Penelope held her tight and smiled.

''I have no idea how the school was. I was wandering it pretty much like zombie… I didn't really give that school a chance. I missed you too much to function… I was not much different from you. But unlike you, I had no one to pick up my pieces.''

Josie felt bad for Penelope. It looks like they were having the same problem. Both of them were falling apart inside without the other one.

''Promise me you will never leave again…''

''I am here Jojo… I am here to stay... And if I ever leave, you are coming with me.''

''I can agree to that.''

''I know.''

Josie cuddled up to her and pulled her close.

''I love you Penny…''

''I love you too Jojo.''

Penelope kissed her and smiled.

''I missed you so much…''

''I missed you too Penny…''

Penelope kissed her hair and smiled.

''Baby, let's go out on a date.''


''Yes, let's go out on a date…real date… Diner, movie walk by the lake and heated make out session in the gazebo.''

Josie laughed.

''Your mind lives in the gutter…''

''You loved to make out there.''

''I did… I still do.''

''I know.''

''So, what do you say?''

''Yes… I want to go out with you Penny…''


Josie kissed her and smiled.

''Thank you…''

''What for?''

''For never sleeping with Lizzie or having any feelings for her.''

Penelope started laughing hard.

''You are welcome Jojo…It was my pleasure…''

''I hate you.''

''I know…''

They were silent for a moment and then Penelope turned to Josie and made very serious face.

''All jokes aside… You know it's impossible…''


''Me and Lizzie… That would never… Simply never…''

She took Josie's hand and kissed it.

''It was you… From the first moment… It was only you…''


''From the moment I saw you… It was only you… I never noticed anyone else but you Jojo… So, there was no time for me to fall for Lizzie or anyone else but you.''

''It was the same for me…''

''It was?''

''Yes, I saw your eyes and… It was what captured me… I couldn't get you out of my head. You were always on my mind. Even when things were very bad between us, I never stopped loving you Penny. ''

''I love you Josie… I love you so much…''

''I love you too Penelope.''

They cuddled up and fell asleep…

They woke up when MG came to wake them up for classes. They got dressed in record time. They got downstairs and they were met by Emma.

''Miss Park, I am afraid you have to come with me.''


''So we can see about your timetable…''

''Can I come back to my classes?''

''Sure, but it has to be done right… You will catch up with Josie in a minute.''

Penelope kissed Josie and followed Emma to her office. In a matter of moments she got her new timetable and went to her first class. Her teacher had no idea she was back.

''Miss Park? This is a surprise…''

''I am back Mr. Johns.''

''I see… Take a seat and let's continue with the lesson.''

Many teachers had the same reaction to her, but she didn't care at all. She was with Josie again and nothing could ruin her day. Before lunch she went to the bathroom and that's where she met Lizzie.



''How is my sister?''

''You have to give her some time. It will be ok.''

''Are you sure?''

''Yes, she loves you… She is just hurt…''


''Yes, hurt.''


''Because she finally faced all the issues she refused to face when it comes to two of you.''

'"And what about two of you?''

''We have so many things to deal with too… But it's different.''


''Because you are her sister…and I am just a girl in her life.''

''Just a girl? My sister loves you more than anything…''

''And I am honored and grateful for that love… But she can live without me… If your dad had more faith in her, she would have been ok in a week or so. Josie is a survivor and a force to be recon with…''

''Then why did you come back?''

''Because I am the weak one in the relationship. I needed her to breathe again.''

Lizzie just looked at her in surprise.


''What you heard… I needed her to function… and I hate myself for loving her and needing her that much… Josie is one of the very few people I love and trust. And I couldn't be without her…I didn't want to be anymore… Before I left, I had a feeling I finally got her to understand some things and I gave her push she needed to see how powerful she is.''

''By trying to hurt me?''

''No, I am not talking about that power… I am talking about power within… She is amazing, but too scared to let herself be who she really is. That is why she hides.''

''And who is she?''

''Powerful witch!''

''You know she is not that perfect?''

''Who? Josie?''

Lizzie just nodded.

''Who needs perfection? And how can you love perfection? You fall in love with flaws and you are attracted to qualities…''

''What is her biggest flaw?''

''How much she cares…''

''And quality?''

Penelope smiled.

''The same…''

Lizzie was silent for a moment. Penelope looked at her and for a moment she saw there was something about her never showed to her. Lizzie's human side was showing… She was aware of some things around her.

''I am not the only one to blame for our problems.''

''I know. Josie has her part in the matter too… I know that.''

''She blames me… I am everyone's favorite person to place the blame on.''

''I know that too… I blamed you for the longest time for problems Josie and I had. It took me a lot of time and courage to start taking in the matter Josie's responsibility for things too…as well as my own. She could have said no to some things you asked of her. She could have turned off her phone or silenced it… Or taken my side in some matters. If I am being honest…. I was coward too..''


''I never let myself think that she could be at fault… I always blamed you… and I am sorry for that. Much of our hostility was two sided and I never accepted Josie's blame in the matter. She never tried to put the fires between us down… Sometimes I think she fed the conflict…for some unknown reason…''

Lizzie just listened and nodded at Penelope.

''We both love her… We would have made it work for her… Or at least we would have been civil…''

''We still can Lizzie.''

''She hates me now.''

''She can't hate you… She just needs time…''

''She will never forgive me the comment about sleeping with you and liking you.''

Penelope had two ways she could handle this. She could have treated it as something serious that would make things even more awkward or brush it off as a joke.

''Well, out of everything, that is the part she will understand the most. She can't resist me… She never could… So, you are ok there… You never tried anything and that's a good thing for you… If she learned you did try anything, you would have been crispy and burned…''

Lizzie smiled.

''You think so?''

''She is very possessive of me.''

''She is.''

''But back on the topic… She will forgive you… Just give it time and show her that you are worth the forgiveness.''

''How do you know?''

''I know her.''

''I know her too.''

''Do you? Do you really know Josie?''

Lizzie stood and watched Penelope standing with her hands crossed in front of her chest and very daring look in her eyes. She was right… Lizzie had no idea who her sister really was.

''You are right… I have no idea who Josie is.''

''Well, it's about time to meet your sister… You might not have much time left.''

''You think she will win the merge?''

''I don't know… If she owns up to who she is…everything is possible.''

''You want me dead.''

''I don't want you dead Lizzie… I never did… But I don't want her dead either….''

''So, you would pick her?''

''I would always pick her?''

''Even if your life was at stake?''

Penelope smiled at Lizzie.

''She is my life…''

Both girls left the restroom unaware that there was a third person. Person they talked about stood in the stall, wiping her tears and trying to figure out if it was the weirdest and most unexpected conversation she ever heard.