AU in which Jack who gets his powers back eliminates the Michael Lucifer problem by infusing their grace into Dean and Sam and sending them to the MCU. Unfortunately, due to Lucifer's damaged form Sam's transformation is left incomplete. (I have not watched all the Marvel movies so keep in mind that I have taken a lot of liberties, also, spoilers! Takes place at 13x23)

Sam was frantically praying to Jack, hoping he would hear his desperate cries as his brother got the life crushed out of him by Michael's hand, not five feet away. Helplessness consumed him as he heard the twisted celestial being taunt Dean over his grunts as he struggled for air. His brother wasn't going to last much longer, and he was next. Not that Sam wanted to live if his older brother died. Just as Michael saw the hunter's green eyes roll to the back of his head, an oppressive force thrusted him back sharply, the heavy weight of raw power dropping him to his knees. Sam looked up and almost cried with relief as he saw the young Nephilim standing over them. However, the appearance of Lucifer instantly quelled any relief, the sensation of terror thrummed in his veins, one that had never truly gone away since the cage.

"Hey." The fallen angel offered somewhat awkwardly with a halfhearted wave. It wasn't due to regret however, but nervousness. He did not want his wicked intentions revealed to his rather naive offspring.

Jack had payed Lucifer no mind as his eyes glowed golden in fury at the figure kneeling prostrate on the ground.

"You hurt my family!" He snarled out as he clutched his hand, with it inflicted tremendous pain upon the archangel Michael. Blood seeping from his eyes and ears.

"Lucifer!" Michael cried out through his pained gasps, "We had a deal!"

Immediately the angel addressed tried to deflect from the accusations, but it was to late, and Jack forced the truth from his father's forked tongue.

"I killed her with my bare hands." Lucifer sang out with childlike giddiness under the trance of his son's power, "It was squishy and wet and I liked it." Sam winced at the morbid descriptions, uncomfortably familiar with Lucifer's cruelty.

Jack released Lucifer from his ability with betrayal heavy in his heart. He glanced over to the Winchester brothers who were laying on the floor beaten and bloody and he felt sorrow. As long as they were in this world, they would never know peace. They would never get that retirement they longed for. He glanced back to the deviant archangels who were eyeing him warily and suddenly an epiphany came to him. One that would take care of the angels hell bent on this world's destruction and finally free the Winchesters. He only hoped that the brothers would forgive him. The nephilim closed his eyes and took a deep breath in to concentrate.

"Uh, Jack, son? What are you doing?" Lucifer inquired, unsettled by his son's sudden calm. He reached out a hand towards Jack's shoulder when he felt an immovable force seize his body, seemingly squeezing from every side and unraveling his very being. His eyes shifted to where he heard a choking noise and realized Michael must be experiencing the same thing. It felt as though he was being reverted back to his original essence, before he had his own conscious.

"What…are you….doing!?" He gasped out.

Despite what his father had done, Jack turned to him almost apologetically.

"What's best for everyone." He answered simply.

Dean and Sam could only look on incredulously as the observed the scene that could only be identified as indescribable. Both archangels' forms slowly reverted from human to what looked like pure grace without a trace of either left. Silvery blue grace flowed around Jack in a circle as he turned to face the brothers.

"W-what are you doing Jack?" Sam asked a little cautiously. He felt a little ashamed for being afraid of the boy, but his sudden shift in demeanor unnerved him.

Jack slowed his approach and looked at the two men he thought of as fathers regretfully.

"Please don't hate me for this." He asked in a subdued voice, eyes tilted downward. Then his face settled into a look of determination, and when he placed a hand on Dean and Sam's head they knew no more.

Jack let a slight smile grace his lips. The fusing was going perfectly. He was grafting the archangel grace into the Winchester DNA, and as the brother's were the vessels, there was no issue with the transfusion. When the process was complete, he took a step back to observe. The results were a little unexpected, not that he really knew what to expect. Dean blended seamlessly with the angel grace, but Sam…it was incomplete. He felt a worried frown tug at his lips. He had hoped his powers would be enough to compensate for his father's depleted grace, but it was too late for regrets now. He had already transformed Sam and it was time to complete step two. He opened a rift around the two brothers, intent upon sending them to a peaceful world with little conflict. Right as he locked on to the desired location, he felt a power flux that ripped the control from him, sending the two brother's somewhere far beyond his reach. Somewhere not even his vast powers could touch.

"Jack, what have you done?" Castiel asked from where he just has regained consciousness. Jack turned around slowly with a bewildered and frightened expression.

"I- I don't know." He answered honestly. Praying to someone he knew wasn't listening that they were somewhere better, but honestly, Jack knew better.

"Talk to me Doctor, what's going on?" Nick Fury asked as he approached the scientist. Alarms blaring around them, echoing throughout the facility signaling the evacuation.

"The tesseract is misbehaving." He answered plainly.

The man with the eyepatch waited for any indication that it had been a joke, but when it became clear it wasn't, he motioned for clarification.

"She's throwing off Gamma rays-"

"I thought we prepared for this." Nick cut off the other man.

"My calculations are far form complete." He explained with a shrug while tapping on the keys off his computer.

"Where's Agent Barton?" He asked.

"The Hawk?" The scientist scoffed, jabbing a thumb over his shoulder, "Up in his nest as usual".

The archer noticed the commander motioning for him from where he was perched above the commotion. He slid down the rope to the floor.

"I gave you this detail to keep an eye on things." He chastised the agent.

"I see better from a distance." He calmly explained.

"Have you seen anything that could have set this off?" The commander asked as the approached the glowing blue object that was going out of control.

"Not from this end."

The answer stopped Nick Fury and he turned to face Agent Barton, "What do you mean?"

"Well the cube is a doorway into space, right?" the archer asked, "Well, doors open from both ends." He explained.

"Hmm, I don't think that is what this is though…" The scientist trailed off tapping against his keys furiously.

"No?" Clint asked, "Then what?"

The scientist finally pulled his eyes from his computer, "I'm picking up another high energy reading. It seems as though something else with immense power went off and somehow collided with the tesseract's power!" He rattled off excitedly, seemingly without concern for their impending doom.

"Like another Tesseract?" Fury asked doubtedly.

"Yes!...Well, no. Honestly I'm not sure." The scientist admitted. "The amount of energy is massive, however, the energy signature is different-" He paused in his ramblings and suddenly the chaos of the Tesseract settled.

"Now what?" Fury asked, turning toward the scientist.

"I'm not sure. The energy reading just quit…wait, a different one is coming through!" He shouted as the air began to buzz with static energy again before violently pulsing out in a bright light, forcing everyone to the ground.

Slowly Nick Fury peeled himself off the ground to look at was at the center of the commotion. "What the-"

"Hell?" Agent Barton finished for him. He was standing at his side, but looked unsure if he should draw his bow or not. There was a giant crater in the middle of the facility floor, and at the center of the floor were two….kids with wings?