"You sure about this...?"

Blades looked to Snowblast, who was currently curled up in his arms and looking up to him with wide, curious optics. "...Yes. They need to know." He informed, "Sure it'll be crazy and everyone will be after answers, but...It would just be another secret we kept from everyone... And I'm done with secrets."

Dani placed a hand on Blades' leg. "You're right..."

Blades took in a deep breath, and then nodded. "...Let's do this... Activate the groundbridge."

Boulder yanked the lever, and the groundbridge flashed awake with a clicking and whirl of color. Blades looked to his teammates, and then stepped through.

The chilliness of Griffin Rock's snowy landscape was replaced by a slightly warmer temperature. A cool breeze brushed by Blades as he stepped out of the swirling lights and into a clearing. Snow was replaced by dusty ground and stacks upon stacks of Earth objects on three sides, and the command console of a cybertronian ship on the fourth side.
But his optics were more focused on the bots that were currently standing in fighting positions, but two relaxed as they recognized him.


Blades grinned with a nervous chuckle, "...Hey, Bee..." He greeted.

"Lieutenant, who is this?" Strongarm asked.

"You remember me mentioning the Rescue Bots stationed here, right?" Bumblebee walked over to Blades, reaching a hand out to greet him before looking down at what was occupying Blades' arms. He let out a gasp, and a grin spread across his faceplate. "Oh my Primus...Is he yours...!?" He asked.

Blades' grin widened, "Meet Snowblast."

"Oh my Primus, he's precious...!" Bumblebee reached a finger out for Snowblast to grasp onto. "Look at you...You're so tiny...!"

"He's a daddy too!"

Blades looked around Bumblebee as a little bot came rushing up to the former scout and grabbed onto his waist.

Bumblebee picked the bot up with a chuckle, "Blades, I'd like you to meet my daughter, Flashdrive."

Flashdrive looked down at Snowblast with an excited gasp. "Aww...!"

The rest of the bots came over to investigate, looking at the tiny bot.

"I didn't know dinobots came that small!" Grimlock announced.

Blades smirked as the T-Rex gently poked the tiny shape. "I don't think they usually do..."

"So this little one formed out of protomatter in your chestplate too?" Strongarm inquired.

Blades pulled Snowblast away from Grimlock's prodding, his smile fading a little. "Actually, no... He was born as an egg and hatched a few days after."

"Why the difference?" Slipstream pondered.

"It's probably due to him being a dinobot and not a traditional cybertronian build." Bumblebee suggested, earning a nod of gratitude from Blades. He placed Flashdrive up on his shoulders, looking up at her with a grin. "Flashdrive was born from a mass of protomatter ejected from my chestplate. Once it was separated from me, it formed into her."

"Well Snowblast formed inside of an energon egg inside of me, and then I well... Laid it like any bird would."

"That sounds painful." Sideswipe grimaced.

"It was..." Blades looked at his cooing son in his arms, "...But totally worth it."

"Absolutely... I wouldn't trade Flashdrive for anything in the universe... But you know what this means."

Blades nodded, "It can happen to anyone...Actually, I was hoping you might have some more information on it. Your team is in contact with Cybertron more than we are, and our copy is...lacking."

Bumblebee smirked as he pulled Flashdrive back off of his shoulders and placed her back on the ground. "I can most definitely help with that."

"Mr. Blades...?" Flashdrive looked at Snowblast with wide optics. "...Can I hold him? I'll be really gentle."

Blades nodded, "Of course you can...But let's have you sit down first, okay?"

Flashdrive nodded, and she found a spot amongst the rocks to sit down where she was stable and less likely to fall over.

"Okay...Put your hand under his head like this...and then your other arm under him like this...You got him?"

"Uh huh...!" Flashdrive giggled, looking down at Snowblast's own wide optics. "Aww...! He's looking at me!"

"Yup... Now watch out when he sneezes, he's got a cold breath."

Bumblebee chuckled as he looked at the pair, "Nothing cuter than that..." He placed a hand on Blades' shoulder, "You good? You look a little rundown."

"Well, let's just say that it was a long and exhausting road to getting him in my arms... I'm fine."

Bumblebee nodded, "Well, since you're here, and both of our kids are preoccupied at the moment, why don't I show you around our base a little bit?"

Blades grinned, putting an arm around Bumblebee's shoulders. "I'd like that...No big hugs today, I'd hate to embarrass you in front of your team."

"Embarrass? Me? Never!"

"Uh huh..."