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The night had finally come at last. It was now that day when the dead walked the earth, when the howling wind sang in chorus with the long- forgotten voices of spirits, and when the condition of your home was held for ransom in exchange for a piece of candy. Yes. All Hallows Eve was finally here.

Even the night sky seemed to celebrate the yearly return of this day, for the moon was full and radiant and the stars shone their brightest against the black velvet backdrop of space. And even though thousands of individuals all over the world would not be participating in the act of 'trick or treating', they still had plenty reason to rejoice, for the events of tonight would fill them with more happiness than any piece of candy could ever grant.

On the outskirts of Domino City, if not further into the country, was a large forest on the land of an old farmer (who was also a werewolf and graciously dedicated his land each year to the Run). The trees were tall and sported thick, healthy trunks while their leaves began to carpet the floor of the forest in bold shades of reds and yellows and browns. Many werewolves of all ages from the surrounding areas would be meeting in these wood tonight, and a certain six wolves were presently on their way there.

It was a four hour drive from the home of the young wolves to the farmer's land, and then about a half an hour walk (fifteen minutes if you run) past all the farming and grazing land to the clearing in the forest where all the wolves met before the Run began. Yugi was staring out his window, listening to his CD player while Anzu drove. Sugoroku was seated next to her, telling her various tales about different parts of werewolf history as she asked her questions, her interest being peaked after she had heard the story about Bakura and the Hunters that supposedly attacked his pack. Honda and Jou were snoozing in the back seat and Ryou was in the front seat next to the window, reading silently to himself. Another twenty minutes later, they arrived on the edge of the farmland.

"C'mon, guys!" Anzu called to the two sleepers in the back. "We're here!"

"Wha? Al'reay?" Jou mumbled, letting out a loud yawn as he rubbed his eyes.

"Already? We've been driving for hours! Now, get out before I have to drag you out!" the she-wolf huffed, smirking triumphantly as the two males files out, grumbling tiredly under their breath. "You know the routine," Sugoroku said as he got out of the car. "We need to change here and leave our stuff in the car.

"We know, Gramps," Jou said. "Where do we go?"

"We could just go out twenty paces away from each other and change," Yugi suggested.

Everyone shrugged and agreed, each going to a different direction and presuming to discard their clothes, put them in their bags, and change. The boys didn't mind too much, since they were all friends and werewolves generally weren't as especially self conscious as the humans, but they had Sugoroku and Anzu, so they all decided to respect each other's privacy. A few moments later, six wolves carrying six bags walked back to the car, tossed their bags into the car. Yugi leaned against the door and shut it, knowing that it was locked already. He looked around at his friends and family and admired them in all their lycanthrope glory. He hadn't seen them in their wolf forms for a while, and he was surprised to see how different they looked. Jou could easily be picked out from the rest, with his golden coat, his piercing amber eyes, and his lean, strong form. Ryou was just as stunning, with his snowy fur that held a faint sheen of silver and his chocolate eyes. He also noticed that the boy had grown a bit bigger and stronger in the last few months, as well, but was still as light and swift as ever. Honda's coat was a rich brown and stuck out in small points and spikes on his body. Golden eyes shone amongst his dark fur which so greatly helped him at night, and his strong legs held up his body, which was a little larger than Jou's and a bit more muscular. Anzu's body was much different, being small and slim and holding an air of feminism, though they all knew that she was no push-over. She was fast and stealthy and his blue eyes shone with the light of the stars, showing her determination and strong will in their depths. Sugoroku's form showed more wear from his age, his silver fur being slightly shaggy, but still shone brightly in the moonlight. Yugi's black fur caught the moon and shimmered it's shades of gold and red as his piercing violet eyes shone with excitement and happiness. His mouth curled into a small smile and he watched Sugoroku as he turned and ran towards the forest, allowing the others to follow close behind him.


Picking an easy pace similar to a jog on a human, the six wolves reached the clearing in about twenty or so minutes. All around them were other wolves, some that they recognized from former Runs and some that they couldn't remember seeing before. Friends from other packs were socializing with each other, communicating in some sort of silent wolf communication. Many pack elders and leaders were talking amongst each other the same way, using their bodies and barks and other methods to get their points across, though sometimes Yugi suspected that he could talk to his friends as if he had some sort of telepathic link with the other wolves, for they understood each other perfectly. Some of the mated wolves were barking at their pups to be careful while they played with the other younger wolves, tumbling and giving off joyful yips and barks. Sugoroku went over to the elders to talk while the other wolves separated from each other to talk with some of their other friends that they hadn't seen in months.

Jou walked around, catching up with various acquaintances before he went to lay down near one of the trees, still a bit tired. But his nap didn't last long as he was awoken by a small bark. He opened a golden eye to see a small pup, about maybe four or so years younger than him. The star around the little one's neck had no stone, showing that he was not yet thirteen, but it was so dark Jou could hardly see it anyway against the younger wolf's jet-black fur. Jou rose his head and gave the pup a look, as if to ask why he woke him up.

The pup smiled and gave a small bark, his indigo eyes shining with playfulness. Apparently, this pup wanted Jou to stop sleeping and play with him. The golden wolf smiled and rose to his feet and stretched his limbs to get the stiffness out, to which the black pup replied with another happy yip and began to run between Jou's legs. The blond wolf playfully barked at the pup, which made the pup bark again and run away, but the gleam in his eyes told him that he wanted Jou to chase him. The older wolf obliged, giving chase to the boy and following him through the other wolves and the trees, never catching him-maybe because he didn't want to end the fun, or maybe because the pup was so fast, he wasn't sure. After a few minutes of weaving in and out between the trees, the young black wolf moved back to the main clearing, going between the other wolves again, until Jou lost him.

The blond gave a singular bark to the pup, asking him where he was, to which he received an answering sound and followed it. He found the pup resting happily between the legs of another wolf, who the blond guessed was possibly his father, since it wasn't a female. But, something told him that the other wolf wasn't a parent, either, for there was no smell of a mate on him. The wolf was young, as young as Jou, if not a year or so older. The fur on the other wolf was a rich, chocolate brown that seemed to glisten with a faint copper hue in the light of the moon and stars. His form was--from what Jou could tell, since the other was lying down-lithe and strong, suggesting that he was most likely a fast runner, if not a competitive one. The other's eyes were a deep, royal blue that shone like water-or ice, for they were hard and cold. Jou sat down on his hind legs in front of the pair, nodding in greeting to the brown wolf, who returned the nod, but it seemed a little stiff.

The amber-eyed werewolf looked at the pup questioningly, and the pup nuzzled the chocolate wolf affectionately. Clearly, this wolf was family, probably a brother or a cousin or something. The young pup hopped up and nuzzled Jou's leg softly with his nose, showing his relative that the blond was a friend. But the brunette didn't seem to like the idea too much, for his eyes narrowed and grew colder before he bent his head and started to clean his paws with his tongue.

The inky pup shook his head a little and licked the auburn wolf's face fondly before he scampered off to play with some of the other pups again, leaving Jou alone with his hostile family member. The blond did not move, though, and simply settled himself down so that his head rested on his paws as he closed his eyes. He was awoken again by another sound. This time, it was snort from the other wolf, as if to say 'pathetic'.

Jou's amber eyes narrowed as his head rose, allowing himself to meet those cobalt eyes and glare, giving him a 'What's your problem?' look. The earth- colored wolf simply glared back before he stood up, towering over Jou with a sense of dominance. The saffron-colored wolf rose to his feet, not liking the feeling of being intimidated and stood his ground, glaring as the other wolf started to circle him slowly, as if sizing him up.

After the azure-eyed wolf had finishing his circle of Jou, he returned to the front and met his glare, though his eyes shone with something else, besides dislike-something that Jou couldn't place. The blond was about to do something to answer the wolf when a long, loud howl asked for silence. It was given and all the wolves turned to the center as they spread out into a circle. In the middle of their circle were each of the High Elders from every pack that was there. They were also arranged in a small circle with each other, but they faced away from each other, their faces turned towards the sky, where the glowing pearl that was their beloved moon sat proudly on a black velvet pillow, surrounded by gemstone stars. Every werewolf looked up to the sky as well, sitting tall and showing a reverence and homage to the moon, their love and celestial mother that watched over them and kept them safe.

The hush was broken when the oldest of the High Elders let out a lengthy howl that echoes through the sky. After him, the one to his right went, and then the one to his right almost immediately after he started, until all of the elders were joined in a chorus of worshiping howls. When they had finished, every wolf, young and old, joined together and cried their prayers and love to the moon and the night sky, filling the air with an eerie sound that stirred the heart and haunted the humans, but was like music to the ears of the animals.

The echo of their resounding, unearthly melody soon faded away with the wind. The wolves lowered their heads and turned their eyes back to the elders, who had the elderly and the very young around them. Those too young or too old or simply unable to run would stay in the clearing with their company while the others went to run and hunt with each other. The able wolves slowly walked away and ran into the woods.

Jou was about to do the same when a low bark from behind him halted his steps and caused him to turn. The sienna wolf slowly sauntered up to him, his long tail swishing from side to side. The blond simply waited until the other was next to him and he could see the challenge in the other's icy orbs. Jou returned the gaze, accepting his challenge as he readied himself to run. The two of them waited, being able to sense each other's anticipation and readiness before they simultaneously broke off into a swift race, sprinting side by side, their strong wills and stubbornness pushing them on.

Jou glanced sideways, watching as the brown wolf wove through the trees and leapt over stumps and rocks with a grace so amazing, it looked like he had wings that propelled him forward. This wolf was truly amazing, he realized. But amazing or not, he was never one to give up a challenge, and he wasn't one to loose one either. The blond ran as fast as he could while being careful to not wear himself up, and he was able to keep up with the other wolf easily. He relished the feel of the wind as it whipped through his golden coat, tousling it wildly as his paws beat noiselessly on the forest floor.

Jou couldn't help but smirk when he saw that his opponent glanced at him with, what he thought, was a glint of amusement. Did he not expect that Jou would be able to keep up? Did he think that he would wear out and give up? The blond chuckled at the thought. If that's what he thought, he had a great underestimation.

After they ran for a while longer, Jou smelled water and changed his direction towards the stream that was nearby. He smirked when he saw that his opponent followed him as he bent his head and let his parched tongue lap at the crisp, running water, moistening his mouth and tasting incredibly sweet to his dry mouth. When the golden wolf had finished, he stepped back and lay on the ground, resting while he licked his paws clean and shook his blond head.

The darker wolf sat down in his haunches after he had drank his fill and watched the blond with those cold eyes. Jou looked up and met his eyes for a moment before he lowered his head again and continued to clean his paws. The chocolate wolf stepped over and lay in front of Jou, examining him closely, causing the blond to suppress a small, uncomfortable shudder. Jou could have sworn he saw the other wolf smirk as he rose again and beckoned the blond with a small movement of his head. The saffron wolf rose to his feet and followed him to the stream's edge, where they sat for a moment before the brown wolf made a move to communicate with him.

Jou noticed that he still had that challenging look in his blue eyes as they traveled up the stream into the woods, where they vanished between the trees. The lighter-colored wolf know exactly what he meant: he wanted to race again to where the stream met the river and ended. Of course, Jou accepted and readied himself to run again. He was ready, he would win. As soon as...

Suddenly, a copper streak flew past him, causing him to stare for a half- second in shock before he growled and ran after it. That bastard had started before him. Jou barked to the other angrily, to which he received a taunting retort. That made his blood boil and his legs go faster as he ran his fastest to catch up. He may have been stunned for only a split second, but that was all it took for him to fall a good deal behind the other.

He sprinted rapidly through the labyrinth of trees, fueled by anger and his desire to win. Soon, he had caught up with his challenger and was running right next to him. He saw the other's eyes widen in shock before he overcame it with a low growl and sped up, which Jou matched. The blond bid his legs to move faster, because he knew that the stream ended less than a mile ahead. If he could hold out this pace, he might win.

Soon, he could smell the water. The stream was so close. With a last burst of energy, he flew towards his goal with unbelievable speed. He could see it now, it's sparkling waters, running even faster than he was. Then, suddenly, he was there. Not only that, he was there FIRST! He had won! He had beat that arrogant, cheating bastard hands down! Now all he had to do was gloat in his face.

Jou planned to do just that, and he would have, had the other wolf had been there. The blond wolf blinked. Hadn't the other been right behind him? What had happened to him?

He sat down and waited for a moment, thinking that maybe he had gone faster than he thought, but after five minutes, there was still no sign of the mysterious brown wolf. He started to grow worried and decided to retrace his steps and look for him.

He ran back into the woods, howling out to his opponent as he searched for him. There was no answer but the wind. Jou looked harder and howled louder until a small whimper reached his ears. Following it, he found the wolf he was looking for, but something wasn't right. He was lying on his side and his breathing was shallow. He was hurt. Jou looked through the darkness to find out what it was that hurt it and found it in the form of an arrow in his side. From what it looked like, it had just missed the heart, but it was not lodged in what was possibly his stomach. Jou sniffed the brown wolf and smelled blood on his fur and something else. Poison.

Jou lifted his head and howled as loud as he could, asking for help and telling them that someone had been injured. He heard several answers, telling him hat they would come in a moment, which caused the blond to sigh in relief. He lowered his head to his opponent and nuzzled his fur gently, expressing to him that he would be alright.

Momentarily, about a dozen or so wolves had come to where he was and began to ask Jou about what had happened, to which he explained about the race and how he had found him here a few minutes later. Some of the other wolves were checking the surrounding areas for any sign of their attacker. One of the wolves told Jou that they had to carry the injured brunette back to main clearing where they could speak to the Elders. Jou nodded and helped to get the chocolate wolf on the back of one of the larger males before they started to walk back while other wolves went to round up all of the others in the woods.

In a little less than a half hour, they had returned the dark wolf to the clearing and Jou was left with him while the other wolves went to talk to the elders. A second later, the small black pup ran over to him, his eyes looking close to tearing. Jou frowned and tried to tell him as best he could that his relative would be fine, though it seemed like he was lying to him. The truth was, he didn't know what would happen to him.

All of the wolves that had come that night were soon gathered back in the clearing and told the situation (they were told by one of the Elders in human form). Apparently, the wolves who had searched the area had smelled the traces of a human, though it was faint and overpowered by the scent of wolf blood, and old Hunter trick. As Jou thought, the arrow (which had also come from a crossbow, like the ones the Hunters use) was indeed poisoned. It was a rare poison that would trap a werewolf in the form that they were in when they were poisoned and would slowly spread throughout their body, draining them of energy, vital nutrients, and water. Since remaining in wolf form already took up more energy than being in human form, the brown wolf had a good chance of dying much sooner if he was not healed. Fortunately, the arrow had missed the heart, so the poison would spread as fast, but they had to remove it quickly or he would die in a few hours.

The Elders called for every able healer to help them remove the poison from their fellow wolf's body, to which at least twenty or so wolves, including Ryou and Anzu, came to him and listened to his instructions. Many of them went out into the woods again to get the herbs he needed while the other worked on removing the arrow. Everyone else, even Jou and the little black pup, were sent away so that they could work.


For the next few hours, Jou sat with the little pup, nuzzling him gently and letting him rest between his laws while the his black body quivered and small whimpers sounded from his throat. In truth, Jou was worried as well for the little pup and his relative, whoever he was. Sure, he wasn't the nicest wolf around, but no one was perfect and he certainly didn't deserve to die like this.

He was jerked from his thoughts by another wolf nuzzling him, telling him that it was okay to come back. Jou stood and nuzzled the little pup, bidding him to move, which he did. They walked back to the clearing together, seeing many, if not all of the healers in human form and around the brown wolf. The black pup rushed over and nuzzled the wolf lovingly as Anzu came over and talked to Jou.

"He'll be okay. We removed the poison just in time before it could spread too much," she said, making Jou sigh in relief. "He's still very injured," she continued, "and the poison will have some aftereffects." At Jou's puzzled glance, she went on. "He will be stuck in his wolf form until he fully heals, which could be a month, at the latest."

Jou frowned. A month? What would the little pup do?

Sugoroku came over to Anzu and whispered to her. She nodded and spoke to Jou again. "The little black wolf, you know him?" she asked.

Jou nodded.

"He is this wolf's family, and apparently all he has right now. He said that he lives in Domino as well, so I think we should take them back with us. The boy can stay with us while the other heals. Is that okay?" Anzu asked.

Jou agreed immediately without a second thought.

Anzu smiled softly and pet Jou's golden fur. "Okay. We're going to leave soon and take them home. Ryou is going with the pup to get his belongings. You and Honda can take the wolf back to the car and the rest of us will go and unlock the car."

Jou nodded and watched as Anzu stood up and went to talk to Yugi, who had just come back with their clothes. Jou grabbed his bag and went into the woods, where he transformed back into a human and dressed himself.


Ten minutes later, Ryou, Yugi, Honda, Anzu, and Sugoroku returned and met with Jou. All they had to do now was wait for the black pup to return as a human again, then they could go. A small figure emerged from the forest, about Yugi's height with two large, indigo eyes and a mop of lengthy black hair. Jou smiled and bent down in front of the boy.

"You okay, buddy?" he asked, genuinely concerned.

The boy nodded. "Hai, I'll be okay..." His blue-violet eyes rose and met Jou's amber eyes while his mouth curled upwards a bit. "Thank you... For playing with me and helping my brother and comforting me..." he said as tears sparkled in his eyes.

Jou wiped the boy's eyes gently and returned the smile again. "Yer welcome. He's your brotha?"

The boy nodded.

"Ya know what's gonna happen, ne?" Jou asked.

The black-haired boy nodded again. "Hai. I'm going to live with you until my brother gets better, ne?"

"Hai. I'sat okay?"

The boy smiled a bit more this time. "As long as 'Nii-san is okay and you're with me, I'll be fine. Um... Can I ask your name?"

Jou blinked. "My name? Oh! My name!" He laughed a little before he responded. "It's Jounouchi, but you can call me Jou, all my friends do."

"I'm your friend?" the boy asked, hopefully.

The blond nodded. "Of course ya are, little buddy. What's yer name?"

The boy beamed brightly and spoke. "My name's Mokuba."

"Mokuba... Cool name," Jou said. "Are ya ready ta go?"

Mokuba nodded as Jou stood up and ruffled the boy's inky hair. "Oh, before I forget." The blond turned to his friends and introduced them. "Dis is Yugi, Anzu, Ryou, Honda, and Yugi's grandpa, who we all call Gramps...or some variation of dat," he said as each of his friends smiled warmly at the Mokuba as their names were said. "Guys, dis is Mokuba."

Mokuba gave a very Yugi-ish smile and nodded his head. "Pleased to make your acquaintance...er...'es?" he laughed.

Everyone laughed with him and welcomed him to their group before they all agreed that it was time to get going. Jou picked Mokuba's unconscious brother up in his strong arms and carried him back to the car. Ryou volunteered to remain in his wolf forms for the ride home, since the others were tired, and he would take up the less amount of space in the car which now held two more people now. So, Anzu drove with Sugoroku next to her and Honda next to him. Jou and Mokuba sat in the back seat with Ryou in his wolf form on the floor, Yugi next to Mokuba. Mokuba's brother lay across his and Jou's laps.

During the ride home, Mokuba would stroke his brother's fur with his small, delicate hands as he pillowed his head against Jou's arm. Soon, sleep claimed the boy and he fell asleep against the blond, who wrapped his arm around Mokuba and pet his hair softly as he let him snooze with his face nuzzled in his brother's chocolate fur.

'I wonder what his brother looks like,' Jou mused to himself as he gingerly touched the silky auburn fur with his own, slim fingers. 'Strong, probably... Thin...with deep brown hair and cold, blue eyes... Probably very handsome too...' A small smile crept up Jou's face before he realized what he was doing and shunned it. What was he thinking-thinking about another male that way? Was he crazy? Or was he...

"We're home," Anzu whispered to Jou, careful not to wake up the raven- haired boy who slept next to him.

Jou blinked and looked out the window, seeing their wooden porch, covered in candy wrappers and a silly string. They would get the pranksters later, but for now, they had to get the two brothers situated in the house. Honda picked Mokuba up in his arms and followed Jou, who carried his wolf brother, into the house. Bakura's room had been cleaned out earlier that morning and was now habitable again, so that was where they decided to situate the small family. Jou carried the wolf with great care up to the room and gently lay him on the bed. Honda followed him and did the same for Mokuba, placing his sleeping form next to his brother's once again. Tomorrow they could care for and feed them, but it was late and everyone needed rest. The blond cast a small glance at the two dark-haired brothers before he shut the door behind him and retreated to his room and his own bed.


The next day after breakfast, Jou sat with Mokuba is the boy's temporary with his brother, who was sleeping on the bed next to them. Mokuba now followed Jou around like a little puppy (which he was, Jou had to remind himself), and Jou didn't mind the attention at all; being with the little boy reminded him of his happier times with his sister.

"What's yer brotha's name," Jou asked suddenly as he watched Mokuba pet the mentioned wolf's fur.

"I can't tell you..." Mokuba responded.

Jou looked at the boy, a puzzled look on his face. "Why not?"

"He told me not to," the black-haired boy replied. "Maybe he doesn't trust you." He shrugged.

Jou's arms crossed over his chest and he let out an indignant 'humph'. "Dun get why not..." he mumbled. "I'm a perfectly trustworthy guy..."

"Gomen ne, Jou, but I don't want to break my word to 'Nii-san."

"Yeah... I understand..." Jou sighed as he tucked a small piece of blond hair behind his ear.

That was the moment when the chocolate wolf decided to open his brilliant blue eyes and awake for the first time that day. He looked around the room, confused by his surroundings. When he tried to stand, he fell back down onto the bed with a faint, pained whimper. Jou frowned and Mokuba pet his brother's fur soothingly.

"Mornin', Sunshine," Jou said sarcastically, to which he received a growl of annoyance from the wolf.

"'Nii-san, it's okay," Mokuba whispered as he helped to lay his brother back on his side on the bed. The wolf's icy eyes still held a great deal of confusion, so Mokuba took it upon himself to explain his situation and his surroundings. "This is Jou," he began, nodding to the blond.

"In case ya don't rememba', I'm da one ya raced yesterday," the saffron- haired teen explained. The wolf's eyes narrowed again, but he nodded in understanding.

"You're at his house... Well, actually it's the house if his pack and his friends, too..." Mokuba continued. "Do you remember what happened yesterday?"

The auburn wolf shook his head, making his coat glisten with the rays of the sun every time it turned.

"You were shot in da woods durnin' our race," Jou explained. "Da arrow was poisoned so that it would drain yer energy and also keep ya in wolf form. As ya know, that would only drain ya faster. So, we took ya back to da healers and dey got ridda da poison jus' in time. Unfortunately, there are some side-effects, so you'll be kept in dis form until yer fully healed." The wolf nodded and Jou kept going. "Yer brotha' told me dat he's all ya have at home, so we decided ta bring ya back here. Ya live in da same city as us, so it's no trouble a' all. You two will be stayin' wit us until yer healthy, i'sat okay?"

Azure eyes seemed to be considering the situation as their owner looked towards his little brother.

"Please, 'Nii-san?" Mokuba pleaded. "They're really nice people and I don't want you to get hurt... As soon you're better we can leave, if you want." Another look from his brother caused the younger wolf to speak again. "They're my friends, 'Nii-san... You may not trust them, but I do... Please, they won't hurt us."

The wolf gave a small noise, asking his brother another question.

Mokuba shook his head. "No, I did as you asked and kept your name a secret... But do you really think that's necessary?"

The earth-colored wolf glanced at Jou with his normal ice-tinged glare, though something else seemed to be hiding in the depths as he nodded.

Mokuba sighed and looked at Jou, who shrugged.

"Oh!" Jou exclaimed as he turned in his chair. "Now that you're awake, we have to feed you." Jou brought over a bowl, filled with a rich, deep red liquid. It was a blood broth, mixed with various magical healing herbs that were necessary to the other's recovery. Think of it as a REALLY hearty tomato soup. Jou shifted so that he was seated on the bed next to the brown wolf and poured a small amount of the broth into his hand and held his palm to the wolf's mouth so he could lap the broth out. The wolf didn't drink and only continued to glare at the blond irritably.

"What's his pro'lem?" Jou asked Mokuba.

"He doesn't trust you," he replied simply. "He probably thinks that you drugged it or something."

Jou gasped in shock and let out an angered growl. "I would neva! How can he accuse me of somethin' like dat?" he demanded.

Mokuba's shoulders rose and fell and he sighed. "Want me to do it? He's obviously too proud to drink from your hand." The boy's brother gave a small glare at the comment, which Mokuba returned just as coldly, telling him that it was true.

"Yeah, sure," Jou growled, handing the bowl over to Mokuba. "I'm gonna go and do homework or somethin'. Holla' for me if ya need anythin', kay?"

Mokuba nodded to Jou as the blond stood and walked towards the door.

Looking back, Jou noticed that the wolf lapped the broth from his brother's hand without hesitation, causing the blond's throat to grumble lowly before he opened the door and left the room.


As the days passed, Mokuba's mysterious brother seemed to show signs of improvement-at least in his health. He was still as lofty and aloof as ever, only letting Mokuba touch or feed him. Everyone else had stopped trying to feed him long ago, and decided to just stay away from the room completely. Jou, on the other hand, felt compelled to try and make some sort of connection with the wolf. Maybe it was because they had raced; maybe it was because he admired the cold wolf-Jou didn't know. All he knew was that he felt he deserve some respect and wouldn't let himself be treated like everyone else.

His chance came one day when Mokuba had gone out with Ryou and Honda one day. The other wolves felt that he needed to get out of the house and play like children were supposed to, so the two wolves had planned to spend the day with the raver-haired pup to try and get to know him better, as well as get his mind off his brother's condition. Mokuba was able to feed his brother in the morning, but he wouldn't return for the rest of the day.

Everyone else refused to feed the hostile wolf, so, with a heavy sigh, Jou decided to try his luck again at feeding their guest. He gave a small knock on the tall oak door before he turned the handle and stepped inside, the bowl of broth in his hands.

"Hey," he said, shutting the door behind him.

Icy eyes shot Jou a look of both confusion and anger as the blond sat next to him on the bed.

"Mokuba's out for the day," the golden-haired teen said nonchalantly. "I'm going to feed you today." He poured some of the red broth into his hand and held his palm out.

The wolf growled and turned his head away.

Jou gave an answering growl, showing that he wasn't amused nor in the mood for his behavior. "Listen. Ya have a choice. Either ya get off yer high horse and drink, or ya get sick and die. Yer decision."

The wolf looked up, his eyes shining with something that looked like shock, maybe more anger. Whatever it was, it disappeared as he slowly turned his head and drank the broth from Jou's hand.

Jou gave a small smile and continued to refill his hand every time it became empty and the wolf drank silently. "Mokuba's a good kid..." he said suddenly, after his tenth or so refill.

The wolf's head nodded slightly as he kept on drinking.

"Must be nice ta have a sibling dat's wit ya all da time..." Jou mused again as he poured more of the concoction into his palm. He received a questioning glance from the blue-eyed wolf and continued. "I have a sista'," he explained. "Her name is Shizuka. She's actually a lot like Mokuba: happy, kind, playful..." He stopped as a spiritless frown crossed his handsome features.

The sienna wolf seemed to sense the other's sadness and nuzzled Jou's hand gently-partly out of comfort and partly because the other's hand was empty. He looked up at Jou with a look that seemed to ask what happened next.

Jou subconsciously pet the wolf once before he filled his hand again and continued. "When my mom left us...my dad and I...she took Shizuka wit her. I haven' seen her since...... I miss her..." A small, single, reflective tear rolled down his cheek and he hastily wiped it away with his free hand. He suddenly felt something strange on his hand and the blond looked down to see the wolf licking his hand. Jou immediately noticed that his hand was empty again, but something told him that the wolf was doing this in hopes to comfort him, not just to tell him that he was still hungry. Smiling slightly, Jou moved his hand to the top of the wolf's hand and scratched behind his ears in thanks.

The wolf's eyes slipped closed and he leaned into the touch, his mouth curling up into a small smile.

"Does dis mean dat we're friends now, or somethin'?" Jou asked, smirking.

The wolf's azure eyes opened and he gave a look that said something along the lines of 'don't push your luck', but the smile was still there.

Jou's smile widened as he scratched the wolf's ears again. At least they were on somewhat friendly terms now, and he could stop worrying about his hands getting bit off.


"Here's the notes from class, Jou," Yugi said when he came home that day. "And here's the homework," he said, handing over his notes and planner.

"Thanks, Yug'," Jou said as he took the notes and planner and started his homework. Everyone had to go back to school on Monday, including Mokuba, so Jou had volunteered a sick day to take care of the wolf. Sugoroku would have done it, but he had errands to run all day. Tomorrow he could take care of their guest and Jou could go back to school. "How was school wit'out me?"

"Dull," Yugi said, sitting on the floor in Jou's room. There was a shirt or sock here and there, but other than that, it was pretty orderly. At least the floor was. The desk was a mini landfill of papers and pop cans and various other trinkets.

"Bet ol' Moneybags was happy dat I wasn' there, ne?" Jou voiced as he looked from Yugi's notes to his textbook. "I bet he would have been, but he wasn't there," Yugi said simply.

Jou looked up from his homework. "He wasn' there?" he questioned.

"Nope. Someone said that he probably had something to do at KaibaCorp. or whatever. The guy's a genius, he really doesn't have to be there anyway."

Jou's eyes dropped back to his paper as a low sound rumbled in the back of his throat. 'Bastard,' he thought spitefully. 'Gets da world handed ta him on a fucking silver platter while the rest o' us have ta work fer it!' He snarled under his breath. 'Don't matta'. He'll get his soon...'

"You okay, Jou?" Yugi asked his friend.

Jou looked up, a confused look in his eyes. "Eh? Oh, I'm fine Yug'. Just thinkin'."

"Okay..." Yugi said, scanning the blond over with his eyes, curious as to what he was thinking about that got him so angry. "I'll leave you to your work. I'm gonna go and help Jii-san with dinner. Ja," he said as he got up and left the room.

"Ja," Jou called after him as he focused on his work again. He sighed heavily and scratched his head. "Gods, I hate homework."


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