-time thing," Naruto replied. "We haven't slept together since though."

"Okay. Anyone else?"

"Mmm," he hummed, making her wonder how many girls he slept with in the three weeks they broke up. "I also did a lot of hand and oral stuff with Temari and Tenten, but that's pretty much it."

"Wow," the raven-haired beauty gasped.

"They were all pretty happy, too," Naruto proudly told her, as if he won first place. "So you did a great job training me."

Surprisingly, that did make her proud. It was an odd duality for the raven-haired beauty to reconcile. As an educator, she took pride in all the successes of her students and Naruto was a star pupil. She taught him how to pleasure women, and taught him well, which is a source of pride. However, she hadn't anticipated falling in love with him and feeling territorial about who he slept with. Though she felt some jealousy, she couldn't deny it felt good knowing her man—armed with everything she taught him—made those girls melt around his cock. It was a bitter-sweet pill to swallow.

She smiled as she agreed, "I did train you, didn't I?"

Bringing her out her thoughts, Naruto asked, "what about you?"

She blinked and knitted her brow in curiosity before asking, "hmm? What do you mean?"

To her dread, he clarified, "how many men have you been with? Besides Asuma, do I know any other ones?"

Crunching her nose, she cautiously asked, "uh, do you really want to know?"

Shrugging as if it didn't matter, the blond Chūnin answered, "mnnn, I don't really care. But since you wanted to know who I've been with, I thought it was important enough to know yours."

"I see," she slowly reasoned. Considering it only fair, she answered, "well, I've been with nine men in total. On and off, Asuma was the longest and most recent. A string of nice men in between, and, I suppose… I've also been with one woman-"

"Really!" His eyes snapped open in stark surprise.

Amused by his obvious excitement, she nodded with a smile as she answered, "yes. Anko."

"Woooooooooooow," Naruto groaned before laughing exuberantly.

Embarrassed, Kurenai jumped on top of him, straddling his waist as she pressed her palms against his strong chest. "Moh, Naruto, I was just curious! It only happened once… or th-three times."

Naruto continued to chuckle as he asked, "three times? You must've really liked it. I might have to ask her for pointers."

Far too embarrassed, Kurenai proclaimed, "that's- It's because Anko's really- You know, we don't have to talk about this anymore."

Laughing, he acquiesced before asking, "how are you and Asuma-nii?"

Growing silent and contemplative, Kurenai looked sadder before answering, "we're not in the best place, which is to be expected. I understand he's hurt, but I hope we can be friends again; one day." Knowing the loss of a friend, Naruto brought her down so she could lie atop of him and hold her in comforting warmth. After several moments, Kurenai sadly, yet gratefully voiced, "thanks for asking. I don't think most men would care how I get on with my ex."

"I'm not most men," Naruto whispered by her ear before kissing her raven-colored locks.

By the end of the second night, an exhausted Kurenai just laid in her soil bed, unable to think or move. Naruto wasn't a fan of having sex like that, so he simply took her to the bath to wash her body while half a dozen clones cleaned and aired out the room. They then slept soundly until the following morning when Naruto awoke to a wonderful view of Kurenai watching him with a heartfelt smile.

He instantly grinned, unlikely to ever tire of waking up next to her, then greeted, "morning."

"Morning," she returned before kissing him deeply. Their heads swiveled around their joined lips until Kurenai felt his hard-on against her stomach and pulled away in surprise, asking, "really? After two days straight days of sex?" Naruto just shrugged. "How about you expend some of that energy inviting Hinata, Ino, and Temari to lunch. I also want to have dinner with everyone."

"You mean like when it was you, me, Hinata, and Haku?" At her smiling nod, he excitedly asked, "so, we can add Karin, Ero-sennin, Temari, Gaara, KankurĹŤ-"

"Future family and close friends, essentially," she happily confirmed for him, and he kissed her before leaving to get ready.


Naruto and Kurenai finally left her house after breakfast and met direct sunlight for the first time in two days. Naruto lamented not being able to have sex outside. Kurenai just shook her lovely head, making her sexy black hair wave around her shoulders. The pair left to meet their respective teams, trained all morning, performed several D-Rank missions with their respective teams, then met at the market to shop for lunch and dinner. Naruto was happy to tell her all about how much stronger Sakura was getting due to Tsunade-baachan's training, or how Sasuke continues to bother him with challenges.

"And did you?" she asked.

"I said it was up to Kakashi-sensei," Naruto explained. They were walking down the neighborhood toward her house holding bags of groceries as the blond Chūnin added, "but I told him, I'm not holding back anymore. Sasuke likes to use his Sharingan and cursed seal. I'm done pulling my punches."

"Good," Kurenai huffed, mildly irate with the Uchiha. "I believe he's been coddled long enough."

"Maybe," Naruto replied. "He's getting better, but I still whooped his ass. Didn't even need Hiraishin or Sage mode."

Hinata, Ino, and Temari arrived soon afterward to help prepare lunch. Naruto would've helped, but Kurenai confessed that after two days of his meals, cooking wasn't his strong suit. He set the table, and before long, they were all seated with a delicious meal in front of them. Sitting around the dining table, Naruto couldn't help feeling choked up by the loved ones around him. He thought of how they would soon be his clan, his family, and he had to hold down his urge to tear up as Kurenai briskly explained Mabui, Samui, how they're involved in Omiai, and the trip to Kumogakure. Naruto then confessed to the girls why he wanted to go to Kumo.

"So," Temari began, asking for clarity, "You're not marrying them?"

"Marriage?" Ino repeated, eying Temari questioningly. "There's no way they care anything about marriage." Ino emphasized to the table of future family, "this has to be a trap."

"When I devised the Omiai plan," Temari began. "It was obviously to immobilize and capture Naruto, but the contracts were as legally binding as they can be." Realizing what it meant for kunoichi from Kumogakure to sign the Omiai, Temari orated, "now, we're here—us four—marrying Naruto, despite the original purpose. I'm only saying is it's possible these kunoichi could tumble down the same rabbit hole."

"I don't know about all that," Naruto told the girls. "I just want to talk to their Jinchūriki. Ma-chan and Sa-chan are helping me out there and that's as far as that goes."

Kurenai continued explaining, "We're operating under the assumption that this is a ploy to either kill or capture Naruto or the Nine-tails. Despite the risk, after careful consideration, Hokage-sama has determined that talking to their Jinchūriki was worth it, thus the mission."

The girls take a moment to absorb the distressing mission. If anything goes a slight bit wrong, it had the potential of causing serious ramifications between Land of Fire and Land of Lightning, and any number of people could die. Temari cut through the silence by assuredly asking, "When do we leave?"

Kurenai answered, "We haven't set an official date yet. There's a lot for the village to do first. Tsunade-sama's inauguration is this week; the Uzumaki's Clan's founding ceremony will be the week after; and we have to prepare the teams who'll be a part of the mission to Kumo. The earliest I can see us departing would be two weeks."

Considering the schedule between their important mission and treaty, Temari asked Kurenai, "What about the wedding? It's going to take at least six months to rush such a crucial wedding between our countries and give people across all classes a chance to travel and attend."

Stunned by the news, Naruto exclaimed, "Six months! Does it really take that long to plan a party?"

All four girls bristled at the term party to describe the most important day of any woman's life. Ino shook her head with an empathetic smile as she voiced, "I get that you're a boy, but you have to understand, a girl's wedding day is a huge deal. We all want the day to be absolutely perfect. And that takes a lot of planning. Six months is the bare minimum to plan the absolute most amazing wedding ever. It could even take up to two years if the girl is determined enough."

"Wow," Naruto gasped. "I had no idea."

"Security for the Kages and DaimyĹŤ alone will take weeks to prepare," Hinata softly voiced.

Naruto raised his brow with a long whistle as he thought about the scheduling problem. Eventually, he expressed, "I don't know what our timetable is exactly, but I really don't want to delay going to Kumo. It's super important."

Nodding, Ino curiously asked, "Can you even show Kumogakure that this engagement is, in fact, real, without being married to at least two of us first? I mean, I know they're using the Omiai for their own gains, but this isn't a sham or political for me." Blushing fiercely, Ino called upon her courage to boldly confess, "I lo-love Naruto and I want to marry him."

Naruto rushed around the table, yelling, "Aww! I love you too, Ino-chan!" He hugged her fiercely, and immediately, Ino felt a heat stirring from her core being pressed against him. It's been so long since they're done anything physical that she forgot how amazing the feel of his hot body and muscular arm was like. She thought her urges were under control, but smelling him so close, feeling his radiant face pressed against hers, it all came flooding back. This was the boy who could fuck her unconscious, and her sex vibrated with desire for his cock.

All three girls noticed Ino's deep blush and fidget in her chair as Naruto returned to his. Kurenai moved them along by stating, "It would be better if Naruto was married to at least Temari and one more to add weight to our words when we speak with the Raikage."

"If we even make it that far," Temari joked in all seriousness. "The intel we've gathered about him basically says he's a notoriously difficult man to deal with and an incredibly powerful shinobi."

Naruto hummed a moment, not truly enjoying the direction of their upcoming nuptials. He voiced, "The only reason I'd get married faster is so we can all live together." Envisioning what a full house of family would be like, the blond Chūnin gushed at the fantasy as he added, "We can come home after a long day and it'll be warm and smell amazing. Then someone you love, who loves you right back, will welcome you home because they're happy to see you. That's a good reason to get married quick. Other than that, I don't care what Kumo thinks."

"'Other than that,' he says," the red-cheeked Ino gasped.

"Like he thinks that's not everybody's dream," Temari added with a small smile.

Hinata voiced to Naruto and her sister-wives, "w-with this family—with everyone here—I think we can have that."

"Oh, no doubt," the blond confidently assured.

"I've given this some thought and have a possible solution," Kurenai began to reveal to the table. "I wonder, would everyone here consent to having two weddings instead of one?"

Quickly picking up on her train of thought, Temari detailed, "You mean a small one we can have for the moment, which, you could say, would be the legal start of our marriage."

"And then the large one for everyone else later on." Ino quickly added.

"It would serve everyone's needs," Kurenai noted. "We'd have plenty of time to plan the big ceremony for the first two to marry Naruto, and for the moment, we can plan a smaller one that'll just be for our close friends and family. After, we'll be able to stand in front of anyone and confidently tell them we are married to the most amazing man."

The bashful Naruto gushed, "Stop!" He looked at all of them as he stated, "I think you're all amazing, too. And I'm so looking forward to spending the rest of my life loving you as my family; as my clan."

All three girls smiled at his sincerity, however, Temari was the one to grimly voice, "then we better make sure to survive Kumo."

Kurenai asked the Suna princess, "Does that mean you're going? Whoever goes is going to be in substantially more danger and you are the Kazekage's daughter."

"I'm not letting my fiancé go without me," the Suna highborn stated. "I may be marrying Naruto but I will not waste my hard-earned talents becoming a stay-at-home wife to cook and clean. I'm afraid I skipped those classes at the Academy."

Kurenai pointed out, "Your father may object."

"First, I couldn't care less what he thinks," Temari hotly contested, clearly harboring a deep grudge with her father and leader. "And second, no one here is a stranger to the dangers of the life we chose. I'm a kunoichi and future wife to the Jinchūriki of the Kyūbi, who'll eventually become Hokage. I'll even have sister-wives. I'm not expecting an easy life."

"But, we can have a peaceful home," Hinata softly expressed to the group.

With a smile and a nod, Temari agreed and the sensual Ino winked at Naruto as she carnally inferred, "Hopefully not too peaceful."

Naruto snorted at her dirty mind before asking the girls, "so, we're all good with two weddings? I'll do everything I can to make sure it turns out great. Plus, Karin's really good at planning stuff. Our clan would never have been up so fast if it wasn't for her."

"I'm fine with it," Temari stated. "My brothers wouldn't mind either. But have you decided who's going to be your first wife?"

Naruto blinked at the unexpected question and slowly observed each of the Konoha girls and their suddenly unreadable expressions. He hadn't actually thought of the wedding, let alone who the first wife would be. However, clearly there needed to be one, just like the first person in line buys the first bowl of ramen. Even if they would've liked to know who he'd pick, the Konoha girls understood his hesitation, and Kurenai voiced, "We still have some time."

Though the lunch ended and the table was cleared, exiting the warm home was odd for everyone. Temari, Ino, and Hinata lingered by the front door. It struck Naruto as odd until Kurenai voiced, "I'll walk with Hinata, so give her a hug so we can go." Kurenai winked at the blushing Ino, recognizing the girl's desire for Naruto and the beautiful girl smiled back.

Hinata turned beet red and Naruto smiled before he happily wrapped the adorable girl in his arms. Feeling his warm body press against her front with his face almost nuzzle against hers, Hinata held on for seven seconds before she felt like passing out. She was dazed when Kurenai pulled her away. The stunning JĹŤnin-sensei kissed Naruto in front of the awestruck girls before asking Ino, "would you be a dear and make sure Naruto's not late to dinner tonight? He's going to be training but you know how easily he loses track of time."

"That doesn't happen all the time," Naruto—eyes squinted—bemoaned with a pressed-up lower lip.

Ino blushed at the thought of staying with Naruto and nodded a little too fervently before Temari voiced, "I'll join you." The girls turned to her before she answered their curiosity. "It's not like we have anything else to do in Konoha."

"Yeah," Naruto called happily, oblivious to Ino's desires. "Bring Gaara and KankurĹŤ. I'll go get Haku and we can battle it out!"

Turning to Temari, Kurenai voiced, "if you'll come with me, we can ask Hokage-sama just to make certain she's fine with Gaara and Naruto training together."

"You can go," Temari bluntly asserted. She was perceptive enough to understand what was happening. Looking at Naruto with a smile, she expressed, "I wouldn't mind staying with Naruto longer."

Ino had been aroused since Naruto hugged her. Her panties were wet, and she wanted some alone time with her future husband, yet Temari wanted to get in the way. Naruto hadn't realized the depth of the hidden calamity, however, Kurenai did. She inhaled and told Naruto, "give them all hugs. I just remembered Karin needed you for clan business. You should head over to Uzushio."

"I've got a fleet of clones helping with furniture right now," Naruto answered.

"Right," Kurenai recalled. "Well, head to the training ground and we'll join you soon."

Looking around, a suspicious Naruto slowly asked, "What's going on here?"

"I just think we girls need to have a quick conversation," Kurenai sweetly answered.

"Is it about the marriage?" he asked. "Because if it is, I think I should know too."

"Well, let me ask you this," Kurenai began to proposition. "If something were going on, what do you think it is?"

Naruto inspected the girls with a more discerning eye. He initially thought they wanted to train but couldn't do so together because of rules. He was also certain Temari felt nervous because she didn't want anyone to steal her moves. However, that didn't feel quite right, or Kurenai wouldn't have asked. Then he saw Ino's blushing face and lightly perspired brow and it reminded him of another time she looked like that inside of Kurenai's house. He wondered if she wanted to have sex and that thought made Naruto want to have sex as well. He then felt the blush on his face, however, he didn't want to make Hinata or Temari uncomfortable.

"Seems like we're all on the same page," an intuitive Kurenai lightly voiced, smiling at Naruto's expressive face. Facing everyone, she explained, "Since there's no real delicate way to say this, I'll just say it. We'll all have different needs at different times. I want us all to help each other out, but I realize we're missing context, so how about a change of dinner plans. Tonight, it'll just be the future-wives. Naruto, didn't you say you wanted to take Jiraiya-sama and Tsunade-sama to Ichiraku's?"

"Mnn, yeah, I did," Naruto answered. "But…"

"Relax," Ino bolstered, clapping him on the shoulder. "There's going to be loads of times when we girls are going to have to figure things out on our own. It doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong."

"And it might be rough in the beginning," Temari added. "But when we all get to know one another, I'm sure it'll be smoother."

Naruto observed Hinata nod sternly before nodding himself, then cheerfully declaring, "alright. I'll be training if anyone needs me." Naruto then left them to train, all the while feeling like there was something more he could've done. He wasn't sure what that something could be, but he knew there was a better answer. Like when Temari asked him if he decided on the first wife, he was stuck to answer. His mind drew a blank, but he knew there was a solution that wouldn't disappoint anyone.

Naruto trained with Haku, Gaara, Kankurō, and eventually Temari, while Kakashi and Baki watched on. During training, Kakashi suggested trying to fight without sage mode or Kurama's chakra, and it made getting around Gaara's ultimate defense a fun challenge. They still weren't allowed to fight with their Bijū, but Naruto has been coaching Gaara into fostering a relationship with Shukaku. It was also fun to see Kankurō complain about Haku's ice kekkei genkai since he could freeze the inanimate objects, annoying the Suna boy.

Naruto's Suna fiancé came to train, then left for dinner at Kurenai's. When he asked what they would talk about, she bluntly told him, "you, obviously. But I wouldn't worry too much about it. We're all just trying to figure out how this will work."

Naruto understood because he wanted the same thing. He simply had no one with experience to advise him. They all had dinner with Karin and Jiraiya at Uzushio after. It was great fun, and he loved it, however, he always thought about his future wives. He wanted everyone to be friends, but like Sasuke, he knew it was possible to resist the idea. While he laid in bed in his new but bare bedroom, Naruto sensed a shadow enter his room through the window. Before he could question who was there, the shadow leap on him. He instinctively used the Hiraishin to freeze time and see who it was. A smile spread across his face as he traveled to his kunai holster on the desk. She immediately landed on an empty bed, and in her confusion, Naruto wrapped his arms around Ino from behind.


Temari was the last to arrive at dinner in Kurenai's comforting home, but the four women quickly prepared the meal, then set up the dining table before taking a seat. Kurenai was dressed comfortably in tight sweats with a hooded sweater that had the Konoha leaf emblem on it. She also encouraged the girls to dress more casually to encourage a more relaxed meal.

Ino dressed in a purple sleeveless sundress that cut off mid-thigh with her blonde hair in a ponytail. Temari continued to wear her purple long-sleeved blouse with a high collar under a grey top, and a dark blue skirt with a split in the side. Hinata was slightly more surprising to the girls. Gone was her oversized jacket that hid all of her feminine curves. She now wore a light lavender, sleeveless kimono-style blouse, tied with a dark purple obi around her waist, accentuating her large breasts. She wore a pair of short dark navy shorts with thigh-high stockings. Her eye-catching look was far more form-fitting and much less conservative than before. With her silky hair, they could all tell how much of a stunner she could be.

'Guess we know who has the biggest breasts,' Ino and Temari thought as they sat down. They were wondering how partial Naruto was to big breasts when the sexy JĹŤnin began. "So, I want to start by saying that there's a reason all of this happened; Why I'm with Naruto, despite my age; Why you're all with Naruto, despite your reason- With the exception of Hinata, of course."

With a curious brow, Ino had to ask Hinata, "How long have you been in love with him?"

The girl instantly blushed but bravely answered, "s-since I was ten. He saved me from a group of bullies. They were bigger and older than him, b-but he didn't care… and fought them, anyway. He was the bravest boy I'd ever seen."

"That's more than I've ever heard you say at one time," Temari pointed out.

Hinata nodded before explaining, "Haku made me realize this was like an exclusive club I'd be entering; all the people who l-love Naruto. That there was no reason to hold back because we all want the best for him."

"Agreed," Kurenai voiced proudly at her important student. "We all want what's best for him and the relationship amongst ourselves will factor greatly in that. I'm sure he's worried about us right now."

"He is," Temari assured them. "He seemed a bit distracted today."

"He should be," Ino pointed out, eying Temari with a hint of a grudge. "I wanted some alone time, and you clearly wanted to get in the way."

"Of all of us here, I've got to spend the least amount of time with him," Temari returned.

"He was on mission to save our Hokage-"

"Okay, okay," Kurenai interrupted. "Listen, we all have to be more understanding about what we can and can't do from today onward. For example, today, Temari, couldn't a clone have sufficed until Ino and Naruto had a bit of time together?"

"…Technically, yes," Temari hesitated to admit. "But I don't know how long they would've been. While you're all doing missions or going around your village, me and my brothers are essentially stuck in a hotel. We get to go out when we want, certainly, but we don't know the village like you do. And when we do go out, many villagers look at us with worry, hate, fear, or caution. So we stay indoors."

"How long?" Hinata softly asked Temari.

"It's been weeks already," the Suna princess answered.

"Would you like to s-spend time with me?"

"With all of us?" Ino interjected. "I mean, we should get to know each other. We're only spending the rest of our lives together."

"I- Yeah," Temari voiced. "Of course. I probably should've reached out. I just… it's all still new."

"Naruto and I have talked about having dinners together," Kurenai told the girls. "Just family and close friends."

"'Naruto and I,'" Ino jovially pointed out. "I'm still jealous you get to spend so much time with him."

"I suppose that neatly brings us to the point of this dinner," Kurenai voiced. "I have spent the most time with Naruto. There's a reason for that, but as it involves Ino, I won't go into too much detail."

"Sounds like you want me to go into detail," Ino sussed out.

"You can't deny you're a major factor in why this all played out," Kurenai replied to the blonde. "But that's your story to tell, not mine."

"I really want to know what this story is," Temari wished, leaning in as she smirked. "You said it yourself: We're only spending the rest of our lives together. We're all going to know each other intimately, anyway."

"We will," Ino agreed. "But this isn't one of my finer moments, so, you're just going to have to wait."

"Suffice it to say, I was in a position to teach Naruto everything he knows," Kurenai continued. "Which is why I spent the most time with him, however, I recognize you all haven't, so I think we need to be cognizant of each other's time with him. I know we all want to be with the original, but if we can use clones, try. Let's try to help each other as much as we can, for Naruto and this marriage."

Ino quickly asked, "No one's planning on seeing him tonight, right?" Hinata coughed on the cup of water she was drinking. At Hinata's reaction, the blonde beauty further asked, "has anyone else had sex with him?"

"Just you, me, Mabui-san, and Samui-san," Kurenai told the table. Looking between Temari and the blushing Hinata, she expressed, "I want to make this clear to the both of you. You are under no obligation or pressure to sleep with him, whether to 'catch up' to us or for any reason. I think we all know he's not the type to pressure anyone into anything they don't want to do, this marriage included."

Temari quickly asked, "Did he say he didn't want to marry me?"

"No, no," Kurenai returned. "It's just, this is all happening so fast, he doesn't want anyone to regret being with him."

"True," Temari said with a bit of a smile. She then recounted how the time Naruto refused to sleep with her when she was essentially throwing herself at him. "He cared more about how I would feel in the future than his urges at the moment. I'm sure any other guy would take advantage of the situation, even if they knew I was faking it."

"Just another reason why he's a cut above the rest," Kurenai spoke.

"Plus, he's fantastic in the sack," Ino wickedly shared with the girls, making Hinata turn beet red. "I'm seeing him tonight, unless…" Ino turned to Kurenai to ask, "he's not sleeping here, is he?"

"No," Kurenai answered, blushing a bit, recalling the days they spent in her bedroom. "I've had my fill for a while."

"I heard you were with him for two days," Ino sinfully insinuated.

Kurenai simply smiled before confessing to the girls, "we hadn't seen each other in a while since the job kept getting in the way, so…"

"Kami, I wish I can last that long," Ino sadly bemoaned, recalling how often she passed out from the unbridled pleasure he generates in her.

"I'm generally fine with three to four times a week," Kurenai comforted the distraught blond. "That was just a special occasion. I'm sure you three will also wonder about your moments, but I have no doubt you'll all have your special occasions as well. It can wait after marriage or at any time you feel most secure or comfortable with his and us."

"C-could," Hinata hesitated to request. They waited a moment for her to gather her courage before the Hyūga princess asked, "could you t-teach me. I don't want him to regret… that with me."

Compartmentalizing how odd this might be—teaching Hinata about sex with Naruto—the Jōnin-sensei only cared about helping her student, and answered, "of course. I'd be willing to help anyone here."

Blushing herself, Temari hesitated to ask, "t-teach what, exactly?"

"Did'ya skip those classes too," Ino teased Temari with a knowing smirk.

Temari wrinkled the skin on the bridge of her dainty nose as she lightly snarled at Ino. Kurenai gave the Yamanaka a stern eye, making Ino roll her pupil-less blue eyes before Kurenai explained, "I can teach you various techniques and what to expect. Naruto is unlike many men, to begin with. Then, on top of that, I was the one who taught him how to pleasure a woman. He took to my instructions like he takes to any other physical training. I'm sure you've all seen him train."

"To top it off," Ino began. "He's got a crazy ridicules amount of stamina, a big dick-" Hinata nearly passed out and even Temari glowed at the blush rushing her cheeks. "And because of his background, he's a real people pleaser, so expect to get your minds blown."

"If you're willing," Kurenai continued. "I'm one of Konoha's best genjutsu masters. I'm confident I can create an illusion as close to the real thing as possible. But please keep in mind, these moments that you'll share with Naruto are best experienced together. He'd like that the best and I think you will as well."

"I got him tonight, though," Ino told the girls with a beaming smile.

Kurenai toasted her with, "good luck, sister."


Ino didn't last long.

As the FĹ«injutsu security of Naruto's home recognized her chakra, Ino didn't have to worry about being blasted back as she slipped through the window of Naruto's bedroom. The beautiful Yamanaka was dressed in a black, long-sleeved crop top, a black miniskirt with zippers on the sides, black stockings, and black gloves that went up to her biceps. She didn't bother with underwear, and everything but the stocking and gloves could be taken off within seconds.

Slipping into his room, the blushing Ino was fairly certain she had him when she leaped through the air to land on top of him, however, when her lower body expected a toned stomach to land on, she instead landed flat on the bouncy mattress. The second it took her to wonder why there wasn't a warm body under her, strong arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

With just her butt over the bed, Naruto leaned in, pressing his entire front to the sensual girl's backside, and whispered by her ear, "sneaking into a man's bedroom in the dead of night. What would your parents say, Ino-chan?"

Feeling the heat from his front and the strength of his arms holding her, her heart was already pumping blood to her sex in eager anticipation. She was already excited on the way to his bedroom, but to know she was moments away from feeling the bliss he always provided made her quite wet as she voiced in a sexy voice, "they'd be so disappointed. They didn't raise a bad girl. So very bad."

"We can't have that," Naruto happily played along. "Bad girls should be punished."

"No," Ino moaned. She weakly tried to push him away in an effort to press her rump more into his pelvis. "Please, have mercy on me, Nii-chan."

Pressing his hardened cock against her moist crotch, Naruto held her firm so they can feel each other's hot sex. Continuing to play, he questioned, "Nii-chan? I'm your senior officer. And it's my responsibility to punish bad girls like you."

Ino could barely think anymore through her sexed-up haze. Her lower body was rubbing against his thick meat pole on its own as she tried to continue playing, "oh… no. My boss is going to… mmn, discipline my- my body- AACKK!"

Naruto spanked her firm bubble-ass, making the round muscle jiggle, and as the sting vibrated her body deliciously, Ino couldn't stop the flow of juices dripping down her hot love canal any more than she could stop the flood of memories he triggered. Her mind could think of nothing but the first time they had sex, the second time he fucked her, and the times they did it behind Kurenai or in her house. Ino was becoming so aroused, she feared she wouldn't last even one round. With her wet sex soaking through her stocking and dampening their clothes, Ino unzipped both sides of her miniskirt, allowing for more give, flexibility, and access.

Naruto lowered his boxers and pressed his throbbing meat tower against her sodden center as he whispered by her ear, "I hope you're ready, Ino-chan." His voice sent shivers up her spine and she already felt mini quakes of pleasure spreading throughout her critically aroused body. She knew she would not last when he voiced, "because I've missed you so much, I'm not going to be able to stop at one-" He thrusted his horned pelvis into her, rocking her entire softening body and making her moan. "Or two-" He thrusted again and her spine arched as her head looked to the heavens above. "Or three times," he finished with another thrust, absolutely enjoying how responsive her body was to him.

Delirious with pleasure, Ino's hand quickly bunched up her skirt to her middle. Her legs were split wide with her butt over the edge and she whined, "please punish my pussy, Naruto! Smash my wet hot pussy to bits! Just fuck me!"

He ripped her stocking at the apex of her legs, aligned the bulbous head against the beating line of her pink slit, then plunged half his thick length into her. They both moaned through wide-open mouths in unison. She was tighter than he remembered, and he was everything she wanted. Ino's blazing body felt right on the edge of being overwhelmed with mind-bending ecstasy, but he remained still, letting her calm down and get accustomed to his size. His hands massaged her thin waist before slipping his hand under her crop top and kneading her soft breasts. She moaned to the touch and squeezed him that much harder.

After several minutes, he slowly began pulling out. The shapely bulb of his cock head dragged at the wet nooks of her pleasure cavern, making her quiver to a tiny orgasm. Her eyes fluttered closed as she savored his slow exit of her drenched womanhood, but they opened in fear when he slowly repositioned his grip lower on her hips for more leverage. She knew what was coming and nervously called out, "w-wait, Na-Narutooooooohh."

She moaned as he stuffed his entire length in her slick folds, setting off mines of popping pleasure before losing it. Ino arched her back as she lost herself to a monstrous orgasm. Her whole body shivered and quaked as she was rocked with wave after wave of seamless pleasure. Her eyes were glazed, hair matted on her sweaty forehead, and saliva was dripping from her slack jaw. It took the gorgeous girl minutes to finally settle down enough for Naruto to pull his entire length out, before stuffing his rod back in. He built a steady rhythm, and all the while, Ino was boneless and limp under him. Her entire sex became an erogenous zone for Naruto's express pounding and Ino couldn't stop the onslaught of ecstasy flooding her brain.

Laying on the bed, Naruto was kissing her as his pelvis pounded into her sweet tight pussy. Feeling close, he took her hips, lifted her butt off the bed, and jack-hammered into her convulsing sex with reckless abandon. When she orgasmed once again, the quivering tightness sent him over the edge and he unloaded a torrent of hot man-gravy in her center, sending her into a series of orgasms that made her pass out. Smiling, Naruto and a few clones cleaned her and the bed quickly before he snuggled up to her and went to sleep.

The following morning, afternoon, and night, Ino still couldn't last longer than his first ejaculation, and it worried her. She couldn't help but wonder what kind of wife she would be if she couldn't completely satisfy her man. Even if she's certain Naruto wouldn't hold a grudge against her for passing out or going to sleep after, she still preferred if everything was normal; if she were normal. These were her thoughts throughout Coronation Day.


All of Konoha gathered together to celebrate the promotion of their new Hokage. The ceremony began with a parade from the main gate of Konoha all the way to Hokage Tower. Parents were having a hard time keeping their children together as all the villagers lined up on either side of Main Street to see and cheer their new leader. Separating the Hokage and the thousands gathered were Chūnin and unassigned genin, and watching from the rooftops were hyper-vigilant Jōnin and Anbu. As fireworks popped white smoke above, the crowd cheered and tossed confetti as the Hokage was carried by on a ceremonial palanquin on the shoulders of eight bearers.

It was a bright sunny day, and Tsunade was dressed in an all-white kimono. The white of her ceremonial dress signified her pure dedication to the village and went the sun's light hit her gown, it made her shine. She had the crest of the Senju on the back and Konoha's leaf in the front over her breast. Her hair was down in a bun at Shizune's insistence and she wasn't wearing the Hokage's hat, as that would be given at the end. The crowd cheered loudly as she passed, and she waved to them with a confident smile. Half a block from the tower, the gathered crowd observed as the village's clan heads bowed their heads, Naruto among them.

Along with her own, Karin just managed to scramble together a ceremonial kimono made for Naruto to wear for the ceremony. Haku helped him put on the many layers of formal dress—the juban, under collar, himo, obi, and hakama—finishing with the haori of the Uzumaki crest in the front and the Konoha leaf on the back. Naruto would've preferred to be with his team on security, however, he couldn't escape his duty as the head of the Uzumaki clan. Fortunately, Haku and Karin were behind him and he could stand beside Gaara, Temari, and Kankurō, who were also dressed in formal wear.

The crowd gathered around the tower as the new Hokage, her security detail, the honored guests from Suna, then the clan heads walked inside to get to the top platform. Under the stone monuments of previous Hokages, Tsunade met Hiruzen and Jiraiya at the top and all of Konoha watched as the Sandaime passed the Hokage's hat to his successor. The blonde legend eyed the hat a moment, thinking of her lost loves and what this would mean for them. She then turned to those gathered around, her former teammate Jiraiya, her dutiful aide, Shizune, holding Ton-Ton, and the gathered clan heads. At the sight of a beaming and tearing Naruto, she smiled before taking the hat and placing it on her blonde head.

She turned to the throng of cheering villagers and let them settle before addressing them. "Hear me, my fellow countrymen. During my lifetime, I have dedicated myself to the struggles of our forefathers. I have fought against nations who would seek to destroy and dominate us, and I have fought treacherous countrymen who would do the same. I have cherished the ideal of a free and just society in which all people can live together in harmony and equal opportunity. It is an ideal I, a daughter of Konoha, will fight for and achieve. But if need be, it is an ideal I am prepared to die for."

The crowd cheered loudly for their new Hokage. After a few moments, she raised her arms, and they slowly settled and she informed them, "To begin my tenure as your Godaime Hokage, our village will host a momentous union between the great countries of Fire and Wind. Whatever our past, Konohagakure and Sunagakure will now be tied together through the bond of brotherhood and marriage. More will be revealed in the days to come, however, let us live in the present with hope for a better future. Now, go out and have a great time!"

After the public address, Naruto found himself in a large room with the Godaime, Sandaime, their aids & security, the other clan heads & their aids, and the civilian tradesmen. Naruto was annoyed when Jiraiya just left him there, but Karin and Haku were with him. They had him talk with all the clan heads, and though Naruto was nervous, Karin's advice of, "just be yourself," helped him get through it. Most of the heads seemed to only care about what the Uzumaki clan will bring to Konoha, but were interested to learn the FĹ«injutsu his clan offered will be unlike any in the village. Haku, Karin, and Temari worked the powerful gathering while Naruto was happy to hang out with Gaara in a formal setting.

Along with the Sand brothers, Naruto got to talk with Ji-chan and though he didn't look well, he was happy to see Naruto in his Uzumaki formal kimono. The blond clan head told him, "you better stick around to see me become Hokage."

"Even if I don't," Hiruzen slowly spoke. "I have the utmost faith that you will, Naruto. Keep growing, never stop learning, and never stop loving."

"Relax, Ji-chan," Naruto gravely told him, adding, "You're not going anywhere just yet." Hiruzen only smiled and KankurĹŤ mentioned how their father was also beginning to look for a successor. Hiruzen hoped the Kazekage was doing well, and it didn't seem like Gaara cared that much. Hiruzen advised KankurĹŤ and Gaara to treasure their father before he's gone. Naruto then became awkward when the formally dressed Asuma-sensei came by with his date. With the haori of the Sarutobi clan over his black kimono, Asuma greeted his father before presenting his dark blue-haired date.

With wide surprised eyes, Naruto hollered, "Tsunami-san?"

Dressed in a formal navy blue kimono with a pink flower pattern, the beautiful woman gave him a little wave before Asuma introduced, "Tou-sama, this is the girl I told you about, Tsunami-san."

Tsunami bowed respectfully to the elder, who smiled graciously. "It is an honor to meet you, Hokage-sama."

"Ho, ho, ho," Hiruzen laughed in his slow, elderly way. "Hokage no longer. I'm just an old man now."

"Everyone in the village knows that ain't true," Naruto told his Ji-chan.

"You look very dashing, Naruto," Tsunami told him with a smile. "Or should I call you Uzumaki-sama?"

"Obviously, just Naruto," he cheerfully replied. He modeled his formal kimono as he thanked her, then introduced, "these are my friends Gaara and KankurĹŤ- ah! Soon to be brothers."

Tsunami bowed to them, who returned the gesture before noting, "the Godaime mentioned the wedding. When will she announce you're the lucky young man getting married?"

"Not sure," Naruto answered honestly. "She wanted to talk tomorrow, so I guess we'll go over the details then." Looking around, he asked, "is Inari around? I haven't seen him much."

"He's with Konohamaru somewhere," she answered. "Those two have been inseparable since summer."

Asuma stepped in front of Naruto and asked, "Can I speak to you in private?" The brawny man immediately walked toward the balcony of the large banquet hall and Naruto stood there a moment, contemplating if he should. With a deep exhale, Naruto raised a finger to his friends, indicating he'll be back in a minute before following Asuma. The blond ninja wasn't sure what the larger man was going to say, however, he was fairly certain it involved Kurenai. The genjutsu mistress and her team were on a security detail amongst the crowd, along with his team.

On the balcony, Asuma was looking out into the crowd in silence, as if gathering his thoughts. After several moments, Asuma finally voiced, "I was very angry at you, Naruto. In fact, I hated you for a little while." The blond quickly felt guilty for being the source of his hate, whether he merited the treatment or not. "I think a lot of that had to do with how unexpected it was. I felt like you both lied to me."

The larger man took a moment so long, Naruto thought he was supposed to say something. The blond opened his mouth when Asuma continued, "Then I met Tsunami-san. Konohamaru and Inari hung out a lot, so I saw her enough. And she eventually helped me to see I was mostly angry at myself." He turned to Naruto and clapped his shoulder. "I can't blame you for my own mistakes. I took Kurenai for granted and I shouldn't have. So, even if I don't approve of your relationship, I do apologize for my behavior. It was unfair and childish."

"Oh, uh, yeah, no problem," Naruto slowly voiced. "Thanks."

"It goes without saying, if you ever hurt her, it'll be the last thing you ever do," Asuma angrily threatened. "Do we understand each other?"

"Uh, yeah," the younger man said. "Have you apologized to Nai-chan?"

"Please don't call her cutesy names in front of me. And that's none of your business," Asuma huffed with some irritation.

"I'm sure she'd like to be friends again," Naruto insisted. "You should apologize to her, too. I mean, I don't care if you were a dick to me, but did she deserve it? I bet the answer's no."

Taking out a cigarette, Asuma lit it up before looking out over the festive crowd. He let out a stream of smoke before uttering, "I can see why she'd like you. It only makes me want to smoke more."

"Don't smoke too much," Naruto warned. "I know this isn't easy for you and it's cool of you to apologize, but I think maybe Kurenai deserves that more than I do. Just think about it," Naruto finished before returning to the elite and boring party. The evening was much more fun for Naruto and his clan. The village didn't stop partying until late in the night, and Naruto spent it with his family, friends, and fiancés.


After meeting their respective teams in the morning for training and debrief, the engaged fivesome met at Kurenai's for lunch. Hinata and Kurenai prepared the meal while Temari, Ino, and Naruto talked about the coronation as they set the table. They prepared a large bowl of beef and pork ramen for Naruto, Ino & Temari each enjoy a plate of simple curry rice with beef and vegetables, and Hinata & Kurenai dug into their salmon salad. When they're all snacking on the taiyaki Temari brought for dessert, Kurenai reminded everyone of the meeting with the Hokage in a few hours.

"She'll likely want to know who should be first wife," Temari reasoned.

When they all turned to Naruto, he put down his fish-shaped cake before cautiously asking, "why does that matter?"

"The title of first wife is more for the outside world than anything," Kurenai answered.

"Yeah, but the first wedding won't be mine," Temari pointed out. "It'll be one of you three." Turning to Naruto, she added, "When the citizens of Konoha see who you first marry, they'll simply accept her as the lead wife. And they'll gossip about the others as just maids or filler wives."

With a squinted face, like he smelled a rancid odor, Naruto expressed, "I don't like that. I want us all to stand equally in this marriage. Either each one of us matters or none of us do."

Though the four kunoichi appear to appreciate his viewpoint, they're also hesitant when it comes to the village. Temari explained, "Within the marriage, I'd be happy to live that philosophy, however, that won't be how the outside world sees it. At best, the few that know about our union see it as nothing more than a political marriage to quash further fighting. At worst, they see me as a hostage to be used against Suna."

"That… really pisses me off," Naruto slowly voiced with a serious edge of ire.

"Whomever of us have their wedding first is who the villagers will see as the most important," Ino begrudgingly claimed. "Then gradually lower their regard with each wife."

"Seriously now, all of this is just pissing me off," Naruto hotly scoffed. "Will they really treat you guys like crap? I don't care if they do that to me, but not my wives… wow, wives. Crazy."

"It'll take getting used to," Ino cheerily voiced.

From the Kurenai's left, the generally quiet Hinata softly suggested, "ano, would it be okay if we all… ma-married at the same time?" They all looked at Hinata in mild wonder that morphed into stunned realization.

"That's not a bad idea," Ino quickly stated as she thought about the possibilities.

"Suna wouldn't mind," Temari commented with a tilted head, also thinking of the idea's viability. "They already don't like that I'll always be second wife."

Surprised by that, Naruto asked the sandy-blonde, "why didn't you say anything?"

"Because it's not a problem," Temari swiftly answered. "Gaara is in full support of this marriage and has made that abundantly clear throughout the brass, so everyone's keeping their opinions to themselves."

Smiling at Hinata, Kurenai remarked, "All four of us marrying at the same time would erase the hierarchical stigma of a polygamous marriage."

"There can't be a second wife if it's a four-way tie for first," Ino merrily called out. "I'm game!"

Temari added, "And those of a higher authority can't make disparaging comments if there's only one wedding ceremony."

Just as enthused, Naruto praised, "That's awesome, Hinata-chan!"

The girl blushed and smiled as Kurenai asked the table, "Will two weeks be enough time for everyone to have our more intimate ceremony?"

When they all thoughtfully nodded, Naruto cheered, "Sweet!"

"Not just yet," Ino told him. "We can plan the wedding, but you have to help, too. There are bound to be decisions we won't agree on and you'll have to be the deciding factor."

That made Naruto nervous because he innately wanted them all to be happy. He wondered if anyone could give him some advice but realized he didn't know anyone that might help with this. Not only were a lot of his friends single—Iruka, Kakashi, Jiraiya, Tsunade, or a widower, like Ji-chan—but no one in the village has a relationship like his. The closest person he thought might have an answer was Mabui, but she was much too far away, making the blond really regrets not giving them a seal he can teleport to. Eventually, Naruto realized he would just have to figure this out on his own.


Naruto, Ino, Hinata, Kurenai, and Temari all stood in front of the Godaime Hokage's desk for several minutes. The wide desktop was already stacked with scrolls and towers of papers. More papers and books were stacked along the wall behind Tsunade as well. Shizune was doing her best to organize the most pressing matters first using a color coordination system. They could smell the paper and ink from where they stood.

Wearing his Chūnin vest underneath his short-sleeved red coat with a black flame pattern around the hem, Naruto wasn't sure he was going to like this aspect of the job, but Iruka, Jiraiya, and Karin said that was the bulk job; pushing paper. Naturally, it meant Naruto wanted it. Tsunade finally slammed down her brush before laying back in the chair and eying the five at attention in front of her.

She quickly told them, "let's not take too much time. I want a minute to drink some sake."

"Tsunade-sama," Shizune chastised. "You're the Hokage now!"

"If I don't drink something, I won't be for long," an irate Tsunade hurled back.

Naruto pointed out, "Ji-chan told me he smoked all the time because there was no other way to handle the stress of the job."

"Exactly!" Tsunade happily agreed, and both blonds earned a glare from Shizune.

"We won't take up your valuable time, Hokage-sama," Kurenai began. "We realize you held off on mentioning the participants of the wedding until you knew the order of Naruto's weddings."

Kurenai turned to Naruto, who suddenly realized he was meant to take the lead. He nodded, then casually told his Baachan, "we wanna get married at the same time… all five of us."

"No," Tsunade quickly put down like a heavy hammer, prompting Naruto to demand to know why. Tsunade rubbed the bridge of her nose for relief and patience that would never be as good as a bottle of sake. She then answered, "once you do this—all of you—there's no going back. You all know that Temari has no choice, but neither do the rest of you. Regardless of what you believe this marriage to be, to the rest of the world, it's a political marriage. So if one of you leaves, it can have political ramifications, which could result in something as benign as public embarrassment or—and this is a big one—war. It's unlikely, but the political landscape could be very different in five or ten years. You can't exclude it."

Looking between Tsunade, Shizune, and the girls, Naruto could tell they're giving it some thought. It was possible they didn't want to speak their mind in front of the Hokage, but Naruto's never had that problem. Tsunade's argument made no sense to the blond Chūnin and so asked, "what does any of that have to do with us getting married? I mean, anyone can start a war for whatever reason, right? This marriage has nothing to do with anyone else but us and that's the way it's going to stay."

"I understand that it's real for you, Naruto," Tsunade reassured him. "But that's not the point. Once you reach a prominent position of power—whether Head of your clan or this very seat—much of your life will be about compromise, so that the masses can live peacefully. Your clan is small now, but that won't always be the case. There will come a time when you have to make decisions you don't like because it's what's best for those you are responsible for." Even Naruto paused at that, recalling all the clan heads and tradesmen he met at the coronation banquet.

"Now, I am responsible for the safety of this village," Tsunade continued. "And the protection of our entire country. The last thing I need is some official from Suna getting tricked again and using your marriage as an excuse to invalidate our treaty. Any children you have will then be involved, which adds to the potential of it getting worse."

Naruto recognized the same rabbit-hole of logic. He's asked himself what if questions ever since he was placed as Head of the Uzumaki clan. Then he doubted himself again when his fiancés wanted to know who would be first wife. He always thought of those that would be disappointed by his decision and he didn't like it. But then Karin and Haku helped him out so much, it made meeting the powerful men and women easier. Then, Hinata thought of the five of them marrying at the same time, making it easier. Naruto realized at that very moment, Tsunade was feeling the same way.

He broke decorum, walked up to the Hokage's desk, slammed his palms hard on the bit of space, looked her in the eyes, and told her, "that won't ever happen! Just like you have Shizune-neechan, Ji-chan, Ero-sennin, and me backing you up in any way you need, I have Nai-chan, Hinata-chan, Ino-chan, Temari, Gaara, Iruka-sensei, Karin, Haku, and you backing me up! Just like you, I can't do this by myself, but we don't have to. None of us in this room wants our marriage to fail or be bad for the village, just like we won't ever give up on our Hokage. You have my word, I won't let this marriage fail because we'll be doing this together, as a team! That's the promise of a lifetime!"

Kurenai was the first to kneel on one knee and beg, "please, Hokage-sama." Hinata, Ino, and Temari are quick to follow and repeat, "please, Hokage-sama!"

Tsunade fell back in her chair again, eying the deep blue of his confident eyes and feeling stuck, impressed, and frustrated by them. With a bit of a sigh, she tilted her head to Shizune. The ebony-haired assistant had a slight smile on her face and shrugged as if to say, 'what are you going to do.' Tsunade told them to get up. "And you get off my desk!" Smirking, Naruto moved back to stand next to his fiancés. "Fine," the Hokage reluctantly consented. "However, if at any point between now and the ceremony, any of you—except for Temari—change your mind, you have both of our blessings to do so."

Her direct look at Naruto when she said, 'both,' made him crunch his brows in confusion as he asked, "Why are you looking at me?"

Tsunade quickly answered, "because, while I don't believe you're like other men, you're still a guy and this would be a fantasy come true for any man, to say the least."

"What we got is special because they know I wouldn't love em any less even if we weren't together," Naruto hotly boasted with no genuine anger. "I don't turn my back on friends just because they don't marry me."

"Or even when they spear you through the chest," Ino irately recalled, still upset with Sasuke.

"I still won," an aggrieved Naruto implored, tapping his Chūnin vest underneath his red Uzumaki coat. "And I'm more firm with him now. I won't let him do whatever he wants anymore."

Kurenai continued telling the busy leader, "We're all looking forward to being one clan."

"It's as easy as that," Temari tacked on.

With a long sigh, Tsunade rubbed the bridge of her nose before explaining, "I only mean to say you all have months to think about this. If at any point between now and your wedding date, any of you decide to change your mind, that's fine."

Kurenai, Temari, Ino, and Hinata turn to Naruto, who recalled explaining, "ah, we also want to be married in two weeks."

"Two weeks?" Tsunade sat up to repeat. She added, with authority, "Impossible. Planning the security alone would take longer than that, and we can't have a wedding ceremony without the DaimyĹŤ or whoever they send, who'll take at least three weeks for him and his entourage to get here."

"What he means is we'd like to have two ceremonies," Kurenai diplomatically stated. "The larger public one we're expected to have in front of honored guests & countrymen and a smaller, more intimate one with family and friends. When we go to Kumo, we want to do it as a family, even if it's just on paper."

"Fine," Tsunade huffed with finality. She turned to Shizune and asked, "can you get the form for me, please." Shizune walked over to a smaller stack along the wall and pulled out a notebook-sized form, then handed it to the Hokage. "Since you're all so certain," she began, making room at the foot of the desk for the legal document. "Go ahead and sign this." She placed the legal document in the space she created in front of them as she added, "This is the special marriage contract made by our legal department for the five of you. Most of the marriage certificates only have space for a single bride and groom, so we had to draw up a new one for you." The five leaned in to scan the contract when Tsunade added, "that's a legally binding marriage contract. You don't need your seal. Your names will suffice."

They hesitate at the unexpected turn of events, however, the first of them to move was Hinata. She took the brush from her Hokage and signed her name under the section for Bride. Temari followed, signing her name, then Ino, Kurenai, and finally, Naruto under the Groom section. Tsunade took the brush and signed her name as the officiary. Tsunade then took out the Hokage's seal and stamped the contract with the bright red emblem of her office.

Returning her honey-brown eyes to the five in front of her, she stated, "there. Now you've done everything within your power to be married. You've signed the paper, so technically, you're all married. Congratulations." Tsunade put the marriage certificate in her desk's safe and locked it with Fūinjutsu. "However… It's not been processed yet. And I won't send it to our records department until the day of your ceremony."

Naruto groaned, "you want us to wait all the way until the ceremony to be married?"

"Wait for what?" Tsunade asked the disenchanted boy. "You're already married, aren't you? Didn't you all sign the paper? Didn't your Hokage sign it as well? And stamp it?"

Temari was brave enough to challenge the Hokage with, "some might call this a legal loophole."

Tsunade shrugged before asserting, "I'm a very busy lady. Here's the deal. You all want to be married, fine. Now you are. However, it hasn't been entered in the public record yet and it will stay that way until the ceremony many, many months from now. If you truly feel married, fine, great, this won't matter. Move in together for all I care. But if you're not. If this unexpected turn of events puts you off somehow, if it upsets you, or kills any sort of driving force or momentum you were feeling, then I want you to seriously think long and hard if this is truly something you want to do."

While the others were silent in thought, Temari dared to ask, "Why wouldn't it be?"

Turning to the Suna princess, Tsunade astutely pointed out, "I read the transcript of everything that went down during negotiations, including the questions you answered. I wouldn't be surprised if you were doing this to get back at your father for essentially prostituting his own daughter." Temari tightened her fists and couldn't get past the sage experience behind Tsunade's brown eyes. The Suna daughter remained silent as Tsunade continued, "If war breaks out just because you two aren't married, then this treaty wasn't going to last, to begin with."

Respectfully, but a little heated, Kurenai asked, "Are we going to Kumo and lying to the Raikage?"

"But you're already married," Tsunade answered her JĹŤnin. "Plus, I'm fairly certain he doesn't care."

"And if one of us dies?" Ino asked.

"Then quit," the leader of their village tersely spoke. "I'd much rather you live, but the truth is, any ninja can die any day. It's part of the life we've chosen. It's possible knowing you have a marriage at the end of six, eight, maybe twelve months will be excellent motivation for all of you to survive till then." The four girls turned to an unusually silent Naruto as Tsunade declared with finality, "I'm going to be announcing the engagement to the public next week, which means every villager, then countrymen, and eventually the world will know your names. Be prepared because I expect your engagement is going to cause pandemonium on the streets and a mountain of paperwork for me to deal with."

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