Oh shit you've done it now kids!

I hate the show dad's.

Fuck my dad, he's been a real asshole lately.

My dad makes fun of me for being Native American and whenever I tell him I support the free market. He calls me a corporate mutt slave. So I tell I don't support the free market, so he calls me a communist mutt slave! I-i can't win with this asshole. I tell my dad whe-when he calls me a corporate mutt slave what about Caeser Chavez? He wasn't a corporate slave. Then my dad tells me his real name is Chuck Chalmers, a Scottish activist and I'm like what the frick dad?!

And he fucking yells at me and makes me buy cigarettes at the 711 and I fucking hate it cause the guy there his name is apu and he a fucking Indian prick. Th-the guy who works the counters an Indian prick. Not a fucking cool Indian like a Redskin Indian like a fuckin Indian with that gay dot on his head. I have to deal with him and I don't like buying cigarettes from that guy and I fucking hate that fucking faggot! FUCK YOU DAD GAMERS RISE UP!