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It was night, again. The city of Domino was alight with the soft glow of the suspended moon and whatever stars were strong enough to shine through the poison of the electric light. The only figure in the streets was a boy who, if another was out, would be regarded as nothing more than a shadow.

"What is the point of these stupid lights?" he growled, "I'm the only thing out here that is capable of breathing and it's not like I need these damn lights, I can see fine without them." He, as well as the rest of his kind had exceptional night vision and could probably see better in the dark than humans could in the light. The roads were sparsely populated at this time of the night, if at all. Besides the boy, there were only cars, bikes, the homeless, and whatever nocturnal creature chose roam the highways in search of food. A light breeze blew, followed by the distant sounds of dragging paper on the pavement, the crinkling of airborne plastic bags, and the eerie melodies of a windchime. His sensitive ears were able to pick up these sounds; things that humans don't usually hear, maybe because of their hearing or because the just don't listen.

The figure was sixteen years old, though he looked about twelve. He was clad almost completely in black. He wore regular sneakers, black pants, and a black sleeveless shirt. A yellow backpack was slung over one of his small shoulders. His hair was a fury of protruding black and red spikes and gold bangs framed his child-like face. Wide amethyst eyes stared down at the sidewalk, unable of looking up for fear of being blinded. Around his neck was a steel pentagram, silver in color with a deep red stone set in the middle. One of his small hands was in his pocket, the other clutched the necklace, his thumb rubbing the small gem.

The boy sighed as he kept walking along the filthy streets until he reached a dank and lonely alleyway, fenced off at the end. It was cluttered with garbage and rotten food, he was surprised that he could even stand the reek that seemed to be drawn to his keen nose. Keeping his eyes on the high fence, he started into a swift run and, miraculously, jumped it. Landing softly and silently on the other side, he continued his journey until he came to a small, remote clearing. He removed his bag from his shoulder and set it beside him before he sat down on the grass, something that wasn't common in a large city, even on the outskirts. For several minutes he remained like that, on the grass, staring up at the full, round moon, thinking.

"I'm so sorry, Mom," tears stung his eyes as he remembered the reason why he had come here, the reason he had woken in the middle of the night, gasping, shivering, doused in a cold sweat and screaming for his mother, only to realize that she wouldn't come.

***** He had dreamed of his parents, fighting as usual. His mother screaming at his father, fear and hatred in her voice with his father yelling back, his voice like booming thunder.

"Get the hell out of here!" she shrieked, "If you even lay another hand on Yugi, I swear I will rip your fucking throat out!"

A six year old Yugi, under his bed, could hear the smile in his father's voice.

"Don't worry, I will," he laughed, 'but, I'll come back and when I do, I'll have your blood on my hands and Yugi will be mine again," he sneered.

"Get out," Yugi heard his mother growl, followed by the banging of footsteps on the floor and the slamming of the front door. Yugi flinched at the sound, squeezing his eyes shut and curling into a ball while trying to swallow his sobs. One hand held his knees while the other grasped the gemless pentagram-shaped pendant around his neck.

'What if he's still here?' he thought, he carefully perked his small ears, listening for any sigh of his father. He knew that he couldn't trust him, his father had played this game before, where he pretended that he was gone but, he kept on coming back, inflicting more fear and pain on him than the last time.

"Yugi?" he heard a tender voice whisper, he opened his eyes, meeting the soft purple of his mother's. She smiled and stretched a hand out to him, "Come on out now, it's alright, he's gone." Yugi heard the sweet sincerity in her voice and took her hand. She gently pulled him out from under the bed and into her lap. Slowly, she rocked him while stroking his hair, his face pillowed on her chest. A small hiccup escaped his lips as more tears cascaded down his angelic face; the hiccups soon calmed with the gentle whispering of his mother's voice in his ear. "It's alright, Yugi. It'll all be fine, don't worry," she murmured.

A small drop of water fell on Yugi's cheek, he realized that it was not his own tears, but his mother's. Stains were beginning to form on her own face as the droplets fell. "Mother?" Yugi whispered and touched his mother's face. She smiled as Yugi's petite hands wiped her face, she opened her eyes, brimming with more tears.

"Promise me something, Yugi?" she said, Yugi nodded his head, "Promise me that if he comes back, you won't stay. If he comes back, you have to run far away from here. You'll have to go somewhere where you will be safe, okay?" A hint of pleading riddled her tone and Yugi nodded his head, gravely, in understanding.

"I will, Mommy, don't you worry."

"Good, remember that." she said and cradled Yugi again. "Now it's time for all good cubs to sleep," she whispered and a wave of sleepiness engulfed Yugi as he drifted off into a peaceful sleep in his mother's warm arms.

***** As the dream continued, months were shown flying by as he and his mother lived happily in the house. Since that day, his mother always smiled but, a small tint of fear was hidden deep in her kind eyes. The dream then displayed a rainy night with Yugi and his mother sitting on the couch, eating popcorn and watching television. Yugi's mother laughed as Yugi stuffed fists full of popcorn into his mouth, then storing them in his cheeks like a chipmunk. She then took a kernel and threw it into the air, bursting out in giggles as the eight year old boy ran to catch the snack in his mouth. They sat on the couch, Yugi in his mother's embrace, eating popcorn until the child realized that all of the popcorn was gone.

"I'll go and make some more!" he declared enthusiastically as he grabbed the bowl and bounded off the couch and into the kitchen. A sharp knock came from the front door.

"Okay Yugi," his mother laughed as she stood as slowly walked to the door. She swung the door open and gasped, her eyes wide with fear.

The popcorn bag slowly turned in the microwave, suddenly jumping with a loud pop as a warm smell flowed through the kitchen. Yugi was standing on a stool, his mouth watering as the aroma reached his nose. The microwave beeped and he carefully opened the door and removed the steaming bag. As he prepared to open it, he heard his mother's gasp, followed by a deep, throaty chuckle; he had not heard that sound in almost two years.

"Dad?" he whispered, he absentmindedly dropped the bag on the floor, spilling popcorn onto the kitchen tile. Crawling on his hands and knees, he made is way to the edge of the kitchen, listening to his mother's terrified words.

"I told you to never come back," she stammered, "I warned you, I told you to stay away"

"And I told you that I would be back." His laughter send an icy chill down Yugi's this spine.

"You'll be sorry that you ever came back, you bastard," she growled, thunder in her throat and fire in her eyes; that was when she began to change. A low roar escaped her mouth and she threw herself to the ground on all fours. Her thighs lengthened, her calves strengthened, her body was engulfed by pure energy as her skeleton changed, hair covered her body, and her hands became paws, equipped with dagger-like claws. Her nose stretched, ears became pointy, and teeth elongated themselves to fine points.

When the transformation was complete, in the place of Yugi's mother was a dog; no, a wolf. Her pearl-white teeth were bared, her sleek black fur standing on end, her claws extended from her paws, and her amethyst orbs held nothing but bravery and detestation. Yugi stared at her, aghast.

Her growl reverberated off the walls but, was soon overpowered by a roar that came from the wolf opposite her. His fur was disgustingly shiny with oil and his lips curled into an unmistakable sneer. Yugi's eyes were wide and his hands were trembling, he had never seen anything so frightening as that wolf. A deep, sadistic hunger shone in his deep obsidian eyes and they shone with bloodlust and challenge.

A piercing bark retorted the roar and Yugi's eyes fell, once again, on his mother in her wolf form. He looked into her eyes and saw the fear there.

'Go, Yugi,' he could hear her say in his head, 'GO NOW!' Yugi then saw her go down as his father pounced on her. She scrambled to her feet and she stood facing each other again, drooling and teeth bared. 'GO!' her voice rang in Yugi's head and he ran out of the kitchen to the back door, followed by the growls and the sounds of gnashing teeth and swiping claws.

Yugi ran away from the house, away from the city and into the woods, tears streaming from his eyes, never stopping once. He tripped over rocks, jumped over gaping streams, and was whiplashed by the branches of the towering trees, swaying in the heavy winds. Soon, Yugi's run slowed to a jog and then to a walk. Exhausted, he collapsed on the ground.

"Mommy," he sobbed into the grass and brush beneath him, his small shoulders shook, his eyes were red, and he was shivering from the cold. With what little strength he had left, he pulled himself into a small ball, like he did when he his parents would fight in the house; except then, it was only words. His quaking fingers moved to the pendant around his neck, clasping it while he cried. Still clutching the star, he cried himself to sleep.

***** The horrible thing about this dream is that it wasn't, it was a memory. This memory had plagued his Yugi's ming for the past eight years, and it never grew any fainter, it was still burned into his brain. Yugi was now sitting on the grass, one arm hugging his knees to his chest while his other hand played with the pentagram around his neck. Waterfalls were flowing from his eyes as sobs racked his lithe form. For hours, he sat there before his eyes were dry and his throat was too sore to weep anymore.

"I'd better get home," he said, his voice was hollow. He removed his clothes and stuffed them into the bag, leaving the pendant around his neck. His skin was fair and petal-soft and shimmered with the pale light of the full moon. Lean muscles lined his small, yet strong bones and his body was devoid of any bodily hair, save his eyebrows and that on his head, which was common among his kind. Taking a deep, cleansing breath, he let the wind caress his skin and play with his hair. He then raised his arms, as if to embrace the moon, and surrendered to the Change. A great, rumbling flame erupted in the pit of his stomach, sparking his nerves with an intense fire. His limbs grew stronger, his spine extended and grew into a tail, hair burst forth from his skin, his teeth grew; all while a sweet ecstacy flowed though his figure, seducing him to his natural form.

When the burning heat had died down, he had become a wolf. Long, firm muscles made up his legs and arms, each ending with pointed claws. Fur caught the moonlight, mirroring it in shimmer and beauty. Like his mother's, his fur was black but the light of the moon highlighted a shimmering hue of red or gold. Lavender was the sky for the brilliant stars that usually shone in his eyes; Yugi's orbs were hard and exhausted and showed the shadow of anger and woe that was there.

Stretching his limbs, he felt his form, savoring it's strength and beauty. He took one last, longing look at the moon before snatching his bag in his teeth and setting out into a full run, straight for home.


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