Disclaimer: I don't own the Power Rangers (wish I did) I do own the main character and his father... other non PR people in this story are based on real people and have the same names (I lost track of some of them years ago ) and some are just made up.

I would like to thank Silver rider, Hartfelt, Cobalt Blue, Scarlet Deva, Didi, Esti Rose, Andrence, Dagmar Buse+ Cheryl Robert ( took me a bit to figure out their individual names as I was only reading the story they are writing together under a combined pin name.. gonna be reading their other stories now that I know what their names are :-) ) and Hagar, who by writing such good stories inspired me to write this.

This story is dedicated to the memory of Thuy Trang...... may the power protect her where ever she is. A/N: this is a A/U story. Ninja Storm never happened. the Ninjetti powers are received as per the movie. Trini was in Turbo not Kimberly.

Timeline: 1979 Tommy, Kimberly,Trini,Zack, Jason, Rocky, Adam, Aisha, Tanya, Katherine, Billy born

1980 TJ, Ashley, Carlos, Cassie, Andros, Zhane, Dana, Carter, Joel, Kelsey, Mike, Kendrix, Kai, Damon born

1982 Maya, Karone, Ryan, Leo, Eric, Wes, Tayler born

1983 Cole, Alyssa,Danny, Max born

1986 Justin Born

1994 Dino Rangers

1995 Thunder Rangers ( near the end of Thunder Rocky, Adam and Aisha join)

1996 Ninjetti Rangers

1997 Zeo Rangers (Katherine and Tanya join at the beginning)

1998 Turbo Rangers (Justin joins at the beginning, Ashley, TJ, Carlos and Cassie join near the end) Construction on Terra Venture begins

1999 Space Rangers (Andros joins at the beginning Zhane joins about halfway)

2000 Lightspeed Rescue Rangers

Terra Venture Launched

Galactic Rangers

2001 Time Force Rangers

2002 Wild Force Rangers