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Chapter 36: The Calm of the Age

Hiei's form smeared the sky as he zipped sharply over the city. His destination, Kurama's home...but the fox no longer lived with his mother in a busy town just outside Tokyo...for fifteen years have slipped away with a grace of Hiei's quick steps, and the fox now resided as a thirty-year-old on his own terms in a grand home on a hill not far off, that just overlooked the city span.

"Spirit Gun!" he heard a faint shout. Hiei jerked to a was a little girl. Hiei had just left the city boundaries, and was in the suburban area, with family-sized houses neatly placed decent distances apart. The demon slowly approached the scene, and what he saw nearly shocked him...nearly. The flame demon's dagger ruby eyes met with a little girl, and her twin brother, each pointing their index fingers towards two huge rocks. A man, black, slicked hair and wide, chocolate eyes, examined their movements intently. Yusuke indeed hadn't changed much in looks...he was taller, a little more muscular, and a scruff of a beard tinted his cheeks, chin, and the valley between his nose and mouth...other than that, he indeed was pretty much the same looking to when he was fourteen. "Okay...go!"

"Spirit Gun!!" they both yelled in unison, and maddeningly powerful orbs of white light shot viciously from their fingers, spraying loose zips of energy in random directions, but the majority of the blasts ripping straight forward. Each child was jerked back slightly from the force, and the rocks disintegrated into nothingness come impact with each attack. That is what nearly shocked him...the Urimeshi twins, shooting spirit guns...and very strong ones, no less.

"Ha! Totaled!" the girl exclaimed gleefully with arrogant pride.

"Amateur..." the boy clicked his tongue behind a smug smirk after examining her handiwork.

"What?! That was the perfectest shot there is!"

Hiei muffled a light chuckle at just how much the girl reminded him of Yusuke.

"Okay, you two...just raise your arms a little higher...good...oh, not that high,, like this..." Yusuke, a strong, well-built twenty-nine-year-old, gently raised his arm into the air. He pointed his gunning finger dead straight ahead of his eyes at a slight slant. "Spirit..." his deep voice moaned lowly, a serious tone about his character. Hiei slowly snuck out into the opening of the yard, playfully motioning to the children to stay quiet, each child stifling mad giggles at their "uncle".

"Hello, Detective," Hiei seethed from behind Yusuke with a devious smirk, scaring the wits from him. "AH!" Yusuke's spirit gun shot violently from his hand dead straight into the very top of a tree, completely disintegrating it. The twins, two-years-old, giggled madly at Daddy's mistake.

"That was a good one, Uncle Hiei!" the little boy, Yukio, giggled. He definitely resembled his mother...Keiko's hair, Keiko's nose, Keiko's face, and Keiko's eyes...but obviously he possessed his father's abilities.

"Yeah!" his sister, Gakilei, agreed quickly, approaching her uncle immediately. Now she was a Yusuke look-alike. Jet black locks tumbling just to her shoulders, and chocolate eyes to mirror her father's. Her powers were extraordinary, just like her twin's.

"But it was still rude," Yukio scoldingly corrected himself, gaining a look of disagreement from his sister.

"Whatever, Yu..." Gakilei rolled her father's eyes in her father's style, Yusuke grinning at his female counterpart. "You're just mad cuz you couldn't scare daddy like that, no way!"

"Gakilei you jerk!" Yukio barked, and Hiei swore he could see a flash of a memory, back when Keiko would shriek the very phrase of Yusuke.

"How are you two?" Hiei smiled kindly, crouching on one knee to be level with them.

"Good!" they answered in unison, jerking immediately from their argument with gleeful grins. Hiei was shocked to see how much they each looked like their was unbelievable.

"How's my little Gakilei?" Hiei quickly scooped the girl up high in his arms, spinning her around in frisky circles in the air. Her giggles rivaled his deep laughs, and Yukio clapped playfully. That is, until Yusuke pounced the little boy from behind, tickling him insanely. Hiei slowed to a gradual halt, and held the girl balanced on one arm. Her behavior was much like her father's, Hiei noticed a while back...she was stubborn, independent, arrogant, and had extraordinary ability. With a side glance to his "nephew", Hiei in truth saw the male counterpart of Keiko. Bossy, controlling, gets-what-he-wants, and supportive. These two were definitely their parent's children. Hiei quickly pecked the girl on her cheek and gently placed her on the ground, ruffling his nephew's brown mane and picking the boy up to place on his shoulder. Hiei beamed at both children, tickling Gakilei's chin and Yukio's stomach while the boy sat perched on the demon. Yukio nearly rolled off from the immense giggles surging through his little form, and Yusuke slowly dragged the child from his wavering sit. Hiei then shifted in a weighed sigh, turning to go. "Yukio, Gakilei...I only dropped by when I heard your Spirit Guns...I am very impressed, you two!"

"Yeah, I know...we rock..." Gakilei beamed happily, in a very Yusuke manner...Yusuke in turn laughed arrogantly in agreement with his toddler daughter. Yukio, on the other hand, realized Hiei's words, and heard a hint of 'I gotta go now.'

"Aw...but you just got here!" Yukio moaned, and Gakilei, realizing Hiei was intending on leaving, pouted her bottom lip outward at him. Hiei's sharp crimson eyes softened at the two children, and he sighed heavily.

"I know...but, tell you what...I'll come to visit tomorrow...I promise." Hiei layered his hand to his heart, and strictly swore to return the next day. "It's just...right now I have to go see's been over a year since I had a decent visit with him."

"Love you, Uncle Hiei!" Gakilei coiled her arms about his knees in a tight hug, Yukio copying his sister's antics. "I love you more!" Yukio grinned.

"No, I love him more..." Gakilei seethed a glare to her brother.

"No, I do..." Yukio contradicted, returning the look of defense she shot him.

"No, ME!" her voice grew steadily sharper.

"No, ME!!" he instantly matched her negatively low tone.



Hiei rolled his eyes, 'it's Yusuke and Keiko all over again...' he chuckled silently through a calm grin.

"I love you both," Hiei smiled softly at the children, lacing his hands into their mane's and ruffling through slightly. And with that, he grunted a soft 'Hn' at Yusuke, who smiled wordlessly at his demon friend. Hiei's form quickly melted into a smear, lacing the air above.

Yusuke watched after Hiei with a look of admiration and a peer's respect all wrapped in his tired grin. 'Well, Hiei...' Yusuke thought. ' used to have trouble showing your feelings...but with these kids, and our friends's kids, you have no trouble being the best uncle in the world...yet you act as you always had around us...heh, I guess you just know how to act with different people...and with the children of this generation, you know exactly how to show them that you aren't at risk of losing them.' With that, he lay his hands gently to the head's of his two toddler children, and led them for the house. "Hey Keiko! Is dinner ready?"


Hiei's smudged form jerked back into a humanoid figure in his sister's yard. "Yukina?" his voice echoed over the threshold. "Idiot?" he called in turn for her husband...Kuwabara.

"Hya!" a familiar voice echoed deep inside the property. 'Hn...Moron's training...'

Hiei slowly walked the hallway into his sister's home, sensing a strong power in the depths of the building. 'Hn...that isn't just Moron...must be Kane as well..."

The flame demon smiled as a doorway opened into a wide room...a polished, well-kept dojo. Kuwabara handled a huge, crackling golden sword, a master at the weapon. His energy licked sharply at his bare palms, but the pain had long ago lost its significance. He swung it effortlessly in his grasp, breathing coarsely from hours of training. Their stood Kane, mirroring his father's movements. The boy, only three, possessed his mother's mint hair-which jutted outward in sharp spikes as did Hiei's-and his father's onyx eyes...though, in truth, his face was actually...Hiei's. His eyes were of the same shape to his biological uncle's, and his face and build nearly matched Hiei's down to the very last fiber. The only difference was that the demi-demon was to be his father's height...yes, he would be a very attractive, tall, Ice Demon.

Gripped tightly in the three-year-old's hands was a sparked blade of silver light, clashing against his father's golden one. Not only did the color clash...but so did the temperature. Where Kuwabara's weapon was flaming in heat, Kane's was ice cold, shimmering sharply on impact against the hot golden one of his father.

"Very good, Kane!" Kuwabara breathed heavily at his these past fifteen years, Kuwabara's looks definitely evolved...his face was no longer as uneven...rather, he grew to be somewhat handsome, especially in comparison to his looks of fourteen. His hair was still a flaming red, though now long and tucked in a tight ponytail to the knot of bone between his neck and shoulders. He had grown a mustache, as well...and his voice was still pretty annoying...he was somewhat quirked, but his spirit awareness only sharpened over the years.

"Kane, go for the gut!" Hiei yelled at a random moment, throwing Kuwabara off guard. However, Kane had heard him coming...his demon senses were sharper than a three-year-old's should be...Kane actually expected Hiei to shout something at some point, and wasn't the least bit surprised. On the contrary, he obeyed the demand and sliced his blade for his father's stomach. Kuwabara just barely guarded it, though, and allowed his sword to fade into the air as he turned towards his brother-in-law.

"Hi, Uncle Hiei!" Kane grinned, giving a happy expression to the face he inherited from the three-eyed demon, an expression Hiei personally never gave the very face himself...until just a few years ago, when these children were born, and added a happiness to his life...before, Hiei wouldn't even show how he felt for his sister...she didn't even know she WAS his sister...but now, now that Grapko was he could show how he felt for the people he cared for the most.

"Hiei?" a familiar tone cooed behind him. Hiei pricked slightly at the sound, but slowly turned to face Yukina. She had changed a little in looks...her spiking mint locks were now cut short, to just below the ear, but they were still thick and bushy, and shot in sharp tufts. Her once rounded face was slightly sharper as the years had passed, but she still possessed the same innocently wide blood eyes and the shortness both sibling had somehow inherited through their slightly-differing heredity.

"Yukina," He smirked softly to the little demonness.

"Hello!" she grinned with glee. "How are you, brother?"

"I'm fine, are Kane and Dimwit?"

"Kane and KAZUMA, are fine, Hiei."

"Hn, good to hear," he smirked. "I only dropped by to check on you...I was really heading over to see the Kitsune, a couple miles everything's fine?"

"Great! Everything is great, Hiei..." her blood red eyes sparked happily as a grin graced her face. Hiei, smirking, ruffled playfully into her mint hair, sighed, and turned to go.
"Where are you going, Uncle Hiei?" Kane rushed up to the demon's side. It almost scared Kuwabara and Yukina how much their son looked like the dragon when they stood next to each other. The demi-demon's third eye sparked and flashed, a deep, curdled onyx shade. Kane's Jagon eye was natural...he inherited it from his demon grandparent, Hiei and Yukina's father, who also had a real one...but Hiei didn't get one naturally-it was a trait that skipped a generation-and he had to get an implanted one.

Hiei smirked with pride at the boy, combing his sprawled hand into the child's mane and dragging him up against his leg in a one-arm hug. Kane reacted by wrapping his arms tight about Hiei's leg, knowing his uncle had to go. Through the boy's Jagon eye, he told Hiei 'come back soon, Uncle Hiei...I miss seeing you a whole lot!'

Hiei responded with his signature "Hn," and a foreign-to-his-habits smile. "I'll be seeing you soon, Kane." and with that, his form quickly took shape of a black smear and stained the sky.


The dragon demon jerked to a halt in the depths of a vast, thriving garden, scanning the huge property for any sign of his Kitsune friend.

"Hn?" Hiei grunted softly, his scarlet gaze jerking downward to his side. A tiny hand curled in a fist, his cloak clenched tightly in the child's grasp. His gaze softened, and a smile, a real smile, not his usual smirk, gripped his lips as his eyes met the sight of a little girl. Alone in a vast, beautiful garden stood the short dragon demon and a toddler.

"Uncle Hiei?" her soft, light voice cooed innocently at the dragon demon. Hiei slowly crouched down to the child's side. Her raspberry eyes, wide and guiltless, especially for a little three-year-old, stared deeply into his keen crimson ones. He laid a hand on the top of her bushy, red mane, a giggle leaking from her tiny form as he scrambled her wild, fox- like locks playfully. 'Man she's different from Gakilei...and Yukio...and Kane...'

"Yes, Kitsuna?" He grunted kindly, and a tiny giggle pounded from her yet again.

"My name isn't Kitsuna, Uncle Hiei!"

"Your father doesn't mind being called Kitsune...but, alright then, Ai...I'll simply call you by your name," The little girl responded with a broad grin, one that softened Hiei's sharp, dagger heart. "What is it you wished to ask me?"

"Where's mommy and daddy?" her raspberry eyes bobbed up naively into his.

"I don't know, Ai...that demon father of yours is missing again...and I've no idea about your mother..."

"Then why are you here?" she giggled playfully at her "uncle", and Hiei simply grunted a smile.

"I wanted to see my favorite little fox-wolf demon, today," he grinned softly at her, coiling an arm at her legs and scooping her up into the air, the little demi-demon seated slightly on one arm, and supported by the other. "That's a pretty little kimono, Ai."

"Mommy made it!" she giggled lightly while pointing to her new, light- teal kimono, and her beaming laugh reminded Hiei much of the child's bubbly, perky mother, though to be perfectly honest her looks were stronger to her father, the fox himself. The child possessed Kurama's hair, and even the style, bushy and thick, and her face was identical to that of the humanoid fox. The only difference Hiei could see in the child at first glance to the face were her eyes...the color was firmly that of Botan- though the shape was Kurama's.

"Does your tail fit through it?" Hiei teased, though hiding his yearn to smile at the child. Her candy eyes bobbed to face her bushy, crimson fox- tail, tipped in white. It flicked lightly, and she tipped her chin as Botan always had.

"Uh-huh!" she giggled. Hiei chuckled in unison with his adorable little "niece", though honestly he had no idea where the tail came from. In truth, Kurama was a fox...but, he himself didn't even possess a why did his hybrid daughter have one? Kurama had been reincarnated into a human, and didn't have any of his demon features after his birth as Suichi Minamino. Oh hadn't bothered Kurama or Botan in the least in these past three years of the child's life, and he figured it only made her all the much cuter.

"Hey, Ai," Hiei smirked at the little girl, and she returned the mischievous grin with narrowed eyes.


"Why don't we play a little prank on mommy and daddy?"

"Hn," a grunt echoed behind the short dragon demon, and Hiei nearly jumped...nearly. For once, the fox had managed to catch the dragon off guard.

Kurama slowly approached the two, a sharp glint in his emerald eyes and a kind smile tugging his lips. He hadn't changed in any way, let his build was even stronger than at fifteen, and his face was a little sharper with age...but only a little. "Like you'd get away with your life, Hiei..."

"Hn," the three-eyed demon grunted in response, a smirk gripping him.
"Hn!" Ai grunted likewise to her uncle, a fake, angry-looking pout tugging her lower lip. Hiei chuckled lightly at his little niece, and Kurama smiled kindly at his young daughter.

"Ai, honey," Kurama gently scooped the child from Hiei's grasp, cradling her gently in his strong arms. "I've a present for you."

"Really, Daddy?" her candy eyes bobbed lightly into his emerald ones, and the fox grinned at the child.

"Yes," he slowly raised his arm upward towards her face, a white rose held loosely in his hand. He tucked it behind her ear, drawing back most of her bushy hair, but with the exception of a few loose, crimson strands. He grinned at his lovely daughter. "It's your Rose Whip."

Hiei stole a sharp gasp at Kurama's words. "What, Kitsune?"

"She can channel spirit energy into plants, just as I can..." Kurama lazily spoke towards his shoulder at Hiei, a proud grin about his gentle face as he examined his little daughter.

"That can't be..." Hiei shook his head in disbelief. It was enough seeing Yusuke's twin daughter and son each with a spirit gun, and Kuwabara's son with a sword. This whole generation was going to end up exactly like the one before at this rate...same powers as their parents, same personalities as their parents, nothing unique...but it was still impressive at their ages...none of them were even four years old...Hiei could understand Kane's situation...Kuwabara wished his son to reach his fullest potential as early as possible, and with an Ice Demonness mother and a very Spiritually aware father with energy attacks, of course Kane would be able to develop early. In the case with the Urimeshi twins...well, they were simply trained because they were to be Spirit Detectives once they turned fourteen, and Yusuke was to retire...and Yusuke didn't want them to be ill-prepared as he had been...but Ai, daughter of would think her father wouldn't allow her to train her powers until she was a teenager. It seemed very unlike him to encourage her demonic abilities at a toddler's age.

"It is, though...Ai," Kurama gently turned towards the little girl cradled in his strong arms. "Show Uncle Hiei what you can do with your water lilies."

"Okay!" she piped lightly, jumping from her father's hold and towards the garden lake. Hiei watched in disbelief, and Kurama gazed with a broad beam of pride at his little girl. Ai's eyes and arms set firm as she stared solely upon the water lilies, her spirit energy slowly flowing towards them straight from her body heat. Hiei's eyes bulged wide as a silver aura engulfed her tiny body, and shot viciously from her extended hands for the fragile water lilies. In an instant, the lilies shot to life, stained in her aura. A low growl escaped the girl, but she continued. The lilies in turn sprouted heavily, and grew in a sharp speed to ten times their size and amount. Ai's aura slowly dimmed, and the lilies were slowly released of their sharp hold. After a brief pause, Ai giggled lightly, and whirled around quickly to face her father and uncle. Kurama clapped hard, and hoorayed his little girl, Ai beaming. Kurama crouched to his knees and broadened his arms into the air, motioning for her to come. Ai quickly ran into Kurama's arms, hope leaking from her features. "Was that good, Daddy?"

"Yes, it was very, very good, honey!" Kurama hugged her tightly. "With a little training you can learn to use that Rose Whip, just as I mine."

"That was incredible!" Hiei stuttered in shock at the power his toddler "niece" possessed. Kurama cradled the little girl in his arms again, and when Hiei looked to them he at first swore he saw two Kuramas...the hair was the same color, the same cut...the face was the same shape, same features...the only thing that indeed separated them was Botan's eye color tinting the toddler's eyes. Had her eyes only been emerald rather than raspberry, her face would be the carbon copy of Kurama's.

"She's just as keen with plants as I am, and I couldn't be prouder," Kurama played with Ai's bushy mane, a sharp glare of pride staining his eyes glassy.

"Bingo! She certainly does have her father's abilities with plants," another voice piped over the group. Kurama smiled broadly as he slowly turned to face his Botan. Ai giggled in glee in Kurama's hold, and Hiei presented the bluette with a low smirk. In her arms she held a baby, a child of only one year. Kurama slowly approached his wife and infant son...the boy's eyes were those of his father's, a deep, calm emerald, the shape and shade identical to the fox's. Kurama's son was topped with a scraggly mop of sapphire blue hair, that would thicken into a heavy blue mane, and his entire face resembled Botan's. The nose was hers, as was the chin and face shape. Their son, Kisho, lacked the fox-like characteristics his sister possessed-the closest thing to it was his bushy silver wolf tail- and indeed Kurama and Botan could only imagine what he would grow to be able to do. Kurama, still cradling his little Ai, slowly tucked his hand against Kisho's tiny cheek, a joyous smile staining his features. Kurama then eased that hand for Botan's face, and cradled her chin in his cupped fingers. The fox slowly drew her face into his, and they met in a gentle, soft breath of a kiss, each holding the child that more resembled themselves.

Hiei, weighed in exhaust and boredom, slowly approached the couple, now drifting apart from the other's lips, and slowly coiled his arms about the baby. "This is the reason I came over...I wanted to meet my newest nephew," Hiei gazed intently downward to the child in his hold, his ruby gaze locking into Kisho's emerald one. "Naw...who's a widdle baby?" the Dragon sarcastically attempted baby talk, the child nearly breaking out in tears and cries at Hiei's lack of sincerity. The Flame Koorime pulsed in soft chuckles as he eyed the boy gently.

"After all," The flame demon continued without a glance to either parent, "The last time I had seen you, this boy wasn't born yet..." He gently cradled the child with one arm, and with the other, escorted little Ai away from the scene by holding her hand lightly and leading her further into Kurama's thriving garden. "Have fun alone without the children, Kitsune and Plight..." he smirked over his shoulder towards the two. "I'll only babysit them for a short while, so make use of your time alone."

"Thank you, Hiei," Kurama smiled, locking his soft, emerald eyes deep into Botan's candy ones, silence until the Flame demon had ventured out of sight and sound range.

"Hey there, raspberry eyes," he cooed as he drew her against his chest. He gently pressed her eyes shut with his light fingertips, breathing a kiss against both lowered eyelid.

"Hey there, fox," she cooed back, pressing a kiss to the tip of his nose and nestling her head under his chin. There they stood, in each other's arms, his heartbeat swaying her into tranquility and her warm breaths tickling his neck.

From the limb of the tree above, Hiei nestled little Kisho in one arm, and with the other supported Ai on his lap while spying on his fox- friend. "Uncle Hiei, you smell like Uncle Yusuke, Uncle Kazuma, Aunt Yukina, Gakilei, Yukio, and Kane." Hiei pricked in awe at the demi-fox's sense of smell.

"Well, uh...I did spend a limited time with them each today," he mumbled in shock at her fox-like abilities.

"Hn," she grunted with glassy candy eyes. "How come you didn't stay with them longer? Kane's telling me with his Jagon Eye that you only stayed there a couple minutes."

"I actually came here to speak with Kitsune...I haven't seen him or you in over a year...nor have I ever met little Kisho," Hiei smiled kindly at the infant against his arm. "I just saw Yusuke, Kuwabara, Yukina, Gakilei, Yukio, and Kane last week," he chuckled. "Tell my nephew that I'll be coming back soon enough, but right now I'm visiting with people I HAVEN'T seen in a while." With that, Hiei turned gentle eyes for the baby in his arms. "Hey there, Kisho...I'm your uncle Hiei."

Kisho gently cupped his infant palm against Hiei's sharp chin. The fire demon pricked slightly at the warm touch of the child's soft hands, but he quickly relaxed to a gentle smile to the curious little boy.

Hiei slowly cast his sharp scarlet eyes back for the sight of the parents. Kurama and Botan stood at the stone staircase leading downward from the plateau of his garden to their little home. "Go away Hiei..." Kurama breathed firmly without a glance back at his little friend, the fox slowly guiding his mate down the staircase several steps, seating them down against the cool stone to examine the orange sunset ahead.

Kurama leaned towards the left, pressing his upper back to a bamboo tree sprouting just beside the steps. The fox gently cradled Botan's head to his heart, rubbing her shoulder and nestling her against his rock-hard chest. He slowly hummed her favorite tune as he breathed softly into her hair. Botan was an incurable romantic...and Kurama knew this. He, too, was greatly nostalgic, and with this natural manner of being a calm, serene thinker, he knew exactly what to do to make her happy...and in turn himself (a/n: in a non-hentai way!! His steady heartbeats pulsed slightly against Botan's cheek, and his soft hums swayed her into a dreamy state.

Hiei grunted softly. "Well, he caught me..." followed by a slight snicker. "He always did...You know, Ai, your father and I go pretty far back..." the Koorime slipped from his steady perch on the limb, gently setting little Kisho to the ground and instantly leaping back upwards to retrieve little Ai. As he glided from the limb again, landing lightly to the ground, he gently planted the toddler to her feet, again scooping his wolf-like "nephew" back in his arms. Hiei loosely pressed his fingers about Ai's little hand, and with the girl skipping lightly at his side, the flame demon began a vast, colorful array of stories involving Kurama...from thieving the Forlorn Hope, to the Adventures of Maze Castle, to the Dark Tournament, and onward, the little toddler completely caught up in the excitement her calm, kind father had lived through at age fifteen to now.


"Daddy!" a three-year-old girl rushed straight for Hiei. The triclops demon bent low to the girl's side, a smile like none other tainting his lips. "Ryuuhayai!" he sang her name happily. Hiei clasped the girl tightly in his grip, swinging her in frisked circles in the air. Deep laughs spurred from within him at the happy sight of his little daughter. She looked so much like hair streaked in white that spiked outward, but was too long to do so in his sprouted in thick locks and shot out in random, sharp points leaning downward. A bandana, much like Hiei's, coiled about her forehead, hiding her sharp, scarlet Jagon she was born with naturally, as her cousin Kane was the whole trait-that-skips-a-generation thing. Her eyes mirrored his, sharp, keen, and a blood crimson. But her face shape mirrored that of her mother...Hinegeshi.

"How was your visit with Kurama, Hiei?" his scarlet-haired wife smiled kindly. Hiei smiled lightly at his ferry-girl mate...guess Kurama wasn't the only one with a half-demon, half-Spirit-Guide daughter, ne?

"Heh, I got more of a visit with little Ai and the baby than with my actual best friend," Hiei's eyes rolled back in near annoyance at the memory. "Oh well..."

"How is little Ai?" Hinegeshi smiled at her husband, who returned the soft reaction.

"Powerful," Hiei cradled his little girl tightly in his arms. Ryuuhayai giggled lightly, and her form melted into nothingness, tinting the sky in tiny flecks of black every given millisecond. "She's so fast," Hiei crossed his arms calmly, following Ryuuhayai's every move with stinging, keen eyes.

"Yeah, daddy, I've been practicing!" she giggled lightly.
"It seems all the kids have been practicing..." Hiei smirked. "Gakilei and Yukio can both shoot Spirit Guns that outdo the ones Yusuke had when he was fourteen, Kane is becoming a master swordsman, and Ai can already channel spirit energy into plants."

"My," Hinegeshi blinked slowly. "That's amazing! They have the exact same powers as their parents!"

"Yeah, and the personalities..." Hiei snickered. "Especially Gakilei...Keiko should really keep her separate from Yusuke..."

"Well," the red-head pounded in chuckles. "She does look so much like him..."

"It's almost scary, Hinegeshi...can't these kids be more original?!" Hiei stared solely at his wife, just as a black smear slipped past. Hiei, lacking in a flinch of any kind, caught the little girl by the back of her shirt, dangling her playfully in midair, a foot above the ground...he didn't even throw a glance to his wriggling daughter as she hung by his clutch, but rather continued his conversation as if nothing had happened. "And Ai...if it's not how she looks it's her calm personality...she's going to end up the Kurama, I swear..." Hiei smiled softly at his daughter, and back at his wife.

"Who will be the Hiei?" Hinegeshi smirked slyly at him. Hiei shot a silent blink at his daughter, who blinked straight back, and he shrugged.

"Give her a Katana and definitely Ryuuhayai would be the Hiei of the group."

"YES!" the demi-dragon cheered heartily, wriggling slightly in her cloak as she hung from her collar. "I get a sword like Daddy!"

"Not until you're seven, Ryuu," Hiei contradicted sternly as a father should.

"Awww..." the demi-demonness moaned in complaint at her father's decision, hanging limp as he continued his hold on her collar, still gripping her a foot off the ground.

Hinegeshi chuckled heavily. "And the Botan?"

"Meh..." he shrugged, the shifting of his arms causing a dangling motion on Ryuuhayai, still hanging in his clutch.

"What of the Kuwabara?"

"There won't be a Kuwabara." his eyes narrowed slightly in way would he let any of the kids prove that illiterate and inexperienced.

"But then, who will Kane symbolize?"

"There will be TWO Hieis...Ryuuhayai and Kane." Hiei nodded slyly, proud at himself...and at the fact that more kids would be like him than anyone else. Hinegeshi could only laugh.

"But, these are only assumptions, darling..." Hinegeshi contradicted sternly. "I suppose we'll have to wait to see how they all end up, ne?"

Hiei gently planted his little daughter to the ground, cupping his hand at her head, and coiling his other arm about Hinegeshi's waist, leading his family back inside their temple home. Once over the threshold, Ryuuhayai instantly zipped inside, rushing for her bedroom, nearly tripping from her sharp speed as she threw off her shoes. When she had gone, Hinegeshi and Hiei watched on with proud smiles. Hinegeshi slowly stepped farther in, attempting to travel through the temple dojo and back to her kitchen...that is, until Hiei, with his god-like speed, had tripped her, and held her in a low dip, her now short crimson locks brushing the slick wood floor.

"H-Hiei!" she stuttered in shock...he hadn't acted like THAT for a while. Without another word, the flame demon pressed a kiss against her lips, and, gently parting, slowly straightened her to a full stand, coiling his strong arms about her little form. In a tight, firm hug, Hiei breathed a whisper, "I love you, Hinegeshi...I haven't said so for a while...that little phrase sometimes needs refreshing."

And as instantly as he had whipped into a romantic mood, he clicked back to normal, slowly slipping from his hold and smugly stalking for the kitchen. Hinegeshi smiled softly at the retreating black-clad Dragon. "I love you, too..." she whispered.


Meanings of the Names:

Gakilei: a fictional name I devised between the Japanese word "Gaki", meaning "punk", and the feminine name "Leiko" meaning "arrogant"

Yukio: gets what he wants (lol sounds like Keiko, doesn't it? And the whole "Yu" thing like his father)

Kane: warrior (if he looks identical to Hiei, wouldn't it only make sense? lol)

Ai: love (I only figured if she's Kurama's kid, it works...she's so darn cute! *dreamy look* so's a VERY different way,

Kisho: knows his own mind (he's to be a deep thinker like his father)

Ryuuhayai: (pr: Reyu-hi-ae) a combination of the Japanese words "Ryuu" (dragon) and "hayai" (speed)


Anemone: AWW!! It's SO cute!

Hiei: *reeeeally annoyed* Hn...*secretly is happy his daughter is so cute*

Kurama: *sigh*...*Anemone continues ignoring him.* *SIGH*

Anemone: what, Kurama?

Kurama: oh nothing...*sigh*

Anemone: ok-

Kurama: -it's just, now it's over, and...well...

Anemone: what?

Kurama: *mumblemumble*

Anemone: Hn?

Kurama: *mumblemumble...*

Anemone: ...?

Hiei: he doesn't want it to*Kurama half-glares*

Anemone: *overly dramatic, Hiei rolls his eyes* never fear! For I, am Anemone! Another YuYu Hakusho fanfiction will soon appear my friends! *brief pause* Also, *changes from overly-dramatic to normal, Kurama and Hiei collapsing anime I think I'm the only person who can make them do that* ...I like the kids...I think I'm gonna make a sequel, featuring them when they're all teenagers. Review and tell me if that's a good idea, ne? Ok then...and also point out your fav part, too...and your fav kid lol...Latr!

Kurama: *brightens a little* a sequel? Happy day. I suppose I'm fine, then.

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Hiei: Mones, shut up...

Anemone: cheerio! Sayonara! Godspeed!

Hiei: stop it...! *he and Kurama start dragging her away from the readers*

Anemone: auf Wiedersehen! Adios! So long!

Hiei: jeez, shut up!

Kurama: *sweatdrop, awkward chuckle* I think they've established that you'll miss them.

Anemone:...I'll be seeing ya!! words/phrases that mean Bye!!...

Kurama: enough, Mones...It's over, we must deal with it...*still trying to drag her away*

Anemone: NO! I change my mind!! I don't wanna abandon this story anymore! I can't let go of this story!! *slowly dragging at the turn a corner, out of sight* NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kurama: *calling from beyond view, still dragging Anemone away* Don't mind her...we'll be back...all three of us.

Hiei: *heard from beyond view* do I have to?!

Kurama: yes!

Anemone: NO!!!! I can still have chapters!!! This can't be the end!!!

Hiei: jeez and I thought Kurama was having trouble letting it go...

Kurama: I was fine when she said she'd make a sequel...I don't know what's gotten into-OWW!

Hiei: what the-OWW! HEY!

Anemone: *runs back into view, holding a broken bottle that she poked Kurama and Hiei's arms with...stops in front of readers* I'll make more chapters!! *looks back, and starts running again*

Hiei: *runs by after her* get back here, dammit!!!

Kurama: *runs by, stops at readers* You can go now...I have a feeling this scenario's not going to get any more interesting...and don't worry about us...she'll be fine...*as Kurama explains, Hiei and Anemone are seen behind him rolling around on the ground fighting*

Hiei: *on top* IT'S OVER MONES!!

Anemone: *rolls on top* BUT I LIKE THIS STORY!! IT CAN'T END!!

Kurama: *sigh* we're used to this...don't worry...she's not crazy...she's just under the influence of a brownie right now and when things like this happen while she's on a sugar hype she gets a little...rowdy...*Anemone and Hiei are still strangling each other* Adieu, faithful readers...we'll see you at the sequel. Goodbye! *slowly heads for the two, back to the readers, heavy annoyed sigh as he prepares to pry them apart...Hiei and Anemone kicking and screaming as he rips them away from each other* Calm down! Hiei, you should know better by now...

Hiei: *kicking* she started it!! *rolls up sleeve to reveal a really bloody gash* look what that freakin' bottle did!!!!

*Readers walk away as this fight continues...only echoes of Hiei and Anemone screaming at each other as they are left by the fans*

The End. *latr!!*